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Maria & Tony met in a very unique way. They met over the internet one night and were virtually inseparable after that one brief conversation.

One night on the telephone they bravely asked the other what they looked like. Maria described herself to Tony very modestly, as a petite, green eyed, long brown haired soft spoken girl. Tony was even more drawn to her as this had been his life long vision of the perfect woman. Of course Maria thought Tony was joking but went along with his vision anyhow. And then as Tony was describing himself to Maria as the tall dark brown haired, and dark brown eyed southern boy he was, she was even more drawn to him. Maria had always longed for a handsome man to spend the rest of her life with. The only little glitch that she neglected to tell Tony was that she detested long hair. Unfortunately Tony had a long dark brown pony tail halfway down his back.

Five months after their internet beginning, Maria and Tony met in person for the first time. The fireworks between them were very intense. Once they laid their eyes upon the other at the airport, they knew the love they had found was true and real and extremely intense.

Upon Maria’s return to her home, they had begun planning their next meeting. Only it was to be a wedding upon the following trip. Maria was so excited. She had met the man of her dreams and was going to have her dream come true.

One night while on the net, Maria got very brave and told Tony she had a very hard request to ask of him. She asked him if he would consider having his ponytail cut off for their sacred wedding ceremony. She went on to tell Tony of her secret hair fetish and that it would make her the happiest woman in the world if he would sacrifice his hair for that one special day in their life.

Tony was mortified with the request and took 3 weeks to answer her. But it was a resounding yes. And not only would Tony have his hair cut short for her, but he would give Maria the honours the evening before they were married to shear off the ponytail herself. Maria was exhilarated by the very thought and agreed to it without so much as a second thought.

As Tony was quite the romantic he also took Maria’s fetish to a farther elevated level for her, but this part was a huge surprise for her. Tony had made an appointment at the barber for himself on the morning of the wedding to have the rest of his hair cut short for the ceremony and done properly by the barber. And Tony had planned to taking Maria along to watch. This was the best wedding gift he could give her. And he knew she would be blown away by this amazing gesture of his true love for her.

The eve of the wedding came and Tony took Maria by the hand and led her to a special chair he had all set up for her to cut his pony tail off. Tony sat down and looked up at Maria with his huge brown eyes and motioned for her to begin her work. At first Maria didn’t think she could actually do this and maker her dream come true, but Tony gently reassured her it was ok and was so glad to have been able to surrender this to her.

Maria put a towel around Tony’s bare shoulders and brushed his long dark locks one last time. Maria could feel the tears well up in her eyes as she was so nervous but knew she didn’t want the wedding photos with that gross long hair.

She put the elastic band back in the pony tail close to Tony’s head. She took another one and put it in tightly about 1 inch down from the first one. She picked up the scissors and started cutting the hair in between the elastic bands. It seemed to be taking forever for the scissors to cut through the hair. Maria thought the tail would never come off and she was teary eyed while doing it. It felt like she was cutting for an hour. Maria hadn’t realised how thick and beautiful indeed Tony’s hair was. Finally the tail came off in her hand and she stood there totally dumbfounded. She felt exhilarated and wanted so badly to make love to Tony now with this new haircut.

As they got into bed, Tony told Maria she had an even bigger surprise coming her way in the morning before the wedding. He told her that she was being taken by limo to the barber shop where Tony would receive his short wedding haircut while Maria sat right beside him watching every step of the way. Maria was also going to be the one to chose what style Tony would receive for their wedding. He didn’t care how short it was as long as it pleased her and made her life long fetish a reality.

Part 2 to come.

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