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The Wife.
Ann vigorously brushed her gleaming silken hair in front of the dressing table mirror and her husband lay idly watching her from the bed, and once again wished that her hair was really long He often fantasised about making love under a long gleaming blanket of hair. “Why don’t you let your hair grow longer?” He asked. She turned towards him, not pausing in the brushing of her lovely hair and said, “Please don’t keep on about my hair John, you know perfectly well why. It gets untidy and hard to manage once it gets over a certain length and it doesn’t suit me long anyway.” He didn’t argue with her as he knew it was futile as he had tried many times to get her to change her mind. “Are you having your hair done today?” “Yes, I am due for a trim so I will be a little late home.”

Ann spent a lot of time and money on her hair but it did mean that her hair always looked superb. It was beautifully shaped in a near shoulder length bob and her hair, a deep chestnut in colour, was in magnificent condition. It gleamed and bounced with health and was the envy of many. She visited the hairdressers frequently as she thoroughly enjoyed having her hair professionally done, although she was good at looking after her hair herself she loved the extra finish that her hair had after a salon visit. She always enjoyed the atmosphere of a salon and in particular the attention of Paul, the stylist who had been doing her hair for the past year, as he regularly flirted with her. She gave her hair a final flick and then got ready to leave for work

The Stylist.
Paul too, was getting ready for work and was feeling very excited. The previous evening he had been to a hairdressing demonstration and had been fascinated by some of the hairstyles he had seen created. He loved his job and was always eager to try creating new styles, particularly when they involved cutting off hair. He was eager to get to work so that he might have the opportunity of re- creating some of the styles he had seen the previous evening. The salon he worked at was quite large with a lot of staff and it was quite common for the stylists to use some of the junior girls as guinea pigs to try out new styles, albeit, very often unwillingly!

When he arrived at the salon he found that he was the first to arrive and he mused to himself, “I hope Sonia is the first junior to arrive, if she is I just know it will be a good day with lots and lots of cutting.” Although any of the juniors would be suitable for the style he planned, as it was going to be very short, Sonia’s hair was the longest, which of course would mean more to cut off. He heard footsteps on the back stairs to the salon and felt his pulses quicken as he saw that it was indeed the lovely Sonia who had arrived. Almost before she realised what was happening, she was sitting in front of a mirror with a cape around her shoulders and he was brushing through her near shoulder length softly curling hair

She looked a little bewildered and also apprehensive as she saw him take out his scissors. She groaned and said, “Oh please Paul, don’t cut my hair, I am trying to grow it a bit longer.” “Sorry Sonia, I want to try a new style. Head forward please.” Meekly she submitted, for she knew she had no real choice, as it was a condition of employment that the salon decided on the hairstyle worn. Swiftly he scissored away four or five inches of hair from the back and sides and then exchanged the scissors for clippers. Most of the styles he had admired last night had featured very short napes and in some instances side hair shorn to the temples and although Paul had occasionally created something similar they had never been cropped as extremely as those styles had been.

For the next twenty minutes he worked hard in an effort to re-create the shape he had seen. As he worked, other staff members began to arrive and they stood watching him crop Sonia’s hair very short at the back and over her ears. Several of the watching girls made encouraging comments about the shape although one girl did exclaim, “Christ! That is so short!” Sonia herself had seemed to accept her cropping after an initial gasp when she had felt the clippers shearing away the hair at the back of her head. Finally he was satisfied with the shape and asked for Sonia to be shampooed and he gave a little smile as he saw her immediately raise her hand to the back of her head when she stood up to feel how short the remaining hair was.

After he had blow-dried her hair he felt even more pleased with his efforts and was delighted when another staff member asked if he would cut her hair in a similar style later in the week. Sonia received a lot of compliments on her new look but it was obvious she felt unhappy about the severity of the cut and kept fingering her cropped nape that gave Paul perversely, even more pleasure. Later on that morning he was able to do another similar cut but it was on already quite short hair, which made it less satisfying but he was very pleased that now he felt confident about cutting hair far shorter than he had dared before. What he was really looking forward to was the opportunity of being able to do one of the cuts on really long hair as of course, like most hairdressers, he found that the removal of a lot of long hair was the most pleasurable of tasks.

He was busy all morning but to his mounting frustration he was unable to persuade the couple of women with longish hair to let him remove even more than an inch or so. After lunch he didn’t even do any cuts at all, and he went to the reception area at about 3.30 to check on his remaining appointments to see if they may be a chance with any of them. He saw that he had 3 appointments remaining; Jones at 3.45, an elderly regular for just a set; 4 o’clock Simpson, cut and blow-dry. Now she might be a possibility, as he didn’t recognise her name, and then his stomach gave a little lurch of excitement as he saw the name of his last appointment. It was the lovely Mrs Ward with her gorgeous silken hair that was such a pleasure to handle. He had wanted to restyle her hair on many occasions but she had always refused and kept the same shape, although he had felt several times that she was ready for a change but nervous about taking the plunge. Today he would be at his most persuasive in an effort to allow him to scissor and clip that most cuttable of hair into an ultra-short shape, which she was elegant and attractive enough to take. Oh please, please, Mrs Ward, let me really cut your hair!

The Husband.
He found himself staring once again at Sally’s hair, admiring greatly the swinging silken tresses that streamed down over her back to her waist and he found himself once again thinking erotic thoughts of making love under a blanket of hair. He had always found beautiful long hair sexually stimulating and Sally’s hair was particularly beautiful and not only because of its great length but the pale ash blonde colour together with superb weight and texture made it outstanding. She was his office junior and so he had plenty of opportunity to observe her lovely hair, the most exciting times being when she sat at her desk and tenderly brushed her long tresses. This he found particularly erotic and he would have loved to be able to have taken the brush himself and use it on her lovely hair.

He roused himself from his reverie as he realised she was approaching his desk, her blonde tresses swaying gently as she moved. “Oh Mr Ward, can this letter wait until tomorrow? If you remember I asked if I could leave at 3.30 today.” He looked at her and smiled and said,” No problem, it isn’t urgent. I had forgotten you said you were leaving early. Are you going somewhere special?” She gave a nervous little
smile and brought her hand up to her great sheaf of hair and lifted it away from her neck before letting it swing back. “I am going to have this lot chopped off.” He felt his stomach lurch and said impulsively, “Oh no Sally! You can’t!”

She looked at him with some surprise and he added quickly, “It is far too beautiful to cut off.” She smiled at him and said, “I am only going to have it cut to my shoulders. It is a lot of work this length and I am fed up with it and want a change. If I don’t like it I will let it grow again as it grows very quickly.” He felt very relieved that her hair would only be cut to shoulder length but still thought it a tragedy that she was going to allow scissors to her beautiful long hair at all. “I hope it will look nice,” he said, and she gave him a little smile before turning and leaving for her appointment, giving him a last breathtaking glimpse of her beautiful fall of silken blonde hair swinging gently with her movement.

The Stylist.
He kept glancing at his watch as he worked on Mrs. Jones hair and could feel the nervous tension building up. Only the unknown Mrs. or Miss Simpson to deal with and he hoped that would be a straightforward quick job so he could spend plenty of time with Mrs. Ward although as she was his last booked customer it didn’t matter too much. He finished his roller set on Mrs. Jones and placed her under the dryer and went toward the reception desk. Just near the door was a young girl with most beautiful waist-length blonde hair that one of the juniors was brushing through and she called over to him, “This is Miss Simpson, your next appointment.” His stomach gave a little lurch of excitement, fantastic long hair and she was booked for cutting! How much of this magnificent long hair would he be able to remove? If he had his way he would be cutting most of this beautiful hair down to stubble!

He took the brush from the junior and began brushing the lovely hair himself. His fingers thrilled to the silken feel of the beautifully textured hair that was in superb condition. As he brushed the lovely hair part of him felt how foolish the girl would be to part with even a gleaming inch of her hair but his dominant desire was to persuade her to allow him to cut most of it off. “Hello. What lovely hair. I see you are booked for a cut. Have you decided to take the plunge and have your long hair cut off?” She gave a hesitant nod and said; “Yes.” then added hastily, “but only to my shoulders. I don’t want it short.” He felt a little disappointed but at least this meant he could cut off about 18 inches of the long hair but he wanted more than that!

He continued to brush and stroke her lovely hair and asked, “What made you decide to have your hair cut?” She gave a little shrug and said; “I have felt like a change for ages. I just had to pluck up enough courage to have it done.” “I see. Well to be honest I think a shoulder length style would be wrong for you. It will be a lot of work to keep looking nice and I don’t think it would suit your features. If you have decided to have a change then it would be sensible to have it cut to a shape that is easy to manage and suits your features.” She looked doubtful and then said; “Well I don’t really think I want it any shorter than shoulder length.” He was determined not to give up yet and said, “Really then I think you should keep the length and just have the ends trimmed.” He knew he was taking a chance and possibly denying himself the thrill of cutting at least 18 inches off the length but he had a feeling that she still might be persuaded to have his way.

She stared at her reflection in the mirror as he continued to brush her gleaming long hair. She moistened her lips nervously and then said, “Well how short do you think it should be?” He smiled inwardly. Yes! He was almost there! “The texture of your hair is superb and a really strong shape will show it off and suit your features. I would cut the back quite short as you have a very good hairline but the top hair I would leave longer around your face.” She hesitated, and he brushed her hair vigorously, hardly daring to breathe as she tried to make up her mind. “Are you sure it will suit me short?” He breathed a great sigh of relief and felt the excitement surge through him – he was going to crop her!

Swiftly he exchanged the brush for scissors and comb and said soothingly, “You will look great. Just relax while I cut off the long hair and once that is done you will be shampooed and I can do the final shaping.” She was gazing almost tearfully at herself now and he knew he had to act quickly before she panicked and changed her mind. He moved alongside her and grasped a great lock of hair without even sectioning it off and before she even realised what was happening he was forcing his scissors through the hair a few inches from the roots. She gave a little half sob of fear and protest as she saw and felt the scissors biting into her hair but kept her head perfectly still as Paul exultantly sheared the long lock of hair. As it came away from her head they both knew it was too late for her to change her mind and he gave her a little smile of encouragement, allowed the severed lock to tumble down from his fingers, over the cape, and reached out and grasped another.

The Watcher.
Hugh had been going to this Unisex Salon for some months now and really enjoyed his monthly visits, as watching women having their hair done, particularly cutting, fascinated him. He loved to see hair tumbling down from scissors and once or twice he had been very excited at seeing clippers being used, taking hair really short. The most exciting occasion had been when he had been fortunate enough to see a girl with hair that had been just below her shoulders have it really cropped, by a combination of scissors and clippers, to less than an inch all over. He really enjoyed seeing how different a person would look when they altered their hairstyle and their hair was always the first thing he noticed,

As he was approaching the salon he was admiring the silken chestnut hair, which was beautifully shaped in a smooth bob, of the woman who was walking in front of him and he was delighted when she turned into the salon entrance. As she did so he recognised her as someone who worked in the same office building as himself and whose hair he had often admired, and he was pleased that he would hopefully have the opportunity of seeing her hair being done. He was at least 20 minutes early for his appointment as he liked to spend as much time as possible in the salon watching proceedings, and he didn’t mind at all when he was told that the girl he was booked with was running at least half an hour late with her appointments. When he sat down in the reception area he was pleased to see that he was next to the woman he had followed in and she gave him a little smile. She then said, “Isn’t she brave!” He wasn’t sure what she meant until he looked where she had nodded.

His heart leapt and he almost gasped with excitement as he saw that just inside the salon a young girl was being stripped of her beautiful waist length blonde hair! Already almost half of her long hair was lying in thick piles around the chair and from the length of the hair that remained it was obvious the girl was in for quite a cropping. He swallowed hard in an effort to control himself and said, “Yes, it must feel very strange to have so much hair cut off.” He couldn’t tear his eyes away from the scene and thought it was the most exciting he had ever seen. The girl herself was looking a little stunned as she watched her long hair
drop away and he wondered how it felt to cut off such beautiful hair. The woman alongside seemed fascinated as well and they both watched in silence for a few more minutes as every trace of the long hair was sheared off and the girl was ushered away to be shampooed. Hugh’s companion was also called through into the salon and Hugh was left on his own in the reception area staring at the great piles of gleaming blonde hair. He hoped that he would see the girl when her hair was finished and he reflected on the excitement watching her hair being cut had provided.

The Wife.
She followed the junior into the salon reflecting on the scene she had just seen and again marvelled at the bravery of her going from very long to short in one go but she also wondered how persuasive Paul had been about the decision. It was a very traumatic event to have long hair removed as she well remembered. It had happened to her when she was about 9 years old and her hair had been very long and very beautiful because of its texture and her mother took great pride in looking after the lovely hair. Each morning she would carefully brush the long hair and then braid it into two immaculate long plaits that would be finished off with ribbons, and then every evening before bed her hair would be unplaited and given another brushing. Ann loved her long hair and was very proud of it and of course she received many compliments; her mother too, loved to look after the long hair although it took a lot of time and effort.

Then out of the blue her mother was taken ill and hospitalised, leaving her father to look after 3 small children. Because her mother had always looked after her hair Ann’s efforts were at plaiting were hopeless and of course her father had no real idea how to handle her long hair. Within a couple of days Ann’s hair was beginning to look a tangled mess and her father felt there was only one solution. He spent 30 minutes brushing her hair to get out all the tangles and then told her he was taking her to the hairdressers to get some help with her hair. Ann assumed that he was taking her to get her hair plaited and she was really pleased about that. To her surprise though he took her to the small barbers shop nearby and after a few minutes conversation with the barber her father lifted her into the large barbers chair to sit on a board placed across the two arms to lift her up higher. The barber now enveloped her in a very large cape and fastened it tightly, first lifting her long hair clear and allowing it to spread out across the cape. She could recall now, how she had looked at her reflection in the mirror and only able to see her head and her hair spreading out over the white cape and the sudden frightening feeling of being trapped. She had felt even more frightened when she saw that the barber did not have a brush in his hand as she would have expected but a large pair of gleaming scissors! She saw her father give a little nod and then to her horror the scissors were brought up to her head and he began cutting across her hair at nape level. As she saw the blades biting into her hair she gave a little whimper of terror and tried desperately to twist her head away from the shearing blades but her father stepped forward and held her firmly and said sharply, “Stop being silly Ann, your hair has to be cut.”

She could feel the scissors slicing through her hair, hear the loud scrunching of the blades and see great locks of her treasured beautiful long hair rolling down over the cape to the floor. It only took a few seconds for the barber to snip right across her fall of hair and then all traces of the long hair was gone. Her father stood back and Ann slumped pathetically in the chair, sobbing bitterly as she stared disbelievingly at her reflection in the mirror. The barber ignored her tears and put down his scissors and pushed her head forward and now began running clippers up the back of her head. This terrified Ann even more as she felt her head becoming almost naked at he back and saw great clumps of her already now short hair rolling down over the cape. For 5 minutes he worked on her head and she ended up with a badly shaped ‘pudding basin’ style with the hair very short at the back of her head and at the sides. The contrast between that and her usual immaculate waist length plaits was awful, and as the cape was released from around her shoulders and she was lifted down from the chair she stood on a carpet of her own lovely shorn hair.

The shock of losing her beautiful long hair and the ruthless and unexpected way it had been carried out and the unflattering result affected her for a very long time. There was much comment about her appearance without her lovely long hair and her father was greatly criticised for getting it done, but in later years Ann realised that he had been under great strain trying to cope and had taken an easy way out with her hair. The sad thing was that her mother had made a rapid recovery and was released from hospital 2 days after Ann’s cropping. She had cried at first sight of her daughter’s hair and thereafter it had been kept short for most of her childhood. In fact Ann had never allowed her hair to grow longer than shoulder length again. She realised that probably subconsciously she feared having the childhood nightmares again that she had suffered after the cutting of her long hair where she saw the barber approaching with his large scissors to cut off all her hair. Even now she had occasional moments of panic when a cape was placed around her and she saw scissors near her hair. She smiled to herself about her thoughts and allowed the warm water and the firm massaging hands of the shampooist to soothe away the unpleasant memories.

The Stylist.
He gently massaged the styling mousse into the longer hair he had left on the top and front of her head and marvelled at the way the young girl had behaved during her haircut. After she had recovered from the initial shock of seeing so much of her long hair stripped off, she had quickly and calmly accepted what he was doing and taken a great deal of interest in the proceedings. Even when he had begun using the clippers on her she had meekly bowed her head and allowed him to use them without comment and of course this had encouraged him to really crop her hair right up the back of her head and over her ears. He had experienced a great thrill in cutting her hair so short and he was very pleased with the shape he had created. All the while he had been cropping the hair he had also been thinking about his next appointment- the lovely Mrs Ward and her fascinating hair. Although he had got great pleasure from the unexpected opportunity of cropping the beautiful long blonde hair he knew that if he was able to carry out the planned cutting of Mrs Ward’s hair then that would give him even more pleasure.

The Husband.
After Sally had left the office for her appointment with the scissors he had found it very difficult to concentrate on his work. All he could think about was the beautiful hair being cut off and he felt very sad that she had made the decision to shorten her lovely waist length hair. How would she look with her lovely swinging mane of long hair reduced to a more mundane shoulder length? He felt sure that his erotic dreams of her hair would not be so exciting with it reduced in length. Finally he managed to dismiss the thoughts and got on with some work.

He worked until after 5 o’clock and then decided he had done enough and began tidying his desk. He was the last in the office and he was surprised when he heard the door open and he looked up to see who was there – probably one of the girls forgotten something. “Hello Mr Ward,” said the girl, “Do you like it?” He stared for a moment and then gave a gasp of surprise as he recognised who it was. It was Sally! “Oh your hair!” He said in a shocked voice that combined amazement and admiration. She looked sen

She turned around slowly, touching her short cropped nape and said again, “Do you like it?” He paused and then said slowly, much to his own surprise, meaning every word, “Yes Sally I do.” As he closely studied her new hairstyle and the dramatic effect it had on her appearance, he was amazed that the almost brutally short haircut was in fact far more erotic than her previous long swinging tresses. He stood up and motioned her closer and said, “Turn around again slowly.” She did as he asked and as she turned he could not resist reaching out and stroking the very short nape hair. He had been irresistibly drawn to stroke the cropped hair the moment he had seen it and a sensuous thrill ran from his fingers as he touched her hair.

She looked at him with a little smile and said,” It feels marvellous. I love the light bare feeling now it is so short.” “What decided you to have your hair cut so short? I thought you were only going to get it cut to shoulder length.” She stroked her cropped hair again, a gesture that he found very arousing and then replied. “Well I did intend having it cut to shoulder length but he said it wouldn’t really suit me and would be better cut short or left as it was. Well I felt I wanted to have a change but I felt very nervous about having a short style and still hadn’t really made up my mind when he just started chopping my hair off. I was horrified when I saw how much he was cutting off but then I realised it was too late so I decided just to let him carry on and then found I really enjoyed the experience.” Once again she fingered her hair and he found it very difficult not to reach out again and stroke her short pelt of hair, and she added, “I was a bit alarmed when he began using the clippers on me but it was an incredible feeling having then run up my head. I think I would have let him use them all over my head if he had wanted as I was enjoying it so much.”

He found himself growing very excited at her account and wished he could have watched the whole event. She stared at him with a little smile on her face and he wondered if she had guessed what he was thinking. She then said, “Anyway I am surprised really that you like my hair like this after what you said this afternoon.” He gave a sheepish little laugh and said, “Yes, I am surprised as well as I have always preferred long hair, and yours was particularly beautiful, but now I have seen you with it cut like this I think it looks even better.” She smiled at him happily and said, “That’s good. I was a bit worried you would sack me when you saw how short my hair was!” She touched her hair again which sent another tremor through his body and then turned and left the office.

He sat back at his desk with a little smile, wondering if she had come back to the office to deliberately see the effect her new appearance would have on him. My god she did look so sexy with her hair cropped and somehow her hair was so much more erotic than before. Suddenly the thought came to him. Ann’s hair! She refused to grow her hair long for him so she could hardly refuse if he asked her to have it cut short. He felt very excited at the thought of seeing her with her hair cut really short and him being able to fondle her cropped nape and as he left the office his mind was full of how exciting that would be.

The Stylist.
“Hello, how are you today?” he said, feeling very tense and excited. She smiled at him and replied, “Oh I am fine.” He began combing through her sleek damp hair and said, “You are booked for a cut today?” “Oh yes please, it needs quite a bit off I think. It seems to have lost its shape completely and I have found it difficult to manage this past week.” Better and better! He thought. He was still combing and sifting the beautifully textured hair and his fingers were itching to start using scissors and clippers on the lovely material but he knew he could not rush things.

“Why don’t you let me change your hairstyle today? I have wanted to do something different with your hair for a long time. Your present style is very pretty but it is now a bit dated.” She looked at him thoughtfully through the mirror and then said, “What sort of change do you have in mind?” He took a deep breath, this was the crunch moment. “Well, I want to cut quite a lot off the back and take the sides shorter. You have superb hair and it will look very dramatic on you.” She stared at her reflection in the mirror and he could feel his heart pounding faster as she considered what he had said. He squeezed her shoulder gently and said, “Please let me cut it short.”

She gave a little smile and said, “It is quite ironic. This morning my husband was pleading with me to let my hair grow longer and now you are pleading with me to cut it short.” She paused and then said, “I don’t like my hair long and I am not sure about having it cut short – why don’t I just keep it the same style.” He felt disappointment flood over him but made one last effort. “Don’t you feel like having a change? You have had this style for ages and it can be very exciting to try something different and change your image completely.” She gave him what appeared to be a knowing smile at his reflection and said, “I thought you would have satisfied your urge for cutting with your last customer. You really cropped her didn’t you but I must admit I thought she looked pleased when she left.” She hesitated and then said, “Oh go on then, give me a new style but it had better look good!”

A flood of relief swept over him combined with elation and growing excitement. “Wonderful!” he said. He immediately picked up a spray and dampened down her hair a little more and then picked up his scissors. She watched him through the mirror with a slight smile on her face as she saw how pleased and excited he was looking. He now pushed her head forwards ready for the cutting and as she allowed her head to be positioned she said, “Why are you so keen to cut hair? All hairdressers seem to have the urge to cut off a lot of hair.” “Well I find it exciting to create a new shape and I really do feel you will look great with your hair a lot shorter.” She gave a nervous little sigh and said, “Oh I do hope you are right. I don’t think I would allow anyone but you to give me a short style. I am really terrified.” Feeling even more excited by her words he rested the scissors on the nape of her neck and began closing them on the lengths of her damp hair.

The Watcher.
Hugh could hardly contain his excitement as he saw the haircut begin. He was sitting in the next chair and had listened to their conversation with his heart pounding and although he had greatly admired her gleaming chestnut shoulder length bob he had been praying that she would have her hair cut short. He had seen the blonde girl leave and had greatly admired her appearance although he had been stunned that her hair had been cropped so short and he wondered if a similar style was in store for the lovely woman next to him. He watched closely as 4 or 5- inch lengths of hair began tumbling down from the snipping blades and then rolled down over the cape to fall heavily to the floor. The stylist cut straight across the hair at the back, swiftly removing it, and then he straightened her head and combed down the side hair. She looked a little shocked as her head was lifted and then her eyes widened and she gave a little gasp as he grasped a large tress of hair at the side and casually snipped thro
ugh it an inch or so from the roots.

She let her breath out audibly and as he began forcing his scissors through another great lock close to the roots, she said in a very tense voice, “Oh no Paul that’s too short!” “Relax, it will look great.” She made no further protest but watched with an anxious and upset expression as the other side of her head was relieved of the shoulder length hair. Hugh saw him give an encouraging smile to the woman and then to his amazement he saw him put down his scissors and pick up the electric hair clippers! He saw the woman give a pleading, despairing look as her head was pushed down and then the clippers began their assault on the bowed head. Hugh was almost panting with excitement as he watched them biting into the soft chestnut hair sending swathes of it tumbling down over the cape and he thought it was the most exciting and ruthless act he had ever seen.

The Stylist.
He had been a little concerned as to how she would react when he began using the clippers on her hair but was relieved that like a lot of women she appeared almost soothed by the feel of them on her head and although possibly hating knowing how short they were cutting the hair, allowed the process to continue. He really cropped the nape hair in very tightly, even shorter than he had cut the blonde hair earlier and because of her superb hairline and texture of hair, he was able to achieve a very dramatic effect. Holding the buzzing clippers he moved to the side of her and lifted up her head. “Oh gosh,” she said in a frightened voice. “How short have you cut the back?” She brought her hand out from under the cape and touched the very short hair at the back of her head. She stroked the hair several times and then gave a tiny little smile. “It feels marvellous but I can’t believe how short it is.” She withdrew her hand and gave him a little smile and a nod, indicating he should carry on.

The Wife.
 When Paul had first tried to persuade her to have her hair cut short she had no intention of letting him but then because she recalled how attractive the blonde girl had looked she had decided to let him have his way. She liked and trusted him and felt that it probably was time she changed her hairstyle. When she had first felt the scissors cutting her hair at the back she had begun to feel really nervous and that had increased when she had seen the long locks of her hair lopped off at the side. She had been stunned when she had felt the clippers being used and had then realised she was going to end up with a really short crop. The feel of the clippers on her head had been an amazing sensual experience and when she had touched her cropped nape she had found that very arousing also. She stared in the mirror as the clippers buzzed away over her ear and watched the hair tumble down from the buzzing blades leaving behind the merest covering but somehow she found that this severe cropping of her hair did not alarm her and she was quite happy to let him carry on.

The Watcher.
When he had first seen the clippers being used Hugh had been shocked and even a little sad that the beautiful hair was being so ruthlessly treated but nevertheless had been greatly excited at seeing the hair being cut so short. He saw too, how excited the hairstylist looked as he wielded the clippers and he could well understand the feeling of power and excitement he must be experiencing. He was also very surprised that the woman after her initial obvious alarm at seeing so much of her hair being cut off had quickly accepted it and now looked as though she was enjoying the experience. For 10 wonderful minutes he watched the clippers and then scissors sending masses of hair tumbling away from her head and it was with some regret that he saw the cape being shaken and realised that the cutting was over.

The Stylist.
Because of her early acceptance of the clippers being used on her hair, Paul cut her hair much higher and shorter at the back of her head than he first intended because he was getting such a thrill using the clippers on her. At last though he realised that he must stop or she would end up with a crew cut, so he reluctantly put them down and worked on the still longish top and crown hair with his scissors. He reduced it in length and gave it a shredded effect that balanced the contrasting very short hair at the sides and back. As he checked his cut he realised that it probably was the best he had ever done. Although brutally short at the back and sides, because of her very good bone structure it emphasised her features and the longer hair on top slightly softened the effect. He applied some mousse and began drying her hair but spent far longer than needed on gently stroking and smoothing the hair at the back that he found quite irresistible. The smooth silken texture and shortness of the hair made it feel like a rich pelt. .

The Wife.
As he worked on her hair with the dryer, Ann could hardly recognise the image that stared back at her from the mirror, but she realised that the haircut had enhanced her features and looked superb. She was enjoying the way he was touching and stroking her hair at the back and knew that he was as well. He soon finished drying and arranging her hair and when she was shown the back view she couldn’t believe it was quite so short but it was such a pleasure to stroke so she didn’t really mind. She loved the end result and after the first initial worries she had enjoyed the whole experience. Paul undid the cape and shook it so that masses more hair floated down to join the great piles which lay all around the chair. He smiled at her and she said, “Thank you. I am very pleased, I think my hair looks great and I never would have had the nerve to do it if you hadn’t been so persuasive. Mind I am a little nervous about what my husband will say when he sees me!”

Of course the husband was delighted, the watcher and the stylist had experienced great pleasure from her haircut and the wife herself had lost a lot of hair but had experienced a new sensual thrill that she was sure she would repeat – those clippers were irresistible!

The End

Footnote: The author has experienced the pleasure of cutting off long and beautiful hair.

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