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The white stretch limo came to a stop half way up the block from the Hollywood Barber Shop. The female driver of the limo, the Brazilian beauty Feline, opened the back door and helped her passenger out. Who was one of Hollywood most beautiful and sexiest women with gorgeous honey blonde hair with a slight wave to it that went two inch past her shoulders. She was five foot seven, weighing 128 pounds and had a extraordinary figure of 38 DD breasts, 23 inch waist and 34 inch hips. All of this covered by a full length black mink coat. Her name was Sierra and she was the girlfriend of one of the Hollywood elites. She could have gone far in the either of the movie businesses in California. She had no aspiration for film work or be a super star.

She had only one desire and secret that even her boyfriend didn’t know about but today she was going to indulge in it again for her own carnal pleasures. Sierra secret was her head had been shaved complete bald two days before. She remembered how wonderful it felt as the razor removed her hair in that instant she became a slave to the shave.

Sierra walked down the street thinking to herself, "In just a few more minutes I will be exchanging my beautiful blonde stubble in for a maintenance free bald head again." While she strolled she began removing her expensive fur coat. When she wore it she had the habit of just wearing black satin under garments and nothing else. She loved to show off the beautiful body of her every chance she this was one of the reason her boyfriend wanted her. It didn’t matter where she took her clothes off at which to say the least caused her boyfriend a lot of grief and embarrassment all the times.

By the time Sierra reached the barbershop she was wearing just her black under things; which were her black stocking, garter belt, G-string and the black satin bra that contained her magnificent 38 DD breasts. She walked in the door there was only one customer ahead of her. Then she hung up the coat on one of the hook for coats along the wall.

While she waited for the red headed female barber to finish with the man in the chair she pulled down the shoulder straps of her bra. This didn’t bother the barber at all but it sure got the notice of the man sitting in the chair. Once the straps were far enough down she pulled first her right arm then left form them. The only things hold up those two glorious globes of hers were the hooks in the back and the black cups of the bra.

Not wasting any time she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. Sierra pulled the cups from her twin 38 DDs. She then hung the black satin bra up next to the coat. Then she began to wait for her turn in the chair. While she waited she teased the patron in the chair by tweaking her nipples and then brought them up to her mouth and started kissing them. She massaged them as she slowly lowered them down after seeing how erect she had gotten the man in the chair.

What she did next was down right cruel to any red blooded American male. She grabbed the two inch bangs of her gorgeous blonde hair and slowly peeled it back. What that man saw next made him lose his erection. Sierra’s head was nearly bald except for two days worth of blonde growth. She hung the honey blonde wig next to coat as well. Sierra was more gorgeous than ever without her long blonde hair to hide behind.

A few minutes later the man was finished but he kept staring at the beautiful nearly naked and nearly bald woman as he paid for his hair cut. He opened the door into his face before he left. He just could not keep his eyes off of Sierra’s head and figure.

She was motioned to take her place in the chair while the barberette started to close and lock the door.

"Leave the door open," Sierra said, "I want the world to see me get my head shaved this time. And I want you to share your secret as well Olivia."

Without any hesitation Olivia, the auburn haired barberette, opened her blue barber’s jacket to reveal her own 38 DD breasts with very pink nipples. But both of her nipples were pierced with a gold ring in each one with a thin gold chain connecting them. She shrugged the jacket off. Olivia was nude from the waist up and around the 24 inch waist was thin waist chain. She had one more thing to take off before she could begin.

Just like Sierra a few minutes before Olivia grabbed her red bangs and slid the red wig off her slick scalp. She was beautiful without her red hair. "It felts good to get that hot thing off my head. Time to make you smooth again just like me." As she wiped the sweat from her bald head. She was ready to begin shaving Sierra’s head smooth like hers.

Olivia wrapped a hot towel around Sierra head to soften the blonde stubble that graced her head as she turned the woman toward the shop’s mirror. While she waited she heard the whirring of the hot lather machine mix and heat up the shaving cream. It wasn’t a long wait either.

Sierra felt her head cool off as the towel was removed. It was short lived as the hot lather was applied to her scalp. She moaned as Olivia massaged the lather into the stubble and onto her scalp. Her scalp was ready to feel the keen edge of the razor as it ate away her blonde stubble one more time, but certainly not the last.

Sierra started pulling her nipples when Olivia placed the Mach III razor against her forehead at her hairline. The triple blade was pulled back on the woman’s head, it cleared an inch and half strip. The shaven strip was smooth to the touch which Sierra did after she stopped Olivia’s work with the razor for a few seconds. The razor was rinsed clean and put back to work on removing the hot lather and honey blonde stubble from the busty woman’s perfect head.

Olivia moved the razor down the center of Sierra’s head to a little over the crown. With the lather that remained it looked like Sierra suffered with male pattern baldness. But this was a short lived look. Olivia started shaving on the left side of the Sierra’s head. As more of the shaving cream was removed the harder Sierra pulled on her nipples making them even harder.

Sierra was making plans to shock and embarrass her boyfriend and his friends at tonight’s dinner party. Her freshly shaved bald head was a big part of that plan.

A few seconds later Olivia had moved the razor to the right side of Sierra’s head. She felt her ear being pulled down as the razor removed the cooling lather from behind it. In a few more minutes Sierra’s scalp would be completely smooth again and loving it.

By this time a large crowd had gathered outside to watch of one of Hollywood most elites’ girlfriend get her head shaved smooth while she was almost naked. This had been relayed to the media the minute she removed her fur coat in public. Like it was said she loved to show off her body and soon her beautiful bald dome.

It was long before Olivia had Sierra completely smooth on top. She wiped the remaining shaving cream from the woman’s freshly shaven skull with a warm moist towel. Just as the towel was whipped from her head a flash of camera went off in the shop. Capturing the baldness of the two almost naked women on film for the tomorrow’s newspaper. By the time it would hit the stands her boyfriend would know all about it.

Sierra was going to do something she had never done before she was going to shave her snatch smooth just like her head.

"Olivia, close the door and pull the shades down. What I am about to show you is just to be between us." She ordered.

The bald barber pushed the crowd of on-lookers out the door and locked it. She waved bye-bye to crowd as she pulled the shades all the way down.

"I want you to shave my pussy smooth, like my head."

"That is no big deal; I have done it many times on other women."

Without any hesitant she got up from the chair and untied the black satin G-string. The string dropped off to reveal Sierra’s neatly manicured blonde pubic bush. Olivia smiled at the sight of the woman’s heart shaped fur on her love mound.

"I will have that off of you in a few minutes." Olivia said with confidence.

Taking the electric clippers from the shelf she thumbed them on. They buzzed to life then Olivia placed them at the top of Sierra’s pubic mound. They were pushed the middle of the heart shaped blonde pubic hair. The thick tuffs of hair fell to either side of her vagina. The clippers then ran down the right side of Sierra’s snatch quickly followed by the left side. Only golden nubs graced Sierra’s perfect pussy but it was to be shorted lived.

Olivia applied hot lather to the remaining hair on Sierra sex. She moaned as it was massaged into the stubble. Her barber was every now and then would caress her client’s clit. She carefully pushed Sierra back into the chair before beginning her work with the razor.

She gently started scrapping away the warm white lather with the Mach III razor. Sierra just relaxed while her pubs were being shaved. While Olivia was shaving her Sierra’s hands began caress the smoothness of her scalp. Her hands glide from the front of her head to the back of her head. Her hands moved down the nape of her neck under her jaw line. She was tracing the smoothness of her skin. Sierra hands moved on down to her breasts.

Sierra cupped her big 38 DD and massaged them. She moaned as Olivia removed the last of her pussy hair and while she played her breasts. She was hot horny and most definitely hairless. Sierra was completely smooth from the top of her beautiful bald skull to perfect peeled pussy. She felt sexier than ever without head and pussy hair.

Then next thing that happen took Sierra by surprise. Olivia stood up and began to remove her blue skirt. She wore nothing under it. Her pussy was just a smooth as the woman’s just shaved. Olivia eyed Sierra’s denuded snatch.

"May I eat your bald pussy" Olivia asked one the sexiest women in Hollywood.

"Only if I can eat you out at the same time. Beside I have time to kill before Feline with my clothes and new hair for dinner tonight." Sierra replied with a smile on her beautiful face.

Olivia didn’t waste any time. She quickly reclined the chair to it full horizontal position. Sierra laid back flat on the barber’s chair and waited. It wasn’t a long wait either. Olivia walked to the head of the chair. She straddled Sierra’s head and face. Her hairless pussy was poised over the woman’s face

Olivia bent down until her bald head was in contact with Sierra’s shaved snatch. The women’s tongues without any urgings searched out clits and lapped pussy lips you hear in the barber shop to moan of the women as they ate each other snatch. This went on for thirty minutes before the door bell rang.

Reluctantly Sierra and Olivia got up, not taking the time to get dressed. They went to the door and let in Feline. Copper skinned Chauffeur’s jaw dropped when she saw her boss totally shaved bald top and bottom. She had always admired Sierra’s long honey blonde curls but now she enjoyed her employer’s barren scalp.

Feline handed Sierra her black mini-dress and white fur coat. The only item she didn’t know what was in the hat box. Feline and Olivia helped Sierra into her clothes. First thing that when on was the black G-string. Feline was more than happy to help, she wanted to feel the smoothness of Sierra’s shaved mound. Stepping into the G-string feline and Olivia gently pushed them up Sierra’s long shapely legs. Both the women lingered at the standing woman’s hairless honey pot. Sierra grew excited once more at the touch but not as excited as Feline.

This put thoughts into the chauffeur’s coppery colored tressed head. She wanted to lick her boss’s shaved snatch. Little knowing that in a few days she would have the chance. Not only would she fulfill her dream with the boss but several other Hollywood’s Elites women as well.

Once the under panties were on the three women were ready to move on with dressing Sierra. She stepped into the black mini-dress and let her two friends pull the dress up her shapely figure but of course they had to stop and caress Sierra’s big boob and kiss her dark erect nipples. The top of the dress was in place and held there by Hollywood honey’s big hooters. The black dress showed all of Sierra’s sexy curves. She modeled the dress from Feline and Olivia before they moved on to the topping off, so to speak.

Sierra sat back down in the chair. "Feline please give the box to Olivia."

She did as she was asked.

Olivia opened the box to reveal and remove a very expensive black human hair wig. Once out of the box it was placed on Sierra’s shaven skull. She was beautiful as dark haired woman but she was breathtaking as a baldy.

With Olivia skilled hands the wig looked perfectly natural on Sierra’s skull. She was ready for the dinner party.

"I will have Feline pick my things up tomorrow." As Feline help her boss into the white fur coat.

"Not a problem." Replied Olivia.

Feline resumed her role as chauffer and opened shop’s door and escorted her boss to the limo and opened its door and helped her in. Then she took her place behind the wheel and drove to the dinner party.

Sierra arrived at the dinner party in her inimitable style and flare. As she walked in to the door of the exclusive restaurant her boyfriend’s eyes grew wide and his chin dropped. He immediately noticed that her hair was no longer blonde but it was dyed jet black. Instead of her customary black fur coat she was wearing a white mink coat and it was closed. He know was about to happen next. Sierra was going to open her coat to reveal satin under garments but that didn’t happen.

What she did wasn’t that different from her normal routine to embarrass her boyfriend. Sierra removed the coat to reveal she was wearing a simple black mini dress which wouldn’t be on her shapely form for very long. The only things holding the dress up and on was her twin 38’s melons. It would drop to the ground once her boobs were free of their confinement of the little black dress.

She was handed her first drink by her boyfriend, he thought it was going to be quiet night for a change. Sierra took her first sip and put the glass down on the table. It was show time in more ways than one.

Sierra pulled the top of the dress down from her left breast and held the right side of the dress but only for few seconds. The she pulled the right top down, she continue to pull it down until she was able to start rolling it down. Once she reached her slim waist she pushed it down past her shapely hips, to reveal she was wearing her customary ebony G-string.

She parade around the restaurant to show off her figure and her newly dyed ebony locks. Sierra smiled knowing in the next few minutes would be crucial in her relationship with her boyfriend; they would remain together or split apart. Either way for Sierra it would be a win, win situation.

She grasped the top of her black G-string and pulled it up. The middle string was pulled through the center of her pussy lips. Exposing her hairless pussy for all the dinner guests and the patrons in the restaurant to see. This annoyed her boyfriend to no end; he was getting tired of Sierra’s nude escapades. She wasn’t finished yet with the evening fun she still had to strip off her G-string and her dark hair.

She sat while dinner was being served. While she ate she surveyed the women that were there. Sierra on the drive over from the shop decided she wanted to have a very special pool party with the girls of some of the other Hollywood elites. Half way dinner she had picked her guests. The three were women she wanted to have as friends and the other was her jack of all trades chauffer, the Brazilian beauty, Feline.

The other women on the list were LiLena, a busty oriental beauty with extremely long black hair that reached her calves. She was a former playmate. Sierra thought what fun that would be to shave her bald. Next was the French important Crystal with her gorgeous black hair styled in a bob. Last one on the list the was Africa as dusky skinned beautiful from Africa itself. The things these women had in common all of them had DD cups and black hair except for the Brazilian beauty.

When everything was quiet again Sierra decided it was time to reveal secrets to the dinner guests and patrons. This was not going to go well with her boyfriend once this was done. She arose from the table and began walking around it. Feline watched her carefully to make note which women were to receive an invitation to the special pool party. She placed her hands on Crystal’s shoulders and then notices something odd about her hair but did say anything at the time. Next was Africa was placed on the list.

Finally she made it over the extremely haired LiLena. Sierra knelt beside the woman and said. "You look hot with all the long hair but as for me I’m cool with my short hair." With those words out her mouth her right hand went to her head and finger went under the bangs.

Sierra slowly peeled the ebony wig from her bald head. First thing that was exposed was her bare forehead, next was her curl less crown and last was her naked nape. Her completely round and smooth head was reveal for the entire restaurant to see.

She could see that the reactions three women she had chosen were the ones she wanted.Their breathing was heavy with sexual excitement that was only notice by Sierra. The ones that shocked her the most were Crystal and LiLena, who was even more surprising.The busty Oriental’s hands went straight to Sierra bald dome and began to caress like a crystal ball. She knew this woman was going to be the life of the pool party.

This caused a major uproar and rift between Sierra and her boyfriend. But she was finished yet. Without any pretense was removed the only item clothing left and it was the G-string. She removed it and her totally hairless body was revealed for all to see.

What happened between Sierra and her boyfriend was a blow to him. She was not going to give up being an exhibitionist for him. They split just like so many of the Hollywood Elite over who is more popular. Sierra was very popular now with her baldness in certain circles.

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