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It?s 5:55pm, Saturday night, the petite redheaded barberette is tired from a long day of standing in her 4 inch black stiletto heels cutting her clients? hair. She takes the broom from the corner and sweeps the last few locks of hair from the floor. She takes the dustpan into her small, well manicured, red finger nailed hand and bends over in her short black skirt to pick up the final pile of the day.

Her tiny frame bent over, facing away from the shop?s entrance, her sheer seamed black stockings, little black bows adorning the lacey tops and garter peek out from beneath the mini skirt as she picks up the final pile of hair from the floor, she hears the bell on the door ring cheerfully as yet another customer enters.

She sighs and is about to say, ?we close at 6:00 today? when she peers around and sees this young stud enter the shop surprised at the sight before him. She drinks in the image. He is a tall strapping stud, not an ounce of fat upon his long frame, dark hair peeks out from beneath his white cover, an ornery smile upon his face like a little boy looking at a nudie magazine for the first time and he?s dressed in full Marine blues, sword and all.

His deep voice freezes her and she is unable to move. ?Excuse me Ma?am, tonight is the ball and I just returned from a long tour in the desert. I know it?s late and you probably don?t want to hear this, but I can?t go looking like this. I will do whatever it takes to get my hair cut by you this evening.?

She now smiles an equally ornery grin and lifts herself to an upright position and says, ?well today just might be your lucky day, honey. How I do adore a Marine in dress blues!?

He grins and says, ?Do I get what I want then?? She answers, ?You certainly do! Just tell me what you need.?

They gaze into each other?s eyes as he removes his cover and begins to slowly unbutton the anodized brass of his blouse.

He thinks to himself, this has to beat the horrors of getting my haircut in the field by some power hungry Marine, just trying to get it over as quickly as possible. He has always been turned on by the feel of the clippers on his scalp. And she is looking mighty good in that skirt, those heels and he begins to wonder what is under that skirt since he?s had a good peek at the stockings and garter belt! As he removes his blouse, he hopes that she cannot tell how good she does look to him by the growing bulge in his blues. His member began growing the moment he stepped into the shop and realized it was a barberette and not some old man with hungry clippers and a shaky grip. And to have it be a sexy fuckin redhead, he knew he might just cum in his pants the moment she puts the cape around his neck.

She stands there watching him her thoughts filled with desire. She thinks to herself, I would love to get him into my chair and I suddenly have a newfound energy. She imagines him naked in the chair and she had to shake that thought free since he is undressing, well taking his blouse off. His chiseled features and the uniform turn her on. As he takes off the blouse she realizes that he is in great shape! She can see the lines of his six pack through his crisp white shirt and she begins to grow moist between her legs. She hopes that it will not roll down her leg and wishes she had put panties on this morning. She hadn?t planned on getting excited, but this stud was hot and she was hungry.

He looks at her and says, ?Do you have somewhere I can hang this up??. She nods and takes the blouse from him. As she approaches him she realizes how tall he is. Even with the heels, he towers over her and appears as though he could bench press her tiny frame, the thought amuses her and adds another coy smile to her red lips.

She asks, ?Do you mind if I close up, you know, so no more rogue Marines come in wanting a haircut??. He smiles and says, ?What can I help you do??. She asks him to close the blinds and lock the door.

As he turns to lock the door he thinks, now this could be quite interesting! I?ve been in the desert for a long time and now I?m locked in a barbershop with a really hot vixen! He adjusts the bulge now throbbing in his pants and hopes he can hold out thru this cut so that he can get into the car and release the tension inside his pants. He closes the blinds and now the shop is sealed from public view.

She walks toward the back of the shop and thinks to herself, now I have him right where I want him. Hmmm?I wonder how far I can go with this! She takes her hand and reaches up the front of her skirt to her swollen lips, now dripping wet and wipes the juices from them. She puts the finger to her lips and licks her finger clean. Mmmmm, how she loves the taste and wonders if he would enjoy it as well.

?Do you mind if I get a little comfortable?? she asks as she disappears behind the swaying saloon style half doors into the back room. He says with shallower breath, ?No Ma?am. I just appreciate you doing this for me and I meant it, I?ll do whatever it takes to get my hair cut by you this evening. I just returned from a long tour in the desert and I am looking forward to enjoying the comforts of home, (all of the comforts of home he whispers to himself). The ball doesn?t start until 8:00 so I have plenty of time, get as comfortable as you need or want to.? He again adjusts his ever-hardening cock in his pants. He knows that the moment he sits, she?s going to realize that he is turned on and he hopes she?s quick with covering him in the cape and maybe she won?t notice. Although, the thought of her cutting his hair as he strokes his cock turns him on even more. He shudders and a wave of raw animal lust surges thru his body as he ponders those red fingernails against his scalp combing thru his hair.

His moment is broken by her voice. ?Are you about ready?? she asks from behind the closed saloon style half doors to the back room. He answers, ?Yes, Ma?am, I am, but do take your?? His thought is interrupted by the doors swinging open to reveal her standing there, wearing his blouse! She puts her hand on her hip revealing that she has nothing but the black stiletto heels, thigh high black sheer seamed stockings, garter belt and a shiny set of nipple clamps on beneath his blouse. He tries to speak but no words can match what he?s feeling. This is his fantasy, one he?s dreamed about, masturbated to for years! He gathers his thoughts and knows he has to act upon his desires.

He stands, walks to her and grabs her up off the floor. He plants her back to the wall next to the doors and lifts her so that her sweet, hot, wet drippy cunt is in front of his face. He begins to lap at it like a dog drinks water. Holding her there, with one arm, munching on that delicious pussy of hers. She moans with delight and tugs at the chain connecting the clamps on her hardened nipples, so she can feel its pull. His tongue makes little circles around her hard clit and she is delighted that this Marine hasn?t lost his touch after such a long tour. His fingers probe her insides and he finds her dripping with juices like a ripe peach. He rubs the inside of her with two fingers making a perfectly symmetrical circle while hungrily nibbling on her clitoris. She is almost to the point of orgasm when he plants her on the floor and places his two, dripping wet fingers into her mouth and orders her to, ?Lick them clean!?. She does this without hesitation because she loves the taste of her pussy on a man?s fingers and she secretly loves taking orders. He looks down at her and says, ?well, well, it seems as though you?re in need of a haircut too,? as he tugs at her neatly trimmed bush. He smiles, ?time to get you into a chair.?

He lifts her once again from her feet and carries her over to the oversized, red leather barber?s chair. He places her bare bottom on the cold red leather and puts her feet over the armrests. She sits straight up and begins to wiggle herself from the blouse. He places his hand on her cheek, and runs his finger along her bottom lip, ?Leave it on, I need to fuck you in it. I want to be at the ball later smelling like our fuck.? She takes his finger into her mouth and sucks it ravenously as though it were his dick. ?In due time, we?ll get to that,? he says as he gets back to the matter at hand?shaving his barberette.

?These will do nicely,? he says as he takes two sets of clippers from the counter. She leans back into the chair anxiously awaiting the shaving to begin, but he takes the clippers and drops them to the floor. He takes the cord and begins to bind her wrists and ankles to the arms of the chair. She?s stunned and much amused; her pussy begins to pour out even more juices. ?Can?t have you moving about, now can I,? he says with a grin and raised eyebrow. He goes behind her and presses his foot on the lever to move the chair to a higher height. CLICK?.CLICK?.CLICK?every movement of his foot brought her higher and higher in the chair until her cunt was almost waist level to him.

Her ankles and wrists now tied tightly to the armrests, he takes another pair of clippers, edging trimmer clippers, from the counter and says, ?I like my pussies bald, smooth and wet. You?re already wet, so let?s fix the rest.? He clicks the clippers on and the low hum begins to put her in a trance. He takes the blade end into his hand and places the vibrating handle on her full lips, teasing her vagina with the vibration. She tries to push her ass higher into the air to push her body into the vibration. He takes the end of the cord and lashes at her inner thigh like a whip, ?No, no naughty girl! This is my turn to be barber, yours is coming.? Her wince from the sting of the cord turns to a narrow eyed wicked look. You bet it will be my turn, darlin??and I can?t wait till you get your turn in this chair, she thinks to herself.

He turns the blade of the clippers toward her trimmed bush. Presses the cold hard steel to her outer labia and the clippers begin cutting thru the curly mass like a lawn mower. First one side is nubbly shaven, and then he makes a pass at the other. ?Mmmmm,? he says as he slides the clippers up over her mound and watches the tuft fall to the floor between his shined shoes. He again passes over the mound until she is left with a little bristle, which he rubs his hand over feeling the roughness on his palm. He spreads her lips and drags the clippers, now warm, along the inside of her lips making sure not to miss a single hair. She is enjoying the feeling of the warm blade and the vibration of the clippers so much that she almost explodes in orgasm. He clicks them off and draws in a deep breath and slowly blows it out all over her nubbly cunt. He rubs his fingers and palm into her roughly and says, ?mmmm?by the puddle you?re making in that chair sweetheart, I?m guessing you like haircuts too,? and he winks at her.

He reaches to the counter and pushes a handful of the hot lather into his hand from the machine. With 2 fingers he smoothes the cream all over her bristly cunt taking special care around the opening to her pussy and her anus.

She looks at him as he intently spreads it over her he is stunningly handsome and his tongue licks his lips as he spreads on the warm cream. She can?t believe how turned on she is and her cunt aches for him to fuck her.

He reaches for the package of new razors on the counter and removes one and takes the guard from it. Before he places the new, cold, sharp blade against her pussy he licks her from her bended knee up her inner thigh past the lace that tops her stockings all the way to the pile of cream still warm on her cunt. She is driven wilder with this move and can hardly contain her lust. ?Please?? she utters and he cuts her off. He stands tall before her and grabbing a handful of the back of her short red hair pulling her head all the way back in one swift motion and pressing his mouth hard to hers, he stuffs her mouth full of his tongue. He kisses her deeply and roughly taking her lips into his mouth, she?s nearly gasping for air but damn does it feel good! He closes his lips onto hers and pushes his head to her ear still holding her head back tugging tightly on her hair. He whispers, ?I am in control and don?t you forget it. You are not in a position to beg or ask me for anything. You?ll have your turn, trust me.? She did not know why but she did trust him. She was a redhead, she never gave up control but this time, she loved every minute of it and wanted him to take her, all of her forcefully and commandingly.

He diligently went back to the task of shaving her cunt bald. The razor glided over the top of her mound with ease, cutting thru the stubble and leaving a smooth path in its wake. He cleaned the razor in the mug of water on the counter and dragged it across the top of her pussy above her clit very carefully. He was enjoying it so much and was trying to be gentle now. Once the top of her pussy was shaved clean he proceeded to the shaving of her lips. He started at her left knee this time and licked slowly, centimeter by centimeter all the way up her inner thigh, pausing to trace the line of lace around her stockings then follows the line of her garter to her creamy cunt, all the while his eyes staring into hers. She felt the waves of pleasure pass thru her and could feel his eyes looking thru her to her secret desires. He knew exactly what she wanted and seemed capable and prepared to deliver it right into her lap.

He leaned back some and gently parted her lips with 2 fingers and stroked the clean blade down her skin all the way to her ass. He plunged the razor into the cup of water once more cleaning the blade before gliding it downward to her ass on the other side. He carefully maneuvered it so that not even a piece of hair or shave cream was left on her.

Again the cord, curled in his hand gives her a little snap this time on the lower part of her ass and upper thigh. ?Slide down!? he orders. I want that ass clean-shaven as well. She obeys like a child eager to please a parent. He strokes the razor in a neat perfect circle carefully removing the last bits of lather and hair from her ass.

He reaches into the warmer and takes out a nice hot towel to clean her up. He places the towel on her already hot pussy and she cries out in anticipation of what he?ll do next. He gently wipes her cunt and stands back to admire the job he?s done.

He rubs his calloused hand all over her cunt, feeling every inch of its smoothness and making her wet all over again. He slides one finger then two into her cunt and points the tips of his fingers upward to massage that spot inside her that he knows will drive her insane. As his fingers methodically rake across her g spot he dives into action again. Plunging his face into her lap and licking her repeated over every inch that he just shaved. He wanted to taste, lick and nibble every inch. Damn how he loves a freshly shaved cunt!

He devours her. Her pussy responds by pouring juices all over his face and the red leather. Her little bean of a clit hard and raised into the air as if screaming nibble me, nibble me. He hears its cries and begins to pull his teeth across it, still madly wiggling his fingers inside her. She moans loudly. She can?t stand it any longer. She can feel the orgasm building inside her, the heat rising up in her. Her lips swollen, engorged, she wants to cum so badly, it hurts. His tongue now darts over her ass, the hole puckered beneath his tongue. He rims the hole with his tongue and teases her moving his tongue first in a wide circle then smaller and smaller until the tip of his tongue is hard and right at the center of her asshole. He pushes at the hole with his tongue and she moans loudly. He moves his fingers faster and faster inside her pussy. Her body tenses. She is on the verge of orgasm. She grips her ankles tightly with her hands and holds on for the rest of the ride.

He slides his fingers from the depths of her cunt and his tongue begins to dart in and out of her like he wants his penis to do. This is the best tongue fuck of her life! She can?t hold on any longer. Her cunt clamps down hard on his tongue and he continues to fuck her harder and faster with it now rubbing her clit with two of his fingers, faster and faster side-to-side. He reaches up and winds his little finger into her nipple clamp chain making it pull at her breasts the nipples pointing down at him. She continues to cum all over his tongue, each wave sends another clamp on his tongue and a shudder thru her body. She stops breathing and rides the wave of the orgasm. Her body relaxes some and she lets out a huge breath. Her body drenched in sweat and feeling incredibly satisfied she goes limp. He kisses her sweetly on the cunt and raises himself to standing.

He bends over her and kisses her lips. She hungrily licks every drop of her cum from his lips and tongue. She takes his tongue into her mouth and begins to suck it. She wants him to realize how much she wants to see and suck his cock! He pulls away, wipes the saliva from his lower lip and smiles. He reaches for the brass belt buckle and undoes it with one motion. He unbuttons and unzips his pants. He lets them fall to the floor and he steps clear of them. He slowly unbuttons his white shirt, loving that she is enjoying his striptease. Her eyes scan his chest as he works each button out of its hole. She could die in anticipation of seeing his hardon! He reaches the last button still careful to tease her by not showing her his massive manhood. He unbuttons the cuffs and slides the shirt from his shoulders and lets it fall to the floor. He kicks his shirt and pants and they slide across the waxed black and white tile stopping in front of the waiting area chairs. She looks at him beginning at his face, scanning every inch. Then her eyes make a path down his broad chest to his tight six-pack abs following his happy trail to his neatly trimmed patch hidden beneath his massive cock. He had to be 8 or 9 inches in length and thick as a stripper?s pole. How she couldn?t wait to slide down his pole! Oh she planned to do a dance on that!

He walks around to the back of the chair to release the lever to let the chair lower to its shortest height so that her face can be even to his cock. He can?t resist the thought of her sucking him still helplessly bound in the chair.

He walks around to the side of the chair. He reaches into the drawer of the counter and takes out the tube of scarlet lipstick and applies it to her lips whispering, ?I want to wear a scarlet ring around the base of my cock, I think it will match the stripe of my pants,? and he chuckles. He takes his massive hard on into his hand, head throbbing and nearly purple and points it toward her lips. The droplets of pre-cum shine on the head of his dick and he uses it to gloss her lips by rubbing the head all over her lips just as he did when applying her lipstick. He grabs a handful of her short red hair right at her nape and powerfully commands, ?Do NOT lick it off! I want your lips to shine when you suck my cock!? She tries to nod in agreement and realizes that his grip on her hair and head is so tight that she can?t move it of her own free will. ?Now open!? he says roughly. His voice lowers and in an unbelievably sweet tone he says, ?Daddy?s got something to feed you.?

She opens her mouth and he forces his cock into it. ?Suck me honey. Suck this Marine?s cock! You know you want to taste it! Do it now!? he bellows. She locks onto his cock the force of her sucking and his hand holding her head makes her pussy drip again. Damn she does love his style and he knows just how to give an order a girl just can?t refuse! She sucks it and he pushes it further into her hot mouth. She almost gags on its length. He starts to pull her head further onto his cock by the grasp on her hair. She flicks her tongue over the head and can feel its pulse. He starts to fuck her sweet mouth. He can see the view of this amazing spectacle in the large mirror mounted on the wall. He watches her face as she takes the mouth fucking, eyes open looking up at him. She?s so gorgeous! Flawless tanned skin, rosy cheeks, those slut red lips and her big hazel eyes, long fluttering eyelashes looking up at him so eager to please him and she is doing a fantastic job of it so far.

His cock is so engorged he feels like it?s going to explode in her mouth. He?s never been this hard before in his life. Such a hungry slut she is! She feels his head swell up in the back of her throat, his balls slapping her chin and she can hear him begin to utter the sounds she loves to hear! She gets so turned on by the noises a man makes as he?s about to cum; the shallow breath, the underlying hum in his exhales, the popping sounds his cock makes as her lips hit the ridge of his swollen head. She is going to cum with him! She can?t fuckin believe it! She has never cum without being touched, eaten or fucked but she?s certain that the wave of orgasm is rising up her bound body.

She sucks him even harder, the grasp she has on his massive cock is so hard that he doesn?t realize he doesn?t have to push and pull her head any longer; she?s forcing his member into and out of her mouth with her suction. She feels his cock grow rock hard in her mouth and tries to brace herself, as much as possible in her current position, for the impaling of his cum on her throat and the orgasm in her cunt. He grabs her head harder than before, he pulls her hair so hard tears well up in her eyes but damn it feels so fuckin good.

The first wave of orgasm hits them both at the same time. Her pussy contracts and his cock rams into the back of her throat and pulses its first massive load into her. He takes his free hand grabs the cord once again and gives her inner thigh one swat with it as the second spurt of cum ejaculates from his cock. Her pussy in turn contracts once more and her lips clamp down on his dick to not lose a droplet of his hot load. She needs to drink it all down and he?s damned and determined to give it to her. Her cunt contracts once more at the exact moment his third and final pulse shoots a huge wad of his seed down her throat. He grunts a satisfied grunt and slowly pulls his cock from her lips. He looks down at her as she closes her lips and swallows. He grins and says, ?I knew your lipstick would match the stripe on my pants,? as her eyes look at his dick with a perfect scarlet circle at its base, she smiles in agreement.

He takes his index finger runs it from the middle of her forehead across and down her cheek to her pouty scarlet lips and strokes it across them tracing the edge of her mouth. He quietly asks, ?Are you going to be a good girl when I release the bonds that bind you to that chair?? She responds with a nod and pressed kiss to his fingertip. ?Very well,? he says as he unties the cords around her wrists and ankles. She stretches her legs for the first time in what seems like hours and sets her heels upon the footrest.

He spins the chair to the side because he loves the sight of them in that mirror. She sees that his cock is growing hard again, much to her surprise and excitement. He takes her small delicate hand in his and helps her up out of the chair. With one swift movement, he spins her around and forces her with a large handed push on her hips, into the chair onto her knees. He takes the edge of his blouse and slides it up her back exposing her perfectly rounded, amazingly smooth, flawless, brilliantly tanned ass.

He steps back to admire this vision before him. Her tiny frame swallowed up in his blouse only the delicate small of her back, curvy hips and beautiful bottom peeking out. The lacey black garter belt and black lace topped seamed stockings making an exquisite frame around her fine shapely ass and wet starving cunt.

She peeks back at him, watching him scan her starting at the tips of her stiletto heels, his eyes wandering up the path of the seams of the stockings to the tiny satin black bows and he caresses her ass with his eyes as he strokes his cock. He is so focused on her, every inch of her body, stroking all the way up and all the way down his thickening hard-on. She watches intently, her elbows resting on the back of the chair, head turned looking over her shoulder as still as a statue. She realizes he is so lost in thought, much like someone appreciating and admiring a fine painting or sculpture in a museum. His arm tenses, knuckles whitening, flexing the muscles in his thighs, breathing in shaky breaths, he?s pounding on that cock, stroking faster and faster. His eyes never leave her sweet wet spot that he can?t wait to fuck.

His thought is interrupted by the realization that he is no longer in his rack in the tent in the desert trying to hide under the covers to get his rocks off while the others sleep. This is reality this lovely vision is here before him wanting him to fuck her. His eyes dart up to her face, she bites her lower lip inviting him to come get her, to come and take her. She wants him to do it forcefully and for him to control her again. He smiles and winks at her, now slowing the rhythmic jerking of his dick.

He approaches her and straddles the footrest of the chair. He grabs the back of her head and forces her to look at herself in the mirror. ?You are not to look at me unless it?s in the mirror! Do you understand?? he barks. She nods her head never taking her eyes off the reflection of his eyes in the mirror. She does not speak.

He rubs the tip of his cock all over her shaved lips, the juices flow all over the head. ?Yeah baby,? he says, ?Yeah it feels so mother fucking good!? He teases her making circles with all over her cunt and flicks it hard against her clit over and over. He can feel the firmness of her clit on his head and he knows how turned on she is.

He glances toward the mirror to see her expression. Her eyes closed, tongue licking her upper lip then lower. Her top teeth graze her bottom lip then she bites it slightly as he makes another pass over her clit. He loves to watch a woman enjoying sex, how her skin glows, how she?s lost in thought knowing he controls the level of intensity of her pleasure. He reaches up on the counter and grabs a fat handled hairbrush. He draws back and gives that fine ass one nice hard swat. Her eyes fly open. He whispers through gritted teeth, ?That?s right baby, good girls close their eyes, naughty girls like to watch. You are my naughty girl and you?re gonna watch me fuck you.? ?Do you UNDERSTAND?? he shouts. ?Yes,? she breathes.

He forces the head of his cock into her tight hole. The lips part for him around his mass and he plunges it deep into her. She gasps, her breath stolen in one thrust, never before has she had a cock this long or thick. He manages to pull back two inches and plunge deeper into her. The tip of his cock feels the back of her cunt. Yes! He?s hitting bottom he thinks. She utters a cry, ?Uuuhhhhh.? And he knows he has. He pulls six inches of length from her only momentarily then forces it to the back of her pussy once again. She so fuckin wet, he thinks, damn her cunt is so tight, it?s squeezing my cock so hard now. I can?t wait to see how tight she closes around it when she cums.

Over and over he pulls his cock back then buries it back into her. She can do nothing but brace herself in the chair and enjoy riding this bull. He fucks her harder and faster, then slower, harder and faster, then slower building the orgasm inside himself and bringing her ever closer to the edge. He fills her with waves of pleasure never before experienced. His hands grab her hips tightly and he yells, ?Whose pussy is this?? ?Yours! It?s your cunt!? she responds without hesitation.

He fucks her harder now the rhythm picking up speed. She feels it; she?s almost there. One or two more strokes and she will be ready. He plunges deep into her and she explodes. Her cunt crashes down on him like an angry wave in a hurricane. His cock squeezed tight in its grasp. He almost can?t move it. He?s stunned that her pussy could clamp his dick so tightly that he cums with her. He fills her fuller and fuller of his hot load with every contraction of her lips on him. He stays deep inside her filling her with every last drop. He grabs her hair and pulls her head back and kisses her deeply, their tongues intertwined. He steps back, releases her head and grabs another warm towel to clean her with, he wipes the excess of his load from her lips and thighs, then cleans himself. She backs out of the chair and disappears into the back room. He sits for the first time since entering the shop and breathes a heavy sigh of satisfaction.

When she emerges from the backroom, she is completely naked except for the stilettos, a white striped cotton cape and neatly folded towel tucked under her arm. ?Time for your haircut,? she said with a grin. He looks at her, scanning her body from toe to head. Damn, she was sexy to him, a true vixen and she was ripe for his picking.

?Where do you want me?? he asked. ?Into the shampoo chair,? she directed him with a pointed finger. He rose from the chair and walked over to the shampoo chair and sat on the cold red leather. The chair eased back into a laying position and his body just melted into it. She placed the towel and cape upon the shelf and started the water running into the sink. His eyes met her perky breasts and he became captivated with them. His mouth watered to suck those perfect, round, pink nipples. He leaned forward and took her nipple into his mouth, sucking it hungrily. He raked his teeth across it then pulled it tight between them. She gasped and let out a moan of pure pleasure. She leaned into him, water running warm on her hands, his head tilted back into the sink and his hot mouth sucking her tits harder and harder. She could feel them getting tighter, hardening under the pressure of his lips, tongue and teeth. One small droplet of wetness, eases its way past her pink lips and shaved cunt to her thigh and begins to roll down the inside of her thigh.

She grins and grabs the hair, much too long for the back of this Marine?s head and straddles him in the chair. He feels the droplet reach his thigh and his cock responds by instantly hardening to its fullest and pointing upward right to her awaiting cunt. She slides herself into position, pulling his head back by his hair and slides his cock into her full pink lips. She feels her lips part and his cock slides further and further into her as she forces her tiny frame down on it. Her clit rubs on of his tight, six pack abdominal muscles. Once his cock reaches the back of her cunt, she commandingly takes the shampoo hose and begins to wet his hair. She slides up and down his cock as she runs her fingernails thru his hair, wetting every strand.

His eyes widen and he looks up at her biting her lip, trying to concentrate on the two tasks she?s performing; riding this cock and washing his hair. She reaches up and presses the shampoo into her hand and starts to work it into his hair. Her hips move in a steady rhythm up and down his cock. He sucks her nipples harder now and his hands grasping her hips and slamming her onto his cock, the whole time, her scratching her nails into his scalp massaging the shampoo into his hair and forcefully holding his head. He is hypnotized by the massaging of his heads?both of them! How he loved having a woman?s fingernails on his scalp and his cock buried in a cunt?damn, this was heaven!

There was no doubt who had control now. She was in charge and he was going to do as she wanted. Sure, her tiny frame couldn?t hold him down but he didn?t want to get up now! She sits as far down as possible onto his cock and holds her position there, grinding her cunt on him, moving her hips forward and back making him completely wet at the base of his cock. He can feel it dripping down his balls and her grinding into him, his pubic hair massaging her clit as she rinses his hair. She pulls on his hair starting at his forehead forcing his head far into the sink, removing as much water as possible. Steadily she continued to grind her cunt onto him as she got the towel and squeezed the last of the water from his hair. Her fingernails dug into his shoulders and pulled him forward, righting the leaned back chair. They sat face to face and she looked deep into his eyes then grabbed the back of his hair and pulled his face toward hers as she kissed and bit his lips. His hands moving up to clutch her perky breasts, pinching her nipples, still very much at attention for this Marine. She pulls her head back and says commandingly, ?You need a haircut, Marine! Into the chair right now!? She gets up and grabs the towel and cape and walks over to stand behind the empty barber?s chair.

He stands up, his cock still so hard, full and throbbing and walks over to her. He touches her cheek and runs his finger along her jaw and her lower lip, pulling her toward him for one more kiss. She leans in and reaches up with one hand and grabs his cock tight, she pulls her head back keeping it a little from the reach of his kiss. ?My turn to control, remember? No kisses until I say. Do you understand?? she says thru gritted teeth. ?Yes Ma?am!? he answers as if at boot camp. She reaches for the clippers on the counter and clicks them on. The hum fills the room. His cock twitches in her hand, damn how that sound turns him on! It always has! Little does he know, it turns her on too! She takes his cock and pulls it to point toward the floor and runs the guarded clippers over his pubic hair. Stunned, he tries to take a step backward. Her grip on his cock tightens and ?No, no,? she whispers. ?Just a little trim, honey, don?t be concerned.? He relaxes and realizes he?s under her control and decides to enjoy the vibration of the clippers so close to his penis. She makes pass after pass over his pubes until they are neat and trimmed. She takes the horsehair brush and begins to dust the little pieces of hair away from his cock and balls. His cock again twitches at the tickle of the brush so close to his already sensitive cock. She grins at him, knowing that the brush feels so good against his cock and she continues to tease him with it until his cock is rock hard in her hand and his balls are retreating closer to his body. ?Into the chair!? she orders.

He moves to the front of the chair and sits down. She firmly grabs him by both shoulders and pulls his back against the back of the chair. He does love the force, whether giving or receiving it. She snaps open the cape and drapes it over his naked body, takes the tissue spreads it around his neck and then hikes the cape up around his neck. She snaps it tightly around his neck. Even though he?s not restrained he feels as though he is, snapped so tightly into the cape. She spins the chair around to facing her. She carefully pulls up the cape exposing his hard on and picks up his hand and places it on his manhood. ?Stroke!? she commands. He begins to rub his cock, masturbating for her. She walks to the back of the chair and he watches her in the mirror, she?s beaming, he eyes wide with the power she now possesses and she?s even fuckin? sexier than before! His cock gets harder and harder in his hand. He strokes it up and down, enjoying the feel of his skin moving beneath his fingers. She pumps the chair up once, his body jerks with it. Twice, she presses the pedal pumping it up. Three times, he looks directly into her eyes in the mirror, damn she loves the control, and she?s getting off on it!

Her fingernails again stroke through his hair and pull it all back out of his face. She looks at him in the mirror, ?What would you like today?? she asks. He is shocked, confused, she?s asking him??? He thought she was in control. He opens his mouth to speak and she cuts him off, ?Doesn?t matter what you would like, you are far out of regulation Marine! And you?re going to get the cut that pleases me!? He thinks about answering with a yes ma?am but he hears the shears click on. This pair is louder than all the rest. The sound fills the shop and his cock gets harder. She places her hand on the top of his head and pushes his head down, chin touching his chest. ?Don?t move!? she commands! He watches his hand beating at his meat and then looks up at her in the mirror. She takes the clippers up to the nape of his neck and presses the cold steel against his neck. His cock is so hard and she is wild-eyed.

She pushes the shears against his head and goes up the back of his head to the top, his hair collecting in the teeth of the shears and her wrist gives a slight flip to make the hair fall at his shoulder and cascade down the cape. He clutches his cock tighter in his wrapped fingers and pulls at it harder as she makes the second pass up the back of his head. Her free hand rubbing at the shaved patch, up and down freeing it of any hair pieces and massaging the palm of her hand to the tip of her fingers with the short hair remaining on his head. Damn her pussy is so wet, how much she loves cutting a man?s hair so short! She makes a third pass up the back of his head and stands back a little to admire her work. She loves the look of short hair seeing his scalp through the short hairs standing on end.

She grabs the longer hair on top of his head twisting it into her fingers and pulling it tightly into her fist tilting his head to the side as she presses the blade against his head behind his ear. She shears off the hair in one quick pass. Above the ear she moves with precision and bends his ear down to get the maximum coverage of the blade. Another pass and more hair falls into his lap right by his tensed forearm, now stroking his cock as fast as possible. She places the clippers close to the front of his ear and cheek and the hum is so loud in his ear, he?s almost in a trance at the sound. She pulls at the top of his hair yanking his head slightly back and shears off the remaining hair on the side of his head, allowing it to fall just short of his swelling cock.

She steps to the other side of his head and sees him watching her, she reaches down and grabs the top of his head, pulling his hair even harder now and jerking his head to the other side. He moans and gasps, his lips quivering as he masturbates faster and faster. She clips the hair behind the ear to the top of his head. The clippers glide through the hair swiftly, making it match the other 1/8th of an inch side and back. Again she bends his ear with her little finger and forcefully pushes the blade flat against his head. The hair falls into the folds of the cape bunched up around his exposed cock. His other hand now rubs his balls as he jacks off furiously. The last pass up the side is by far the most forceful, she pushes and pulls his head around, his neck limp in her complete control and the warm blade now cuts through his remaining hair.

Her hands place the shears on the counter and she rubs her palms and fingers over every inch of the sides and back of his head. Fuck, she loves the feel of the nubby hair on her fingertips and palms. Every hair cut to perfection! She picks up another pair of clippers and carefully places the guard in place. She strokes her hand through the top of his hair, scratching ever so gently on his scalp. How she can?t wait to cut this down! She switches the clippers on and places the guarded blade close to his forehead pushing his head slightly back with her force. She cuts a path right down the middle of his head, then again to the right and again to the left. She brushes the hair back with each stroke of the clippers to make sure it all falls to the cape or floor. The top now cut perfectly to ? inch, she switches off the clippers and picks up the edger. The edger cuts away the little pieces at his neck and above his ears leaving it blocked and perfectly within regulation.

She spins the chair so that he faces her and his face is intense with impending orgasm. She glistens all around her shaved cunt and down her thighs as the wetness continues to pour out of her. She carefully pulls the cape up, folding it so no hair falls onto his purple headed cock and reaches behind his neck unsnapping it and pulling it off him, letting it and all his hair fall to the floor as she kisses his lips. He keeps stroking, grunting now as the pressure builds in his cock. He?s about to explode and they both know it.

She reaches and grabs his hand off his balls and pulls at it as she commands, ?Stand up?. He stands and she sits in the chair. He keeps stroking faster and faster, pre-cum dripping from the head of his cock. She reaches for the lever and leans the chair back to a shaving position. She is nearly lying flat and spreading her legs for him. ?Come fuck me now!? she orders. He slides his cock into her dripping cunt and starts to fuck her forcefully. His cock so ready to cum he asks, ?May I cum for you??

She answers, ?You may cum on me, Marine.? She slides her finger up her belly to her tits tracing her hardened nipple, then up her neck to her bottom lip. ?Cum all over here,? she orders. He slides his cock from her and gives it another tug. Damn, that was the order he has been waiting for! ?Yes MA?AM!? he half shouts and groans as his cock shoots cum all over her body. Dots of cum spray all over her neck, tits and stomach, as his eyes nearly roll back in his head and he grunts even louder. He fingers her cunt hard wiggling his fingers upward hitting her spot and she quickly orgasms just for him.

He takes another towel from the warmer and cleans her cum dotted body. He cleans his cock as she rises in the chair. ?Whew,? he breathes loudly, ?now that was a good haircut!? She giggles and walks over to his clothes and hands them to him piece by piece. She enjoys watching him dress in that uniform. He buttons the last button of his blouse and picks up his cover that lay on the chair. His eyes meet hers and they kiss and embrace once more. She whispers, ?Are you satisfied with your haircut?? He chuckles and says, ?Best haircut I?ve ever had!? Good she thinks to herself, very good! She turns the lock and opens the shop door. ?Get going Marine, or you?ll be late for the ball.? He kisses her one last time and walks to his car. She closes and locks the shop door, a smile on her face as she says quietly, ?Who?s next???

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