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Jenny had been visiting her boyfriend in prison for the past two months after he was convicted on a drug possession charge. He was due to be released in three days but Jenny just couldn’t stay away until then. She made the three hour drive to the prison just as she had every Saturday. They weren’t given any privacy during their meetings but they were allowed to hold hands. “I really miss you” Jenny said as she rose from the chair. “Only three more days.” Her boyfriend smiled and was escorted back to the steel door and his cell block. She couldn’t wait to feel his touch again over her skin, his hands running through her curls as he kissed her. She thought about this as she exited the visitors area. She stopped to use the ladies room on the way out, not thinking she could make it back without going, despite her anxiety over public rest rooms. She carefully laid toilet paper over the seat and closed the stall door, lowering her jeans and panties. Just as she was about finished she heard a commotion outside the bathroom and then suddenly the door burst open. She could hear bells and buzzers in the background as the door opened. She could hear panting outside her stall and then the stall door flew open revealing Jenny, sitting in shock on the toilet. Before her stood a girl in an orange prison jumpsuit, she was sweaty and wild looking. “This is soooo perfect!” said the prisoner. “We could be twins” She was right Jenny observed the incredible likeness. “Take off your clothes, quick” With that the girl whipped out a knife and held it out to Jenny’s face. “QUICKLY!!” Jenny jumped off the toilet and whipped off her jeans and panties, already around her ankles. “Everything, hurry up, I don’t want to cut you, but I will !” Soon Jenny was standing completely naked as the girl slipped out of her jumpsuit and into Jenny’s clothes. She grabbed Jenny’s purse from the stall and casually walked out the bathroom door, leaving Jenny naked and shaking. Not knowing what else to do and not wanting to be seen naked she hesitantly slipped on the jumpsuit, just as she was about to go out the door, it flew open and in a flurry of hands and people she was grabbed and whisked down the hall. Everything was a blur but she was dragged past door after door, a lot of banging and clashing. By now tears wear streaming down her face, she realized that the top of the jumpsuit was torn open and her breasts were dancing around, but she didn’t think much about that as the steel door slammed behind her. She was in a dark little room with a single cot and a metal toilet. It smelled awful in there. The only light came through a small window in the door. About five minutes had past and Jenny had started to realize what had happened and started to weep. How was she ever to convince these people that she was not their prisoner, her twin was long gone by now, probably with her car too. She heard keys rattling in the lock and the door swung open. A short matronly looking woman stepped into the cell and closed the door behind her. There was another woman standing behind her with a baton pulled. “Stein, how many times are we going to have to do this, you know you can’t get out of hear.” The woman seemed more disappointed than angry. “Ok, you know the drill, loose ‘em.” “Maam, please there’s been a mistake, I’m not th…” “Look, Stein, I have five other prisoners to deal with take ‘em off.” Jenny couldn’t believe she was being forcibly stripped for the second time in an hour. She removed the jumpsuit sobbing. “Get over it Stein, you’ll be out of here in three days, you going soft or something?” The woman grabbed the clothes from Jenny’s arms as she walked towards the door. “By the way we found your socks and shoes in the restroom where we caught you.” She snickered “They’ll be in your cell waiting for you.” The door slammed shut again and the rattle of keys, then silence. Naked and cold, Jenny sat and pondered over her situation. She laid on the bed and cried for hours. Every once in a while the room darkened and if she turned she could see a face peering through the window in the door. There was nothing to cover herself with and she knew that all the male guards were amusing themselves looking at her nakedness.

Three days passed quickly for Jenny as she was either crying or sleeping for almost all of it. She hadn’t eaten anything that had been slipped through the slot in the door, and she was looking thin and pale. She knew her boyfriend was being released today. There would be no happy reunion, no first night in the sack, nothing. She was apparently Stein, who ever that was. She didn’t even know what crime this person had committed, or what her sentence was. “Oh God!” She thought, “What if she’s a murderer.” She began to weep again, but then suddenly the door opened and the matronly woman appeared. “Ok Stein, out you go.” Jenny had been naked for three days and completely forgot this and walked out into the hallway naked. ”I was about to give you your jumper Stein but we can do it this way if you like.” She threw the jumpsuit to the other guard and led Jenny down the hallway, passing a lot of guards and other prisoners as they went. Jenny knew it was futile to argue with these people, they had her. She was taken to a shower room and told to shower down because she smelled bad. The warm shower felt good and stronger than hers at home, the jets stung just a little if she got too close. “Ok Stein, spread ‘em, its lice season you know.” She was pulled out of the shower stream and the younger guard approached her with a safety razor, and without fuss or ceremony, Jenny was divested of her pubic curls. She had never shaved down there, and it felt strange to have no hair down there. “Ok, rinse off.” She was pushed back into the shower and rinsed her now bald privates and then the water stopped, shut off elsewhere. The guard threw her a towel and her jumpsuit and told her to dry off and get dressed. The guard was not careful in shaving Jenny’s pussy and there were some nicks that were bleeding. Jenny slipped on the jumpsuit and followed the guard down some more corridors and into another room. “Might as well get your hair cut while we’re over here Stein, I think you are due anyway.” Jenny grasped the ends of her blonde curls and more tears flowed. “Oh common Stein, what’s with you, it’s just a haircut, crypes!” In the middle of the room was a standard barber chair, and Jenny was terrified that she was going to get one of those prison haircuts that she had read about. She sat down in the chair and a cape was thrown around her and fastened at the neck. The guard pulled Jenny’s hair out of the clasp and let it fall over her shoulders. “How the hell did your hair get so long, I’m going to have a chat with those guards in B-wing, they’re not following hair protocol. This is the third one this week.” A short little man came out from an office and wasted no time in snipping Jenny’s beautiful blonde locks into an of the shoulders bob. Jenny breathed a sigh of relief as she realized that she wasn’t getting a crewcut. “You wait here Stein, while we get your paperwork in order.” The door to the little barber shop was closed and locked. There was a window with bars and Jenny looked out over the parking lot where she had parked three days earlier. She knew her car was gone but couldn’t resist looking for it. Suddenly she spotted it. There it was, the primer colored left fender and all. Then Jenny realized that it wasn’t where she had parked it, it was much closer to the gates. What was going on. She couldn’t understand why it would be moved. There were some people at the gate as it swung open. “Oh my God, Brian!” Jenny banged on the window but there was no way he could have heard her. Then she got the shock of her life, the girl was with him. Jenny’s jaw dropped as the two of them got into her car and drove away together. Jenny felt faint and had to sit back down in the chair. She was so shocked at what she had just seen, that her mind was completely shut down. She couldn’t believe that even her own boyfriend couldn’t tell her imposter from herself. A deep feeling of despair crept over her as she sat. A sudden chill ran through her and she slipped the cape off the back of the chair and wrapped it around herself. At that same moment the door opened and the barber and guard stepped back into the room. “Well, well, well, it seems our standard prison cut wasn’t sufficient for Miss Stein here, she’s all caped up for more.” The barber clipped the cape back into place and reached for his shears. Jenny kept trying to say something, anything, but nothing came out. It seemed the shock of seeing her boyfriend with her imposter had left her speechless and confused. “Don’t worry about those Don, let’s give her the works.” The barber went into his office and came back with some large black clippers. Jenny was desperate, she had to say something, but she couldn’t. The barber plugged them in and approached jenny with a slight grin on his face. They whirred to life just as they were placed at her forehead and were immediately pushed back to her crown. The force of the stroke pushed her head back on her neck. This barber had done many prison induction cuts for the male population and took no time at all in reducing Jenny’s hair to mere stubble. Thirty seconds after it began it was over and the clippers fell silent. The barber disappeared for a moment into his office and then returned with a small, gray colored clipper. Jenny was still in shock as the smaller clippers were run over her head in much the same fashion as the larger ones. There was no mirror in the room, but Jenny managed to lift a hand to her head to feel her almost smooth scalp. What she had dreaded the most had come to pass, and then some. She was completely bald. “Ok Stein, the fun’s over, let’s get you back home.” A wicked smile came over her.” The girls are just going to love that haircut.” As they entered “her” cell block, a loud and raucous noise rose up as the other prisoners welcomed her back. She got a lot of razzing over the haircut and Jenny again ran her hand over her smooth pate in disbelief. They stopped and a door opened. Inside was another young woman. She was black and quite striking. “You two behave yourselves now.” The door was closed behind her and Jenny was in with her cellmate. “Love your head babe.” The black woman smiled. “I know I’ve been bugging you to do it but I never thought you’d actually go through with it for me.” She reached out and ran her slender fingers over Jenny’s head. “Thank you. By the way there’s a letter there for you on your cot.” Jenny looked over at the envelope, addressed to Julie Stein. She hesitantly opened the letter:

“Dear Jenny, I am sorry for what you are about to go through but I fell in love with this girl. She looked just like you, and we got time alone together when I bribed the guards enough to let us sort laundry together. We had this planned for a long time. Please forgive me but I really do love her, not just for looking like you, but for doing the things that you always refused to do, you know, the kinky stuff. Why do you think I kept feeding you coffee in the common room, I knew you’d have to use the ladies room before your trip back. You have to admire the plan. Julie will be taking your place at your job, she knows everything and is well studied for playing the part of “you”. By the way, Julie is in for armed robbery and will be up for parole in 12 years, but now with this escape “attempt” you probably wont make it even with good behavior. One more thing, the girl you are cellmates with is your Dominant lover, don’t disappoint her, she has nasty friends. Goodbye Jenny.

Jenny stared for what seemed like hours at the note and then set it carefully on the table between the beds. “Is that another letter from that Brain guy, I told you I don’t approve of you talking to him.” She wrinkled up the letter and flushed it down the toilet. “Time to pay homage to your superior girl.” With that the black girl stood up and slipped down her jumpsuit revealing her slender body. “On your knees and worship, you baldheaded bitch.” Jenny was so worn out that she complied without thought or emotion, kneeling before her Mistress, who wrapped her hands around the back of her smooth head and pulled her mouth towards her sex. The strong, musty odor filled Jenny’s nostrils as she forced her tongue out and licked the smooth black lips. “Now that you’re bald slave, we’re going to keep you that way.” Jenny could just hear the comment as her face was buried deeper into her superior’s pussy. A wave of pleasure came over Jenny and her jumpsuit started to show her moistness as it crept slowly to her knees. She laughed to herself inside that she had gone from an attractive young working girl, with a good job and loving family to an ugly baldheaded prisoner of the state, enslaved to a black Mistress who was going to keep her bald and ugly. She thought about her imposter living out her life on the outside, making love to her boyfriend, working her job, driving her car, taking over her apartment. Another rush of pleasure swept over her as she realized that maybe she got the better deal. “Thanks Jenny” she thought.

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