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Michelle had long bright blonde hair that was mid back length. Michelle never showed off her crowning glory. She always kept it up and out of her way in a bun or twist held up with bobby pins or sticks. When it wasn’t in a bun it was in a ponytail high on her head.

Now one person who this style drove crazy was her Aunt Jessica. Jessica was a stylist/owner at a local salon. Jessica hated to see hair put up in buns unless it was on an older women with ugly hair which Michelle’s certainly wasn’t. To Jessica it was a sin that Jessica wasn’t showing off her long Pantene hair. She couldn’t wait to get Michelle into her chair to give her a new look but how was the problem.

The opportunity came one day when the Salon decided to put on a Hair Show with stylist doing makeovers and showing off new styles on Models at the Mall. Jessica approached Michelle in front of her family to ask if she would like to be a model. The family robustly encourage Michelle to be a model. Michelle said that she would do it only if Jessica would be the stylist doing her hair. She trusted her Aunt to give her a nice look. Little did she know that her Aunt had other ideas. Michelle was in for a long wished for surprise from her dear sweet Aunt.

The day came for the show and off to the mall went Michelle. She pulled her soft long blonde hair up into a pony tail at the rear of her head and twisted it into a bun and held it together with a few bobby pins. Her Aunt saw her and motioned for her to come up on stage and sit in the chair. Jessica put the cape around Michelle’s neck and told her to trust her. Michelle had chosen the wrong day for a bun. Jessica saw the bun and vowed that her niece would wear no bun on her head for a long time to come.

Almost in a state of rage Jessica attacked the bun. She dismantled it in a furry. She held the long pony tail from the top of Michelle’s head and grabbed the clippers. Buzzzz went the clippers chewing their way through the long golden locks. Michelle sat stunned as what was her Aunt doing to her. Jessica held the ponytail up for the audience to see and announced that this girl wouldn’t be wearing a bun hairstyle for a while. The audience cheered. The tossed the severed pony into Michelle’s lap and tears came down from her eyes.

Now Michelle had a longish shag hairdo. Jessica grabbed a pair of short scissors and using her fingers as a guide made sure the hair all over Michelle’s head was no longer than two inches. The clippers roared to life again to taper the back and to shave the neckline.Her bangs were cut short so she looked cute but they would grow out nicely.

Jessica asked the crowd what they thought of Michelle’s new look and they let out a cheer. Michelle wiped the tears out her eyes and walked around and off the stage. The girl she saw in the mirror was not the girl she had seen that morning.

When she got to her car she opened the note her Aunt had given her as she was taking off the cape.

It said " When a girl has pretty hair like yours she should show it off or cut it off. Since you refused to show it off I cut it off."

Michelle would remember those words in the months ahead as her hair grew back out. She would never again hide her hair in buns.

Hope you liked the Story.

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