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Robyn and I have been married for 10 years and have two kids, 7 and 9. Robyn is a great wife and mom with a really sweet disposition. She had put on quite a bit of weight after the kids were born but in the last 6 months, with hard work, she has slimmed down and developed a really luscious figure. I am so proud of her.

While visiting her parents, once when we were still dating, she showed me pictures of herself from her childhood. I was stunned and taken aback by a picture of her at about 12 or 13 . As long as I?ve known her, she?s always worn her hair longer than her shoulders and usually in one length. But this picture showed her with a short, almost boy?s cut, a girls pixie. I had to ask about the picture, not believing it could be her. She tried to turn the page and said it was just the foolishness of her first year in junior high when she?d gotten her hair cut short like one of her friends had done. She said it was so easy to care for, felt so light, but she was teased mercilessly in school about looking like a boy so she let it grow out again. I began to understand why she had always kept her hair long.

I have never told me wife about my hair fetish. I never thought she would understand it at all. Ever since boyhood I have always been drawn to salons and beauty parlors, hoping to catch a glimpse of a haircut that was even remotely more than a trim. I even took a haircutting course at one point, supposedly to make extra money to support my college education, but have only used my skills to trim my daughter?s long locks or cut my son?s hair.

I still get my hair cut at a unisex barbershop and always look forward to spring and fall when there is invariably a mother trying against the wishes of her daughter to get her hair cut short. Sometimes they succeed and I get aroused by the sound of the scissors munching and gnashing through long tresses, the tears of the girl, the look of determination on the mom?s face and the subdued glee of the hairdresser. I also love to see hairdressers try to talk long haired women into a shorter style. If the women refuse, the hairdresser?s revenge is usually to trim substantially more than requested.

I was determined at some point in my life to get my hands on Robyn?s hair but in a way that would not reveal my fetish. Even with all my experience, she still trimmed her own hair. I had come up with a few ideas but quashed most of them as ridiculous. Only one seemed evenly remotely possible. I didn?t think it would work but it was worth a try.

I planned a big family day at an amusement park a couple of hours away. I?m usually pretty generous but this day I went whole hog. I gave the kids every treat they asked for; they went on almost every ride. I let my wife enjoy at the water park and tanning in the sun while I watched the kids. What a great day we had. At day?s end, we made our way back to the car and, as I expected, my son was feeling woozy from all the cotton candy, gum, popcorn, candy and soda pop. He was feeling pretty awful so my wife decided to travel home in the back of the car with the kids in case they got sick. I was happy with this decision, it was fitting into the plan. As I hoped, within15 minutes they were all fast asleep. When I stopped to fill up the gas tank, I also reached through to the back seat to get a soda pop. This was my opportunity, my only chance to make a go of it! I took the huge wad of gum I had been happily chewing out of my mouth and laid it in my wife?s hair. I quickly got into the front seat and pulled out of the gas station. I checked the sleepers in the backseat through my rear view mirror and as I turned around to drive heard her roll over. Checkmark number 2 on my list. In her sleep, her head was resting right on top of the gum. I drove on home with a huge smile on my face, picturing that gum all soft and gooey, sticking to more of my wife?s hair as the minutes went by, the heat of her body keeping it pliable. With luck her whole pony tail would engulfed in bubble gum by the time we reached home. Once in the driveway I told my wife that I?d take care of the kids and she could get ready for bed. I carried the kids into the house one at a time and tucked them into bed. While carrying my daughter I noticed that she too had managed to get a bit of the gum in her hair. Grinning to myself, I thought that perhaps I could trim it out tomorrow. Finished with the kids, I casually walked into our room and into the bathroom off our bedroom to find Robyn sitting on the toilet looking awfully glum as she rifled her fingers through her hair. I asked what was wrong. After a few choice ?cuss words? she exclaimed that the kids had gotten their damned gum in her hair. She was starting to get frantic and was trying a few ways to remove it. I went to her and pretended to help. She was getting angry, even at me for buying the treats in the first place. I told her to calm down, that there had to be something we could do. We tried ice but thankfully it didn?t work. We tried other remedies that also didn?t work. I will admit that I didn?t always use whatever she sent me to get to help remove the gum. She was getting tired and worn out and a bit desperate. I finally sat down in front of her and said, ?Honey I have known you long enough to know how attached you are to your long hair, but it is becoming apparent there is only one way to get rid of the gum.? She opened her mouth to exclaim, ?No way?, but she lost steam and just started to weep. I told her that I remembered her junior high picture, and although people laughed at her in school for short hair, she was older now, and short hair was stylish, and also might reflect her new slim body. She sighed and said she would see what she could do the next day. I reminded her that I was trained to cut hair, and that she wouldn?t want to wander through town looking for a barber with gum in her hair. I promised to do my best to not take too much. I also said it was better if we did it now and surprised the kids with Mom?s new ?do?. We wouldn?t want them to feel bad that they had gotten ill, dropped their gum and caused their mommy to be sad. I told her we should fix her up and make it seem liked she wanted it. Finally after much sighing she agreed. I will admit I went instantly hard as a rock. I took her into the kitchen and sat her on a barstool, wrapped a sheet around her, and gathered her now frazzled, sticky hair into a pony tail. Tears streamed down her face but I was trying to appear all business. I took the scissors and slowly cut though her pony tail until it came off in my hand, I could have cum right then and there. WOW! With the pony tail gone, her hair fell around her face and neck at jaggedly different lengths from when it had been in the pony. She let out a sob and I couldn?t resist handing her the pony tail to hold. She felt it, stroked it with her fingers and muttered she couldn?t believe this was happening to her. I told her she was beautiful regardless of her hair length and it would all grow back soon. I then went to work recreating the style she?d had in the photo album at her parents. I parted it on the side and left it a bit longer to create a wispy style. I told her that I couldn?t do it right with just the scissors and that I would be right back with my clippers. She almost fainted. I calmed her and went to work shaving her nape. I so badly wanted to run my cock along the beautiful ivory skin of her nape and the bristly hair that covered it. If she only knew. When I was finally done, I took the sheet off and let the hair fall all over. She was beautiful. I still loved her in long hair but this was like looking at whole new woman. She went off the bathroom to see the new style and arrange it a bit. When I came to bed she was just coming out of the washroom, still not herself, but not quite as sad. We hugged and I let my hands run across he hair. I told her I was sorry the day turned out so badly. She said she would survive, she?d just have to get used to it. We turned off the light and soon fell asleep.

Deep in my dreams, after a few hours of sleep I felt something unusual but warm and wonderful. I woke to my cock being sucked. My ?new wife? sucking away like a pro. She made her way up to kiss me saying she didn?t know why but she was horny. We fucked and sucked like crazy for almost an hour. I finally had her so hot that I decided to go for it. Turning her over I started to run my cock over her nape. She said nothing only moaned and played with herself. I asked if she liked it and she moaned approval. I started talking dirty to her and finally told her I was going to cum on her hair and neck. I was brazen and asked if she wanted it. She responded with a muffled ?yes? but when I asked again she practically begged me to. That was all I needed to hear and immediately shot off everywhere. It was incredible. I?ve never had such an explosive orgasm. As we fell back asleep I was hoping she might like the new style, sometimes letting me cut off whatever had grown back making us both incredibly horny as it had that night.

When the kids awoke in the morning they were totally amazed by their mom?s new ?do? She never mentioned the gum. A bit later, we ?discovered? the gum in my daughters hair and I got out the scissors to cut out the gooey part out. I sat her on the barstool but just as I started my wife said ?I think you might need to cut more.? My daughter gave a disapproving and distraught look, and I was about to protest that I didn?t need to when Robyn put her finger to her lips ?shsssshing? me. I took my cue as my wife began to explain that ?daddy? had to cut more than she expected but it was her fault because she hadn?t felt well and the gum got into her hair by accident. She shed a few tears but I wasn?t phased. I made a small pony in the back of her hair and snipped my way through it. Her hair fell at shoulder length instead of the middle of her back; wow what a difference. I straightened it up, adding bangs, short and straight across the front and bobbing it slightly. My daughter wasn?t pleased and stomped off when I finished. My wife just cleaned up saying ?Maybe if she gets used to getting her hair cut she won?t be a stubborn as her mom someday.?

I didn?t think it was possible, but I think I love Robyn even more than before.

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