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Matt and I had been married for about 3 years. We had a great marriage and a great sex life. Little did I know, Matt had a hair fetish. One day, I was cleaning our bedroom and came across a box under the bed. I opened it and found five video tapes.

I popped the first tape in and watched as a girl with long black hair was shaved bald. The next one showed twins undergoing the shaving process. I was horrified at first but then got really turned on. I put the tapes away and came up with a great idea of what to give Matt for his birthday.

The morning of Matt?s birthday, we woke up and made love and I told him I had a great birthday present in store for him. He wanted me to tell him but I told him the surprise would be better. We showered together and I asked him to wash my shoulder length blond hair. After we got out of the shower, I told him that we needed to get dressed if we were going to make our 10:00 appointment. Matt asked what the appointment was for but I just smiled and told him it was part of the surprise.

We got in the car and drove to one of the rougher sections of town. Matt asked what we were doing here and I told him to wait and see. I took Matt?s hand and we walked into a barber shop. Behind the chair was a tall, big man dressed in leather ? his own head shaven clean. The man was just finishing shaving a young guy, dressed in leathers, head. When the guy had paid and left, the barber looked at me and said ?Ready??. I replied that I was and he went into a room and pulled out a video camera on a tripod. As Matt watched in astonishment, I climbed up in the barber chair. The man wrapped the cap around my neck, oiled his clippers, attached the ?? guard and ran it down the middle of my head. Long blond strands started floating down as he proceeded to continue to run the clippers from front to back. I could see Matt was getting more and more excited. Next he did my sides and then finally the crown and back. I was left with short blond fuzz covering my head. Matt walked up to me and I gave him a lock of hair that had been shorn and said ?Happy Birthday Baby?. We paid the barber who gave us the tape and walked out into the street. Matt couldn?t take his hands off my head. He said ?How did you know?? I told him about finding the tapes.

When we got home, he picked me up against the wall and proceeded to give me the best fuck of my life. After he was finished, I informed him that there was still more to come. I took his hand and we walked into the kitchen. There was a chair with a set of towels, two razors and a can of shaving cr?me on it. When he looked at me, I told him I wanted him to finish. At first he looked scared but I told him it was going to be just like on the video. He took a towel and wet it with hot water and wrapped it around my head. After about five minutes, he took it off and carefully covered my head with shaving cream. He then began to pull the razor over my scalp imitating what the barber had done. Little bits of foam and fuzz covered my naked body. At last he picked me up and pulled me into the shower and rinsed me off. He couldn?t stop touching my now smooth, completely bald head. ?Babe, I have always dreamed about how sexy you would look bald but this is beyond my wildest dreams. Thanks for the best birthday present I ever got?

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