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He looked along the platform as he waited for his train and as usual studied the hairstyles of all the women he could see. He eyed the neat chin length bob of the woman nearest him and admired the skilful way her hair had been cut. Another caught his eye a little further down the platform, this time a woman with a mane of below shoulder length softly curling hair. “Love to chop that lot off!” he thought. Then he saw a woman with the sort of haircut that he loved, a very tightly cropped nape and side hair and then the top a little longer in soft fronds. From the shortness of her hair at the nape he could tell that the hair had been recently cut and with electric clippers and he envied the hairdresser who had been done the cut. He loved the opportunity of using clippers himself but unfortunately it did not occur that often as understandably most women were very nervous about clippers being used on their hair, although of course, once they experienced the seductive feel of them they usually could not resist them.

Then he saw her.

The girl was about 20 yards away and turned away from him and he could see the full length and beauty of her hair. It streamed down her back in a silken fall to reach just past her waist, pale blonde in colour and the smooth texture made it gleam like silk. He simply had to get a closer look at this exceptionally beautiful hair and he moved down the platform until he was only a few yards behind her. He drank in the beauty of her hair as he gazed at it but also perversely imagined the thrill of being able to cut off such wonderful long hair. Suddenly, as though she was aware of his intense gaze, she swung around and looked at him and simultaneously they recognised each other!

It was Clare! She gave him a lovely smile and said, “John, it is you, John, isn’t it?” He smiled broadly at her and said, “Clare, you look wonderful.” He had not seen her for about 6 years when she had been about 13 and he had worked in her mother’s salon for a while. He discovered that she had only been in London for a few weeks, having started a course at University and amazingly was now living in a flat only a few streets from where he now had a small salon and accommodation above. He invited her back for a drink then he was delighted when she accepted his offer to go out for a meal.

On the way to his flat he could not take his eyes from her beautiful hair and he recalled how he used to spend hours brushing and dressing out her hair when he worked at her mother’s salon. Her hair had been lovely then, although not as long, and he recalled that he had tried on a number of occasions, to persuade her to let him cut her hair but she had always firmly resisted. Whilst they were having their drink he mentioned her hair for the first time. “I see you have kept your hair long,” he said casually and she a little self consciously gave her splendid tresses a little toss and said, “Oh I am always thinking about getting it cut shorter but I lose my nerve at the last moment.” He smiled and said, “Well I remember you would only have the ends trimmed when you were younger and I wanted to restyle it for you.” She gave a little nervous laugh and said unconvincingly, “Perhaps I will ask you to cut it one day, it is a lot of work looking after it and I am really busy with my studies.”

His stomach lurched with excitement but he could tell that she would obviously need a lot of persuading to commit herself to having it cut. Most girls who had long hair for years were very reluctant to part with it and eventually usually did so on impulse. He changed the subject and after a couple more drinks they ended up in bed. They enjoyed an hour or so of good sex and John could not keep his hands from her silken hair and his mind was full of what he wanted to do with it.

Whilst they were dressing he said casually, “Come downstairs and have a look at the salon and I will do something with your hair before we go out.” “Oh that would be nice,” she said, tossing back a lock of her now tousled hair. They went downstairs and he showed her around the small salon and then said, “Come and sit over here and let me see what I can do with your hair.” She sat in the chair that he indicated and he quickly enveloped her in a large white cape, flicking her great heavy mane outside so that it spread across her back in a silken blanket. He could feel his excitement and tension mounting as he picked up a brush and slowly and carefully began drawing it through her long hair.

He brushed the glorious hair for more than 10 minutes, carefully removing every snarl and tangle from it and it gleamed and shone bewitchingly. She had her eyes closed during most of the time he was brushing her hair, occasionally giving sighs of pleasure as her lovely hair was so carefully tended. She opened her eyes as he finally stopped brushing and he said. “Well I could go on brushing your hair all night as it is obvious we both get a lot of pleasure from it, but if we don’t go out soon it will be too late to eat. I just want to do something different with your hair before we go.” She smiled happily and watched closely as he secured all her hair at the back of her head with a covered band and then he divided this ponytail into three sections and began plaiting it.

She felt a little disappointed that he was only putting her hair into a simple plait as she recalled that 6 years ago he was always brushing and arranging her long hair in many beautiful different styles. She had a terrific crush on him then and was delighted that they had met up again and that he obviously found her attractive and knew that she thought him irresistible as she had only allowed two other men to make love to her and she was still in a serious relationship with one of them – but that might soon change! She was a little disappointed to see that he was only fashioning her hair into a simple plait as of course, she would have been able to do that herself. He secured the plait at its end with another band and ran it through his fingers several times, thrilling to its heavy texture and silkiness before releasing it so that it lay heavily down her back.

He looked at her in the mirror and fixing his eyes on her reflection he said, “Pass me the scissors, Clare.” Her hand went out automatically to the scissors but then stopped as she realised the significance of his request. She felt the blood draining from her face and a wave of fear swept over her. She swallowed hard and said softly, “Oh no, Paul. I am not sure I want my hair cut now.” He just said a little more firmly, “The scissors, Clare.” She gazed at the scissors for a few seconds, knowing that if she picked them up she probably would be surrendering her long hair. Her trembling hand reached a little nearer, hesitated, and then with a choking half sob she grasped them and turned around and gave them to him. She could feel her heavy braid swinging across her back as she moved and knew that she really didn’t want to part with her long hair but equally she knew she could not resist him. She looked at him with frightened, pleading eyes and said tearfully, “Oh please Paul, nothing drastic. I am terrified at the thought of having my hair cut.”

He gave her shoulder a little squeeze and said, “That is why it is better to have it cut unexpectedly, you know deep down that you are ready for a change. Now just trust me.” He gently turned her back around so that she was facing the mirror and tilted her head forward slightly. She felt him grasp her plait and then disbelievingly felt the cold steel of the scissors resting on the nape of her neck. She gave a little gasp and said in a tortured voice, “Oh no please…” but al
ready knowing it was too late as she felt the scissors beginning to bite into her hair and heard the scrunching sound as he forced the scissors through her hair close to the roots.

John was experiencing a tremendous thrill as he watched the silken strands parting under his shearing blades and he held on firmly to the plait as she tried half-heartedly to twist her head away she was sobbing bitterly as the sharp scissors finally severed the last strand and she felt the plait come away from her head. He gave the back of her neck a little kiss and said, “Come on Clare, stop crying. That won’t replace your hair and it is going to look great on you short.” She raised her head, stifling her sobs and looked at her reflection in the mirror, with her short hair sticking out angrily. She gave a brave smile and said, “I am sorry. John, it was just such a shock. Are you sure it will suit me short.” Trust me,” he said

He placed the severed plait on the dressing table in front of her and then picked up a bottle, sprayed her hair with water, and then combed her hair sleekly back from her face. He smiled at her and then said again, “Do you trust me.” She had composed herself now after her initial reaction and replied, “Of course I do.” He squeezed her shoulder encouragingly and then reached forward and picked up the large electric clippers from its holder. Her eyes widened with shock and she gave a little whimper and said, “Oh please John, not that short!” He selected a head and snapped it on to the clipper and then switched them on. She gave a little start as she heard the loud buzzing and looked imploringly at him through the mirror.

He moved in front of her and placed his hand firmly under her chin and tilted her head up towards him and tears were springing to her eyes again as she looked up at him. He held the buzzing clippers a few inches from her forehead and she made no further movement or protest as he moved them closer to her head. She gave a little moan and closed her eyes and then actually moved her head into the clippers. The note deepened as they began biting into her hair and he ran them smoothly from the centre of her forehead to the crown of her head, Damp clumps of the blonde hair dropped down past her face and rolled down over the gown where they gradually increased as he made his second pass over her head. She was giving little sharp gasping moans but now they were sounds of excitement and not of distress. She opened her eyes and gasped, “Oh, this is an unbelievable feeling. It’s wonderful!” He could see the movement of her hand under the gown as she heightened her pleasure and he too was throbbing with excitement as he stripped the hair from her head.

He made a third pass over her crown and then tilted her head to the side and ran the clippers up from her ear to her temple. The thick clumps of hair were piling up in her lap and then tumbling down to the floor from the frantic motion of her movement under the gown. She had her face screwed up in extreme pleasure and was still making her moans of pleasure. He paused in his shearing as he moved to the other side of her and immediately she gasped, “Oh don’t stop!” and then when he re-commenced his shearing, she moved her head into the clippers and gave a loud gasp of pleasure as she felt the touch of the blades on her head and slow shuddering tremors shook her body.

John didn’t know how he managed to control himself enough to finish removing the rest of her hair as he was feeling more aroused than he had ever been in his life but as soon as he made the last pass of the clippers over the back of her head, he tore off the cape and his own clothes and they made feverish love on the floor of the salon on top of the piles of her shorn hair. He ran his hands over and over her head which now had a covering of about half an inch and she to stroked her own cropped head with a smile and said, “I cant really believe that this has happened to me. I was terrified about even having a few inches cut off my hair and yet now my head feels fantastic, so light and free.” He smoothed his hand over her head a few more times and said, “It needs just a little more shaping in places and it will be perfect. You look fantastic with your hair cropped.”

As she sat in front of the mirror, gazing at her reflection, as he put the cape around her once again, she realised he was right. He had cut her hair to an overall length of just under half an inch and the very short hair showed off the beautiful shape of her small head and her fine features and appeared to make her eyes look a lot larger. Although she could hardly recognise the reflection as her own she was delighted with her appearance and didn’t regret the loss of her long tresses. Her body quivered again with pleasure as he began using the clippers on her head once more. After changing the guard he began running them up the back of her head again and again, taking the hair there almost skin close. He cut the hair over her ears very short as well and it was with a feeling of almost disappointment she saw him switch off the clippers and put them back on the dressing table. He smoothed his hands over her head again and then stood back with a beaming smile, “Well ” he asked what do you think?”

Her delighted expression over her dramatic new look spoke volumes and John was really pleased that his impulsive action in deciding to cut off most of her hair had been so successful. Little had he realised, as he had stood on that platform earlier that evening, that he would soon achieve his lifelong ambition to be able to cut a beautiful waist length head of hair to a close cropped style. In addition, he had also had the added bonus of the wonderful lovemaking and the great times he was sure would come in the future. However, could anything be better than what he had just experienced?

The End

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