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The operation had been a success but her arm was still very painful and when Jane left hospital it was still strapped and she was told it would have to remain immobile for at least 6 weeks. Unfortunately it was her right arm that she had injured in the accident and now life was proving to be very difficult. She lived alone in a modern flat and was able to reasonably manage to feed herself and felt that she would be able to go to her work as a receptionist. The biggest problem was going to be her hair. Her magnificent treasured much admired hair that was her prized possession and keeping it in its perfect condition had been an obsession with her for most of her life. Her hair was very long in a straight gleaming blonde fall that reached her waist and was in superb condition from the loving care that she lavished on it.

She had always been vain about her hair from an early age and as a child her mother had lavished much care on her lovely hair, making sure it was trimmed regularly and brushed every night. Once Jane had become old enough she had taken over the care of her long hair herself although it took up a great deal of her time and money. She spent hours every day brushing and arranging her hair, and every other day she washed and conditioning her hair and every 6 weeks she visited a salon and watched hawk like as she allowed a fraction to be trimmed from the ends. Once she had started earning a salary she spent a large proportion of it in visiting a salon at least once and sometimes twice a week to have her wonderful treasured hair professionally shampooed and blow-dried in a straight gleaming fall or sometimes having it dressed up or arranged in intricate plaited arrangements.

She liked to visit different salons almost every time and particularly liked visiting new salons. Praise from hairdressers who handled her hair was universal; they drooled over its quality, condition, colour and texture and of course, its magnificent length. Many of them expressed a great desire to create a new hairstyle that would involve the cutting of her treasured hair; some even suggesting her hair would look even better if it were cut short. She, of course, resisted any of their suggestions very firmly and they would have to be satisfied with just handling her wondrous hair. She was very good herself at handling her long hair herself and had been able to make it look good in-between her salon visits but now, on her first day home, she was almost crying with frustration.

She found it very difficult to brush her hair with her left hand and of course not being able to use both hands made it almost impossible to tie it back and plaiting the long hair was out of the question. She managed to briefly brush her hair through but as she sat looking at he reflection in the mirror she wondered how she possibly cope for the next couple of months. To cheer herself up she decided she would go to a salon now and get her hair shampooed and dried although of course she realised she could not possibly afford to go more often than she had before her accident. She had been meaning to try a new large salon that had recently opened nearby which she had heard was very good but expensive.

She walked there in a few minutes and was delighted when they said she could have her hair done almost immediately. She was soon sat in a chair, enveloped in a cape, and a very attractive young man was skillfully brushing her magnificent long hair. She closed her eyes in ecstasy as the brush swished through her long hair; it was the first time her hair had been brushed properly since her accident, and like most women with long hair she found it very sensual. He brushed her hair in silence for at least 5 minutes and she felt very disappointed when he finally stopped and put down the brush. Her whole body was tingling gently with pleasure and as she looked at her reflection in the mirror she could see that her hair was gleaming from its brushing as he gently allowed it to spread out over the cape.

He smiled at her through the mirror and said, “Your hair is absolutely magnificent. I think it is the most beautiful hair I have ever handled. What would you like me to do to it today?” She was pleased with his complimentary remark about her hair and she replied with a smile, “Well if you just carried on brushing it for an hour or so that would be fine!” He laughed and said, “I think I would enjoy that as well but unfortunately I have a couple of other customers booked. Do you want me to trim the ends of your hair?” She shook her head and said, “No thank you, I only had it done a few weeks ago. Could I just have it washed and dried.” He nodded and as she was led to the shampoo basin she felt pleased that he had not tried to suggest any more than just trimming the ends of her long hair. She would not have to put up a resistance against a scissor-happy stylist who wanted relieve her of her long treasured tresses.

She was given a very relaxing shampoo and conditioning treatment and then returned to the chair where her damp hair was carefully combed free of any tangles and then the young man returned. For an hour he worked on her hair, first carefully blow- drying it and then sectioning it and dressing it in a complex braid that looked absolutely magnificent. During this time Jane was enchanted by his personality and found herself telling him lots of personal things, including her obsession with her long hair and the frustration of handling it since her accident. To her delight as he was finishing her hair he asked if she would like to go out with him that evening for a meal. She enjoyed his company very much and was delighted to discover that they lived only 100 yards apart and she could hardly believe that later on he offered to call at her flat each morning before work and help her with her hair until her arm was healed.

She could hardly believe her good fortune in not only meeting an attractive man who clearly was interested in her but that he was a skilled hairdresser who was prepared to look after her hair daily! It was almost worth having suffered the pain and problems from her accident! Within 2 days it seemed the obvious thing for Paul to stay the night and she was madly in love with him. The only slight unease she had about the relationship was his lack of enthusiasm during their lovemaking but she felt sure that would improve in time. He was very helpful around the flat as of course she was unable to do very much because of her arm and he was obsessed with her hair.

In the morning he would brush and plait it for her to go to work and then in the evening he would spend hours brushing, stroking and playing with her hair. She loved the attention her hair was receiving and throbbed with excitement the whole time. He often asked her questions about her hair, wanting to know what other hairdressers she had visited, how many years it had been waist-length and then one evening he asked her casually if she had ever thought seriously about cutting her hair short. “Oh no, never!” she exclaimed. “I love my hair long and will never have it cut!” He shrugged casually and said, “Well actually you would look good with short hair.” They then began talking about something else and Jane felt a little relieved that he had not tried to persuade her that it might be a good idea, although she couldn’t imagine that he would want her to cut it as he got so much pleasure from working on her long hair.

For nights after he had moved in he dropped his bombshell. She sensed he had been a little subdued that evening and as she was sitting in the chair and he began the nightly ritual of brushing her hair he said, “I was told today I have been promoted to assistant manager at another salon. I will be starting next week.” “Why, that’s wonderful for you,” she said. He paused and then he said slowly, “Well, yes it is, except for one thing. Th
e salon is in a town about 100 miles from here.” She gave a little gasp as she realised the implication and he paused in the brushing of her wondrous hair and said, “I can come back every weekend to see you, of course, but in between times you have a big problem.” He tenderly stroked her silken hair and then said, “I am going to have to do something with your hair that you can manage yourself. It will have to be cut short.”

She gasped in horror and could feel the blood draining from her face. “Oh no! I can’t have my hair cut.” He shook his head sadly and said, “You know I love your hair long, Jane but there is no alternative. It will just get tangled and knotted without regular brushing and anyway short hair will look great on you.” He turned around and suddenly to her absolute horror she saw that he had a pair of scissors in his hand! “I will do it now before you have too much time to get upset about it.” She still couldn’t believe this was happening. One minute she was enjoying the sensual feel of him drawing the brush through her treasured long hair and the next minute he was getting ready to cut it off!

“Oh no Paul, I will manage somehow. I want to keep my hair long.” Ignoring her completely, and before she even realised what he was going to do, he reached out and grasped a thick sheaf of her hair from the side of her head. Swiftly he brought the scissors up and began ruthlessly forcing the sharp blades deep into silken hair close to the roots. “Oh no, don’t cut my hair,” she screamed but with a great lurch of fear in her stomach, she realised that it was too late. She felt the great tress of hair coming away from her head as she desperately tried to twist her head away from the shearing blades. With a final loud triumphant scrunch the blades severed the locks of hair he was holding and he tossed it casually down in front of her.

She could not believe that she was not in the middle of some awful nightmare as she saw the great severed lock of her treasured hair. She burst into tears and tried to get up from the chair but he put a restraining hand on her shoulder and pushed her back down in the chair. “Come on Jane, stop crying. You know it had to be done and now I have started it you will have to let me carry on.” His cruel uncaring remarks at her distress only made her cry even harder and in-between sobs she gasped, “Oh how could you do this to me, you know how important my hair is to me and I would have managed it somehow without having it cut.” “Short hair will suit you beautifully, Jane, you will see, now let me carry on.”

Numbly, Jane allowed him to position her head as she realised that now that he had cut away such an immense lock of her long hair she had no alternative but to allow him to finish. He pushed her head forward and she could feel him gathering all her remaining hair together at the back of her head. Once he had done that she felt him pull down on it slightly and then came the scrunching pull of the blades close to her nape as he began ruthlessly forcing them through her hair. She bit her lip hard to prevent herself from crying out as she felt every last trace of her beautiful long hair being removed from her head.

With a final triumphant snip he cut through the last strands and lifted the huge tress of long hair away from her head. She swung around and saw that he had a smile on his face as he held aloft her treasured hair like a trophy. He placed it carefully on the dressing table in front of her and said calmly, “There, that’s the worst over for you, I can start shaping you r hair for you now.” Jane looked at him with hate-filled eyes and then allowed him to turn her head back around and tilt it right forward. She was aware of him picking up something and heard a little click and a low pitched humming and then the touch of cold steel on the back of her neck. She felt a stab of fear shoot through as she realised he was now using clippers on her hair.

“Oh no,” she moaned, “don’t use those on me. My hair needn’t be that short.” She tried once more to twist her head away from him but he held it firmly and said, “Please Jane just relax and let me finish cutting your hair properly. The clippers are perfect to create a good shape on your hair at the nape.” Again she realised that she would have to let him carry on and she meekly bowed her head and immediately felt the clippers being run up the back of her head. Amazingly although she hated what they were doing to her hair she found the feel of the blades against her scalp was unbelievingly exciting. She could feel great clumps of hair dropping away and watched them roll down over her shoulders to the floor with a sick feeling in her stomach. As he moved his position slightly to the side of her, her arm brushed against his crotch and she realised he had an enormous erection! She deliberately pushed her elbow against his hardness and he gave a little gasp and paused in the shearing of her hair.

She gave a little snort of anger and said, “Oh I can’t believe you are getting so much pleasure from doing something which is causing me so much distress. All you hairdressers are the same- complete sadists!” He twisted her head slightly and began removing the hair from over her ear and as the clippers buzzed away he said, “Yes I do find it very exciting to cut off hair but I bet you are finding it arousing despite yourself. Most girls love the feel of the clippers.” Although she was desolated over the loss of her wondrous long hair and was terrified at the thought of how short her hair was going to be, Jane knew she was finding the sensation very erotic. Clouds of her hair dropped past her face but now she was almost past caring how short he cut her hair.

He smiled down at her and said, “I can see I am right, you are enjoying it and you are going to look sensational when I have finished. I am going to give you a really dramatic crop and everyone will be amazed how brave you were to cut your long hair.” He twisted her head towards him and then began running the clippers straight back from her forehead. She flinched as she felt the blades carving a furrow through the top of her hair but the feeling was one of almost heart stopping excitement and sensuality as she could feel her head becoming almost naked. She moaned and moved her head into the clippers willing them to keep on ploughing through her hair and he smiled as he saw her obvious excitement. It was incredible how many women found having a great deal of hair cut off became sexually aroused from the sensation of feeling the scissors and clippers cutting off their hair, and even perhaps knowing they may hate the final result, would still want it to continue.

He had removed almost all of the longer hair from her head now, cutting it down to about half an inch all over and as he ran the clippers over the last section remaining, he said, “From the moment I first saw you, I have thought about nothing else except being able to cut off most of your long hair. The longer and more beautiful the hair is the greater is my urge to cut off as much as I can.” She felt devastated now, knowing that he clearly had no romantic feelings towards her and she thought that she loved him. He was despicable, only clearly to get real sexual thrills from cutting off hair. She sat miserably for the next five minutes as he continued to work on her hair, changing the head of the clipper and cutting her hair almost skin close at the back and the sides. She tried to let the feel of the clippers calm her but she now felt unhappier than she had ever felt in her whole life.

When he finally switched off the clippers and stood back with a very pleased expression on his f
ace, she could hardly recognise the shocked face with the bare covering of hair on her head as being her own. She falteringly brought a hand up to her head and unbelievingly stoked her cropped hair with a shudder of horror. She stood up and clouds of hair dropped down from her body and joined the great piles of hair that were lying at her feet. She reached out and touched the great sheaf of her beautiful long hair that lay forlornly on the dressing table and then turned to him and said, “Are you satisfied now, you pervert.” He flinched slightly at the word and then said brightly, “You look wonderful. It really suits you, honestly.” She looked at him in disgust and said, “Just get out, I never want to see you again.”

She cried for days, not leaving her flat, and every time she saw her reflection in the mirror she cried anew about the loss of her long hair. When she finally gathered enough courage to face the world again there was universal dismay about the loss of her long hair. She told no one the full truth about the cut being forced on her, merely saying she wanted an easy to manage style because of her injured arm. It was the only consolation for her that it needed so little attention. When she passed the salon where she had first met Paul she was not surprised that Paul was still working there and had not been transferred. He had clearly used that story in order to try to persuade Jane the haircut was necessary. Her arm soon recovered and eventually she managed to grow her hair long and flowing but her hatred of hairdressers never diminished!


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