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I was driving back after a weekend at the cabin when I spotted a thirty something woman stranded on the road by her van. I am a barber in a small town and my first thought upon seeing this woman was how badly she needed to cut her hair. It was stringy and hung down the middle of her back. It was unbearable to try and figure out what the original color was. I figured it was possibly natural blonde because her crown was blonde but the rest of her hair was different shades of blonde, some dark, some copper. Really it did look bad. She needed major help. She was dressed in a pair of cut off overalls and a top.

I pulled up beside her van and got out and asked if she needed help. She said that her van broke down and she couldn?t get a hold of her boyfriend. I told her that I lived in the next town and would be happy to give her a ride if that was any help to her.

?My name is Mary. I am the town barber/stylist,? I said as I extended my hand. She told me her name was Jill and that she lived up north. She also told me that she?d been trying to get a hold of her boyfriend but that he was probably drunk and passed out. She told me that her boss at the bar was going to be short a waitress and probably be mad.

?Well I know the town mechanic. He is a cool guy. We could send him back to get your van and we could get a hold of your boss and explain what has happened. I am sure he will understand,? I said.

We got into town and I dropped her off at the garage. I talked to the mechanic and he was good enough to offer to Drive Jill back to where her van was. ?I am not too busy right now. We can take a look and hopefully get you back on the road in a few hours,? the mechanic said as he wiped his hands clean of grease. ?Let me get my keys and we can be off.? He walked over to his office.

Jill walked back to the window of my car. ?Thanks for the help. I really am grateful,? she said.

?I am glad I could help. But I think I could help you in an even bigger way. I meant what I said about the haircut. You could really use one,? I said.

?Yeah. I know. I want to cut it but my boyfriend is very particular when it comes to my hair. He really likes it long,? she said.

?Well,? I replied, ?if you change your mind, come on over. The shop is just down the road about two minutes walk. Even Big Jake could drop you off. Couldn?t you, Jake?? I said as Jake pulled up in his tow truck.

?Anything for a friend,? he said. Jill got into the tow truck and Jake drove off. I headed down the road to the barbershop as I was due to open that morning.

Business was slow that morning and about 11:00AM Jake pulled up in his tow truck. Jill got out of the truck. She did not look too happy. Jill walked in. ?Hi,? I said. ?How?s the van? Nothing serious I hope.?

?It?s going to be a couple of hours. Jake says it needs a major tune-up and a couple of new spark plugs. He said it would take a couple of hours on the jack and under the pit. He also said it needs an oil change. I hope he is not taking advantage of me because I am a female and I am stranded, and late for work. Look, can I use your phone and call my boss? I am sure he is worried and I don?t want to lose my job. It might be nothing more then a waitress but I really like my job and the people. They are always good to me,? she said.

I pointed to my phone. ?Help yourself,? I said. She made her phone call, talked for five minutes and then let out a sigh of relief. ?Nothing to worry about, I guess.? I said.

?Everything is under control. I can close if I can get there by 4:00PM,? she said. ?That is good. Friday night is usually a good night for us.? She then looked at me with a look in her eyes. ?What did you mean earlier? About my hair??

I told her to sit down in the chair and I proceeded to pick up her hair and show her how damaged and stringy it was. I told her she would great with a really short hair cut. She seemed hesitant but I said that I?d do it for free. ?No charge, on the house. Besides what else do you have to do and I am not exactly busy right now. How about it??

?Well,? she said, ?it would be nice to have something really easy to care for. I just don?t know how he is going to react. But I think I trust you,? she said.

?You won?t be disappointed,? I said. I am going to make you a sexy looking blonde.? I told her that I?d like to pull her hair back in a braid and cut the length. She seemed nervous but said go ahead. So I made a braid, fastened the ends with an elastic band and let the braid drop to hit her back. I asked her if she would stand up. ?It will be easier to cut it off if you are level with me,? I said. She stood up. She took a deep breathe and sighed. I reached over to the counter and got my gold scissors. I placed my hand at the back of her head. ?Forward, just a bit,? I asked. She bent her head so slightly. I gripped the braid and closed my fist at the ends. I opened the blades of my scissors and I cut through her thick hair. It took a couple of minutes to cut through it but eventually I was holding a long braid in my hand.

I then decided that a clipper cut would be best. I stood beside her and told her what I wanted to do; cut her hair with a pair of clippers. ?Men?s clippers,? I said. I also decided that I was not going to cape her. And I was going to shave her standing up. She gasped. For a second I honestly thought I was going to lose her and that she would cry. Jill jumped at the sound of the shears but as I pushed her head forward and ran the clippers up her nape, she seemed to relax. My hand rested quite comfortable on her shoulder.As I started to shave, Jill started to moan with pleasure. Shewas definitely into this. I could tell that she was willing togo as far as I was going to take her. I even considered tryingto get her to go all the way but out of consideration for herjob, I did not press the issue.

I shaved the back very short to ?? and then to do the sides, running the clippers up to about an inch over her ears. I was amazed to see how good she looked especially as she was wearing big silver hoop earrings.

I finished shaving her neck/nape area and her sides. Now it was time for her to sit down so that I could clip her crown. I picked up a new guard and stood beside the counter. I also decided maybe I should cape her now. Jill ran her hands up the nape and was overjoyed. I grabbed a red vinyl cape and threw it around her neck. I pressed the buckles together and stood infront of her. ?I am going to do your crown now,? I said. I showed her the guard and explained how short it was going to be. I then went back in and cut the top. It went so fast and before long, Jill had the perfect cut and style for her beautiful face. When we were done, Jill was left looking like a totally different woman. No more stringy, badly colored hair.

?You look fantastic,? I said as I held up a mirror for her to see her reflection. Her smile was huge and very fresh. ?Are you happy with it??

?I am beautiful. I never knew I had such a defined neck and these earrings look so good on me. I only wore them today because he wanted me to wear them. He thinks I don?t appreciate the gifts he gives me. But, these do the trick. I am so glad you found me and helped me,? Jill said. ?Thanks so much. I wish I could take you home with me.?

?I think I can do something about that, too,? I said. I gave her a piece of paper with a name on it. ?This guy went to barber school with me. He works in a town about half an hour drive from where you live. Call him and tell him I sent you. He will take very good care of you and he is really good. He cut my hair exactly like your cut when we were doing class presentations. He was the only one who was not able to get a model so he begged me if I would be his model. He used the clippers on me and after class he showed me exactly how he did the cut. Just tell him Mary sent you to him.?

?Well, I guess I should be on my way. Jake told me to check back with him around 12:30 to see where we stood with the van. Maybe I will find some place to get a bite to eat," Jill said. ?Thanks again, Mary. I hope we cross paths again.?

A short time later I saw Jill drive out of town, stranded no more. As she drove past the window of my store she honked her horn and waved. Another satisfied customer and a new braid to add to my collection.

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