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It finally looked like ?Lady Luck? was going to shine on her. Her boyfriend had found a new job and a new apartment. He finally called her and told her to pack her bags and drive half way across the country and come and live with him. She was so happy to finally get back together with him. And it took her only a week to get on the road and start her journey to be with him. But ?Lady Luck? threw a monkey wrench in her plans. How do I know? Well, I will tell you. You see, I was the one who rescued her and gave her a new hope and new direction with a transformation she will never forget.

I live off the highway, up a small dirt road and I am possible the only person on this stretch of highway. The next town is about 75km always from where I live. There is no gas bar or restroom close by. My home is up on a hill and if you are driving the highway at 70 km a hour you would not even see the dirt road that leads to my home. But I have a patio on which I house a huge telescope and I am always watching the highway. So I just happened to see when her van started smoking and steam coming up from the hood. I saw her pull over and get out of the van. POTENTIAL. She had long hair which touched her waist but she was in need of a major haircut. I could tell. Any barber could tell and I am the town barber. She seemed so lost. She kicked the door of the van, stomped around a bit, looking totally lost. She went into her purse and took out a cell phone. Even that was not working. Finally I saw her hurl the cell phone across the highway. What an arm! I was starting to feel sorry for her and it was getting to be time to go to work. I grabbed my jacket and keys and got into my truck. I drove down the dirt road and finally out onto the highway. I started to slow down and saw her slumped down and crying on the highway. She was dressed in a pair of overalls and a tank top. She had to be about 30 years old.

I pulled up beside her van and got out and asked if she needed help. She did not even comprehend that I was standing beside her. ?Okay, if you want to sit there and fell sorry for yourself, be my guest. I am probably the only sign of life you will see for a long time. The only people who come this way are truckers and I am sure they would love to get their hands on a sweet thing like you,? I said as I turned to go back to my truck.

?Wait,? she sniffled. ?Don?t leave me here.?

?Get in the truck,? I said to her. ?Leave your stuff. I will send someone to get them. I will take you into town and get you to a mechanic but personally I think your van is toast.?

?He would not answer. My minutes were used up. I was trying for about half an hour. The van was making a lot of noise back there. He said everything had been checked before he left,? she said. She still did not comprehend that I was there. It was as if she was talking to herself. I offered her a cold bottle of water. She then looked into my eyes. ?Where did you come from? I did not even hear you on the highway.?

I told her that I had been watching her. ?You would not have seen my house if you were driving at 70km an hour. I live up the hill up along the dirt road,? I said. ?So what happened here? Come on. They say you can tell your hairstylist anything. We always listen.?

She said that he had told here that everything was okay. He had supposedly left her an envelope in the glove compartment but there was nothing there. He had used up all of her minutes except ten minutes. ?Now I am supposed to meet him, and I have no money. The van breaks down. I can?t even reach him,? she started to cry. ?What am I going to do??

?Well, first, I am going to make a phone call. Then I am going to drive you into the next town and drop you off at the mechanic?s shop and see if we can get him to come and pick up your van,? I said. ?He owes me a favor.? I told her that I worked in the next town and would be happy to give her a ride.

She told me her name was Jill and that she lived up north. She told me that she was really looking forward to seeing her boyfriend again. ?It does not look like he respects you very much. Telling you he left you an envelope and you finding nothing there. Telling you he had the van services and then using ninety percent of your minutes,? I said. ?He does not sound like he is such a nice guy.?

?He even told me that he had found me a job, so that I would have something to do while he was on the road. Shit and I am supposed to start tomorrow,? she started tearing up again. ?What am I going to do? This was supposed to be a great new beginning.?

?Do you know the name of the bar?? I asked. She looked in her purse and took out a piece of paper. ?We can take care of that once we get into town. We will see if we can convince him to give you a break.?

We finally arrived in town and I drove her to the garage. I explained to the mechanic what the young ladies plight was and told him where her van was. He volunteered to drive out with his tow truck and bring it back. I took him aside as Jill went to the washroom and cleaned her face. ?She does not have any money with her. Her boyfriend was supposed to leave her something. He used most of her minutes on her phone. I still don?t think she knows what is going on. She seems to be so alone. No friends, nothing. She is supposed to be starting a new life with him. Personally I think he is a jerk,? I told him. ?You owe me one.?

?Consider it done,? the mechanic said. ?On the house, Mary.?

?Bring her back to the shop when you pick up the van. She might as well stay with me for a few days,? I said.

Jill came back out. I told her that the mechanic was going to go and pick up her van. ?I have nothing to pay you with,? Jill said.

?Don?t worry, Miss,? he said. ?It has been taken care of.?

She looked at me. I nodded my head. ?I better go with him,? Jill said. I agreed.

?I work just down the road, a few shops down. The red revolving barber?s pole. I am the town barber/stylist. If you get stuck and you want to come over to the shop, I would be happy to fix you up. You look like you could use a good haircut,? I said.

?Yeah, I?ve been thinking about getting a cut but my boyfriend likes it long,? she said.

?Well,? I replied, ?if you change your mind, come on over.?

I left her in the capable hands of the mechanic and drove off to open the barbershop. Business was slow that morning and about 11:00AM, I saw the tow truck stop infront of my window. She climbed out. She looked very dejected. I stepped out of the shop. I walked over and gave her a hug. ?It can?t be that bad,? I said.

?The motor is shot. She isn?t going anywhere and we tried to call her boyfriend from the truck. No answer, no boyfriend,? the mechanic said. ?I don?t even know if I will be able to find parts to fix it. Mary, I have to go and get something at the grocery store and then I have to get back to the garage.? I nodded and thanked him for his kindness.

?Where am I going to stay?? she cried on my shoulder. ?I have nothing.?

?Do you have a bank card?? I asked her. She nodded her head. ?Do you have anything in the bank right now?? She shook her head.

?He said he would give it back as soon as he got his first paycheque,? Jill said.

?Jill, you have been screwed,? I said. ?I am really sorry.?

I took her inside the barbershop. ?Let?s see about that supposed job that is waiting for you,? I said. I phoned the bar and found that the phone number was registered to an escort service. I hung up right away. I was not going to tell her what I had found. That would have put her completely over the edge. I walked over to her and rubbed her shoulders. She was so tense. She finally started to relax. ?I am sorry, Jill. The manager said he would have to find someone else.? She cried some more. I looked out the window and saw the mechanic walking back to get his truck. I told Jill to sit down and ran to the door. I caught up with him and told him about the supposed job. Even he agreed that Jill was being set-up for a bad trip.

?How long do you think it would take to get her van fixed?? I asked.

?Well, I checked it over and she blew a cylinder and she has two cracked piston heads. I don?t have the parts. I would have to go into the city and see if I can order them. May take a week to get them from the parts plant,? he said.

I walked back into the barbershop. Jill was sitting in my chair. She looked so sad as if the world had left her behind. I picked up a brush and started stroking her long hair. I told her about the van. ?Where am I going to go, Mary? I have no money to stay in a hotel and I don?t know anyone who can help me,? she said.

?You know me,? I said.

?I could not ask you to put me up for that long a time. You have done so much already. I would be putting you out and I would not be able to give you anything,? Jill said.

?Have I asked you for anything yet and why can?t you just accept the fact that I am doing this out of the kindness of my heart,? I said.

?People don?t do things unless they want something in return. Everyone has a motive,? Jill said.

?Okay, Jill. There is something I want but if you are so concerned about the need to give me something in exchange for letting me take care of you until your van is fixed, then I know how we can work it out. That is, if you are game?? I said.

I spun the chair around so that she was staring at her reflection in the mirror. I had her long hair in my hand and I was pulling out the tangles in her long hair. She really did have beautiful hair but a bad color job and it was so heavy, it did not do her beautiful face real justice. I dropped her hair and it hit her back. I picked upa wide toothed comb and went to work on herends, combing them out.

?So Jill. What is your answer? I will put you upat my home for a week until your van is fixed. Iwill not ask you for anything. Well, not exactly!I do want something. Are you willing to give itto me?? I said. I was now standing at the sideof the chair. I had a pair of scissors in my hand.

She looked at me and a shocked look came across her face. ?You want to cut my hair, don?t you?? I nodded my head. ?How much of it do you want to cut??

?You have beautiful hair, Jill, but as a stylist I have to confess your hair is really damaged. A bad color job. It looks like a touch-up gone bad. Your ends are very split and if you want my honest opinion, your hair is too long and too heavy for the frame of your face. If you are anxious about not being able to give me anything as payment, then I have a proposal for you. I want your long hair. Let me cut it and give you a completely new style. And I get to keep the braid,? I said. I grabbed a fist full of hair and showed her how badly her hair was damaged and stringy her hair was. I told her she would great with a really short hair cut. She seemed hesitant but I said that I?d do it for free.

?Well,? she said, ?it would be a lot easier to care for.?

I told her to trust me. I put the cape around her and told her that I?d like to pull her hair back in a braid and cut the length. She seemed nervous but she finally told me to go ahead. Even my partner who was at the chair next to me, stopped doing what she was doing. She watched as I braided Jill?s long hair. I put an elastic in the ends and let it fall. It hit the back of the chair with a thump. ?Okay, Jill. I am going to cut this off now,? I said. I picked up my scissors and held on the end of the braid. I pulled it tight and then cut it off.

I held up the braid for her to see. ?There it is, Jill. One long braid,? I said. I then decided that a clipper cut would be best for Jill and her facial features. A nice clippered neck and sides, with a little length on the top. So I fired up the clippers, took the guard off and held the clippers to the back of her neck. Jill jumped a bit but as I pushed her head forward and ran the clippers up her nape, she seemed to relax. As I started to shave, Jill started to moan with pleasure. I shaved the back to ?? and then went up the sides and around her ears, pulling back her lobs. I finished and put the guard on the counter. Jill removed her hand from under the cape. She ran her hands up the nape and was overjoyed.

I put a new guard over the teeth of the clippers and I told her to look up. I then went back in and cut the top. When we were done, Jill was left looking like a totally different woman. No more stringy, badly colored hair. I shaved her top down to about an inch and put some gel into it to make it look a little spiky. It really did look good. She seemed to have a lot of confidence as a smile finally came over her face.

I uncaped her and she looked as I flicked the contents of the cape onto the floor. Her hair. Her beautiful hair now on the floor and her braid sitting on my counter. ?I look so different,? she said.?You look beautiful,? I said. She gave me a hug as the phone rang. My partner picked it up and told me that the call was for me. I took the phone. After a few minutes, I looked at her. ?Excuse us for a minute,? I said. I took my partner aside and we stepped outside together. While we were talking, I looked inside and noticed that Jill had found a broom and she was sweeping the floor around my chair and my partner?s chair. Then she cleaned up the shampoo area. We walked back inside.

?Jill, that was the mechanic calling. It is going to take about two weeks to get the parts for your van. Look, I can?t offer you much but maybe you could help out here for awhile, answering the phone, shampooing customers, running odd jobs for us. Doing the banking. That way you won?t feel along. What do you think?? I said and my partner nodded.

?That is the least I can do to repay you,? Jill said. ?Maybe I could see if I could find work here in town? I do have some office experience and I am willing to work hard. Would it be okay if I did some job hunting as well while I help here?? I nodded my head.

The final word:Jill never did find out what happened to her boyfriend but guess what? She found an ad for a teller at the bank and with a recommendation from me and a friendly call to the manager, she got the job. I see her every morning when I go to make the deposit and she is always happy to see me. And she comes in every three or four weeks to get trimmed with my clippers.

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