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Sally walked into the dark hallway, not knowing where it went nor ended.

After a few more steps she reached into her purse for the little hand light she carried, removed it along with the note she had received. Turning the light on then unfolding the note, her eye begin to adjust to the darkness of the unlit hallway.

"Room 110", was what the last line said. She raised the light to light up the hallway, scanning it’s beam to find ‘Room 110’.

"Seven", she said aloud as the light caught the dark number on the door to her right. She flashed the beam down the hallway, in the dimness of the beam’s end she could see an ‘arrow’ pointing to the left. Holding the flashlight in her right hand, to light up the darken hallway she slowly walked toward the ‘arrow’. There she turned down and began walking further away from her entrance to this building, she knew nothing of.

Slowly walking, flashing the light on sides to read the numbers as she walked passed them. About midway down this second hallway she noticed a dim light shinning from her right. When she reached it, it was lighting another hallway. She looked at the note then the drawing below the room number. The arrow indicated she should turn here and within a few feet she should come to ‘Room 110’.

Her eyes were now adjusting to the dim light but she still used her flashlight to search for ‘Room 110’.

"One zero nine" she said to her self and she looked at the door to her right, then to her left she saw "One zero eight". Her head turned forward as she rose the flashlight to the wall in front of her.

"ONE ONE ZERO" ….., she said to herself. "110 ….. this must be the room".

She turned the flashlight off, put it and the note back into her purse, and stepped up to the door.

She raised her right hand to knot on the door, but it opened with her first contact with the door.

Sally leaned forward a little, looking into the room, "Hello ….. anyone here"?

No answer. She stood there a few more second, the took one step forward, "Hello ….. Hello ….. it’s me Sally. Is there anyone in here"?

Again no answer. She started to get worried, for Ryan told her he would be here at nine P.M. She looked at her watch it was five minutes after nine. "He should be here", she told herself. "Ryan ….. are you here"!

Fear begin to set in her mind. She begin to wonder if something had happened to him. Or, was she at the wrong place. He wasn’t that clear when he told her where he would be tonight. There were so many buildings like this one, maybe she entered the wrong one. Maybe it was the one next door, it was a three story building like this one.

She took a few more steps in the room, "Ryan …. Ryan ….. Please hun, you know I don’t like to play games like this. Ryan, Ryan ….. please answer me ….. I’m leaving …. Ryan"?

Still not one answered, she became more afraid and started to turn when the door behind her slammed close. She jumped in fear.

"RYAN …. this is getting scary …. Please show your face", she commanded. Still no one answered.

She turned and started for the door, but the wall was completely black, as was the rest of the room. She started feeling for the door knot but there were none. "RYAN", she called out, still one answered.

She turned looking for some way out, but there was none to be seen, the whole room was black. She could not tell where she was. She screamed, but the sound of her feared voice just filled the room and echoed back at her. She dropped her purse and covered her eyes with her hands. She fell to her knees, "RYAN please don’t do this to me"!

Still no answer.

She begin to cry. Fear had come and gone ….. her body begin to shake. She curled her body into a ball, as to protect her self from whatever. The room slowly begin to darken. She wanted to scream but nothing came out. Her body was wildly shaking with fear.

Then, as if an answer to a prayer, the room was filled with a bright white light. It was so bright it blinded her and she covered her eyes with her hands. This bright light stayed on for a few more minutes then is slowly begin to dim. She begin to search the floor for her purse.

He hand found it a few feet behind her. Reaching into it she pulled out her cell phone. Her hands shaking she nervously entered Ryan cell phone number and it rang.

"Hello", Ryan answered."RYAN", her nervous voice yelled into the cell phone. "Where the hell are you and what do you think you’re doing. You know I get scared when I am in the dark to long. Stop playing this game …"

"Game …. Darkness", his voice asked. "Where are you? I have been waiting here for over ten minutes for you".

"Damn-it Ryan", she yelled again, "I’m in room one ten like you told me. Now where the hell are you".

"ROOM ONE TEN", he yelled back at her.

Her fear just went into "hell". Her body shook more than it did before, she curled her legs into her body and begin to cry uncontrollably. She tried to speak but nothing made sense.

"Sally, are you there", Ryan asked. He heard her crying and fear begin to set in his mind. "Where are you Sally"?

No answer, just loud crying in a voice of fear. Then, …..

He heard her cell phone go blank. He begin walking around in the room, "Where is she ….. Where is she".

He called his friend Collin. Before Collin could say ‘hello", Ryan spoke, "WHERE DID YOU SEND SALLY"?

"Ryan is that you", he asked having been woken for a sound sleep.

"YES", Ryan replied. "She isn’t here ….. where I told you to tell her to met me. She called and her voice was full of fear and she was crying ….. crying loud in fear. WHERE THE HELL DID YOU TELL HER TO GO"!

"Calm down, man", Collin told him as he slowly came out of his sleep. "I told her the same address you told me to tell her ….. Nine twenty-three Brooklyn Avenue".

"Well, I’m here and she isn’t", Ryan calmly replied. "In room one ten and she isn’t".

"I’m on my way", Collin said as he patted his girlfriend on her back. "Ann and I will be there in about thirty minutes. Mean time try call her on her cell again. There are at least four buildings in that area that look alike, maybe she went into one that is abandoned and is lost. They don’t electricity to two of them, so I’ll bring two hand lights".

They hung up and Ryan tried a number of time to call Sally’s cell number but kept getting the message her cell phone was turned off.

Sally’s crying slowly stopped as the fear was numbing her mind. She tried to stand but her legs were to weak with fear, so she crawled towards where she thought she entered this room.

Then, her body was pulled upward in a quick movement. She let out a loud "SCREAM", but she felt a hand slap her in the back of her head. "Shut up", came a unknown male voice.

She was carried with her looking where she had been. A door was opened. She was thrown on to a bed of some kind. She tried to get up but was quickly pushed back down by one of the hand that had brought her here.

"Stay where you are", the voice commanded. "Try to escape and it’ll be harder than you ever thought. Just sit there until are told to do something, then you will do it with out question".

The two bodies turned and walked back into the black wall, to fade in with it.

Then, a door to her left opened, "Well …..well, what have we got here"!

Sally turned her head toward the female voice. She heard the sound of high-heels as the female voice begin walking towards her.

"Miss know it all", the female voice inquired. "Finally, in a position of fear. Funny how wishes do come through. It will amaze Beth at the ease we were able to trap you.

"But, I’m going to have a little fun with you before she gets here. I am sure she won’t mind ….. then, again it just might excite her".

The woman, dressed in a dark black leather outfit with a mask over her eyes, snapped her fingers and waived her hand toward Sally. Sally turned her head forward just as the two figures that had carried her here, rolled out a small table.

The woman pushed a chair toward her, "SIT in it’.

Sally hesitated but the two figures, males Sally realized from their grip, picked her up and pushed her on the chair. "Rip her clothing off", the female commanded and the two men responded by grabbing at Sally’s clothing and ripping everything off her. There she sat naked, she started to cover herself up.

"NO …..no", the female voice said as she moved her finger in front of Sally’s face. She then motion with her head, and the two men quickly pulled her arms behind the chair and tired her hand together. Then, they bent down and tired her legs to the legs of the chair. Sally could not move, if she rocked she could fall over and hurt herself.

"You two can leave", she commanded the two men. They bowed and left the room.

The woman walked around behind the chair and grabbed it by the back and pulled it away from the bed. She dragged it a few feet then let it fall on to it’s four legs. She walked back toward the bed and pushed the small table in front of the chair and Sally.

It was covered with a white towel. Sally stared at it wondering what was under it. ‘Where the hell is Ryan", she thought to herself.

the woman walked around her grabbing at her shoulder length brown hair. Once around, then around again stopping in front of her.

"Beth said you had blonde hair", the woman said to Sally. "But, then again she said it was five years ago that she last saw you ….. BITCH. You could have let your natural hair color grow out over the years. But, Beth gets what Beth wants. And, you Bitch, is what she wants and I am the one who is going to server you up to her.

"That is after I have my fun with you first".

The woman reached for the table and pulled the white towel off the table. Sally’s eyes widen in fear of what she saw on the table. She begin to shake her head "NO" "NO" "NO". Then, she looked up at the woman standing before her and smiling down at her.

The woman reached on the table and picked up large black clippers …. hair clippers. She held it to her face like a person would something of value, or of pleasing.

"Had one of my slaves, who is hand with electric things, change this lovely thing to work with batteries. Now I can have fun without having to worry where it is I will be having fun", she told Sally as she kissed the clippers.

"Well, blonde hair or brown hair", she said as she stepped behind Sally, "hair is hair and with my lovely it all comes off the same way …… Nice and short …. right at the scalp".

"CLICK hmmmmmmmmmmmm …….", the clippers came to life.

The woman, standing behind Sally, grabbed her hair, in the back of her head, and pulled it down, so Sally was looking up at the ceiling. Slowly the woman’s face appeared looking down at her. A smile came to her face.

"That triangle is coming off too", she told Sally. "The other half of Beth’s payment will be the enjoyment of my head slapping down there, and I don’t like hair where I eat". With that said the woman raised her right hand up, still with the clippers in it, and pulled the hood off her head revealing a shaved head and no eyebrows.

"Like I said", she said to Sally and she pushed her head down into her chest, "I DON’T LIKE HAIR".

With that said she pushed the clippers into Sally’s hair and ruffly moved it over her head send a small pile of hair floating pass Sally’s eyes and into her naked lap. She pushed the clippers into another part of Sally head moving it over her head sending another pile of hair to the floor. She did not clipper in any special matter, just ruffly placing the clippers where she wanted and moving a path leaving behind nothing by hair an eighth of an inch long. As she continued buzzing Sally’s hair off the told her how Beth was going to have fun with her. The large strap-on, so large it was going to be hard for her sit down properly for days.

Finished she place the clippers down on the table and picked up the can of shaving cream.

As she being spreading the lather ove Sally’s buzz head, she mentioned to her, "Sorry, luv ….. I couldn’t find any water ….. So, I’ll have to do it …… water free".

She held up an open straight razor and waived it back and forth over Sally’s head in site of her eyes. The fear in Sally was beyond any thing she had feared before. It was so she could not cry, nor move.

Sally felt the sharpness of the razor as the woman placed it to her forehead, "Don’t move luv".

Sally froze, as if she wasn’t already, as the woman shaved a short stroke over her head. It took a few strokes before Sally felt coolness touching her skin. "Feels good", the woman asked as she begin shaving the back of her head.

"After a few weeks you’ll get use to it", the woman told her. "All my female slaves are shaved twice a day. I sometimes have one of them shave my head three times. But, rarely do I do that".

Time was passing slow as the woman shaved Sally bald. As she was shaving the last from the back of her head, all Sally could think of was, Who is Beth? And, what will Ryan think?

Finished the woman wiped her head with paper towels, "Told ya’ ….. no water for anything. Unless you want me to get you an empty glass ….."!

Just as she was finishing wiping Sally’s head the door banged open.

The woman quickly walked around and pulled the small table out from in front of Sally.

"Miss Beth", the woman spoke. "I thought I would take part of my payment, as I usually do, before I handed over you’re runaway slave Leisure".

A tall woman dressed in a black lather dress with five inch high-heel stepped from the darkness of the black wall, "Yes, Lady Mist I was sure you would take partial payment before I arrived …. Which is alright with me".

"Leisure …. Leisure", the tall woman begin saying as she walked closer. Then, …..

She froze and stared at Sally in the chair. She took a two more steps and looked at Sally, then her hand rose high above her head and begin to come forward ….. Sally froze as her eyes closed …..

"SMACK" ….. as it hit, but not Sally.

"YOU LOUSY BITCH", the tall woman yelled, "this is not my Leisure ….. the prize of my Chambers".

"SMACK", came another one to the woman who had just shaved her bald. Sally found pleasure within herself, as the woman smacked her barber again.

The tall woman reached down on the floor and grabbed a hand full of hair, and pushed it into the other woman’s face ….. "This is brown hair you bitch".

"My Leisure has blonde hair ….. NATURAL BLONDE hair", she commanded. "Leisure is a natural blonde".

"What the hell is this …..you …you", the tall woman asked as she pasted around the room.

"Leisure why are you doing this to me", the tall woman asked. She turned and looked at the other woman, who was now standing in fear, "You have two days to find my Leasure …. Then, I will have my Slave Edward shave your skin completely off your body and I will have a nice dress made of it. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ….. TWO DAYS’.

She turned and walked out the room slamming the door behind her. The bald woman called for the two males but they did not come. "Damn", she said wildly, "they are her slaves too".

"SALLY ….. SALLY ….."

Sally looked up, trying to call out to the voices she knew. But, she couldn’t. The bald woman heard them calling too. She quickly tossed everything on the table into a large bag, then she pulled the chair, with Sally still sitting in it, to the bed. She untied Sally’s legs from the chair ….. Sally tried to stand but was pushed back into the chair. The woman grabbed her under her armpits and pulled her out the chair and on to the edge of the bed.

"DON’T SAY A WORD BITCH", she told Sally shaking her fist at her.

She turned and grabbed the large bag and ran out the room leaving the door open.

Sally could still hear Ryan and Collin calling for her. But, their voices begin to fade as if they were going in the other direction. Just as she was about to give up and fall back on to the bed …..

"MY GOD ….. HERE SHE IS", yelled Ann, Collin’s girlfriend, as she ran to Sally sitting on the edge of the bed naked and shaking in fear.

The end Copyright (c) JimB July 2003

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