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Pussy shearing and hair cutting is more fun when you do it with someone who means the world to you; someone you lust over.  He knew that and tonight it was time.  Up to this point in time, he was content with just keeping her pussy clean but this evening he was going to go the distance and beg her to let him cut her hair and render her totally smooth.

“This is the night,” he said to her.  His voice was high-pitched with excitement.  He picked her up, kissed her on the lips and whirled her into the bathroom.  “I’ve got everything ready for us.”

She looked at everything and nodded her head.  She knew she could count on him when it came to cutting and shaving her pussy.  She knew he got such a kick out of doing it and in the end she got the rewards because he was so much more fun in bed after he did his monthly ritual; a ritual she enjoyed and craved.  .   

He got down on his knees and picked up a pair of scissors.  He looked at her and she rolled up her red dress.  She wore no panties underneath.  He looked at her honey colored hair and nodded his head.  He pulled gently at small strands of her hair and he snipped it off.  He let it drop to a white towel that was on the floor.  Trimming her love box was something he enjoyed, something she had promised would be his and only his job.  After a few minutes of snipping away the hair, he placed the scissors back on the counter.  She looked down at him.  He grabbed a little hair dusting brush and he flicked it across her triangle. 

He turned to the counter and grabbed a small dish.  He grabbed a can of shaving cream and he squirted a generous amount of white foamy cream into the dish.  He whipped up the shaving cream with the brush and left a huge dollop of cream on the brush.  Holding her around her waist, he dabbed the horny girls’ pussy with the white cream.  She moaned as he stroked it in, rubbing it all over her triangle.  “Hurry,” she said.  “I can’t wait.”

He knew he’d have her warmed up in no time.  He planted kisses under her chest and already he could feel the warmth of her heat, building inside her.  Now the best time was upon him.  He reached behind to the counter and he picked up the razor. 

She stood on stiffened legs.  Her stomach sucked in and her chest jutted out.  She breathed in deep and let out a low moan.  She was barely breathing when he pressed his fingers into the tender flesh above her pubic vee.

He shaved from the top of her triangle downward.  His hand was steady as a diamond cutter, perfecting a jewel.  The precious gem in front of him shimmered and glistened with dew as he slowly revealed the smoothness under the thick patch of hair.  He worked slowly and carefully, each stroke of the razor was a tender caress on his sweetheart’s triangle.  She could never feel closer to anyone, than to the man who shaved her pussy.    No one pampered her like this and made her feel so sexy and wanted.   

“Almost finished,” he said.  He rinsed off the razor and placed it back on the counter.  “Now we have to take care of the peach fuzz.”  She rested her sexy ass on the sink and parted her thighs.  She knew what was coming and she knew she needed to brace herself.  She watched eagerly as he picked up a pair of electric clippers and plugged them into the wall outlet.  “I can see this feels good,” he teased, then flipped the switch on.  The clippers sprang to life and hummed softly but audibly.  He flicked the switch a second time to a higher speed.  “My, how wet your pussy is.  It is positively dripping.”  

Her pussy grew pinker and her clitoris very big.  Her head flung back and her body shook as the teeth of the electric clippers touched her skin. She moaned in excitement.  “I am getting my jollies,” she said.  “That vibrating wonder is making me cum.”

He was pleased and although he wanted to drop his pants right there and hump her on the sink, the dedicated lover continued his delicate job of cleaning her snatch. 

He trimmed away as much hair as the clippers would take but as he looked down at her box, he noticed a few remaining strands.  “A few stray hairs that need to be snipped and then we should be finished,” he said as he reached behind to the counter.  He picked up the scissors and he pulled at the hairs and snipped them off.  A few strands here and there and then a quick whisking with the razor and she was done.  

He looked down at his masterpiece.  “There I think we are finished,” he said.  He looked at her.  She was so clean.  She pulled him by the hand but he resisted.  He pulled her back to his arms.  In his eyes, this was just part one or he hoped and wished there was more to come.  In her eyes, she was finished and now it was time for her to claim her reward for being so patient, the reward she got each time he rendered her smooth.  but he had something else in mind.  But how would she react if he asked her and would she respond favorably to his request? 

He kissed her on the lips and pulled her face forward to his.  As he did, he unclipped the hair clips in the back of her blonde locks and her hair dropped down to her shoulders.  He pulled himself back and he looked into her eyes as he brought her blonde locks over her shoulders.  Some of the strands actually touched her breasts.  He looked into her eyes.  His eyes were pleading.  She knew he wanted to ask her something.

“What is it?” she asked.  “Don’t you want to make love to me?  You know I want to make love to you.  I let you shave me and then I get my reward.”

“Of course, but……………………………,” he said.  He swallowed deep.  “You know I love you so much but there is something I have always wanted to do but I have been too afraid to ask you.” 

She looked at him.  “Ask me.  What is it?” she said.

“Wait here for a moment.  I want to show you something first.  I bought it just for you, just for us,” he said.  “Just stay here.”  He walked out of the bathroom and into their bedroom.  He reached under the bed and pulled out a hat box.  He returned to the bathroom and he handed it to her.  She looked at him, a confused look on her face.

“A hat?  Why would you buy me a hat?” she asked.

“No, it is not a hat.  Open it please,” he begged.

She opened the top of the box.  He stood beside her as his hand reached up and around her neck.  He touched her blonde hair and he pulled a section forward and he let it touch his face.  She looked inside the box.  “What is this?” she said as she lifted out a styrofoam head mount.  On the mount was a red wig.  A rich red hue color.  Long straight hair.  “A wig?  You bought me a wig?  I don’t understand,” she said. 

“I love the fact that you let me shave your pussy and I love that we make mad love after that.  It pleases me and I know you are satisfied.  But I have always wondered what it would be like to make love to a totally bald woman.  Honey, I want that woman to be you.  I have been trying to build up the courage to ask you if you would let me shave your head, bald.  Today I saw this beautiful wig.  I looked at it and asked one of the people behind the counter to model it for me.  It looked stunning on her and I know it would look better then stunning on you,” he said.  “And I have always wanted to make love to a redhead.”

“So let me get this right.  You want to shave my head, have me wear this red wig and then you want to make love to me as a redhead?” she said as she looked at him. 

“I want you to keep your head bald and when I shave your pussy, you let me shave your head at the same time,” he said.  “Please?  It would make me so happy.”

“You really think I would look stunning with a bald head?” she asked as she flicked back her golden locks.  He nodded his head.  “And you would want me to wear this?” she said as she held the red wig up and looked at it.  “I have always wanted straight hair.  But red?  Are you sure about the color?”  She looked at it and touched the strands of synthetic hair.  He nodded his head.  She held it up to her face and looked at her reflection in the mirror.  She looked beautiful.  She pulled in a deep moan. 

He took her by the hand and led her out to the living room.  He pulled up a chair and placed it in the center of the floor.  He turned her to him and kissed her softly on the lips as he guided her to sit down.  “Stay here,” he said.  He rushed back to the bathroom and returned carrying white towel, a comb, the scissors, the clippers, his razor, and the can of shaving cream.  He laid all the tools out on the table.  “I promise.  You will look beautiful.  I would not ask you to do this if I did not believe you could pull it off,” he said.

“But won’t they know at work?” she said.  He stood behind her stroking her hair with a hair brush.  He pulled all her hair back and twisted it in a tight ponytail.  He grabbed an elastic band, securing everything together.  He let it drop to her shoulders and it hit just below her shoulder blades.  It was so shiny as he looked at it.  He had left about two inches above the elastic and he opened the blades of the scissors.  He touched her shoulders and she eased up a bit. 

“It is going to be okay.  You will look beautiful.  I promise,” he said.  He picked up the end of the ponytail and he gripped it in his hand at the elastic.  He squeezed the scissors together and you could heard an audible “CRUNCH, CRUNCH, SNIP, SNIP” as the scissors started severing her ponytail.  In a matter of a few seconds, he was standing beside her, holding a shiny gold pony in his hand. 

She looked to her left and she let out a groan.  “Oh my god,” she said.  She tried to raise her hand but he stopped her. 

“Please, no.  Trust me,” he begged.

“Okay,” she said.  “I will trust you.”  He held the scissors to her side and he started cutting the hair around her ears.  Then he walked over to her right side and he repeated what he had done on the other side.  Then standing behind her, he placed his hand on her shoulder and he pushed her head down, as he started cutting the hair at her neck, bringing it to a short choppy length.  He blonde hair dropped to the floor and landed on the white towel he had brought with him from the bathroom.  He then reached over her face and grabbed at her bangs.  He cut them off and continued to come up her crown, snipping away at her honey locks. 

She watched as her blond locks dropped over her face, touching her nose as it dropped.  Some of her locks even ended up on her dress.  She sighed deep again.  She was really letting this happen.  Soon her head was going to be as smooth as her pussy. 

He finally stopped cutting with the scissors.  He returned them to the table, along with the comb.  He looked at her hair.  It had been cut down to about an inch all around.  She tried to feel again and this time he let her.  She touched the top of her head.  “Oh my god!” she said.

“It is okay,” he said.  “Do you need to visualize the final product?” he asked.  She nodded her head.  “Okay, I will go and get your small mirror.”  He turned and walked down the hall to the bedroom.  He returned with her small makeup mirror and the red wig.  He stood beside her and held it up so she could see how short it was on the top and sides.  “Now just visualize nothing there.  You can do it.”  He then placed both hands under the crown of the wig and he placed it on top of her head.  “Now tell me if you like it.”

She moaned and touched the straight red hair of the wig.  “Oh my!  Look at me.  God, I look so different.  Wow!  Is that really me?” she said. 

“Do you want me to go on?” he asked. 

“Yes, hurry,” she begged.  “I can’t wait to see it all gone.”  He nodded his head.

He reached to the table and picked up the electric clippers.  He took the guard off and exposed the teeth.  He flicked the switch, not once but twice bringing it to full speed as he had used less then half an hour ago.  He placed his hand on her shoulder again and he pushed her head down so that she was looking at her chest.  The teeth of the clippers touched her neck and she let out a loud, audible groan.  As he flicked his wrist, a clump of honey blonde hair fell down over her shoulder and dropped to her lap.  More hair followed as he pushed the clippers further up her neck to the back of her crown.  Further and further up the back of her neck, further up.  More and more toppling down to the floor. 

He now walked to the left side of her head.  He placed his hand under her chin and lifted her head up.  “Just look straight ahead.  I will move your head when I need to,” he said.  He placed the clippers at her ear.  The noise of the motor was loud in her ear as the teeth touched her side.  He pushed the clippers up to her crown.  Hair toppled down.  Flicking his wrist as he went around the ear and down.  Across the top of her ear.  Shaving to meet her sheared nape and neck.

His shaving with the clippers was a little hard.  He did not want to have to go over her head a second time.  He manipulated the clippers with purpose but she did not flinch when he moved her head or put pressure on the clippers.  Nor did she resist when he ran the clippers over and over again on a section of hair.  She knew this was important to him and she knew that payment would be in full.  Maybe even with extra. 

He turned his attention now to the right side of her head.  He grabbed a small tube of oil and dropped a bit of oil on the teeth.  The clippers purred in her ear as he touched the side.  Up, around, down.  Her hair clipped very close to her scalp.  Now as he finished her side, he again lifted her chin.  “Okay, I need you to focus on that spot,” he said as he pointed to a section of the wall.  “Don’t move your head.  We are almost done,” he said.  She nodded her head.  The teeth of the clippers touched what remained of her bangs.  He sighed deep as he pushed the teeth into her bangs.  He pushed the clippers right down the center of her head as he pulled back her hair from the path of the teeth.  Her hair fell to the floor.  More and more hair hit the floor, adorning the white towel.  Her hair.  Her hair.  Her locks. 

He made one path down the center of her head and he came back and made a second path down the crown, a third, a fourth.  Half of her crown was now rendered bald, or at stubble length.  He now went to the other side and repeated his actions.  Four strokes down her crown.  He stood infront of her as he ran the clippers once more all over her crown.  He placed the clippers on the table. 

He grabbed the can of cream and sprayed a glob of cream on his open palm.  He lathered it deep into her crown, around her ears and up her neck.  Her head was now encapsulated in thick white foamy cream.  He placed his hand under her chin and he pressed his fingers into her face.  “Okay, you have to trust me now.  Again, you have to let me direct your head.  This would be a lot easier with a straight razor but it would also be more delicate.  This way with my disposable razors is going to take a bit longer and it will be more irritating,” he said.  “We are almost done.” 

She nodded her head.  He pushed her head to the side and he pulled the razor down her sideburns, stroking away the white cream; stroke after stroke, leaving behind pink skin.  Stroking hard as he pushed her head to the side.  She moaned as he moved her head.  He had to stroke hard to get rid of the stubble.  He knew that if he was going to get a chance to do this again, the next time he would make sure he had a straight razor.  He moved her head and pinched harder at her chin as he meticulously moved her head. 

He moved to the opposite side and he did the other sideburn, moving her head and applying pressure to the razor.  Throwing razor after razor to the floor when he noticed redness coming through.  He finished both sides and then pushed her head down as he shaved her neck and nape area.  That done, he was getting to the home stretch.  Her crown was waiting.  Again he raised her head and he stood behind her as he reached over her face.  “Hold still.  We are almost there,” he whispered into her ear.  She took in a deep breath. 

He pulled the razor down the center of her crown.  down to the back of her crown and to the top of her nape area.  Stroke after stroke, cautiously but purposely.  Twenty small strokes down one side of her crown rendered half her crown bald.  He now attacked the opposite side.  Twenty strokes more and she was done.  He ran his fingers over her crown.

She moaned loud as she felt a breeze of cool air touch her bald head.  “Oh my!” she exclaimed.  “I am bald!  Am I finished?  Can I see it?”

“No not yet, sit still.  I will be right back,” he said.  He walked to the bathroom and He grabbed another white towel and walked into the kitchen and placed it under warm water.  He returned to her and rubbed it over her head, removing the remains of the white cream.  He picked up a razor and ran his fingers over her scalp, finding a few spots that needed attention.  He rubbed a bit of cream into the spot and stroked away the cream.  It took him another five minutes to be totally happy.  He rubbed the towel over her head a second time, wiping away cream that had gotten in her ears.  He then grabbed a dusting brush and grabbed some powder.  He sprinkled the powder over the brush and he dusted her head with the powder. 

He held up the mirror for her to see her reflection.  She let out a huge sigh as her hand reached up and she touched the top of her crown and she reached behind to feel her neck.  “Oh my god!  I am bald,” she said.  She looked down at the floor and she saw all her honey blonde hair on the white towel.  He reached around and picked up her ponytail.  He held it infront of her again.  She smiled for her as she reached to touch it. 

He turned around and picked up the red wig.  “May I?” he said.  She nodded her head as he placed it on top of her bald head.  “Oh my god!” he exclaimed.  “My redheaded goddess!”  he kissed her on the lips.  “Thank you so much for letting me do this.”  He pulled her to him as she got off the chair. 

He looked deep into her eyes as she stood before him.  “Have I pleased you?” she said.  “Am I still beautiful?”

He pulled her to him and kissed her on the lips, very seductively.  “I will always love you, even if this is the only time I will ever get to do this.  But I can tell you that you have made me very happy,” he said.

“And you have made me look very beautiful,” she said as she kissed him back.  “Thank you so much for showing me what I can be.” He whisked her up in his arms and guided her back down the hall and into the bedroom.  His foot kicked out and the door closed.

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