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Susie Scott stood before the three body-length mirrors looking at her completely bald head and her beautiful body. She was still very upset by the fact that Hef and "Baldie Jo" had given her a forced head shaving. This had happened over a month ago and her blonde hair had not started growing back in thanks to a special shaving cream-hair remover. Eventually she would be able to grow her hair back but not anytime soon.

"I guess I had better accept my new name Susie Smoothie, because Susie Scott is no longer a long hair blonde." She just looked in the mirrors and stared at her totally hairless body and head. She was wondering what Playbald was going to do to her next. Well it didn’t take long for her to find out when the ringing telephone brought her back to reality.

"How do you like your bald head Susie? ," Asked the voice at the other end of the line and that voice belong to Baldie Jo.

"You and Hef both know I hate being bald. I look like a freak. Why are you calling me to torture me about my baldness?"

"Actually Hef and I would like to know if you would like to shave another playmate’s head bald like yours?"

"What is the catch?" Susie being wary of Baldie Jo question. After all they tricked her into the barber’s chair and shaved her head bald, making her Susie Smoothie.

AThe catch is you have to shave her head as bald as yours and you both have to be naked. After all it is for Playbald Magazine where the playmates really shine. All you have to do is change Shae Marks to Shaved Marks. Hef and I will set her up all you have do is shave her head as smooth as yours.@

AOkay, if I=m going to be bald for a while I guess it would be fitting to shave another woman bald too.@ Susie accepted the offer with a smile.


Shae Marks walked boldly onto the set of her new nude layout all dressed in only red bra and panties. She seated herself a the vanity and picked up a hair brush and started brushing out her long dark hair but she didn=t know at the time it would be the last time for a very long time.

Once her lovely locks shined after their brushing Shae placed the brush back on the vanity. She admire her lovely face that was surround by the long dark locks that graced her head. Then her nimble hands and fingers unhooked her red bra and pulled it from her bountiful breasts. Shae caressed their firmness and smoothness. Then she picked of the perfume and sprayed it between the cleft of breasts. This wasn=t ordinary perfume had been specially prepare with a paralyzing agent. Once the scent reached her nose, she was frozen in place she wouldn=t be able to move but she would feel every clipper swipe and every razor stroke.

Now immobile, Susie Smoothie made her appearance on the set in her bald and naked glory. ANow the fun begins Shae. OOPS, I=m sorry Shaved because that is what you will be in a short while.@ As she ran her fingers through the long haired playmate=s brunette crowning glory for the last time.

Opening the top drawer of the vanity Susie pulled out a pair of electric clippers. She waved the clippers before Shae=s staring, disbelieving eyes as the clippers were thumbed on. They hummed loudly in the incapacitated beauty=s ears. Susie ran the clippers along the right side of Shae=s head. She pulled the shorn locks from the playmate=s head and dropped into her lap. They continue their work until the reached a spot about 12 inch from the crown of the woman=s. Susie then moved the clippers to the left side of her and stopped at the same1 2 inch form the crown. Leaving Shae with a 3 inch path of dark hair that ran down the exact center of her clipped head. The hair on that strip was very long but Susie soon remedy by placing the 2 guard on the clippers and ran it down that dark path.

AWhat do you think, Shaved? Not smooth enough. I agree.@ As she rubbed her hands on the very closely clipped sides of Shae Marks= head. AThis is the good stuff as she sprayed the special shaving on the immobile woman=s head.@ The lather was massaged in her dark stubble and left to set for a few minutes.

Opening another drawer Susie Smoothie took out a Mach 3 razor and started scraping away the foamy from left side of Shae=s head. The triple bladed razor stripped away lather and stubble from Shae=s scalp leaving behind silky smooth skin. Susie dragged the shaving out as long as she could on the left side of her soon to be completely bald dome.

Next the right side of Shae=s head was razored clean and smooth by the former blonde playmate. Some ten minutes later Susie wiped the lather from the sides of Shae smooth head. The only hair she had now was a strip that ran down the center of her head.

AMy, my this will never do Shaved. Hef says the magazine wants your scalp completely smooth. So the rest of your Along@ hair has to come off.@ As she rubbed the short strip of dark hair on the paralyzed captive of the barber=s chair. Susie picked up the clippers and thumbed them on again.

The burring clippers buzzed the 2 inch length and 3 inch wide strip of brown hair off of Shae=s head reducing it to almost nothing. Using shaving cream Susie applied it to the strip. Taking up the Mach 3 razor, the completely bald playmate began to shave the other one remaining hair from the head. Susie Smoothie was taking great pleasure in torturing the other woman while she had shaved her head bald like hers. A few minutes later Shae Marks= scalp was totally devoid of any hair.

ADid you get all that?@, Asked the hairless barberette. The camera crew acknowledged that they did. AGood now I would like to present to you and the fans of Playbald Magazine our newest Playmate Revisited star Shaved Marks.@, As she wiped the excess lather from her captive=s hairless cranium. AThe crew will give the antidote that will release you after I have left. By the way enjoy your baldness, you=re going to be that way for a long while Shaved.@ Susie Smoothie said as she walked off the set.

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