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Charlie’s heart was racing as he pulled into the driveway of the lodge. " God, I cannot believe I am really doing this" he thought to himself as he grabbed his bag and locked the car. "What if she is not here or worse yet, what if it is some big ugly guy with a beard? Naa, I am being crazy. Of course she will be here. After all of our talks I am sure that she wants this as much as I do. Ok, lets see now, Cabin 45 must be up this way. 43,44, ah there it is *45*!!"  His heart began to race again as he stood in front of the door trying to work up the courage to knock. Suddenly the door opened.

"Charlie?" she said as she flashed a beautiful smile. His eyes widened as he got his first look at her. She was everything he had hoped for and more. She looked even better then he had imagined from the description she had given him. " I prefer King Charles if you don’t mind" he said flashing a devilish grin." Sorry your majesty" she said, bowing gracefully from the waist. "Won’t you please come in" she said as they both stood there grinning at each other.

"I saw you in the parking lot from the window and I was hoping that it was you" she said as she closed the door. "Were you not going to answer if you did not like what you saw," he asked with the same devilish grin.  " hey! was that the impression that you got of me after all of our conversations? I think you know me a little better then that by now. I am just glad it was you, that’s all."  "That’s good to hear," he said as he took off his coat and set down his bag.

"Can I get you something to drink?" she asked.

Reaching into his bag he pulled out the first of many prizes that he had brought for her. " I hope you like merlot," he said as he pulled out the bottle. Again she smiled as she took the bottle and leaned in and gave him a small kiss and thanked him for the wine.

Time seemed to stand still as they looked into each others eyes after she kissed him. He reached up and slid the  fingers of his left hand into the hair of her nape and pulled her closer to him. Again their lips met, only this time it was  much more than just a peck. The kiss seemed to last forever as they hungrily tried to devour each other, not wanting the moment to end. "Oh my" she said as their lips parted, " nice to meet you" she said with a grin. " I am sorry for being so forward" he said, "but I have been waiting so long to do that that I kind of lost control of myself for a moment there". " I think I kind of lost control myself too," she said as she walked over to the couch and sat down.

After opening the wine he quickly joined her and they spent the next hour or so getting to know each other better both mentally and physically. He loved the way her hands felt as she ran them through his hair, wondering what she was thinking and what she may have in store for him. They had both been very reluctant to let each other know what they had in mind for each other when they met, only hinting here and there by describing their likes and dislikes.

"So come on, tell me what else you have in that bag of tricks of yours," she said as she reached for it. "Not so fast," he laughed, snatching it away from her reach. "All good things come to those who wait!"

Feeling somewhat giddy, perhaps from the wine or maybe just from the excitement of their meeting, Ann jumped up and playfully tried to grab the bag. Charlie quickly picked it up and began to run with Ann in close pursuit right behind him. "Now I have you," she said as she backed Charlie into a corner. Dropping the bag Charlie reached out and pulled Ann close again. Their lips meeting and parting, their hands exploring each others bodies. "Mmmmmm, this is so wonderful," he said as he looked into her eyes, "but I have a better idea. What say you give me a couple of minutes alone in the bedroom to prepare things and I will call you when I am ready."  "What do you have in mind," Ann asked with a grin. "C’mon, tell me."  "All I am going to tell you is that we promised to trust each other completely. Correct?"  "Yes" she said. "Ok then," he said, "give me a couple of minutes and I promise you will be glad that you did". " Ok, she said, but don’t keep me waiting to long. The suspense is killing me."

Charlie rushed of to the bedroom to prepare things and Ann returned to the couch and sat down. She could not believe how excited she felt and even a little nervous. "What does he have in mind," she thought as she tried to squeeze a few more drops out of the bottle. "Whatever it is, I am going to trust him completely. We made that vow to each other and I know he was not lying."

"All set!!" Charlie yelled from the bedroom. Ann’s heart began to race as she got up from the couch and headed for the bedroom not knowing what was in store for her. The room was dimly lit with candles as she walked in and she could smell a wonderful fragrance. "What’s that smell?" she asked. " Vanilla incense" he said. "I knew you liked vanilla from your letters so I picked some up." "God, this is wonderful, so erotic and exciting" she said as she tried to see her way around the room. "Ok, come here my love" he said as he started to walk towards her. She walked to him as if in slow motion. She could feel the excitement building in her as they got closer. Walking behind her she felt his left hand on her chin and his right hand slowly working its way around her waist, pulling her closer to him. She could
feel his hardness as his lips began to explore her nape, his nose rooting around in her hair, drinking in the fragrance of her shampoo.

His right hand slowly worked it way up to her breasts. She let out a subtle moan as his fingers found her nipple and gently squeezed it. She went to turn around to face him but he said "Uh uh uh, I am in control here. From now on you do not do anything unless I tell you to, ok?"  "Yes, Your Majesty," she said, letting him know it was ok by the look on her face. "Do with me as you wish."

With that, he began to unbutton her dress, letting it fall to the floor. He ran his hand up through her hair at the back of her head. He could tell that she was enjoying it by the way she pushed her head into it every time that he did. Again his hands began to explore her, walking around her, eyeing his prize.   

Walking behind her again, Charlie’s hands gently come to rest on her shoulders. She could feel their roughness as they slowly began to slide down and unhook her bra. Hooking his thumbs under the straps he slid them down her arms, letting the bra fall to the floor. She instinctively brought her hands up to cover her breasts.  "Uh uh uh," he whispered roughly, "I thought I made it quite clear that you were only allowed to do what I told you to do." 

With that Charlie grabbed her wrists and drew her arms behind her back. She could feel the warmth of his breath on her neck as he began to tie her wrists with some sort of silken fabric. "Not too tight, I hope?" Charlie said as he again began to run his fingers through her hair. "Not at all," said Ann in a tone that clearly stated that sh
e was enjoying every minute of this.

"You were not lying when you told me you had beautiful hair" Charlie said as he continued to run his fingers through it. "It is so soft and so silky, a prize definitely worthy of a king". His fingers suddenly locked into her hair at the crown of her head and Charlie slowly pulled her head back.  Walking to her side, he brought her mouth to meet his. Their lips parted and dancing tongues began to explore each others mouths.

With his left hand still grasping her hair his right hand once again found its way to her breast and gently cupped it. Ann’s nipples hardened under his touch and he began to pinch them. She could feel herself begin to moisten as Charlie continued to kiss her and familiarize himself with the curves of her upper body.

Slowly pulling away Charlie began to walk behind her again. "Now don’t turn around, do you understand me?"  "Yes Charlie , I will do anything you ask me to" said Ann as she continued to feel the fires of passion growing in her. She wanted him to take her in every way, right now, but dared not ask for fear of breaking the spell that he had her under.

Now more than ever she wanted to see this through to the end. She was not sure at first that she could go through with this. Letting a person that she never met before put her in such a helpless position, knowing that his ultimate fantasy has always been to separate a woman from her locks and the fact that she had always wanted to be forcefully sheared only fueled the fire and increased her resolve to see this through to the end, hoping that Charlie meant what he said when he promised her that she could trust him but at the same time hoping that she could not.

From behind her, Ann heard a familiar sound, the sound of zipper being pulled down and some clothing hitting the floor. Charlie let out a small moan as he lifted his hard, 8" penis from his BVD’s and slipped them off too. "Now lets see, what do we have here" said Charlie as he opened his bag.

Curiosity getting the best of her, Ann turned her head to see what sort of surprise Charlie was pulling out of the bag. She could tell by the look on Charlie’s face that she had made a mistake. "Tsk tsk tsk, I told you not to turn around," said Charlie as he walked over and sat on the edge of the bed. "That’s going to cost you I am afraid".  Pointing to the floor in front of him he motioned for Ann to come and stand before him. "Come here Ann" he said with a stern look on his face. "Now what were you thinking when you disobeyed me like that"?

"I am sorry" Ann said with a look of sudden concern on her face. "I was just so anxious to see what you had in store for me that I forgot what I was doing…please forgive me, It won’t happen again…I promise". 

"Well, I am just going to have to make sure that you do not forget again," Charlie said as he reached up and placed his hands on her shoulders and began to force her down to her knees. "Kneel down before me Ann, on your knees…NOW!!"

Ann slowly dropped down onto her knees, all the while keeping eye contact with Charlie. A slight grin formed on Charlie’s lips as he said "Open your mouth Ann" and began to guide her head towards his rock hard cock. She closed her eyes as the head of Charlie’s cock parted her lips even wider. "Mmmmm, thats so nice," said Charlie as Ann took him fully into her mouth.

Pulling his cock from her mouth, Ann saw the first drop of pre cum glistening on its tip and leaned down to lick it off. The sight of Ann’s beautiful hair glowing in the candle light caused Charlie’s cock to grow even harder. She could feel his weight shift as he leaned over and pulled his bag closer to him. The wild thoughts running through her head as she tried to imagine what he was up to caused the fire in Ann’s pussy to reach a height she had never experienced before.

She had never wanted to touch herself as badly as she did at this moment. Never before has she been denied the opportunity to explore herself and this only heightened her desire.

Running his rough hands through Ann’s hair, Charlie continued to feign dominance over her, knowing that her first indication of fear or resistance, he would stop. "Now Ann, I want you to take my cock as deeply into your mouth as you can and do not take it out, do you understand?" Mmm Hmm", she said sliding Charlie’s cock so deep into her throat that she almost gagged.

Charlie started playing with her hair, gently running his fingers through it, occasionally lifting a lock between his fingers and admiring it. "Ok Ann, now, keep your eyes closed and give me the best blow job that I ever had."

Ann took to her task with renewed vigor. Hungrily drawing Charlie’s cock into her mouth and letting it slide almost completely out again and again. "God! I wish I could use my hands" Ann thought as she rolled her tongue around the head of Charlie’s cock. Charlie reached down and took Ann’s head in his hands, gently letting her hair slide through his fingers as he guided the motion of her head. " Mmmmmm, Yes" Charlie moaned as he began to gently thrust his hips in sync with Ann’s sucking, "This is so good, I want to cum in your mouth so bad right now. Would you like that Ann?"

Charlie he grabbed a handful of Ann’s hair and pulled her head back slightly so he could see her eyes. " Mmmm hmmm" Ann hummed, knowing better then to let his cock fall from her mouth. "I bet you would," said Charlie seductively as he again ran his fingers through her hair. "Now Ann, I want you to close your eyes and do not open them until I tell you.  Do you understand?" "Mmmm hmmm" she replied as she continued to suck his cock.

She felt the fingers of Charlie’s right hand slip out of her hair, his left hand still caressing her scalp, gently tugging and twisting strands of her hair sending the most wonderful, unexpected feelings of pleasure to shoot straight from her head down to her all ready throbbing clit. Feeling more excited then she thought humanly possible, Ann began to suck Charlie’s cock with a renewed passion. She felt Charlie’s left hand slide around to the back of her head and he pulled her closer to him, forcing his cock deeper into her throat.

"Now," said Charlie as he grabbed a generous portion of the hair at the crown of her head. "Don’t move!"  She felt him tug harder on her hair and could then feel another source of pressure being applied. She could feel the sensation a millisecond second before she could hear the scissors as they closed on the section of hair that Charlie had selected as his first prize. ***Schnick!!!*** 

She could tell by the sudden release of pressure that Charlie had cut her hair. How short she had no idea. One part of her wanted to cry out * STOP ! *  but another part of her, the one she knew that she would listen to, was screaming "Yes, Yes, please cut more, cut it all off!"  Charlie grabbed another handful of her hair and Ann nervously waited for the scissors to do their work, but instead Charlie pulled her head back and said "Open your eyes now Ann."

She opened her eyes and looked up at Charlie who was sitting there holding the prize he had claimed right in front of her so that she could see it. A slight feeling or relief came over her as she saw that he had only cut off around 2" of her hair. It was still a lot ,considering that her hair was all ready short, but at l
east her hair would still be salvageable.

"Well Ann, now that you know what your punishment will be, do you think you will be better able to follow my instructions in the future," said Charlie as he looked down at Ann, his gentle smile conflicting with his tough attitude. "Oh yes, yes Charlie, I will do anything you ask. Anything." Charlie’s throbbing cock fell from her lips as she spoke.

A cross look formed on Charlie’s face just as she realized that he never told her she could part company with his cock. Her mind was whirling as she tried to figure out how she could have made such a mistake so quickly after being punished for her first transgression.

"Please Charlie, please. I will not do it again" she said as she tried to take him back into her mouth again. "Sorry Ann," Charlie said as he pushed her head away and stood up. "I can see that you still need further encouragement to follow my orders. Get up here now and lay on the bed."

As she rose up and approached the bed she leaned over and tried to catch a glimpse of what else was in the bag. * WHACK !! * She felt the sting of Charlie’s rough hand come into contact with the left cheek of her ass. A feeling of warmth started to spread across it and somehow this feeling too found its way to her clit.

"Don’t you be concerned with that bag," he said as he pulled it away. "You will find out in due time. Now get up there and lay down."

She wanted to speak but did not dare at this point. She wanted to ask him to untie her hands so that she could use them to please him. She wanted to beg him to fuck her, right now. She wanted his cock back in her mouth, knowing that with the use of her hands she could give him the most intense blow job that he had ever had. She wanted to let him know how much she wanted to feel his face buried between her thighs.

She wanted to describe the intense feelings that she experienced as she felt her hair being cut, knowing that by doing this he may be inspired to cut even more.  No longer hiding from herself that this very thing is what she truly wanted.

Turning to sit on the edge of the bed , Charlie placed his hands on her shoulders and guided her down. Taking a hold of her ankles, he lifted her legs up onto the bed.

"You have no idea how beautiful you look lying there, Ann," Charlie said as he began to caress her breasts. Cupping her left breast in his left hand and grabbing a handful of hair with his right, he pulled her head back, bringing his lips to hers. Her lips parted to receive his tongue and his left hand found its way to her crotch.

Slipping under the waistband of her panties his fingers slid through her pussy hair and his middle finger immediately found her clit. "Mmmmm, Mmmmm," Ann moaned as Charlie gently massaged her. His tongue darted deeper into her mouth as he picked up the tempo of his rubbing.  Ann could feel waves of passion coursing through her as Charlie brought her closer and closer to what she knew would be an explosive orgasm.

Just as she was about to explode Charlie suddenly stopped and stood up. "Whoa! What am I thinking? Boy, you looked so good lying there that I almost forgot about your punishment. Mmmm, lets see now," Charlie said as he reached over and pulled the bag closer. "What have we got here? Ah, yes, I have just the thing!"

Ann’s eyes sprung open wide as she immediately recognized the object Charlie pulled out of the bag. A feeling of fear mixed with electric pulses of desire shot through Ann’s body as Charlie came closer with the object that she had dreamt of for so long but dared not posses for fear of using it.

Seeing the combined look of fear and longing on Ann’s face as he unwrapped the cord of the electric trimmer he had just pulled from the bag Charlie said "Ah yes, this should do just fine."  Ann opened her mouth as if to speak but Charlie quickly brought his finger to his lips.  "Shhhhh! You’re already in enough trouble, don’t you think? Maybe I should see if I don’t have something else in that bag that may help you stay out of further trouble."

Setting the trimmer down on Ann’s chest right under her chin, Charlie again opened the bag and started rummaging around inside. "Ah, this should help," he said as he pulled out a red ball gag and set it on Ann’s stomach. Again he looked in the bag and then pulled out a black leather blindfold. "Oh and definitely these."

Leaning over Ann Charlie placed the blindfold across her eyes. "Ok Ann, lift your head up."  "If he only knew how long I have wanted this to happen." Ann thought as she lifted her head. "I have to tell him  before he uses that gag. What if for some reason we never see each other again? I know I will never feel this way again. Its only hair. It will grow back. Make him punish you in the way you have always wanted. Keep breaking the rules until he shaves you bald! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT NOW!"

As Charlie was lowering her head back down the thought suddenly came to her of how would she ever explain to everyone why she was bald, what would they say at work, what would her friends think, how would she feel afterwards. At that moment Charlie leaned down and looked deep into Ann’s eyes.  "And now my pet, one more kiss before I seal away that wondrous tongue of yours." 

Charlie ran his fingers through the hair on the top of Ann’s head as their lips met and quickly parted, their  tongues finding each others and engaging in a slow sensuous dance one moment in his mouth and the next in hers.

Her mind continued to race. "That’s it, I am telling him! The hell with everyone else! I want to feel his scissors slicing through my hair! I know it is what he wants. And it is what I want too.  I am his, heart and soul now, let him do with me as he wishes."

Just as she opened her mouth to speak Charlie inserted the ball gag. "Mmmmph, Mmmmmph," Ann tried to speak but the gag was already doing its job. "Mmm, very good," said Charlie as he fastened the gag behind her neck. "That gag does a fine job."

She heard the sound of the cord hitting the floor as Charlie looked for an outlet to plug the trimmer into. * Click * bzzzzzzzz * Click* " excellent " said Charlie as he tested the trimmer. He then reached down  and slipped his fingers into the waistband of Ann’s panties and began to slip them down. Ann felt completely exposed as her untrimmed bush came into view.

As he slipped the panties off of Ann’s feet he said, "Well well well, I see you are one of those girls that likes to keep her pussy covered huh?" Charlie began to run his fingers through the hair on Ann’s pussy, letting his thumb find her clit on each pass. "I have decided Ann," Charlie said as he began to tie her feet to the bedposts, "that your punishment is going to be losing the hair on your pussy. I hope you do not find that to be to harsh of a punishment…do you? 

"Mmm Mmm". Ann moaned as best she could through the gag. " Good" Charlie said as he picked up the trimmer and turned it on. * Click* Bzzzzzzzz !

The fire in Ann’s pussy grew in anticipation of his touch, any touch at this point, even that of the trimmer. She felt his weight on the bed as he positioned himself between her legs. He again ran his fingers through her pussy hair. "What a beautiful full bush you have," Charlie said as his thumb again found her clit. &
amp;quot;What a shame you are going to lose it. Oh well, here goes."

Ann’s whole body convulsed as she exploded into the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced  as Charlie held the base of the trimmer against her clit. "Hmmmm, I think you are going to like this" said  Charlie, gliding the trimmer through Ann’s pussy hair from her clit up towards her navel.

Her skin tingled in each bald path that the trimmer left in her hair. She could feel the coolness of the air and then the warmth of Charlie’s breath as he blew away the stray clippings.

Bzzzzzz, Bzzzzzzz, Charlie continued shearing her pussy with an expert touch, never once nicking her or pulling a stray hair. Ann would lift her hips with each pass of the trimmer and each time she did Charlie would somehow find a way to brush a finger against Ann’s clit. Shifting his position on the bed Charlie placed his left hand on the top of Ann’s freshly shaven pussy.  Feeling the roughness of his hand and the feeling of the stubble left by the trimmer brought Ann even closer to another explosive orgasm. His thumb again found her throbbing clit as he began to trim the hair between Ann’s thighs.

"Hold still" he said as he began to trim around Ann’s lips. Working ever so slowly and carefully Charlie continued working until Ann’s pussy was completely clipped.

"There" he said as he reached over and pulled his bag closer, "Don’t you look cute!!" Charlie reached into the bag and pulled out a dusting brush and began to use it to swish away all the clipped hairs on Ann’s pussy. The feeling of the silky hairs of the brush sliding across her shaved pussy could only be described as one of the most wonderful feelings she had ever felt. She tried to spread her legs even wider and thrust her hips up to met each swipe of the brush as it glided across her pussy lips.

"Mmmmm Mmmmm" Ann’s muffled moans sounded through the gag. Each pass of the brush brought her closer and closer to an orgasm. "God yes! oh yes, more, more " Ann mumbled through the gag but all Charlie could hear was Mmmmph, Mmmmph.

"Oh, you want me to stop I guess, ok, I’m not done yet anyway. "No, No," Ann cried as she was just about to explode," please, more, more"! Charlie could tell she wanted him to continue but again pretended that she wanted him to stop.

"Relax." he said. "I stopped. Take a rest while I go and get something." She felt Charlie hop down off the bed and walk away. From a distance she could hear running water and it was then that she realized what he was going to do next.

Ann could feel her desire building as she heard Charlie’s footsteps approaching. "Here I am, my pet" Charlie said as he entered the room. Charlie pulled a chair close to the side of the bed and set the bowl of warm water on it. Charlie’s erection grew as he gazed down on Ann and her freshly clipped pussy. As he reached over and ran his fingers through her hair he asked "How are you doing there?"  "Mmmmmph , grbll ,mphh" was all he could hear. "Well, I think you have learned your lesson. Would you like me to remove the gag now," he said as he continued playing with her hair. "Mmm Hmm" she said as she shook her head in the affirmative.

Charlie reached behind her head and undid the strap holding the gag in place. "Ah, that’s better," he said. " I really missed those lips of yours". Charlie ran his hand down and again found Ann’s moist pussy as he leaned over and brought his lips to hers.

Charlie’s rough hand rubbing against the stubble on her pussy felt so foreign and erotic that she felt herself quickly heading towards another orgasm. She thrust her hips up to meet each stroke of his hand as his  tongue again found its way back to resume its dance with hers. He thrust his finger deeper and deeper into her as he began to kiss her cheek, her chin, her neck, gently biting and nibbling on her ear. His nose burrows into her hair and she can hear him deeply breathing in the fragrance of her shampoo.

"Mmmm you smell good," he said as he continued to breath her in. Charlie began to softly smooth her long bangs and the rest of her hair back off of her forehead. Ann thrust her hips up even harder as he caressed her head.

Her hair look radiant as he lifted a section up between his fingers. The thought ran through his mind of how wonderful it would be to just take the scissors and begin to shear it all off, one slow wonderful snip at a time.

Ann could tell what he was thinking. It was as if both of their minds were one. She wanted to feel him lift up a section of her hair and slide the scissors into it. She could almost feel the sensation of the scissors as they first start to close on her hair, almost hear the sound they would make as they sliced through her locks like they were butter. She wanted to scream out…please!!! Cut my hair !!!  Do it now !!! Cut it all off !!! But again the thoughts of the morning after kept her lips sealed.

Charlie could see how she was reacting to his touch and decided it was time to get back to his plan.

"Well, well, well" Charlie said,  "looks like you have distracted me again. Now where was I? Ah yes". Charlie began to rub his hand across the stubble on Ann’s pussy. "Mmmm, this feels awfully rough, I think I better see if I can do something about this." Charlie reached over and grabbed his little bag of surprises. She could hear the sound of Charlie rummaging around inside the bag and pulling things out. She could hear water splashing and then a sound somewhat like someone stirring a cup of tea or coffee.

Charlie worked the shaving brush around and around in the shaving mug until he worked up a thick warm lather. Scooping up a large dollop of lather with the brush Charlie leaned over and began to apply it to Ann’s pussy working it in softly with the brush. Ann’s hips began to wiggle and thrust as he continued to work the warm lather around, all over the top, then a little firmer on her clit, and then down between her thighs. Back and forth went the brush as he made sure he had her completely covered. The sensation of the brush combined with the warm lather had her ready to climb the walls. She wanted him inside her so badly at this moment that she did not think she was going to be able to resist screaming out to him " Charlie please, please, fuck me now !"

Charlie stopped at the very moment that she had this thought and it was then that she realized how good he was at reading her. He new exactly what he was doing. Playing her body and her emotions as if they were instruments that he had been playing all of his life. She had not felt this alive in years, how could he know her so well so quickly. She knew at this point that she would let him do anything he wanted to her, tomorrow be damned. 

"Now, where’s that razor"? Charlie said as he placed the shaving brush back into the cup and set them both down on the chair.  Ann began to wave her hand around as best she could to catch Charlie’s attention. "Yes Ann, is there something you want to say"? Charlie said as he reached for the razor. " Yes, please" she said ." May I make one request"?" Sure my love, anything for you" He said as he stroked her hair. " Well" she said, I would really love it if you would let me watch you as you shave me". " Are you sure you want to watch"? he said." It could be a little scary you see, I have never done this bef
ore". " If it gets to scary I just won’t look down" she said with a slight grin on her lips.

Her smile did not go unnoticed and Charlie found himself being even more drawn to her. He still could not believe how strong and deep his feelings for her had become. This meeting was something that Charlie had looked forward to with the same type of longing and anticipation that he would experience every spring as he waited for the ice to melt so that he could once again find his way into the arms of his other passion the sea. As he gazed down at her he hoped that he would never have to make a choice between the two, although in the back of his mind he already knew what the choice would be.

Leaning close Charlie reached down and began to slide the blindfold up and off of her head. As she opened her eyes she found herself gazing directly into his. She could see the ocean in the deep blue of his eyes, feel herself being drawn in as if caught by an undertow, knowing that she was helpless to prevent herself from being drawn further into this relationship than she had ever imagined she would be.

He did not know how but somehow Charlie could feel the passion that was raging in her. See it burning as he looked into her eyes. He too could feel himself being consumed by the very fire that he had somehow kindled. "I never should have taken that blindfold off," Charlie said as he brought his lips to hers.  "Mmm hmm" Ann moaned as her lips parted to free her tongue which had to this point been far to dormant.

She was not used to being in such a submissive role. Not that it was not something she had not thought about before, it was just that she was so used to always being in control that she never felt really ready to give up the reins to someone else. That was until now.  

"God I wish my hands were free" Ann thought as she gazed at his fully erect cock. It was a beautiful cock she thought. It stood out proud and was neatly groomed. He never told her that he kept himself clipped before and she found it to be a pleasant surprise. It was at least 8" long and perfectly shaped and thick. The tip of his cock glistened in anticipation of his next move as he climbed up onto the bed straddling her chest. He reached down and slipped his hand behind her head, lifting her head up so that he could bring his cock closer to her lips.

Ann seductively moistened her lips with her tongue as she opened her mouth to accept his offering. Her lips felt like velvet as his cock glided across them. She quickly rolled her tongue around the head and hungrily licked off every trace of his pre cum. He shifted slightly so that he could slide further into her mouth. It was an awkward position, to say the least, she could have done so much better had their positions been reversed, but she was not about to do or say anything that might cause Charlie to bring this most desired moment to an end.

Charlie leaned over and rested his hands on the headboard as he began to gently thrust his hips causing his cock to slide in and out of her mouth. He would let out a slight moan every time her lips passed over the head of his cock. She opened her eyes and looked up at him. His skin already glistening, his eyes were closed and a look of sheer pleasure was on his face. She felt Charlie shudder as she gently bit down on his cock right behind the head, felt it grow even harder as she slid her tongue along the length of its underside each time it began to slide outward. She knew she could bring him off almost any time she wanted to, she had a few tricks of her own. It was nice to be in control again even if it was only briefly, and she knew that she was. She was not going to waste a moment of it.

God, I can’t believe how good this feels Charlie thought to himself as Ann continued to run her talented tongue around the head of his cock.

You could always tell when a woman enjoyed giving head and Ann was obviously quite aroused by having Charlie’s cock sliding in and out  of her mouth. Ann was letting out little moans of pleasure as Charlie looked down at her and watched her as she brought him closer and closer to what he knew would be an explosive orgasm.

Gazing down at her he could not take his eyes off of her hair. He could tell just by looking at it that Ann spared no expense when it came to maintaining its splendor. Her haircut was obviously done by a very talented stylist. Regardless of how she moved or what she did, every hair always fell perfectly into place. The color, God it was beautiful, a rich brown with just the right amount of highlights. The way it caught the dim light and reflected it was as beautiful as any sunset he had ever seen. He brought his left hand down and ran his fingers through her hair. It was so soft and glided through his fingers like the finest silk, a texture like that which you would find on a child.

Ann slowly leaned her head back in response to his fingers sliding across the top of her head. As she did the head of Charlie’s cock popped out of her mouth. Her tongue quickly darted out in an attempt to retrieve it. Charlie’s fingers locked into her hair and slowly pulled her head back down onto the bed. He rolled off to Ann’s left and took up a position beside her.

"I think you have earned this" Charlie said as he began to untie her. "Thank you" she said as she stretched out her arms and rubbed her wrists. " My pleasure" he said as he reached up and slipped the blindfold back over her eyes.

She could feel his hardness against her thigh as he snuggled close to her and her hand went right to his cock. His right hand began to trace the curves of her body and with his left hand he began to gently play with her hair. His right hand traced its  way down until his fingers brushed across her freshly clipped mons, his lips searched out her breast and his tongue flicked across the nipple which quickly became firm and erect. His finger found its way into her moist pussy, he thrust it in as far as he could and slowly withdrew it searching for the spot that he hoped would bring her to such a height of passion that she would unable to resist giving in to her desires.

" Mmmm " Ann moaned as she thrust her hips up to meet his hand. He knew he had found the spot. He slid two fingers of his left hand into Ann’s hair forming a V like a pair of scissors. He began to close and open them, gently tugging her hair on each closing. Ann could feel her passion grow as Charlie pretended to cut her hair. She would move her head around, directing Charlie’s fingers to where she wanted to feel the next imaginary snip.

Charlie withdrew his finger from her pussy, slowly sliding it across her clit as it exited. He reached down and lifted her right leg up and slid his right leg under hers. As he thrust his hips forward she felt his cock slide into her. A wave of warmth coursed through her body as he thrust deeper into her, filling her and kindling a fire that she knew, once fully ignited could only be extinguished at the expense of her hair.

With his left hand he lifted a lock of her hair and pulled it tight. He slipped two fingers of his right hand around the hair and closed them, again pretending to cut her hair. He began to thrust deeper and deeper into her, her hips writhing to meet his thrusts. Again and again he would lift a lock and pretend to cut it.

Again Ann began to move her head around so the he could find the areas she wanted to feel his imaginary shears. It felt almost real. Charlie changed the pace of his clipping now. He would lift a lock and hold it tight for a moment and then just as he thrust into her, pretend to cut it. She could feel herself ready to lose control at any moment, beg him to get the scissors and shear her for real.

Charlie paused f
or a moment and then continued with this most wonderful illusion. Faster and faster he began to thrust into her, her breathing became heavier and her breaths shorter and shorter as her passion grew. Again Charlie lifted a lock of her hair, a rather large one at the front of her head. She felt his fingers slip around her hair and held her breath waiting for the next imaginary snip. *Ssssssnip!*  God, that felt so real, she thought.

She felt the lock of hair sliding across her lips right under her nose and recognized the fragrance of her shampoo. She felt her pussy tighten as she realized that he had actually cut her hair. A tenseness filled her stomach as she realized that it was to late to stop now, she was really going to be sheared. Charlie began to trace the outline of Ann’s face with the severed lock. It felt so soft, so silky as it glided across her lips. He slowly ran the lock over her breasts and then placed it on the bed. He slowly pulled out of her, she could not believe he was stopping.

Charlie took a pillow and formed a sort of makeshift backrest for himself against the headboard. After getting comfortable he reached down and slid his hand behind Ann’s head and pulled her over until her head was resting on his stomach. Ann reached out and found his cock and slowly began to bring her head down to it.  She took his cock, still wet with her own juices, deeply into her mouth.

Charlie’s fingers began to rake their way through her hair again until he had gathered up a large section right at the crown of her head, the exact spot where he had trimmed away two inches earlier. Charlie watched, transfixed, as he slid the scissors around the lock. He held the scissors right in the middle of the length of her hair and began to close them.

It was at that moment that Ann began to nibble on Charlie’s cock, something she found out earlier would drive him wild. Mmmm,, Charlie moaned as he stared at  the scissors ready to snip of her beautiful lock of hair. He watched as if in slow motion as the scissors began to slide down her hair closer to her scalp. Lower and lower they dropped until they were a mere inch and a half from her scalp.

Ann felt the tug just before the scissors closed and then the sensation of the scissors severing the large lock of hair. *snnnnnip!* Charlie held up the severed lock and gazed at it beauty. He brought the lock down and gently slid it  across Ann’s’ cheek. He then rested it on Ann’s’ shoulder and released it and she felt it slide down across her back and onto the bed.

Charlie ran his hand over the freshly shorn area. She could feel how short he had cut it. Were her bangs this short? Was he going to cut it any shorter? Would she stop him if he tried? Could she? All these thoughts raced through her mind mingling with the passion and desire that was brewing away there making a most delightful and devilish stew.  "Be careful what you wish for" she thought as she took him deeper into her mouth and prepared to nibble on it again…if she dared ! 

Ann re-lived the sensation of the scissors shearing away the last lock as she took Charlie deeper into her mouth.  She had experienced having her long locks sheared away in the past during the two times she gave in to her urges and submitted to a professional cut that was shorter than her usual. Both times she was brought to what she thought was the height of her sexual passion but they paled in comparison to the way she felt now.

The combination of being with this man she has become so fond of, the tension she felt knowing that her hair was being shorn much shorter than she would ever have dared before, and not knowing to what degree Charlie was going to shear her, was a most unexpected and intoxicating sensation.

Placing the scissors on the bed at his side Charlie gathered the hair at the back of Ann’s’ head into a ponytail. He was amazed at its silky feel and still could not believe that he was the one that Ann chose to engage her in this dance of fate, and they both knew that this was exactly what it was, fate. It was as if they were meant to be together. From the moment they laid eyes on each other they were as comfortable as if they had been together for years.

Ann brought the head of Charlie’s cock to her lips and began to slide her tongue around its head as Charlie pick up the scissors again. She felt him pulling her ponytail tight and heard the faint sound of the scissors opening. Charlie slipped the scissors around her hair about 2" from her scalp. She could feel the change in tension as the scissors came in contact with her hair and slowly, as if in a dream, took Charlie into her mouth again. "Mmmm", Charlie moaned as she  began to slide him in and out of her mouth, tracing the shape of his cock with her tongue.

"This next cut is going to be a big one Ann", he said." There will be no turning back so I am going to  leave the decision up to you" Charlie pulled back a bit causing his cock to slip from Ann’s’ lips. "Ok, here’s what we are going to do. I want you to take me into your mouth again but no further than the head. You can suck on it, lick it, nibble it, do anything you want but just don’t let the head slip past your lips. If it does, I am going to start cutting and I will not stop until you are completely shorn to my liking, do you understand?"

 "Yes, completely" she said as she pulled him closer and brought his cock to her lips. The thought of the fate of her hair being placed in her hands brought things to an even higher level.  She began to run her tongue around the head of his cock and wondered if she could go through with this.

"God I want to cut this off" Charlie said as her pulled her hair tighter. "Mmmm", Ann moaned as she closed her lips on the tip of Charlie’s moist cock. " I want to see your hair falling at my hands, run my fingers across your freshly shorn head, witness your transformation as I trace the outlines of your scalp with my clippers" Charlie said as he pressed the scissors harder into her hair. " C’mon Ann, take me deep into your mouth, feel the scissors slicing through your hair, you know you want to, do it, do it now"!

Oh God, yes!, yes!," Ann yelled. Cut it, cut it all  off! She opened her mouth and took him deep into her throat. She felt his strong hand pull her ponytail tight and then felt the sensation of the scissors  as they began to slice into her ponytail. Harder and harder she sucked as the scissors worked there way through her ponytail, crunch after sensual crunch. Charlie grew even harder as he watched the scissors slicing through her hair.

Ann could taste the small drop of pre-cum that formed on the tip of his cock and felt his hardness grow. She knew that he was enjoying this as much as she was which added even more to the whole situation. Charlie continued cutting until her ponytail came away in his hand. He brought the ponytail down and slid it across his cock right in front of Ann’s’ lips. She could feel its silkiness and smell its fragrance as it brushed against her lips and nose. 

Charlie reached up and placed his prize on the headboard, reached down and took another handful of her hair , right behind her ear and slid the scissors into it. *Crunch, crunch, crunch,* the sound of the  scissors chopping off her hair so close to her ear was almost more than she could bare. She knew it was short, but how short? Should she feel it? Would she ask him to stop?

Before she could do anything, Charlie grabbed another handful of her hair and swiftly cut it off. Harder and harder she sucked his cock as he began to cut her hair in a frenzy. She felt her locks falling as they  brushed against
her body on their way to the bed. Yes, yes, cut it, cut it all off Charlie Ann thought as he continued to chop away at her hair. She felt him gather her bangs up and place the scissors close to
her forehead.

He paused for what seemed like an eternity. She could feel the scissors pressed against her skin as she herself paused, holding Charlie’s cock deep within her mouth. What is he waiting for? she wondered .

Charlie gazed down at Ann, knowing that if he cut this last vestige of her previous hairstyle that he would have no choice but that of giving her a total buzzcut. It is the one thing that he has always wanted to do, to watch the shape and form of a beautiful woman’s head be uncovered by his handiwork and here he was hesitating. The tension mounted as they both awaited the next move.

Always the daring one, Ann made it. She gently bit down and began to nibble on Charlie’s cock. She felt his body shudder as a wave of pleasure coursed through him. She felt him pull her bangs tighter, heard the scissors opening and felt them sliding somewhere not far above her scalp. She closed her eyes and awaited this most long for moment to finally happen.  

Charlie’s heart raced as he watched the scissors begin to slice through Ann’s’ bangs. They came away as a whole in his hand and he let them drop onto Anns’ shoulder and watched them slide away across her soft skin and disappear onto the bed.

He reached behind Anns’ head with his left hand and pulled her head closer to him. His hand fit perfectly  into that depression at the base of her skull, an area that would always send a delightful chill up her spine whenever she was caressed there. As his cock slid deeper into her mouth he lifted up a section of her hair with the scissors and snipped it off. He could clearly see her scalp in the path that the scissors
left. The contrast between her white scalp and her dark hair gave him such a rush that he quickly lifted  another section with the scissors and cut it off. The hair slid down across her face and she could tell that she was being completely shorn by the feel of the scissors working their way through her hair. She never thought it would go this far and would not have believed that she would let someone take such liberty with her hair so soon. She always felt that a complete shearing would remain as one of her favorite fantasies to be lived out sometime in the future if the timing seemed right or else it would always remain as just that, a fantasy.

Again and again Charlie slid the scissors into her hair and snipped off another lock. Ann rolled her tongue around his cock savoring its taste as the scissors continued to mow paths through her hair. Charlie ran his hand across her head feeling the freshly shorn remnants of her brown mane.

Ann always enjoyed running her hand across a mans head after he had been buzzed and would always dream of experiencing the feeling on her own head, and now that it was close to reality, rather than causing her any remorse, it kindled her desire to be shorn even more.

The passion in her grew to the point that she felt ready to scream. She reached up, ripped the blindfold from her eyes and gazed into his. As their eyes met, Charlie felt a wave of passion course through him like  nothing he had ever felt before. She looked so trusting and childlike yet at the same time every bit the passionate and erotic woman that he knew she  was. He could barely resist the urge to stop her shearing and just make love to her for what he hoped would be an eternity.

Ann pulled Charlie out of her mouth and began to massage the head of his glistening cock with her hand. " Cut it, cut it all off Charlie, don’t stop, don’t ever stop" Ann said before taking him back into her mouth. Charlie continued cutting with a renewed enthusiasm, sliding the scissors into her hair and quickly crunching out a new furrow, all the while running his free hand all over her head sending waves of pleasure roaring from her stubble directly to her shaven pussy.

Ann rolled her head from side to side so that Charlie could search out any areas that he may have missed. Again and again the scissors snipped at her hair until there was nothing left but a roughly cut sort of spiky looking pixie cut. Charlie dropped the scissors on the bed and took Ann’s’ head in his hands and pulled her lips to his. Their lips parted and their tongues resumed their familiar dance.

Ann’s hands moved to her head and for the first time she felt what was left of her hair. "God how good it felt being shorn like this " Ann thought. "I must look a mess" she whispered as Charlie began to position himself between her legs.

"You have no idea how beautiful you look right now" he said as he began to slide the head of his cock  past the lips of her shaven pussy. Little by little he worked his way into her, the head of his cock brushing against her clit as it slid in and out over and over again, resisting her attempts to pull him deep inside her. She rose to meet his every thrust and with each stroke he slid deeper and deeper inside her. Charlie began to stroke her head as he kissed her and still continued to tease her with his cock.

Ann reached up and grabbed a handful of Charlie’s hair at the back of his head. With her fingers locked in his mane like a wild stallion and her other hand digging into his lower back she pulled him to her until his full 8" were deep inside her.

What they did for the next hour could not be called love-making. It was the pure, unadulterated type of fucking that neither one of them had experienced in years not since high school and maybe even not then.

They took each other in every way possible. Explored every inch of each others bodies. It was as if they had somehow been melted down and re-cast into a single person. This is what had been missing in both of their lives. The puzzle was now complete. They had each found their missing piece.

After a quick shower Ann sat down in a chair and Charlie started combing through what was left of her hair. It did not look bad wet and Charlie assured her that he could even it up into a presentable hairstyle. Though she doubted it she leaned back and relaxed and once again let him have his way with her hair. He began cutting as if he really new what he was doing. He told her he had a talent for cutting hair and his ease with a comb and scissors causing her to believe him. He worked her head in sections, clipping and snipping away until he was satisfied with the results.

After a quick blowdry he led Ann into the bathroom to see the results. She could not believe what she was seeing. Through all of the wild  clipping and shearing that took place in the bed he had somehow left her hair long enough to fashion a very stylish and spiky looking feminine haircut. She actually loved the way she looked and began to play with it and arrange it a few different ways.

"Well well well, you do have a talent don’t you" she said as she pulled him close and kissed him. She felt him begin to grow hard again against her leg as they kissed. Faking a yawn Ann said " I don’t know about you but I feel like a little nap". With a smile Charlie started leading Ann toward the freshly made bed.

"Just a minute " she said. Let me turn out the bathroom light". Ann turned out the light and picked up the clippers she had taken out of Charlie’s bag. Holding them behind her back as she slipped into bed beside Charlie she leaned over and kissed him lightly. "Do you believe in fate Charlie" she asked as she snuggled in beside him………

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