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With summer on the way I had decided to join a tanning salon close to the school where I would drop my son off. It was a shopping center with a coffee shop too. It became a morning routine to drop my son off and then tan. Afterwards I would walk down to the coffee shop to read and drink some coffee. Right next to the tanning salon was a barbershop and there was a lady whose chair was next to the window that I would pass by. Occasionally she would be cutting someone?s hair and smile as I walked by. She wore an extremely short flattop that was bright red but looked good on her. I was always intrigued by her sense of style. Fashionable glasses and she would always wear slacks with a nice blouse. I thought it unusual that she would be a barber because she looked more like a woman who should be working in an expensive salon.

Every once in a while she would be out front smoking a cigarette and would say hi as I walked by but then one day she was down at the coffee shop. I felt like I knew her because of the many times I had passed by the shop. She was sitting outside and I asked if I could join her. She smiled and introduced herself and we made some small talk until I mustered the courage to ask her about her unique hairstyle. Her name was Kathy and she shared with me that she used to work in a fancy salon in NYC but got tired of the city life and the fakeness of her clients. She explained that her conscience would not allow her to charge clients that much money anymore and decide to move to this area and open up a salon of her own. After doing the math she decided to open up a barbershop instead and keep the overhead low. No fancy things to pay for and she could charge clients a reasonable amount of money for a good quality haircut. It had been very successful and the fact that she wore a flattop probably intrigued people enough to check the shop out.

She lit up a cigarette and inhaled deeply. She looked at her watch and excused herself. ?If you ever want to be free from that long hair stop by anytime!? she said as she walked back to the shop. From where I was sitting I could see a woman getting out of her car and smiling at Kathy. She was wearing a white blond crew cut and was telling Kathy how much she loved it and needed a trim. She looked good in it and I pondered for a few minutes.

The next morning was one of those bad hair days and I was rather upset as I dropped my son off at school. It did take a long time to get ready in the morning and I wondered what I would look like with a flattop. Instead of going to tan, I walked into Kathy?s shop. She was sitting in another chair having the male barber give her a haircut. He was just finishing up by trimming her sideburns and her hair was so short I could see her scalp. She rubbed her hands through her hair and smiled at me. ?There is nothing like the feeling of a freshly cut flattop!? She asked me to feel it and I balked at first but then ran my fingers up the side of her head. It did feel good and I knew at that moment what I wanted.

I sat down in her chair and she took out the scissors and began cutting the bulk of my hair off. It was the clippers that felt the best as she ran them up the sides of my head. She then ran them up the back of my head all the way to the crown. I must admit that I was enjoying it immensely. When she put the flattop comb on top of my head I was eager with anticipation to see what I would look like. When she was through cutting the top she turned me to face the mirror and the first look was weird. I had gone from shoulder length hair with long bangs to no bangs and hair that stood straight up. It was a lot longer than Kathy?s and when she gave me the mirror, I ran my fingers up the back and sides of my head it felt good. But it did not feel as good as Kathy?s so I asked her to go shorter. She took the sides and back down to a ? inch and the top to ? inch. And then she took a straight razor and cleaned up my neck. I loved it!

My husband loved it too and asked me to get a fade next time. I had no idea what a fade was but two weeks later went back for a trim and asked Kathy for a fade. She laughed and explained it to me. When she was done I was bald around the perimeter and I did not want to admit it, but I loved the feel of the straight razor! Once again my husband loved it and our love making had gone to new levels. It was so nice getting ready in the mornings. I just towel dried my hair and put some gel in it. It took me 7 minutes to do my hair and apply my makeup. And I had bought some clothes like Kathy?s and looked very sophisticated in them. I loved wearing big earrings too! When I went back to see Kathy she had gotten a fade and it looked really good on her. I asked her for a touch up and then afterwards we both went for coffee. When she lit up a cigarette I asked her for one and started smoking again. My husband liked to watch me smoking but hated the smell of smoke in my hair. We laughed as I knew I would not have that problem anymore. I asked Kathy if this was the shortest she had ever worn her hair and she said no. She told me that she had been bald before and I asked her what that was like. She said she loved it but it had scared off too many clients. That was why she wore the flattop. She wanted to go bald again but knew that she needed some hair for clients? sake.

As I finished up my cigarette I asked Kathy how often I would need to come back for a shave. She told me daily if I went all the way. We went back to her shop and she shaved my head completely!

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