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The wedding had been beautiful. Winnie was now John?s bride. She was a beautiful woman with long, thick strawberry blond hair that hung to her waist. It was 1890 and she was the toast of Victorian society.

John handed Winnie into the coach waiting to take them to his estate for a month long honeymoon. Once inside the coach, John pushed Winnie?s skirt up and plunged deep into her. About two hours into the journey, the coach came to a stop.

Winnie looked out and saw that they were stopped in front of a Milliner/Wig Maker?s shop. John, why have we stopped here? Winnie asked, half expecting a new hat. John turned to Winnie, kissed her and helped her out of the coach without saying a word.

Once inside, the French proprietor ushered Winnie into a room with where there was a straight backed wooden chair. The French Proprietor then took John aside and asked him if wanted to sell all of Winnie?s Hair. He replied yes. John then went back into the room where Winnie was waiting and explained that he had sold her hair and that the man was going to cut it off. ?I am your husband now, and you will be obedient to me.? As Winnie started to cry, the French man lifted the first long lock and cut it as close to the scalp as possible. Slowly, each lock was cut away until all that remained of Winnie?s long hair were random, ragged tufts on her scalp. The French man paid John and John and Winnie left the shop.

As soon as they were settled once more in the coach, John pulled the top of Winnie?s dress down to her waist and started to suckle her breasts. ?It is so wonderful not to have your hair encumbering your breasts any longer.? He then proceeded to pull Winnie?s skirts up again and plunge in to her, all the while feeling her rough, bristly scalp.

Within two hours, they were at their destination. As Winnie entered the house and John promptly arranged for her to have a hot bath. When the tub was pulled up in front of the fire, John dismissed the maid and helped Winnie get into the tub and left the room. He returned ten minutes later and proceeded to cover Winnie?s bare head with a hot towel. Before Winnie knew what he was doing, John removed the towel and covered her head with foam. Winnie then watched as John pulled out a man?s shaving razor and started to go over her head stroke by stroke, the remaindered of Winnie?s hair dropped onto her shoulders and into the bath tub. Finally John cleaned the remaining foam off of Winnies head and ran his hand over her smooth scalp.

?John, why have you done this to me?? Winnie asked.

?Because my dear, you are now my wife and I will have you obedient to me in all manners.? I will shave your head once a week to remind you of our obedience.?

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