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This is the story of three women who eventually lost their long hair at my hand… One was Michelle, my girlfriend, who loved her thigh length black hair to death. She knew how much I loved it, and she kinda knew that I was rather interested in cutting it. She also had a feeling that one day she was gonna get a haircut whether she wanted it or not. One of my other beauties was her younger sister, Jess. She admired Michelle’s hair as much as I did, and had similar hair down to her butt that she intended to grow as long as Michelle’s. Oops… Third was a mutual friend of their’s, Anna. She was a very fitting addition to the group of hotties. Her blonde hair that bounced off her ass in that magnificant braid was breathtaking. I think sometimes she thought I wanted to get with her – which wasn’t the case. I just wanted to cut her hair.

Getting to take the scissors to Jess and Anna’s hair was a long shot, I admit, but Michelle was all too possible of a target. Sometimes I just had trouble deciding how I wanted to do it. All my life I’ve known that I can be intimidating if I want to be, and that could only come in handy. One day I’d think that I just wanted to ask her nicely if I could please give her a haircut, but then the next I’d think that maybe it would be funner to just sit her down out of the blue, tell her I’m cutting her hair, and that’s final. Tears would only fuel my adrenaline.

Of course I had read about stories of cutting off a woman’s hair while she’s sleeping, or just walking up to her and cutting it off, but that’s just not my style. To each his own. If that’s what does it for you I’ll watch, read, and smile… But eventually I just decided that I would just do whatever felt right at the time. So whenever I worked up the courage, and I was in the right scenario I would know it was time to approach the subject.

So one night she was getting ready for bed, and as she was getting ready to brush her amazing thigh length hair I conveniently came in. She’s no fool. Without saying a word she handed me the brush, and just stood tall. As we stood in front of the bathroom mirror I knew that her hair made a wall that blocked a lot of vision of what I was doing. I’m no rookie. I’ve been in this situation before. As I brushed from top to bottom I pulled out a small pair of scissors from my pocket, and cut little stray hairs as I brushed. What she doesn’t know doesn’t hurt her. Plus, it’s either I get my fix by doing this, or I end the era right now and leave it all at her shoulders – ending my fun for good.

Once I was done the deed I wrapped my arms around her and just traded pleased glances for a silent minute. Then without saying anything I pulled all her hair back and held it together with one hand while I grabbed a pair of scissors off the counter. Instant expression change on her part… Finally the silence was broken. "Jake, just what are you doing?" She asked with a bit of fear in her voice. "Oh, I just figured you haven’t seen your own ass in a while…" "So you were just gonna chop off my hair without saying anything!?" I had a bit of a laugh. "Well, alright then. Michelle, I’m gonna chop off your hair. Hold still." She whipped around in fear so I let go of her hair, but not the scissors. Seemed like she knew I was in a determined state of mind, and that wasn’t good for her hair. "Jake, nooo…" Giving me those damn puppy dog eyes. "Please, no. I love my hair long like this…" By now she’s pleading. "Soo, are you gonna turn around? Or do you want me to get you a chair?" Staying focused, as I do. At this point I can see her knees buckle as she uses the counter to hold herself up. "Nooo… I don’t want a haircut…" Tears develope in her eyes. Whether as a defence mechanism, or because she’s sincerely crying I’m not sure. "Well that’s unfortunate, Honey. Because you are getting a haircut. How much is cut off depends on how bad of a girl you are." Just as she is surely thinking how she can get out of this the phone rings. I go over and get it.

"Hello?" "Hey, Jake. It’s Jess. What’s goin on?" I see this as an opportunity. "Not a hell of a lot, Jess. Just about about to give your big sister a haircut." Michelle looks like she just saw a ghost. "Oh my god! Are you serious!?" You know how women are… "Yeah. She was just about to braid it." "Why!? You wouldn’t…" I laugh out loud as Michelle bites her nails. "What wouldn’t I do, Jess?" "You’re not chopping off all her hair, are you!?" She’s a mix of excited and scared. "Well, I’m not sure… Definetly thinking about it." Judging by the look on Michelle’s face I trust she’s pieced together what I’m talking about. "You can NOT chop off all her hair without me there!" Jess exclaims. "Oh? You gonna come get a haircut too?" The look on Michelle’s face is now a new shade of shocked. "What!? You’re not gonna chop it all off, are you?" "Ohh, I doubt it, Jess… But that’s good to hear that you’re gonna support your beautiful sister by getting your hair cut too." By now there’s not a square inch of the room that isn’t tense. "Jake! Don’t tell her I said that!" "So how about tomorrow, Jess? Sound good?" "Oh my god! I guess so… But be gentle, Jake!" Could this really be happening??? "Alright, you’ve saved your sister’s haircut until tomorrow." Michelle seems slightly less scared. Very less. By now Jess forgot why she called, so the conversation comes to an end.

Michelle walks up and hugs me. "Are you really gonna chop off my hair?" She gives me the sadest of all sad looks. "Well… I’ll make you an offer… You get Anna in that chair too and I promise when the three of you are done you will have the longest hair." I give her a kiss as she freezes up. "You want me to convince Anna to let you cut her hair!? You monster! She has the nicest hair I’ve ever seen!" And this deters me how? "It is pretty nice, and it still will be. Just significantly shorter." "Oh my god! I think I’m gonna cry!" Empty threats. HA! "Do we have a deal?" A serious proposition that she has to consider, because she knows if she freezes her prize hair is as good as gone. "I’ll try…" Said so quietly I can barely hear her. "Alright. Braid your hair." Four easy words as I walk into the bathroom and back with the scissors. She falls down on the bed. "Noooo! I’ll get her to do it! But my hair will be the longest, right?" I win. "Yes, Sweety. It will be plenty long. I don’t shit where I eat."

With that she goes on the phone and I go into the bathroom to undo the fly on my pants that has been leaving me in pain for the last ten minutes or whatever it was. After taking a serious breather I get everything back in place once I hear the phone hang up. I walk into the bedroom and Michelle looks as amazed as ever. "She said okay… I can’t believe it." HOLY SHIT! "Anna’s down with it?" I try to keep my composure. "Yes… I’m shocked… She just wanted to make sure that it wasn’t gonna be too short…" Longer the better for me. Which is compromised by my love of cutting. "She’ll be fine. But it’s not gonna bounce off her ass for a while again. Neither is Jess’." She hesitantly asks, "And mine?" I have a good laugh as I kiss her again. Lets just say you’ll be getting spanked even more, and you won’t have to worry about your hair." Apparently only I like that idea extremely…

That night was one of much love-making, and playing with her long lovely black hair. When I woke up I found myself staring straight into her eyes. She looked nervous as hell, I assure you. With that I picked up a big strand of her hair and held it up. She cringed as I clearly was eyeing where to cut when the greatest moment ever came. We made love some more after that. I had to earn this great honor a little. Not like it was punishment for me or anything… When we were done we got up, and I proceeded to play with her hair some more. So nice, straight, thick, and down to her freakin thighs! What am I doing? THIS is the hair I plan to cut off? Like it was some kind of telepathy I think she senses what I was thinking, and got a bit of a smirk on her face. I got a similar smirk, and with that I picked her up and carried her into the bathroom. Set her down in front of the mirror behind her, grabbed the scissors, grabbed a very so long chunk of her hair from the right side and cut off a four inch lock of it with no hesitation. "Jake!" She yelled as she started to wimper. She picked up the lock of her beautiful hair and looked rather sad as she looked at it. "Don’t worry, Honey. I’m gonna cut off much more then that when your sister and Anna get here." "Do I get any say in how much of my hair is cut off, Sweety?" She says playfully, thankfully. Made it easier to respond with, "Nope! I’m afraid not, Cutey. But if it makes you feel any better Jess and Anna don’t get any say either." She drops the lock of shorn hair on the counter. "How exactly did you get the three of us to agree to surrender our hair to you anyway?" "Well you never really had to surrender. You were conquered. But through some kind of miracle those two surrendered thanks to you, Sweety." With that comes a kiss to smooth over my antics. We get dressed, and I can’t wait for the other two to get here.

Eventually one of my prayers is answered, and Jess shows up at the door. Far too eager for this I answer the door, and see the timid look on the younger sisters face. Her soft black hair is hanging down to her butt like a thing of beauty. "Hey, Jake! You’re not gonna drag me into a chair right away are you?" She has fear much like her sister’s. I laugh, and say, "Of course not, Jess. I’m not gonna chop off all your lovely hair until Anna gets here." She looks at me with an expression that just screams ‘you bastard’ silently. Not sure what to expect from today she asks, "you’re not gonna get all scissor happy on me, are you?" "Well, Jess, like I told your sister, you three are gonna be seeing your asses for a long time." She feels her hair down her back and onto her butt. "But you’re just gonna leave it at my waist, right? MAYBE mid-back if you get out of control." This conversation is making me have trouble keeping a straight look on my face. "Would you be upset if it was shorter then that?" A big hopefully convincing smile goes accross my face as she sports a less enthusiastic one. "It depends how it looks… Lucky for you I’ve been thinking about cutting it shorter lately, but I’m chicken." OH OH OH! "Well you can be chicken all you want, Jess, because today is your big day too." As she looks at me like I’m pointing a gun at her I can’t help but feel like I am on top of the world. Strange, but true. "So where is my sister anyway?" she asks. I guess I got so involved in my thoughts that I forget all about my favourite girl.

So at this point me and Jess walk around looking for her, but I find her first when I go in the bedroom. She was just sitting on the bed brushing her wonderful hair. I sit down beside her and kiss her as I wrap my arms around here. "You know I love you, right?" I say to see that smile of hers. "You damn well better after all this!" Not to worry. I wouldn’t trade her for the world. And after the haircut I’ll only love her more as a person. "Are you nervous, Cutey?" Before she has a chance to answer Jess and Anna are standing in the doorway. "I didn’t miss anything, did I!?" Anna lets out enthusiastically. With that Michelle stands up straight to show her hair to them. Of course showing off the chunk on the side that’s missing. "Awww… Jake, you really are gonna do this, eh?" Anna asks with a fun tone that I enjoy. "Yep! And you’re first." Suprised but cooperative she replies, "lead the way!" I’m rather suprised by this as well. "Jess, you wanna comfort your lovely sister while I do this?" She runs over and jumps on the bed. "Of course I can do that." The cute younger sister gladly agrees.

I follow Anna out of the bedroom as she walks into the kitchen where things have seemingly been set up for me. As we walk I watch that thick blonde braid bounce off her nice tight ass. What a thing of beauty. Amazingly without hesitation she practically jumps onto the chair that’s sitting in the middle of the room, and throws the braid over the back. At this point I’m just staring in awe at the hair that’s hanging sooo far down. As I pick up the great hair I laughingly ask Anna, "so should I undo it? Or just chop off the braid as is?" She has a good sense of humour, so using the same tone as me she says, "Hmm… Do what you think is best." Ohh yes… Thank you for saying what I was dying to hear. Taking my time to enjoy the moment I slowly undo it all, letting it fall to it’s natural wave. Once it’s all out she hands me a brush, so I give it a quick once over. Now it is time… You cannot take the smile off my face as I stand behind her with a pair of scissors in hand, about to cut it. After a few seconds of deciding where to cut I finally place the open blades where they’re ready to slice through about eighteen inches of golden mane – leaving her hair a couple inches below her shoulder blades. I take a deep breath and close the scissors. Like it was slow motion I watch a foot and half long chunk of her hair fall to the floor. Not wanting things to get weird I start up a conversation. "So, Anna, how did Michelle talk to you into this anyway?" Another deep breath, followed by cutting off another big chunk of her hair straight accross. "Well I figured it needed a trim, so she convinced me I might as well have you do it for free." NO… THIS CAN’T BE… She thought she was getting a trim!? I’m just about done leaving her ass-long hair just below her shoulder blades… This can’t be good… Just can’t. "Oh yeah, good plan." I force out of myself while I pannic. After I noticably paused for a bit she asks, "is everything okay, Jake?" I jump back to what I’m doing – unknowingly to her murdering her hair. I take the last few snips, and the deed is done. "Yeah, all done. But don’t move! And keep your eyes closed! I’m gonna see what Michelle thinks first." Panic time. "Can’t I just take a quick look?" She starts to turn and I cover her eyes. "Now, Anna, promise me you won’t." "Ohh, alright, alright…" Might as well prolong my torture.

With that I practically run to the bedroom and shoot in the door to find Jess brushing out Michelle’s hair. As much as I would like to watch this is joy I’m afraid I can’t. "Michelle, come here for a second!" Noticing something is up, "What’s up? You done with Anna?" Oh, I’m done alright. But not in the sense she means. She gets up and walks with me – leaving Jess on the bed. I lead her by the hand to the kitchen quietly so she can get a glimpse of what I did. I swear her jaw was inches from the floor as she looked at her hair. "You cut off so much!" She whispers to me. "YOU told her I was just gonna trim it!?" The loud whispering continues. Then she gets this devilish look on her face that is better then any confession. JESUS. I give her a hard slap on the ass that makes her jump. "Is Anna gonna be pissed!?" Michelle looks at her. "One way to find out!" Oh my… Do I run, or watch? Jeeze… I’ll watch. As I follow her in there Michelle gathers up all the eighteen inch strands of blonde hair, and hands the shorn ponytail to me. "Anne, remember how you were considering getting a serious haircut?" Michelle asks as she tries to hold back. "Yeah…" Anna says with a hint of confusion. "Stand up." Michelle can barely contain herself. Then Anna stands up, and you can tell by her body language that she doesn’t feel right. She slowly turns around with a pained look on her face and looks at me – the one holding the foot and a half long blonde ponytail. Instantly she grabs her hair and pulls it forward – only to realize how much was chopped off. Well on the plus side she didn’t freak out. But on the bad side, tears started to roll down like streams. And when I said tears only get me going more that only counts for Michelle. I can’t explain why I work the way I do…

With that Michelle gave Anna a big hug and told her how good it looked – which it did. Before long Jess came running in like she sensed it or something. Women are weird like that. But they had this big discussion and hugs and blah, blah, blah. The main thing was in the end Anna was happy with the new look that was unknowingly given to her. She got the ponytail from me, and even kissed me when she did it. Good sign. Then Anna, now anxious to see her two best friends meet the same fate pointed at Jess. I couldn’t agree more. Looking at the result of Anna’s I’m not sure Jess was prepared for what she knew was coming. I picked her up and set her in the chair as she whimpered like her sister. Then keeping the scissors close by I handed the brush to Anna. "I’ll be back." I said, and she knew what to do. She brushed Jess’ hair while I lead Michelle by the arm back to the bedroom.

Once we got in I closed the door and she stood there looking guilty. "You just got me to chop off Anna’s hair, thinking that’s what she wanted!?" Not mad, but loud. "I didn’t tell you to cut off that much! I think my sweety is a bit scissor happy!" She mouths off sarcastically with a big smile. "You do realize what’s gonna happen now, right?" Her cocky smile turns to a suprised stare. Like she knows what I mean – which she does, she lets out "Nooo… My hair is gonna be longer then Anna’s, right!?" HA! "I don’t think so, Honey. You gotta pay the price for what you did. It’s all coming off." She springs towards me and holds me tight. "Jake! Not too short!" Too late for that. I’m running the show with a passion now. "Nope! Get an elastic." Of course she knows what’s up. "Nooo… Jake…" Time for round two. "Okay? I’m gonna go sheer your sister, then you better be out with that sweet hair of your’s in a ponytail. And by the way, Michelle. I love you." That brightens up her otherwise gloomy look. But can you blame her?

I walk into the kitchen and Anna is still enjoying brushing out Jess’ nice butt length hair. When Anna sees me come in she got noticably excited. "Are we ready here?" I asked. "No…" A still whimpering Jess let out. Anna didn’t say anything, but nodded repeatedly. I tried to go about this nicely for the sweet little sister. "Alright, Jess. Here goes nothin!" GO TIME. I pulled all her hair back away a bit and quickly ran the scissors through all her black locks until I was holding yet another long ass ponytail, and Jess’ hair rested on her shoulders. "OH MY GOD!" She screams. Anna would like to say the same, I’m sure, but can’t piece the words together. "That’s not nothing, Jake! That’s sooo much!" Jess obviously still getting adjusted to the change. Out of the corner of my eye I see that Michelle has been standing behind us the whole time. She is also speechless. Jess stands up and paces around slowly – feeling out her new haircut. Of course woman-instinct kicks in and Anna is all over the situation. Suprisingly Michelle doesn’t move, or say anything. She just looks at me with a loving smile. And I can’t help but notice that her thigh length (for the most part) hair is tied back nicely. By the time the two shorn ones get it together they are more then ready for what they are about to see. And so am I.

Michelle walks over and sits on the chair by herself. "I’m a good girl." She lets out, which just makes me wanna get it on right here and now. I run the nicest of all three ponytails through my hands – pulling it back, and playing with it. With that I keep it pulled back towards me and pull out the scissors. My girl is obviously scared as hell, but prepared to take what I give her. I hold the scissors open right where the ponytail is tied and look at Jess and Anna. Suprisingly they both cringe, and mouth "No…" Damn. I agree with them. So I slide the scissors down six inches and look again. They look like – much like me – they’re fighting it, but end up shaking their heads again. At this point Michelle is obviously confused that she hasn’t heard her beloved hair be chopped off yet. I slide the scissors down a whole foot and give the two another look. Cutting it off here would leave her hair at her waist, nice and neat. They both run their fingers through their own hair, but still shake their heads again. I know what I’ve gotta do. I slide the scissors down even farther to a couple inches above where I cut off the four inch chunk before, and crunch my way through, chopping off six inches of her lovely hair. After that I let it go and watch it fall to the back of the chair. "All done?" A scared Michelle asks quietly. "Yeah, Honey, I’m done." I’m happy to let her know. She grabs the base of the ponytail and runs it through her hands. Absolutely amazed at how much hair is left. Then she whips around and looks at the floor and sees the six inch pieces. She jumps up and damn near squeezes the life out of me she hugs me so hard. The two on the side look happy too. I’m shocked.

While she’s hugging me she whispers in my ear, "how come you barely cut off any in the end? She’s happy, and I’m happy too. I whisper back, "I told you I don’t shit where I eat." We both chuckled over that. "But is it really fair that you chopped off all of their hair, but barely any of mine, Sweety?" What the hell??? I thought she would wanna avoid that. "Yeah, Jake!" Anna lets out loudly, but it’s obvious she’s just getting on my case for fun. Me and Michelle stare into each other’s eyes until we finally lock lips. Eyes closed, I have no idea why, but another arm has just gone around my waist. I open one eye to see that it’s Anna. Mmm… Not gonna complain. Suddenly I hear a very familiar noise. But it couldn’t be… I open my eyes and realize Anna has one arm around both me and Michelle, holding us together. I also notice that Jess is behind Michelle, and I don’t know where I put the scissors… It doesn’t take either of us long to realized what happened, and we break free. Side by side we look over at Anna and Jess – standing together as partners in crime. Jess has the scissors in one hand, and a big lock of Michelle’s hair in the other. Both with huge smiles. Michelle is shocked, but laughing. I look at the damage, and her hair now falls in between her mid-back and waist. I can live with that. "We’re even!" Anna cockily lets out. Best day of my life. Easy.

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