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Jim always looked forward to walking past that hair salon. Every morning on his way to work, he would walk past the salon and glance through the window. He had always loved every aspect of women?s hair; the shiny long hair, short cute bobs, haircuts, makeovers, shampooing, you name it. Jim had always dreamt of getting his hands on women?s hair and did anything he wanted as he pleased to it. He would gladly pay any price to fulfill his fetish.

One day, Jim came up with an idea to satisfy his hair fetish. That day, as he was walking to work as usual, he stuck and ad just outside the hair salon. This was what it said:

Young girls with beautiful hair, preferably long, for hair modeling. Payment of $100 per hour!
Address: 17, Gregorian Street, Honey Comb Creek, Seattle
Modeling date: 20 June 2004
Time: 9.00 pm

That day finally came. Jim had turned his garage into a crude salon. He had a mirror hung on one side of the wall with a small table positioned in front of it as a counter. In front of the table was a wooden chair with a cushioned seat, where the model would sit down. There are four video cameras positioned on stands around the chair to catch every moment of the hair styling from 4 different angles; one in front, one behind and another two on either side of the chair. Everything was ready for the ultimate satisfaction of Jim?s fetish!

By 9 pm, all the models were already there at Jim?s house. Jim had them seated on chairs he had arranged around the ?seat of honour? in the middle of the garage where the cutting would take place. As he carefully inspected each model, he just couldn?t believe his luck at having so many gorgeous girls ready to have him do whatever he wanted to their hair.

There?s beautiful Cindy with straight black oriental hair reaching her butt. Her grown out bangs which she constantly brush back behind her ears were touching her cheeks. Other than that, her hair is nicely trimmed to one length at the back.

There?s Amanda who has shiny brown layered hair that reached a few inches below her shoulders. The longest layers at the back reached about five inches below her shoulders while the shortest layers in front just reached below her chin.

There?s Mary, a blonde chic with long lustrous hair reaching down to her waist. About half of her locks from the middle of her back down to the tips were curly whereas the rest was straight, suggesting grown out curls. The lovely curls bounced of her back as she turned her head.

There?s another blonde girl named Tiara who also has long hair reaching to the waist. Her locks were straight silky and layered with the shortest ends reaching about mid-back and the longest ends reached the waist. Her golden mane shone brightly as it reflected the bright fluorescent lamp in the middle of the ?salon?.

There?s also Alicia, a black haired girl with a cute face. Her black straight mane cascaded down her shoulders and reached mid-back.

Next to her was Carine, a brunette had her hair tied into a braid and it actually reached her thighs. She has overgrown bangs that covered her eyes and she kept brushing them away from her face.

Seated next to her was Joan. Joan has bronze coloured straight hair which she tied up in a ponytail. The ends of her ponytail were just a few inches short of touching her waist.

There was also Shirley, with long jet black hair reaching her waist. The ends were uneven, suggesting it was some time ago that she last trimmed her hair.

The last girl was Jessica. She has straight golden hair which reached a few inches below her shoulders.

Jim faced all nine girls and said, ?Welcome, all of you to this modeling session. As you can see, the ?seat of honour? has been set up and now all we need to do is to choose who shall go first.? He paused.

The girls murmured among themselves at who should go first.

?We will start with the girl on my right. Jessica, come up to the seat of honour!? Jim interrupted.

Jessica almost froze at her seat when she heard that she was first up. Slowly, she moved across the room and sat down in front of the mirror.

Jim interrupted again, ?Each model will draw out a piece of paper from this box.? He held up the box for all to see. ?Written on it is the hairstyle that you will get. There are both long styles and short styles. This way, we make things as random as possible and thus everyone will be satisfied.?

There was again a little chatting amongst the girls. Jim ignored them and proceeded on.

?We will begin with Jessica?

Jim then handed the box to Jessica. Slowly, she placed her hand into the box and drew out a piece of paper. She knew that the fate of her hair now rested on a paper she herself drew out.

Jim took the paper from her and read out what was written on it.

?Angled bob with nape shaved to ear level and front reaching the chin.? Jim?s voice boomed in the absence of noise from the girls.

Jessica just stared at her own reflection and thought about losing her hair. But she toughened herself and comforted herself with thoughts that she could have gotten a worse haircut than this one.

Jim moved to the four video cameras and switched them on. He then proceeded to Jessica, caped her and started to comb her hair. After a few strokes to loosen up any tangles, he gathered her hair into a loose ponytail and secured it with a rubber band. Jim then grabbed a pair of scissors and held it at the base of the ponytail. Jessica closed her eyes as the shears were about to plunge into her blonde tresses.

*Sscchhiiiccckkk!* *Sscchhiiiccckkk!* *Sscchhiiiccckkk!* *Sscchhiiiccckkk!*

After a few slices, the ten inch long ponytail came off and Jim held it up for all to see. All the other girls in the room gasped in horror. The rest of Jessica?s hair cascaded loosely over her face. It was now a roughly made bob with the back part reaching her nape while the front ends were longer and reached below her chin.

As Jessica opened her eyes and looked in the mirror, tears started to well up at the loss of her hair. She could no longer tie her hair up in a ponytail anymore. Jim then reached for the electric clippers and turned them on.


Jim held the blades against her nape. Jessica shivered a little at the coldness of the metal blades that has never touched her nape before. He ran the clippers up her nape until ear level and then continued to shave off any left over hair under the hairline. Jim then reached for the shaving razors and shaving cream. After applying the cream on her buzzed nape, he shaved off the remaining stubbles. Jessica?s nape was now clean shaven.

As Jim put down the razors and reached for the cutting scissors, Jessica touched her shaven nape and was surprised at how smooth I felt.

?Kinda feels nice and smooth,? she thought.

Jim proceeded to finish up the rest of the hair. Skillfully, he took sections of Jessica?s hair and plunged the layering scissors into it. He continued to work around her rough bob until her hair was layered all around. He then went for the combs again and combed out Jessica?s hair. He parted her hair in the middle and combed out her long bangs which still hung below her chin. Jim then went for the trimming scissors and positioned it at her nape. He tilted the scissors down at an angle and started to trim the hair into a straight edged angled bob. He continued to trim about one inch of hair all the way down the right side of her face until it reached her chin. Half of Jessica?s face was now done. Jim then proceeded to the other side and trimmed the hair down to chin level as well. After that, he combed out Jessica?s hair again and applied some cream on it until it shone and became bouncy.

?That?s one done! Eight more to go!? Jim exclaimed.

By now, tears had stopped running down Jessica?s face. Instead she had a smile on her face as she rotated her head around and felt the chin length bangs bouncing off her face.

?I love it!? she exclaimed as she hugged Jim.

?I?m glad you like it!? Jim answered as he looked at his first masterpiece.

He then turned to the other girls and said, ?You?re next, Mary!?

Mary rose up from her seat uneasily and walked silently to the seat of honour. Jim caped her and then offered her the box. Mary looked away and dipped her hand into the box. She pulled out a piece of paper and handed it to Jim.

?Mid-back length with eyebrow level bangs.?

Mary didn?t mind the long mid-back style but she was a bit uncertain about the bangs. She never had bangs since she was small and wondered how she would look like with them.

?That?s one hairstyle to get rid of those curls? Jim said as he stroked the blonde curls with the comb in his hand.

Then, without a warning, he grabbed a handful of the curls with his left hand and chops it off at about mid-back level. Mary let out a gasp of shock and so did the other girls. Jim then held the curls in front of Mary?s face and slowly, let the blonde curls fall down to her lap. Mary could feel her head slightly lighter after about half her hair was chopped off.

Jim then combed Mary?s hair again and saw that her ends were uneven and jagged as a result of the initial forceful cut. Jim took the trimming scissors and slowly trims through the ends until it was all one length. Jim stepped back and admired the beautifully trimmed shiny blonde hair.

?Now for the bangs!? said Jim.

Mary shivered a little at the thought of her bangs being cut. Jim began to section out the front of her hair from the rest. He combed back the rest of Mary?s now one-length hair behind her ears and combed down her long bangs over her face. Mary?s bangs hung straight down, veiling her face, and reached her breasts. Jim combed it down one last time through the whole length and Mary jerked a little as the bristles of the comb touched her breasts.

?Such long bangs to cut off!? said Jim as he reached for the trimming scissors.

Before starting the cut, he turned Mary?s chair around so that she faced the other girls. Jim drew the scissors to eyebrow level and began to cut off about twelve inches of silky blonde hair.

*Sscchhiiiccckkk!* *Sscchhiiiccckkk!* *Sscchhiiiccckkk!* *Sscchhiiiccckkk!*

Locks of hair fell to Mary?s laps, joining the curls that were already there. Her face slowly revealed itself as Jim continued cutting away the long bangs. Soon, her once one length hair had now bangs spanning across her head at eyebrow level, beautifully trimmed straight. Mary then stood up and turned around to face the mirror.

?Oh my gosh! That looks so weird, those bangs on my face, but I think they look kinda cute!? Mary exclaimed.

?Come back to me for bang trims next time!? Jim joked.

Mary left the chair and headed back to her seat. Her eyes were beaming with pride at her new Cleopatra style look. Jim admired her beautiful blonde hair that bounced off her back as she walked. Her bangs framed her face perfectly and she actually looked better with them than before.

?Cindy, I think you?re next!? ushered Mary.

Jim just couldn?t take his eyes off Cindy as she walked to the chair in the middle. Her shiny black butt length hair swished against her cute butt as she moved along. Her over grown bangs swept across her pretty face as she bent over to sit down. Quickly, Jim caped her and handed the box over to her. Secretly, Jim wanted her to keep her long hair because it was just so thick and beautiful. Of course, he knew that the fate of her hair remained in Cindy?s own hands.

Jim hesitated for a while before unfolding the piece of paper that Cindy had drawn out and passed to him. He finally opened it and froze for a moment after seeing the words on it. It read ?Chin length bob.?

?No! I can?t bear to cut off all that wonderfully silky and shiny long black hair. I?ll have to lie to them instead. After all, I want one model to remain having at least waist length hair,? Jim thought to himself as he inspected Cindy?s jet black hair.

He read, ?Waist length?, and then secretly refolded the paper and put it back into the box.

Cindy herself was relieved at the fact that she only had to lose about a few inches of her hair. Jim then proceeded to comb out her hair. Since Cindy?s hair was hidden under the cape, Jim had to draw it out from beneath. Her shiny black hair cascaded down the back of the seat. It was difficult to tell where waist length was when she is seated, so Jim asked her to stand up.

Jim then drew the comb down the black silk. The hair shone even more with every stroke. Cindy tingled with excitement every time the comb reached down and touched her butt. Next, Jim took his trimming scissors and placed it at waist level. Wanting to save as much of the hair as possible, he lowered it to just above butt level and opened the shears.


About four inches of black hair fell to the floor at the first cut. Jim continued to draw the scissor blades into her black mane and cutting it in a perfect straight line until he reached the middle of her waist. He then started from the other side of the uncut length and started to cut into it.

*Sscchhiiiccckkk!* *Sscchhiiiccckkk!*

Now, only about one and a half inch wide left of hair stands in the way. Jim drew the scissors into it and carefully sliced it off. Cindy?s hair was now beautifully trimmed straight across her waist. Jim then asked her to sit down on the seat again. The perfectly trimmed ends of her hair swayed nicely against her cute butt as she turned and sat down. Jim almost melted at the sight of that!

?Now we shall reveal your lovely eyes by cutting away this over grown bangs!? Jim said to her.

Cindy had actually wanted to grow out her bangs since the last time she cut them to eyebrow level six months before. Now that Jim insisted, there was nothing she could do to stop him. After all, maybe she really will look good with bangs.

Jim proceeded to gather her hair into a ponytail at the back and tied it into a loose ponytail. Sure enough, her bangs were too short to be tied up in and cascaded over her face, covering her eyes. Jim then combed down the long bangs until it hung straight down to mouth length.

?She?ll look good if her bangs were just slightly longer than eyebrow length,? thought Jim as she inspected her face.

Jim went for his trimming scissors and leveled it horizontally at eyelid level. He then started to cut away at the long bangs across her face. Slowly, Cindy?s eyes revealed itself as the veil was removed. Jim then stepped back and looked at his finished work.

?She does look lovely, the ends of her bangs rested peacefully on her eyelids, projecting her beautiful eyes.

Cindy was just speechless as she looked at her reflection in the mirror. She loved those new bangs and stood up and gave Jim a peck on the lips before going back to her seat.

Jim blushed for a while and then moved on. ?Amanda, you?re next!?

Amanda had been excited about getting a haircut for a while and skipped across the room.

Jim said, ?This is one enthusiastic one!?

After Amanda sat down, Jim caped her and gave her the box. She drew out a paper and happily handed it to Jim to read out.

?Buzzcut!? said Jim as he inspected her hair. It didn?t suit her facial features well and he wouldn?t hesitate to lop of all her hair.

Amanda initially was shocked at how short her hair would go, but then tingled with excitement as she imagined the feel of the clippers on her head for the very first time. Soon, the imagination would become reality!

?Can I make the first cut?? asked Amanda with gleaming eyes.

?Go ahead!? Jim answered as he thought about how good it would be to include a self cut in the video.

Amanda gathered all the hair and placed it over her left shoulder. She then held her breast length hair with her left hand and with her right hand she went for the scissors.

*Sscchhiiiccckkk!* *Sscchhiiiccckkk!* *Sscchhiiiccckkk!* *Sscchhiiiccckkk!*

Amanda sliced the blades into her mane at chin length, reducing her hair into a raged chin length bob. Then, to everyone?s surprise, she grabbed her bangs and hacked away at it again with the scissors still in her hands.


Her once chin length bangs were now reduced to a jagged forehead length bangs.

?I think that?s enough, Amanda,? said Jim as he took the scissors from her hands. The other girls just looked at disbelief at Amanda?s hacked hair!

Jim went for the clippers, placed the number 006 guard on it and switched it to life.


Jim held the clippers on Amanda?s forehead. Amanda shivered with excitement as she felt the clippers vibrating on her forehead. Slowly, Jim brought the clippers into her hairline. A few locks of hair rained down on Amanda?s lap. Jim continued to mow through her head until it reached her nape. The clipper left behind a trail of stubbles about two inches wide. Her hair now looked like a reverse Mohawk. Then quickly, Jim began to work around her head until all her hair had been cleared away and all that was left were short stubbles sticking out like tree stumps in a cleared forest.

?Done!? said Jim as he stepped away from her.

Amanda stood up and rubbed her hands on her buzzed head.

?It feels strangely sharp and spiky! But I kinda like this new style! I?ve had long hair for some time and it?s high time I get a new haircut. Of course, there?s no turning back now,? Amanda thought.

?Thank you!? she exclaimed as she headed back to her seat. The other girls next to her touched her buzzed head and admired her bravery for having such a short cut.

?We?re almost halfway through the models and now it?s Joan?s turn!? said Jim as he faced the girls again.

Joan got up and moved towards the chair. Her nice ponytail swished sideways as she walked up to the seat of honour. Jim caped her and gave her the box. Nervously, she drew out a piece of paper.

?You?re lucky you don?t have a lot to cut off. Mid-back length all one length?, announced Jim.

?I?ve been growing my hair out until it reached butt length for three years now. It?s just a few inches to waist length now. Oh well, it could have been worse, so I?ll let him cut it to mid-back,? she thought to herself as she looked at herself in the mirror.

Jim undid Joan?s ponytail and let the bronze hair hang loose. ?What a rare colour indeed!? he thought.

Jim combed the hair down until it shone. The ends of her hair were uneven and even had some split ends. However, the upper part of her hair until mid-back was quite healthy and smooth. ?Well, those split ends need to go anyway!? he thought.

He then went for his scissors, placed it just beneath her shoulder blades and started to cut away at her hair at that level.

*Sscchhiiiccckkk!* *Sscchhiiiccckkk!* *Sscchhiiiccckkk!*

Bronze locks fell to the ground as he hacked away the split ends. Jim continued to cut into the silken locks until Joan?s hair was now beautifully cut to straight across at mid-back length.

?Joan, you?ve got some serious split ends down there just then that had to be cut away anyway. Make sure you get them trimmed regularly next time. I can trim them for you if you want me to next time,? Jim said with a smile. ?We?re done! Next!?

Shirley came up as Joan walked back to her seat, still inspecting her now nicely trimmed hair. Jim stood marveled as another long black haired girl came up and sat down. Jim examined her hair and saw that it was healthy all the way until about mid-back. The rest of her hair reached down to waist length in uneven locks. Jim caped her and handed the box to her. She pulled out one and gave it to Jim.

?Oh, no! This was the one that I put back in! I guess I have to do it this time and chop off that long hair!? Jim thought to himself as he unfolded a familiar piece of paper. ?Chin length!?

?No way! This can?t be happening! I?ve never worn my hair shorter than shoulder length and now it?s going to go to chin length!? Shirley thought regretfully to herself as tears started to form in her eyes. ?This is going to be terrible!?

Jim saw her teary eyes but brushed aside the compassion. ?I must go on!? he said to himself.

Jim combed out Shirley?s jet black hair and sectioned out the front part from the back. He combed down the front portion until it hung straight down on either sides of her face. He then moved to the back and combed it down straight. Jim went for the cutting scissors and held it against the back portion of Shirley?s hair at neck level. Shirley jumped a little at the coldness of the steel blades held against her neck for the first time.

*Sscchhiiiccckkk!* *Sscchhiiiccckkk!* *Sscchhiiiccckkk!* *Sscchhiiiccckkk!*

Large gulping locks of black hair streamed down her back and onto the floor as Jim chopped away the hair to chin length at the back. Shirley felt ticklish as the ends of her hair at the back tickled her neck.

?There?s no turning back now,? she thought as tears now flow freely down her cheeks and dripped onto her lap.

Next, Jim drew the scissors to the right side portion of the hair in her face. He leveled it at chin length and sliced through the hair deliberately slowly.


Her once one length long bangs was now at chin length. Jim continued to slice through the front right portion until it reached the same level as the hair at the back. Shirley looked a bit comical with half of her hair reaching chin length at the front and the other half reached down to her waist at the left. Shirley couldn?t help but smiled a little through her tear soaked face. Jim then went for the other half of her bangs and started to hack away at chin length. Soon, two and a half feet of hair lay waste at the floor and her lap and what remained was a nice chin length bob at Shirley?s face.

?I hate to admit this but I think I look quite cute in this bob,? thought Shirley. She moved her head sideways to look at the other girls and was surprised at the softness of her hair bouncing against her face.

?You look great!? exclaimed Jessica who also had a chin length bob but with her nape buzzed higher up. ?See how bouncy a bob can be!? she added as she moved her head and let the soft hair swish about her face.

?I think I?ll get used to this look pretty quickly!? Shirley answered as she got up and walked towards Jessica and hugged her. ?Thanks for supporting me!?

It was indeed a sight to see Shirley?s black chin length bob blend into Jessica?s golden chin length bob as they hugged each other! ?No wonder they say that the bob is the ultimate cut,? thought Jim as he looked at them both.

Jim flashed back into reality, looked at Carine and said, ?You?re next!?

Reluctantly, Carine stood up and strolled across the room. Her thigh length braided brown hair was the longest off all the girls in the room. The ends of the braid wished elegantly as she moved to the seat and sat down. Her brown braids actually touched the floor when she sat down. All the other girls looked in awe at the length and thickness of her hair.

?All this mop of hair is going to be cut off soon! How short will depend on Carine herself!? said Jim as he handed the box over.

Carine looked at her braids for the last time and thought, ?I have a bad feeling that I won?t be having those braids again for a long time.? She dipped her hand into the box and pulled out her ?haircut paper?. Jim took it from her and announced her haircut to the girls.

?Mouth length bob with short bangs!?

Everyone?s eyes almost popped out at that. All the girls just stared at the thick braid and wondered how Carine is going to react.

Carine was speechless for a good ten seconds and then suddenly burst out in tears. Jim handed her a few plies of tissues and proceeded to cape her. She was still crying when Jim grabbed her braids in one hand. With the scissors in the other, he attacked the braid and cut away at neck level. It took a few slices and a good twenty seconds but the thick braid finally came off at the mercy of the steel blades. The rest of Carine?s hair fell back across her face at chin length. She cried even more at the sight of her uneven rough bob. Jim ignored her and passed the braid around for all the girls to touch. After one round around the semicircle, Jim took the braid back and placed it on Carine?s lap. By now, her tears had subdued into small sniffs. She knew that the haircut had to go on and it was too late now.

Jim started with the bangs and combed out the front portion of her hair. After sectioning out the front portion of her hair, he clipped back the rest of her hair behind her ears and grabbed the trimming scissors. Mercilessly, he placed the scissors halfway up her forehead and sliced the long bangs away. Locks of brown hair joined the braid on her lap. Her bangs were now cut straight about one inch above her eyebrows. Jim then unclipped the rest of her hair and combed it out until it was straight and shiny. He then leveled the scissors at mouth level and started to chop away the rough edges.

*Sscchhiiiccckkk!* *Sscchhiiiccckkk!* *Sscchhiiiccckkk!*

More brown hair fell to her lap and some on the floor. He worked around her head until Carine?s hair was now up to mouth length all the way. Jim noticed that Carine?s nape still had hair hanging out from under the hairline. He applied some shaving cream on it and then shaved her nape up to mouth length with a razor. After wiping away excess cream with a wet towel, Jim stepped back and looked at his finished work.

?Not bad really,? he said. ?Alicia, you?re next.?

Carine dragged herself back to her seat, still sobbing and moaning at the loss of her hair. She was still holding the four feet long braid as the other girls gathered around her and comforted her.

By then, Alicia was already seated at the seat of honour. Her straight black mane cascaded down her back and reached mid-back. When the other girls had settled themselves down, Jim caped her and handed her the box. Nervously, Alicia dipped her hand into the box and pulled out her ?fate paper? and passed it to Jim.

?Bowl cut.?

Alicia?s froze at her seat at that. She thought she was going to get a bob cut of some kind but never intended it to go this short. However, she was not going to let fear grip her and did not let herself break down into tears.

Jim proceeded to comb her black silky hair until it shone. Since Alicia had a side parting, Jim had to repart her hair to a middle part to suite a bowl cut. Jim wanted to cut her hair in huge slices and thus combed her hair down over her face and the sides of her face as well until her whole face was virtually covered in her hair!

Jim was about to start cutting when Alicia interrupted.

?Let me start off! I?ll cut my bangs,? Alicia exclaimed from underneath the mop of hair covering her whole face around.

?Whatever you say!? said Jim as he handed her a pair of scissors.

Alicia held the scissors at eyebrow level and started to chop of her all one length hair. She continued to slice her hair across her face until she ended up with straight bangs to her eyebrows. She could now see herself in the mirror clearly. She knew that at this point she could still chicken out and opt for just her bangs being cut. But she brushed the thought aside and braced herself for her real haircut.

?Ready?? asked Jim.

?Yes,? answered Alicia as she handed the scissors back to Jim.

Jim positioned the scissors at Alicia?s bangs level and started to chop away the rest of her hair to the same length as her bangs.

*Sscchhiiiccckkk!* *Sscchhiiiccckkk!* *Sscchhiiiccckkk!* *Sscchhiiiccckkk!*

One and a half feet of silken black tresses fell to the floor at the mercy of the sharp blades. Jim continued to work around her head until the blades reached the otherside of her bangs. Jim looked at the unfinished nape and temples and grabbed the electric clippers.


The clippers hummed to life. Jim Held the clippers against Alicia?s nape and started to buzz of the hair sticking out of her nape. He worked his way upwards until he reached the hairline. Alicia tingled as she felt the cold clipper blades vibrating against her nape. After finishing the nape, Jim went for the temples and also shaved them up to bangs level. After the clipper work was done, Jim combed Alicia?s hair once more and parted it in the middle.

?Done!? he said.

?The clipper ride was a bit exciting and I think I kinda like this cute bowl cut. I think my boyfriend will need to get used to me in this hairstyle!? said Alicia as she skipped back to her seat, her bowl cut bouncing up and down against her head but always returned back to its original position.

Cindy looked across the room to Tiara and saw that she was the only other girl with waist length hair left in the room. The only difference between them is that Cindy has had her turn but Tiara hasn?t.

?Now for the last model this evening, Tiara!? Jim?s voice boomed.

Tiara got up from her seat nervously and headed for the seat of honour. As the last model, she will be certain that her haircut will be the centre of everyone?s attention. All the girls and Jim himself just looked in awe at the silky waist length straight blonde hair that Tiara had.

Jim had her seated and then caped her. Jim had made equal numbers of papers that matched the number of models and did not bother to hand the box over to her.

?There?s only one piece of paper left,? said Jim as he took it out and unfolded it. ?Shoulder length.?

Everyone gasped in relief at the fact that Tiara?s hair isn?t going to go very short. However, there?s still a lot of hair to cut off as Jim examined her golden mane. Her hair was layered with the front end reaching just mid-back and her longest end at the back reached waist length. Jim combed through her silky tresses until it shone even more. Jim wanted to cut her hair a little different from the rest of the models. He turned the chair around so that Tiara was now facing the other girls.

?Tiara, can you turn your head to the left and face the wall over that side?? asked Jim.

?Sure,? she replied, a bit confused at why she had to do that.

Jim then combed down the right portion of her hair down her chest. Tiara tickled a little every time the bristles of the comb touched her breasts. The ends of her hair just touched her lap. Jim took his scissors and placed it just two inches below her shoulder. Slowly, he drew the blades into her golden hair.

*Sscchhiiiccckkk!* *Sscchhiiiccckkk!* *Sscchhiiiccckkk!*

One and a half feet of blonde silky hair fell to her lap. Jim continued to cut the hair into a straight line at shoulder length. After he was done on the right portion of her head, he stepped back to look at his work.

?Impresive,? he thought.

?Now, turn your head to the right and face the other wall.? Jim commanded.

Tiara moved her head. Her shoulder length hair on the right portion slide across her right shoulder easily and rested on her back. Her waist length left portion of her hair was too long to slide across like that and Jim had to comb it down like what he did to the right side just then. He then went for the scissors and leveled it at the same position as initially. He took a quick glance at he shoulder length hair at the back to check that it was at the same level and began to slice into her hair.

*Sscchhiiiccckkk!* *Sscchhiiiccckkk!* *Sscchhiiiccckkk!*

More hair joined the pile on Tiara?s lap. Jim continued to cut along the level about two inches below the shoulders all the way until it was done.

?Now face forward,? Jim commanded again.

Tiara?s hair fell perfectly into place as she faced forward. Jim took the comb and combed through her hair again on either sides of her head. The shoulder length hair framed Tiara?s cute face perfectly with the ends sliding freely across her shoulders whenever she turned her head. She just looked gorgeously sexy!

?Now stand up and look in the mirror!? said Jim.

Tiara did as she was told and saw herself in the mirror. ?Oh my goodness! That looks wonderful! It?s all cut so straight and smooth and I like the hair just sliding past my shoulders so easily! Jim, you?re wonderful!? she exclaimed as she hugged Jim.

?Now if you can all please stand in a row over there and I?m going to take a group photo of all of you,? said Jim. ?Yes, just over that corner there.?

Jim took out his camera and focused through the viewing window.

?Man, all the girls just look wonderful! Just look at Amanda?s buzzcut standing oddly out of everyone else! There?s Jessica, Shirley and Carine in those cute bobs! There?s also Alicia in that pretty bowl cut. There?s also Joan, Mary and Tiara with long styles! Best of all I should say is Cindy who has the longest hair of them all at waist length! Man, they all look fantastic!? Jim thought to himself as he fantasized at the girls in his view window.

?Ready! Say cheese!? said Jim.




?Jim, I still can?t believe that it?s been five years that we are together now!? said Cindy, as she showed a photo to Jim. ?This was where I met you for the first time!?

Jim took the photo from Cindy and was reminded of the hair fetish fulfillment five years ago. He looked back at Cindy and saw that she still wears the same hairstyle as she did five years ago; long silky hair reaching her waist with eyebrow level bangs. Jim liked her that way because Cindy?s long shiny black hair fitted her slim body and cute face beautifully. Now ideas started to form in his mind how to get hold of more girls to satisfy is fetish again. He suddenly remembered the garage?..

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