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Eve stood in front of me. Her beautiful long blond manes still not undone from the braid. I wanted to help her, feel the softness of the lovely blond locks. Locks which would be cut in a few moments, when Iris would order you to do so. But now my hands helped unravelling the long hair from Eve. I could touch it with your penis, Iris caressed my stiff penis with her own blond hair. Very exiting this al was. ?Enjoy the hair of my sister, she wants you to cut it, please her and do as she wants you to.? ?First you have to use the comb, make me more beautiful? Eve commanded. You could only respond and act as wanted. The comb and your hands played with the blond locks, the soft long hairs, almost touching the girls butt. Iris was a bit hasty, and wanted me to go on, she wanted to play with me and her own blond long hair. Now she was the one who wanted me in her bed, just to play with you and to drink your juice. She realized I was enchanted by her sisters hair and the combing of it. So Iris took a pair of scissors herself and told me to stop ?She beautiful enough now, time to see how much she is willing to offer for our pleasure?. Let me see, I will take a first cut in the middle of your back? that would mean almost two feet of blond locks on the floor, again I felt aroused and wanted to spill some juice. Eve asked Iris if she could sit on the ground ?so I can enjoy his dick while you are cutting my hair. He wants to be helped, and I would like to taste his juice, please let me?? Iris was not in favour, she wanted you herself. She thought about it, and saw that I would enjoy the tongue of Eve on my penis. ?OK, go sit and suck him, but don?t do it too hard, leave some juice for me, I want it also. Don?t swallow the juice, I might want to lick some out of your mouth??.

Eve responded immediately by sitting on her knees. With her hands she touched my penis and my balls, and brought them to her mouth, softly licking the wet top of my penis. It was wonderful, two such beauties playing with me. Eve caressed the penis with her tongue and began to move her hand over the stiff penis, massaging it, she wanted me to spray my juice. As told, Iris had other ideas?

Iris took the locks of her sister, she stood behind the girl, and showed them to you ?nice eh? So long and so silky, hold it for me, I?m going to cut it as she wants it to be done? This time the locks were at least three feet, the scissor was very near the head of Eve, once cut it would leave a tiny lock of some three centimetres. That would mean a real metamorphosis, and a lot of free hair. Iris gave you the lock, the soft long hairs from Eve, soon to part from her head. You played with the ends by caressing your face and tongue with the tips of the hair. Iris didn?t wait till you quit playing. She took the scissors and very slowly began to cut the hair, you looked down at the scissors on the head and saw the hairs come loose. Eve made noises of pleasure, she did not know how short she would be cut. The first lock left the head, you caressed Eve with the hair, she paid no attention to it, to busy with you penis and the juice that was spilling. Iris too some more locks, a handful blond long hair. This time she hold the hair herself and again slowly the scissors went into it, each hair came loose and left a bit on the head of Eve. Iris threw the locks on the ground and over Eve?s body. Eve looked at her hair on the ground and began grinning, ?do you like it honey, show me you like it, give some more of your juice I want it, and Iris also. Iris why don?t you sit down too and help me licking him. His dick is large enough for both of our tongues. And maybe he can wield the scissors on both our hair. The more aroused he comes, the better the juice is?. Iris took another snip of the lovely blond locks and winded them around my penis. ?Would you like me to lick your penis boy? I am not so soft as my sister, I want you to produce a fountain for me, in reward of the blond locks of my sister. My hair won?t be cut today, I need you to play with it in my bed. I want more then some juice. Eve is pleased much more easier.? She laughed and her fingers touched my lips, one finger she put in my mouth, I licked it and sucked on it. Her hand then touched my stiff penis with the blond hairs on it. She went to her knees and put Eve aside. She took the penis in her mouth and sucked it hard, indeed Eve had been soft and easy. This was far more exiting and the result came soon. Iris took it out her mouth and let the juice run free, Eve licked it from the face of Iris and enjoyed it.

My hands run through the still long blond hair from Eve, and played also with the lovely hair of Iris. There would be much more to be cut. More fresh cut hair, that wonderful stuff which grows on a woman?s head. And Eve had already made clear that she wanted my hair too.

I knew this weekend would be an orgy with those two lovely blondes, who would do everything you always dreamed of.

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