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"So Petra you want the antidote that will restore your precious brown locks. We will give it to you on one condition, " teased the leader of S.H.A.V.E. knowing they could not restore the former playmate hair and if the could they wouldn’t.

"I will do anything to have my hair restored. I know it will take awhile for it to grow back but at least I will be able to grow it back." The bald Petra pleaded before the group that had shaved her head smooth and applied hair remover to it to destroy her roots.

"We will have to think about it you bald bitch but in the mean time at lease try to learn to love your chrome dome, Ms Kojak. We are going to keep you that way for a while longer." jeered the second in command of the Sexual Harassment Engers, "but first some pictures with wigs and with your bald head."

It was humiliating as Petra posed for the pictures knowing the group would use them against her later after her beautiful hair grew back in. S.H.A.V.E. stopped her when she reached a state of almost totally nudity. The only things she had on were the dark wig that covered her baldness and her white bra.

"Open the front of your bra, Ms Bald Playmate, we want your fans to see your big boobs before we show them the real new you," instructed the photographer.

Petra unhooked the front of her bra and her large lovely tits were revealed. She started to remove her over the shoulder boulder holder.

"Stop we are not ready for you go completely naked just yet. We want you to remove your wig first before your bra comes off and do it slowly and act like you are enjoying your baldness."

This didn’t sit to well with the peeled Petra. She started to say something but decided not to. She didn’t want to ruin any chance of having her hair restored. It just upset her knowing her fan were going to see her bald.

As the wig was slowly peeled from Petra’s perfect bald head one of the avengers made a comment. "Believe it or not. . . it’s a wig." This statement would appear on one of the photography. Saying it was a quote from Petra herself, a centerfold and bald model.

The rest of the day the group teased the bald playmate before they let her go home, Oh I am sorry, before they dropped her downtown L.A. in all her naked glory.

Two weeks later and still no hair growing back in, Petra got a call from S.H.A.V.E.

"Okay, here is how to get the antidote for your baldness, we want you to invite Jenny McCarthy to spend the week at your place. Once she is there it will be your responsible to let us in to photograph her being shaved smooth and shiny just like you. Can you do it?" The voice of told her.

"Yes," Petra replied trying to keep the excitement out of her voice. Beside she really didn’t care that much for that blonde bimbo Jenny any way. It would be pleasure to knock her down a peg or two for being a playmate of the year, something Petra earned and didn’t get but she should have, her fans agreed in letters with her.

Arrangements were made so that Jenny would spend the week with Petra. The first couple of days were agonizing for Petra, she wanted S.H.A.V.E. to hurry up and shave Jenny’s head smooth and so she could get the antidote for her baldness. Finally the day arrived with special instructions for Petra.

In order for you to receive the antidote for your baldness, you must help in the removal Jenny’s lovely blonde hair. First while Jenny is sun bathing nude you must tie her to the chair and wait until our crew arrive. They will give you further instructions.

When the crew from S.H.A.V.E. arrived Petra was dressed in her dark blue business suit and wearing her dark wig. She was on her way out pool side to tie Jenny to the chair. This entire scene was taped to cause more trouble for both women.

"What are you doing?" Jenny screamed as Petra tied her to the lounge chair.

"Why, getting ready to help my friends from S.H.A.V.E. give you a make over like they did me."

Petra picked up a pair of scissors and lifted a lock of Jenny=s blonde but before the blades had a chance to close on them. AStop, you can=t do this bitch hair dressed like that, strip all the way to your skin, the wig first.@

She slowly pulled the dark wig off her billiard ball smooth head, it was now tanned like the rest of her lovely body. Jenny=s jaw dropped to see Petra=s hairless head and she knew when she was released from the chair she would be ever bit as bald.

"Remember the deal Petra, strip all the way." S.H.A.V.E. member badgering her

Petra slowly unbuttoned the three buttons of the blue business jacket she was wearing. She pulled open to reveal those magnificent natural breasts of hers. Her pink nipples harden as a slight California blew across them, as she shrugged her way out of the jacket. Petra was now naked form the waist up.

"Quit wasting time, when we did you, you got of your clothes a lot faster than you are now. Come on we are both in a hurry to get that blonde mess off Ms Jenny McCarthy=s head."

Not wanting to waste any more time Petra quickly pushed the blue skirt down to reveal she was wearing bright red lace panties. The women of S.H.A.V.E. and Jenny could see they were moist. Petra was just oozing at the thought of shaving the former Playmate of the year head nice and smooth. She quickly divested herself of the panties. All she had on now was her black high heels.

"Okay you can cut this naked bitch hair all off while we photograph her transformation."

Petra was more than happy to help S.H.A.V.E. with their revenge against Jenny McCarthy but she still didn’t like the idea of more photographs being taken of her baldness.

"Can I cut her hair anyway I want?" inquired Petra

"Yes, just as long as she is as bald as you are Petra, honey"

"Good." she said as she picked up the clippers and thumbed them on.

Jenny struggled to free herself from the chair but Petra bound her in it to tight. "No!!!" she screamed as the bald woman buzzed the long blonde hair off the right side of Jenny’s head. Without the guard the shorn area was very close to the scalp. For all intents and purpose Jenny head were the clippers had just passed was almost nothing but skin. Two minutes later almost half to the blonde’s hair had shorn away. She could feel the clippers being moved from the right side of her skull to the left. This side her head was buzzed clean just as quick.

Jenny had a strip of long blonde hair running down the center of her head. But it wouldn’t be long for much longer; Petra put a 2 guard on the clippers and ran them down the strip of long blonde hair. The only hair of real length on Jenny’s head was the strip and that was only a 2 inch. Petra put the clippers down and a can of special prepared shaving cream was tossed to her by the women of S.H.A.V.E.

Petra boobs bounced as she shook the can. Know how caustic it contents was she sprayed the white burning foam straight onto the clipped sides of Jenny’s head.

"Aaahhhh!!!!!!!!" Jen screamed as the remover in shaving cream began to dissolve the remains her blonde crowning glory. Taking her time Petra picked up a straight razor and started scrapping away the burning foam from the bound woman’s head. With the hair beginning dissolved it was a snap for razor remove lather and stubble. Where ever the blade made a pass it left nothing behind but pale skin. The razor remove ever bit of Jenny hair up the strip on the left side of her head. Taking a wet towel Petra wiped the remaining lather from the side of Jenny’s head.

Not wanting to waste any more time she moved to the right and just as quickly razor the side of the captive woman pate until it was smooth. Jenny’s had stopped screaming as the last of the hair removing-shaving cream was wiped from the right side her almost totally bald head.

One of the women of S.H.A.V.E. started to say something but Petra motioned her to be quiet.

"You still have more hair than me but they want you as smooth as me," as she showed Jenny her blonde Mohawk with a hand mirror while her right hand caressed her own smooth for life dome."Say good-bye to the rest of your hair and hello to your baldness." as the mirror was put down and the clippers picked up one last time.

Petra let out a malevolence laugh as the clippers plowed the blonde strip off Jenny=s head. AYou are looking good now blondie. I will be able regrow my hair and you won=t,@ taunted Petra. While the women of S.H.A.V.E. just smiled at that statement and it didn’t go unnoticed by Petra. She knew something was up and it wasn’t good.

But she still continued her work on Jenny McCarthy perfect head. Jenny screamed as the last of the burning foamy was applied the 1 2 inch strip running from the front of her head to the nape of her neck. Petra let it set a few minutes while she when over to the S.H.A.V.E. women and talked.

"You are not going to give me the antidote are you?" Petra stated.

"Sorry baldie there is no antidote, Jenny and you are going to be bald beauties for life."

"Excuse me for a few minutes; I have to finish shaving Jenny bald as me."

Returning to her work ran the straight blade of the razor down the center of the former blonde=s slick bald skull. Using the towel Petra wiped the last of the foamy from Jenny=s now completely bald head.

Once she was finished shaving the former Playmate of the year. She returned to the group and made a deal. "Let’s make a deal, I want to work for you organization but I have to shave Playmates bald, like that blonde bimbo over there." Pointing to the now bald and crying Jenny McCarthy.

"We like your offer, I am sure your former boss would like it too. He secretly runs the Playbald magazine. We have loose agreement with him but it benefits both our groups. Now go have fun with Jenny." The peeled pate Petra did as she was told and she humiliated Jenny McCarthy even more with various toys provided by S.H.A.V.E. and her own bald pussy.

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