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We had just come home from shopping and going to dinner. On the way home, we stopped and bought two bottles of wine. One bottle of dry and one bottle of sweet. I liked the sweet and Mandy liked them both! We went to Mandy’s house to unload all her packages and just relax and listen to some music. Mandy and I are good friends. We dated when we didn’t have dates of our own. This night was going to change everything.

Mandy had just put the 8 track into the stereo and turned the volume up. She walked past me on the living room couch and asked if I wanted some wine. Sure, and she brought me a glass and the bottle. She went and poured herself a glass and brought her bottle into the living room and sat down beside me on the couch. We both had several glasses of wine when Mandy got up and spread a blanket on the bean bag chair on the floor and went and closed the drapes. I guess I was too zoned out to realize what she was doing, but she asked me to lay on the bean bag and then she lay down beside me. We started kissing and fondling each other and she ran her fingers through my hair and stopped. She looked at me and said that my hair was too long and she wanted to cut it for me.

Goodness, I did not know what to say. She told me to come with her to the bathroom and bring a kitchen stool. I said that if she was going to cut my hair, I got to cut hers also. Mandy said that would be ok with her. Mandy already had sort of short dirty blonde hair that just touched the top of her shoulders. My hair was that 70’s style that covered my ears and was long in the back. Little did I know what she was up to. While I was getting the stool, she had taken the wine to the bathroom and was pouring us both another glass. She took a big swallow and told me to sit down. She went to the linen closet and took out a small box. In the box was a small pair of haircutting scissors, a comb, and clippers with assorted guards.

I sat down and she wrapped a towel around my shoulders, then she said for me to take off my shirt so I didn’t get it hairy. I did not stop with my shirt, I also removed my shorts and was left with my boxers. She giggled and made a comment about my physique and I sat down. She then wrapped the towel around my shoulders. I said wait, and being daring and somewhat tipsy, removed my boxers. ( I did not want to wear them home all hairy) Mandy gasped that I was so bold. She had another sip of wine and said if you don’t care, neither do I. So Mandy disrobed also. As she was standing in front of me with scissors and comb in hand, I noticed that she had shaved her pubic hair. I asked when did she do this and she said last week. She also said it was getting too bristly and she needed to shave again. I volunteered to do this. She said I could do it after she was finished with my hair

She walked around behind me and gently pushed my head forward. She combed the back of my hair and lifted my hair with comb and then cut. I saw about 4 inches of my hair hit the floor. I asked what was she doing? She told me she was removing the bulk of the hair so she could use the clippers. I said what. She repeated what she had said. It was too late and she kept on cutting. When I looked into the mirror, most of the hair was gone on the side. I think I heard her say, what the heck, and picked up the clippers. She put on the 1/2" guard and clicked them on. I had just finished taking another drink of wine and sat back. She ran the clippers up the back of my head and she continued to do for several passes. She then used her left hand to hold up my bangs and with her right, ran the clippers over the top of my head. She did this several times and then started on the sides. She stopped and changed guards to finish the sides. After this she was done. She brushed the hair from my shoulders and I stood up. I was rock hard and she told me not yet.

To my surprise, she sat down and told me she wanted me to shave her head. I asked if she wanted a cut like mine and she told me to start with the longest guard and she would tell me when it was short enough. So, I placed the 1/2" guard on the clippers and ask if she was ready. I clicked them on and I saw the goose bumps on her arms and her large brown nipples became stiff. I started at the hairline on her neck and pushed then upwards. I noticed that Mandy was enjoying this almost purring like a kitten. When I was all done with the cut, she looked in the mirror and said, shorter. I placed the 1/4" guard on the clippers and turned them on. I started in the front this time and ran the clippers over the top of her head to the nape. There was hair all over! When I finished she again looked in the mirror and said shorter. I had the 1/8" guard in my hand when she said just to shave her with no guard to save time! I removed the guard a flicked the clippers on. I shaved her head nearly bald with no attachment. How I ever kept from cumming all over her, I will never know. There was still a lot of action to go. I asked her if she was brave enough to let me shave her bald. She told me I could shave her if she could shave me. I asked her where the shaving cream and razors were? She told me and I fetched them. I must say she was beautiful with her fuzz on her head, but she was going to be more beautiful with no hair!! I picked up the clippers and turned them on again and buzzed her head again to get all the hair to one length. I soaked a wash cloth in warm water and wiped her head. I then put a thin coat of shaving cream on her head and began to shave. I started in the front where she could watch and feel the coolness of the air on her hairless scalp. Once I was done, I ran my hand over her head to find any rough spots. I re-lathered her head and carefully shaved her head again. I finished and wiped the excess cream off her head. She was gorgeous!! She told me that while I was shaving her head, she had three orgasms and could not wait to shave my head.

She got off the stool. I must say that there was a puddle of her womanhood on the seat. I sat down and she picked up the clippers and turned them on. By now, I was mellow enough from the wine, that the vibration of the clippers on my head felt great. Mandy ran the clippers with no guard on them down the middle of my head leaving just stubble in its wake. Several more passed over the top and she started on the sides and the the back. I didn’t know what to say when I looked in the mirror. She also used a wet wash cloth to wet my head. Mandy applied a coating of shaving cream over my head and began to shave. This was the greatest feeling ever. But, I was bald, but so was Mandy and she was beautiful!

When we were finished with the top, Mandy reminded me ( if I needed reminded) that I promised to shave her pubic stubble. Fine, I said, where do you want to go, I asked? She told me that she would be in the living room on the bean bag. I gathered a new razor, warm washcloth, shaving cream and a towel. I had her raise her hips so I could put the towel under so we did not get the chair wet. I then had her spread her legs so I could get started. I must say, this was great. I placed the washcloth on her pubic hair for several minutes to get them soft. During this time, we kissed the most passionate kiss I have ever felt. I rubbed her head with my hand and massaged her firm breasts. I removed the cloth from her pubis and applied the shaving cream. I then removed the stubble from here in several minutes. She was smooth again! She went to the bathroom and came back with the scissors and comb. She told me I needed a trim and proceeded to comb out my pubic hair. She used the scissors and cut at the skin level so I was almost bald also. She cut around the base of my penis and then around the scrotum. Man I must of had blue balls by now! What came next surprised me, she lathered up my scrotum and shaved my balls. She said she didn’t like to get hair in her mouth.

We were done! We both were bald on top. Mandy was bald on the bottom and I had bald balls. We cleaned all the stuff up and then returned to the bean bag where we had to greatest sex I have ever had. She was so wet and I was so hard, we exploded together in the longest and most intense orgasm we have ever had.

She was tired and quite drunk and I put her to bed. I rubbed her head and nibbled on her nipples while fingering her vagina. She had another orgasm and told me I had better get home. The next morning she called me and asked me what in the heck did I do to her hair? I said the same thing you did to mine!! She laughed and hung up the phone. Several minutes later Mandy called back and asked me if I would keep her shaved for a couple of months? I said sure and about every two to three days, Mandy would come to my house and we would shave each other. Man do I still love this lady!!

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