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Alice Calloway was on her way to meet her Uncle at Fort Dickenson in the Dakota Territory. Alice had been trained as a teacher in Pennsylvania and the Fort needed a teacher. Alice had been traveling for about a week in a bumpy stage coach.

She knew she was about two days away from the fort. Suddenly, she heard the men yelling ? Indians!? The coach came to an abrupt stop and Alice heard gunshots. The other two passengers in the coach, both men, got out to try and help. Alice dove down to the floor and the coach and after a while things were eerily quiet. Suddenly, the door was thrown open and a large dark skinned man with a bald head except for one stripe of hair down the middle. He got down from his horse and pulled Alice out into the open. Alice fainted.

When she awoke, she realized she was lying across the back of a horse. As she struggled to move, the man stopped the horse and said something to the rest of the men. The man lifted her off the horse and stood staring at her. They kept touching her hair and pulled her shirt of so she was bare and kept trying to touch her bare breasts. Alice kept swatting their hands and they laughed.

Soon they were on their way and rode into a village where all the men had bald heads expect for the single strip of hair and all the women were bald. The children however had thick black hair. Alice was thrown into a hut looking structure. After a while, she was brought some dark bread and water. For the next few days she was kept in the tent. The next day, a woman came in to attend her. She was stripped of her clothes and given a brown shapeless garment to wear. Her waist length blond hair was pulled back into a tight braid. Alice was taken around by the woman and was obviously expected to help with chores. The men and children seemed fascinated by her hair. They kept touching it.

A few more days passed and the woman came into Alice?s tent. She brought a beaded dress and fresh water and herbs and proceeded to wash Alice. She then proceeded to take Alice into the middle of what seemed like a community gathering. Alice was afraid that they might be preparing to kill her. The woman took Alice in front of what was a huge, fierce looking man. The woman turned Alice around and had her kneel. Alice started to cry fearing that she would be killed. The man lifted up her braid and proceeded to cut it off with his knife. The man then held it up for the tribe to see and a great shout went out. The woman then helped Alice back into the tent and undressed her and left. Alice felt the ragged edges of what was left of her hair. Just then the man stepped inside. Alice tried to cover herself but the man took of her hands and tied them with a leather strap behind her back. He then proceeded to take the knife and slice off the rest of her hair. The pile in front of Alice continued to grow and he sliced more and more off. He then proceeded to felt her scalp with a type of cream and pull the knife over her scalp. Finally, he took a bowl of water and poured it over her now shaved head. He started drying her off and foundling her breasts. Alice started feeling wet between her legs. She had never been touched by a man before. The man, gently turned her over and mounted her just like the horses on her father?s ranch had done during their mating. Afterwards he held her and they slept.

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