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Rick was in town to make a few sales calls. He stopped by his favorite convenience store/ gas stop. When he got inside there was a new cashier working. Her name tag said Crystal. It was lust a first sight. Crystal had soft long past her mid-back chocolate brown hair. She had bangs cut across her forehead and she had a sweet look of innocence. She was in her mid-20’s age wise. When she moved around her long thick hair followed her moving back and forth. Sometimes when she bent forward she had to flip it back out of the way. Rick left but couldn’t get Crystal out of his mind. He decided to gamble.

He dropped by a few hours later and gave Crystal a short note. " How would you like to make a donation to a worthy cause and earn extra money for doing it? If interested meet me at 7pm in the lobby of the Quality Inn Hotel. " Now, Rick was gambling that most people don’t work in Convenience stores by choice. It is usually out of needing money and being slightly desperate. He could only hope for the best as he left. Upon exiting the store he ran into one of the regular girls who knew him. They exchanged pleasantries.

Rick was in the Hotel Lobby at 6:45pm and about ten minutes later in walked Crystal. He ran up to meet her and escorted her to the lounge so they could talk. En-route he put his hand in a position to touch and move Crystal’s hair. It was like he thought, soft and silky. Now, that they were seated he ordered drinks and starting talking small talk with Crystal. Gosh, she had pretty eyes. He then reached in his pocket and pulled out a $100 bill and gave it to Crystal. " This is for coming." he spoke. Continuing " I know your curious about what I wrote on the note. Crystal, I couldn’t help but notice that you have great looking long hair. The charity I want you to donate to is " Locks of Love". I’ll let you look over one of their brochures. They need at least a twelve inch ponytail. Now, I figured you could use a little extra money. Here is another hundred dollars. What do you think?"

" I’m really surprised. I hadn’t had any thought about cutting my hair. I want to grow it out longer. My boyfriend likes it long. You are right. I could use a little extra money. How much would you be willing to give me for my hair? Spoke Crystal. Rick took a napkin and wrote a figure down on it. Rick smiled and spoke softly: " Crystal, I’m going to leave you know to let you think things over by yourself. Now, if you decide in the next 15 minutes to accept the offer then come to the room number I have listed on the napkin. Remember that this is a one time offer and that your hair will grow back out."

Rick went to his room and just when he about given up hope he heard a knock on the door. He opened it and there stood Crystal with an anxious look on her face. " I’ve decided to accept your offer." she said as she touched a lock of hair hanging in front of her.

Rick sat her down in the room chair and brushed out her hair. It was soft and lovely with a nice little wave. He took a cape out and wrapped it tight around Crystal’s slender neck. He grabbed a spray bottle and slightly dampened the shiny chocolate colored locks. He sectioned off Crystal’s head into four sections with two on top and two on the area above the ears. The thick hair was hard to contain in the clips. He then separated the first section into small ponytails. Grabbing his scissors the started cutting the ponytails free from their home. Schnick, schnick, snip , went the scissors through the damp hair. Rick took the ponytails and sat them down on the towel on the bed. He then attacked the next section. Crystal sat there silent thinking about what she was going to do with the money she was earning and what her boyfriend was going to think the next day. Snip, snip, snip, schnick, went the scissors and soon Crystal’s neck was exposed. The upper sections were let down and combed out. Rick enjoyed the feel of Crystal’s hair in his hand. He would lift a ponytail up and smell it’s sweet fragrance. He took out a tape measure and the ponytails were averaging just a bit over twenty inches. It was more than the twelve inches he had originally told Crystal was needed but he really didn’t care. He wanted to make sure he got his money’s worth. He took a few long pieces from the top of Crystal’s head and cut them shorter to give Crystal a little fluff. Nearing the finish he took out his clippers and shaped up the neck and back of Crystal’s neck. She looked really nice with short hair it was turning out.

Rick finished up, removed the cape, and took Crystal over to the bathroom mirror. He handed her a hand held mirror. What do you think? He asked She took the mirror and with her hand felt her kitty fur neck. She smiled at Rick and said " You did a nice job. I don’t look half-bad do I? I can get use to wearing it like this. However, I’m really hungry. You want to go with me to a neat restaurant down the street?" Well, Rick was impressed with how nice Crystal looked too and responded in the affirmative. He left the hair on the bed and the cleanup for later. He couldn’t help but thinking that maybe he should gamble more often.

Rick looked over and on the bed on the towel was a brown mass of hair. Rick knew his gambled had paid off big time. Forget Locks of Love. This hair was going to Rick’s collection.

The End.. Mr. Snips…

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