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The snow was still falling heavily as he glanced out of the window and was already forming a thick carpet outside the door of his small hairdressing salon.  It was past 5 o’clock and he had already sent his staff home early and there were no more appointments booked before his normal closing time of 6pm.  He went to the rear room of the salon, to tidy away some towels, when to his surprise he heard the front door open.  Who would be out in this awful weather, he wondered, as he walked through to the main salon to see who was there.

Just inside the door stood a tall slim figure wearing a hooded cape that was covered with a dusting of snowflakes and as he approached the hood was tossed back to reveal the beautiful face of a young girl.  She gave him an enchanting smile and said in a soft voice, “Is it possible for you to do my hair for me now please?  He groaned inwardly as he had been planning to leave for home now in case the weather got worse but business had been slow all day and he couldn’t really afford to turn away the opportunity to put a little more money in the till.  He smiled at the girl and said, “Yes, of course, you can see I am not exactly busy and I am sure no other people will venture out in this weather.”

The girl smiled her wonderful smile again and said, “No, I don’t think so either.  Not many people enjoy the snow, but I love it.”  As he drew closer to her she slipped off the hood and cape completely and he was able to see her hair fully for the first time.  It was a pale ashen blonde with the wonderful shine and texture that only the hair of the young can have.  It was very heavy and silken in texture with gleaming natural streaks of lighter blonde and reached to about 6 inches below her shoulders in a straight breathtaking fall from a centre parting.  As she casually tossed her cape on to a nearby chair she gave her hair a little shake and my stomach gave a little lurch as I watched the silken blanket of hair sway with the movement.  I could hardly take my eyes off her beautiful hair and could now barely conceal my excitement at actually being able to handle it.

I motioned her forward to sit in one of the chairs and swiftly picked up a gown to place around her.  She reached behind her and lifted up her heavy mane of hair as I placed the gown around her body and when she released the hair, it spread out over the gown like a heavy silken blanket.  My hand were almost trembling as I now picked up a brush and was able to touch her hair for the first time.  I began slowly drawing the brush through it, stroking the fall of hair with my other hand.  The hair had a wonderful cool feel like silk and I could smell a soft fragrance coming from it as I carefully and gently brushed the magnificent material.  In the whole of my hairdressing career I had never handled such beautiful hair and my whole body was throbbing with excitement from the sensations coming from my fingers touching her hair.

As I had begun brushing her hair she had closed her eyes and given a little sigh of pleasure as the brush was drawn through her hair which of course, greatly heightened the pleasure I was experiencing.  I felt I could have gone on brushing her hair for hours, revelling in the wonderful sensation of the silken cool feel of her hair.  Reluctantly I paused in the brushing and she opened her eyes.  I smiled at her and said,  “You have wonderful hair, what do you want me to do to it?”   I was expecting her to say she just wanted her hair washed and dried as the ends of her hair were in perfect condition so it would be unlikely she would ask for a trim.

The girl looked at me through the mirror with a little smile on her young face and said slowly and firmly, “I want it cut please.”  I felt a lurch of excitement in my stomach at the thought of being able to shape this glorious hair and then she added, “I want it really cropped short all over.”  I am sure my jaw dropped open in amazement and now waves of excitement swept over me.  Although her hair was exceptionally beautiful as it was, like most hairdressers I would not be able to resist the opportunity to cut it off.  I began brushing her lovely hair again and tingles of excitement shot through my fingertips as they felt the cool silken beauty that it appeared I now had the opportunity to remove.

I decided to see how serious she was about having her hair cut really short.  Perhaps her idea of really short was not the same as mine!  As I continued to brush her lovely hair I said casually, “If you want it really short I could use clippers.”  “Oh yes please!” she said excitedly, “That would be wonderful!”  Again I was amazed at her reply, as it was most unusual for a girl with such beautiful long hair to be prepared to allow it to be cut to an extreme style without her having some reservations or conditions.  However I certainly was not going to argue with her and now couldn’t wait to get started.

I put down the brush and very swiftly began fashioning her hair into a simple plait from the nape of her slim white neck.  She watched me carefully through the mirror with still a small smile of pleasure and perhaps now excitement on her face as her hair was plaited and then I fastened the ends of it with a small band.  I allowed the heavy plait to rest on her shoulders and it lay loosely against the gown and then reached forward and picked up my scissors.  This was the moment that I had seen a number of girls panic about losing their long hair, some even leaping from the chair so that the scissors would not touch their treasured locks.  The lovely young girl however kept her eyes fixed on me and her expression did not change as I moved back behind her.

I grasped the plait very firmly near the nape of her neck and then said, “I am going to cut your long hair off first and then I will complete the cut with the clippers.  Ok?  She gave a little nod, and without hesitating I began forcing the blades of my very sharp scissors deeply into the base of the thick plait as close as I could to the roots of her hair. I heard a sharp intake of breath from her but she kept her head perfectly still as with a great feeling of exultation I severed the plait from her head.  Because of the quality of her splendid hair it took at least 20 plunges from the shearing blades before I was able to sever the plait from her head.  As I lifted it away she raised her head and gave it a shake so that the short halo of hair, which now remained, bounced enchantingly about her face and she gave a beaming smile and exclaimed, “Oh, that feels wonderful!” 

As I carefully fastened the severed end of the thick heavy plait I was amazed at her calmness and delight after having such a lot of hair removed as it was very unusual as almost everyone had a few doubts about their decision when they had a lot of hair cut off.  I placed the plait on the dressing table in front of her as she continued to shake her head, obviously revelling in the feeling of lightness without her long heavy hair.  I now picked up the clippers almost throbbing with excitement at the further pleasures to come. I selected the number 3 guard, as I wanted to keep a reasonable covering of hair on her head, although I would take it shorter in places.  I hate the shaved or near shaved look and think that a covering of a quarter if an inch or so is far more attractive

For 15 minutes I worked with great care on her head with the clippers and it was I think one of the mo
st enjoyable experiences of my life.  As I removed her hair she was eagerly moving her head into the clippers with little moans of excitement and a smile of pleasure on her face.  During the whole procedure neither of us spoke and it was difficult to judge who was getting the most pleasure.  At last I reluctantly switched off the clippers and put them down and then I could not resist from running my hands all over her very short hair.  The cool feel of her hair previously was now replaced by the sensation of stroking a silken pelt or touching a rich velvet material.  I began unfastening the gown from around her shoulders that was absolutely covered by a great mass of hair that had been sheared from her head.  The hair tumbled to the floor in a great cloud to join the mass that already lay there, in addition to the plait that lay in front of her. 

As I released the gown she was able to bring her hands up to her head and she too gently stroked her cropped hair with her long slender fingers.  “Oh, it feels incredible,” she said.  “Do you like how it looks?”  I asked.  In fact I knew that the almost brutal haircut looked absolutely fantastic on her, emphasising the fine bone structure of her beautiful face and the beauty of her large eyes.  She stared at her reflection a little longer in the mirror and then at me and said softly,  “It is wonderful.  Thank you very much.”  Swiftly now she stood up and looked outside where the snow was still falling thickly and said, “I must go now.”  I was very disappointed as she walked quickly to the reception desk and took out her purse.

I wanted to spend more time with this enchanting girl and also find out why she had made the momentous decision to crop her lovely hair but she picked up her cloak and put it around her shoulders, although this time she did not cover her head.  She tossed several notes onto the desk and then before I realised it she had opened the door and was stepping out into the snow.  I moved to the door and called after her, “Please wait.” But already her figure was fast disappearing into the snowstorm and the last glimpse I saw was of the large snowflakes settling on her cropped hair.  I turned and went back into the salon when I noticed that there was no trace of footsteps leading away from the door and although I knew it was snowing heavily surely they could not have filled up so quickly.  Had I dreamt all this? I wondered, but as I closed the door I could still see the plait of hair on the dressing table and the great piles of hair around the chair.

I still have the plait but I have never seen the girl since and I often reflect on my experience with the young girl that I think of as the Snow Princess.

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