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I recently had to spend sometime in Germany and as a result I had to use the services of a hairdresser and I have to compliment on just how far she went to make sure that her customer was satisfied. When I asked the English speaking receptionist for directions to the nearest hairdresser she told me that they there was a stylist that visited the hotel and cut hair in guests rooms, and I arranged for her to make the call, and for me to be visited the at 9pm the following night.

Right on time there was a knock on my door, I opened it and welcomed the stylist in. She introduced herself as Carola and as she began to arrange her tools I took a few moments to run my eye over her. She was stylishly dressed; I took her jacket from her to reveal a tight black pullover, which showed of her curves to full effect, her leather skirt ended half way down her thighs revealing her legs that were clothed in sheer black tights. She also sported a rather precise and sharply haircut of her own, naturally curly her hair was cut into an angled bob, high in the back it swooped down to frame her face, her eyes were dark and I noticed how the carefully applied make-up enhanced her already attractive features, I concluded that she was somewhere between thirty and forty years old.

Carola’s bag opened up to reveal a whole host of equipment (I only wished that other women were able to take a leaf out of her book when it came to packing.) She carefully removed all that she needed, scissors and combs were laid out, clippers had their cable unfurled and were plugged in and tested and two mirrors were placed either side of the one mounted on the hotel wall. Finally, Carola placed a sheet on the floor before placing my chair on it and inviting me to sit down.

I made myself comfortable and Carola dressed me in a cape as I instructed her in simple English what I wanted, I hoped that she understood that I wanted a trim, in the end I ended up getting a bit more trimmed than I expected and I also got to do some “trimming”

As Carola picked up the clippers and began to cut my hair I continued to make use of the contents of the mini bar, and Carola accepted my offer of a glass of wine. Carola’s English was very good (better than my pathetic attempts at German) and she certainly seemed in the mood to practice her pronunciation and conversation. As she talked and snipped she and I continued to take refreshment.

Carola paused clipping my hair and I took advantage of this temporary halt to lean forward and pick up Carola’s brochure, which I started to thumb through as she resumed her cutting. Had to ask Carola to interpret the service she offered, it was nothing out of the ordinary, manicures, pedicures etc, Carola said that they were very popular treatments with her female clients, I joked with her that I didn’t think Id need my nails doing and I was happy with my eyebrows!! Carola was just about done when I pointed to one of the last treatments on her “menu” I asked her to translate what it was and she laughed as she gave me the translation as well as miming the action “Bikini line” she giggled. By now the wine was having an effect on me, and I was pretty sure that Carola was succumbing as well, so, with a glint in my eye I asked her if this treatment was restricted to her lady clients. “But you don’t wear a bikini?” she asked, I replied that I didn’t but that she hadn’t said yes or no, she paused, smiled, and said “OK, for you, I do bikini line, but first I finish here.” Carola finished up the more conventional cut and then told me that I would have to undress. Carola went to the bathroom as I undressed, removing my boxers I wasn’t surprised to see that my cock had began to stiffen. Carola returned clutching a towel, spreading it on the bed, she motioned to me to lie down, “It’s better if you lie down” and as I lay down I was impressed that my cock seemed hell bent on pointing to the ceiling. Carola commented on how hairy I was and then she muttered something in German. Without showing any signs of embarrassment Carola pressed at the base of my penis to push it back at an angle and I breathed nervously as she began to trim the hairs on my balls. My cock twitched at her touch, she left her fingers at the base of my shaft to stop my dick from getting in her line of sight, or thankfully anywhere near the scissors.

Carola then asked me a question in German, and trying to concentrate on not shooting my load I was unable to reply, Carola then nodded and said “OK, alles aus” and put the scissors down. Carola picked up the clippers from the dresser and removing the guard she flicked them on. My cock was adjusted so that it now angled towards my feet and I shuddered as I felt the clippers touch the skin at the base of my cock. The clippers were not stationary for long, and with a couple of flicks of her wrist Carola moved the clippers through my pubes, which soon were gone, leaving only stubble around my cock, which looked bigger now that it wasn’t surrounded by hair. Carola blew on my cock, or rather she blew around my cock to chase away any stray hairs, she then stood up and downing her glass of wine she said “OK, now the razor” and walked to the bathroom. In her absence I grabbed my cock and began to wank drops of pre-cum had already begun to rise and it lubricated my foreskin as I tugged it up and down. Carola returned and catching me mid-stroke gave a sly grin, “you like it,” she asked, not sure if she meant my cock haircut or wanking I said yes to both, “you wait it will be better soon” she said.

As she returned to her kneeling position I released my grip on my cock, Carola’s hand replaced mine and she began to lather me up as she covered my groin with foam she also maintained my reaction with regular strokes on my dick, she smiled at me with each hand movement. With one hand on my cock and the other holding a razor Carola drew the blades over the stubble, carefully removing it and revealing smooth skin in its wake. She shaved my balls first then the base of my cock, before finally finishing off her hair removal with the stubble that remained between my cock and belly button. Carola’s then gave me a bed bath with a hot flannel to wipe off any stray foam and hairs, as I looked down the bed at her handiwork Carola pulled hard down on my cock, making my glands shine red and swollen. “Like it” she asked, and as I nodded Carola wanked me and then my cock disappeared into her mouth as she adjusted her position and gave my freshly shaved cock a blowjob. I enjoyed the sensation for a few minutes as Carola eagerly sucked and slurped over my cock and balls, not wanting to cum just yet I shuffled around and withdrew my cock from her mouth. I stood up from the bed and Carola did too, I put my hands to her waist and drew up her pullover, through her bra I noticed that her nipples were not only erect but pierced, her belly button was too, a small chain dangled down towards her skirt. I chucked her pullover over the chair and Carola removed her bra, and I could see that each nipple was adorned with a small ring. I cupped her breast and tweaked the ring, Carola moaned and Carola put a hand on my cock and resumed her wanking of me, I was keen to repeat the favor and lowered my hands toward her groin, hitching up her skirt I found that she was pantiless and I soon located the smooth and wet entrance to her pussy.

I sat back on the bed, Carola remained standing and I pushed her skirt up her legs to reveal her pussy, her lips were smooth, each lip was pierced and her pussy was bare around the entrance to her sex but above her clit she had a luxurious but trimmed bush. “Too hairy” I smiled before pulling her pussy lips apart and eagerly licking away, sucking and nibbling on
her clitoris. It wasn’t long before Carola asked me to stop, as she couldn’t stand up. Carola lay on the bed, and I swapped places with her, so that she was lying down and I was kneeling in between her legs, I began to lick her as she spread her legs to the corners of the bed and holding the rings in her flaps she opened up her pussy for me.

As I licked her a though entered my head, keeping my head between her legs I fumbled around the bed, I soon found what I was looking floor and I flicked the clippers on. I stopped licking Carola and placed the clippers above her clit, I looked at her and asked “OK?” she nodded and I pushed the clippers through her pubes, up to her navel chain, I looked at the results, some sort of reverse mohican; a clippered strip with two clumps of longer hair either side. These were soon removed and as I blew the hair away Carola rubbed herself, where before there had been a bountiful muff there was now stubble and Carola’s pussy hair lied on the towel by her legs. Carola rubbed her newly cropped pussy before slipping a finger into herself where it was soon joined by my tongue.

I licked Carola till she came and then she asked me to lie on the bed next to her, as I did Carola began to fondle my cock, and then she kissed my chest, before moving down to my stomach and cock, I could hardly wait to feel her mouth embrace my cock again and as she began to suck me again I rubbed her head and pulled her onto me so that she had me into her mouth right up to my balls. Carola was very enthusiastic and energetic with her sucking, when I looked down the bed I couldn’t see her as her hair spread out across my groin, concealing her eager lips and tongue, it was then that I saw the clippers.

I still cannot explain why I did what I did next, but I picked up the clippers and moved them towards the bobbing head, Carola probably didn’t know what I had done until the hair on the right side of her head slipped down over my thigh and I could see more of her face as she sucked me.

I had put the switched on clippers by her temple, then as she bobbed and sucked the motion of her head had forced the clippers through her hair they moved backward over her head, halfway toward her ear, cutting her hair close to the scalp. Carola stopped her sucking and bought her head up, the shorn hair fell away revealing a bald patch about two inches wide and three inches long. I thought she’d be mad, how could I explain this, I was caught up in the moment; it was almost an involuntary action.

Carola felt her stubbly patch, and then as if subdued by the wine smiled and said “Oops”. I could hardly believe her reaction, “Are you OK?,” I asked, “Sure” she said, “It feels good” she giggled as she rubbed her head where the clippers had been. “You must carry on” she urged me, and resuming her wanking she took me in her mouth again. With a mixture of disbelief and intense excitement I picked up the clippers again. This time I placed them in her fringe and moved them right to left across her head. Her hair showered down, tickling my groin as it slipped onto the sheets. I clipped dome more of her hair working right to left and backwards to the top of her bobbing head. Soon the top of her head was stubble and she had long hair at this sides, I am sure if she looked up it would have been as if she had the hairstyle of a spaniel. But Carola didn’t look up and I carried on clipping, knowing that I was about to cum I quickened my amateur barbering, clipping her on her right and left sides until ¾ of her head was clipped close to the scalp, I rubbed her head and the feeling sent me over the edge and I came as Carola continued to suck at my dick.

Carola straightened her back and her hair fell away, falling in a halo around me, she rubbed her hands over her head and a wide grin occupied her face. She spoke in German, but I could tell that they were words of satisfaction, the longest hair that Carola had was now at the back of her head and as she played with this hair and said ”You must finish this, and then fuck me.” Not needing a second invitation I nodded and Carola sat in the chair and tipped her head forward so I had easy access to the back of her head. As I prepared myself Carola was playing with her nipple rings with one hand whilst the fingers on the other busied themselves in her pussy.

I run the clippers over the back of her head, shearing of the remaining longer strands of hair, once all the hair was the same length Carola looked at herself in the mirrors, still beaming, her looped earrings swayed, free of any restrictions as Carola took an all round look at herself. Carola asked fro the clippers and then ran them all over her head, making sure that she was evenly clipped, she then adjusted the angle of the clippers, so that the teeth were pointing downwards. Placing them on the left side of her head she moved them backwards, a thin line appeared and Carola shaved a parting into her hair. One she had stopped she rubbed her hair again, announcing her satisfaction she said ”OK, lets fuck” Carola stood up and I looked at my skinhead lover, she looked as, if not more attractive with her short do as she did before, again I pulled her too me and kissed her as eagerly as I did before.

We were soon horizontal and I rolled onto my back so Carola could straddle me to ease herself onto my re-erect cock. Carola was as energetic when fucking as she was giving a blow job, her intensity seemed to increase when I pulled at her nipple rings, I smiled when I thought that Carola wore more metal than she had hair, the chain that hang from her navel swung side to side as her shaven pussy swallowed my smooth cock, her earrings danced as she threw her head back. I grabbed hold of both nipple rings and slowly pulled Carola toward me, I ran my hands up her back, pulling her close, as I put my hands on her head, Carola tweaked her own nips and I pushed up to meet her eager thrusts. When I was about as far inside her as I could be I shouted to Carola that I was about to cum, she made noises that suggested she was too and we both increased our pace until we both jerked, and I shot my load deep inside her as her pussy flooded with her own orgasmic juices.

Carola slumped forward onto me and we kissed, our tongues lingering in each others mouth, I stroked Carola’s back as she rolled off of me, and into her former crowning glory. I asked Carola to stay the night, an invitation accepted as we started on another chilled bottle of something German. We made love again that night as I showed Carola how attractive I found her new do; we had a bath and I tidied up her hairline with a razor, as well as being requested to shave her pussy smooth and hairless as she lay on the bathroom floor. Back in the bedroom I got to inspect her pussy from close up as she squatted above me and then lowered her shaven sex for the approval and exploration of my tongue, we finally concluded our hairstyling and sexual activities before dawn.

God knows what the maid thought the next day when she emptied the bin, as it was half full of Carola’s hair, razor blades and an empty can of foam . I’d also love to have seen the looks that my sexy stylist got as she left the hotel, when she dressed she looked so sexy and this must have given her the self-confidence that she displayed as she preened herself in front of the mirror. I had to insist on giving her the twenty Euros the haircut cost, but she told me that the “bikini-line” was on the house. Next time I am in Germany I have told her that I will definitely need a haircut and giving me a handwritten business card Carola told me that she will too, “Next time you make my head as smooth as my pussy,” before adding, “Alles aus und kahl,” before kissing me before she left. My phrase book confirmed
this to mean all off and bald. I already know that I will be packing the razors and calling her on my arrival.

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