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I love getting my head shaved. I love the way the clippers slice through my hair leaving nothing but a rough stubble. I love it when Matt, my husband, covers my head with a layer of cool shaving cream and uses his nice sharp straight razor to take off the stubble. Most of all, I love the hot, steamy love making that accompanies my shaves.

It all started when I met Matt in college. He was a Junior and I was a freshman. He was a football player and in ROTC. We started dating and after we had been dating for about 3 months, Matt convinced me to get layers in my hair. My hair, at the time was about 12 inches long and when the stylist pulled up the first layer and proceeded to cut 10?, I thought I was going to pass out. Matt on the other hand got really hard and after the haircut was finished, Matt took me home and we had great sex.

That summer Matt talked me into getting a short bob. Again, Matt got hard as he watched them cut 7 inches off my hair. I had to admit I got really wet and hot as well. When he got me into his truck, he pulled up my skirt and plunged in to me.

The next year Matt proposed before he left for boot camp. We planned the wedding for the next June. I visited Matt a couple of times and he asked me to grow my hair out for the wedding.

June came and the wedding was beautiful. Matt had a three day leave and we took off. On our wedding night Matt undressed me and asked me to lay on the bed. He then tied my hands to the bed posts. He pulled out a small black case and I heard a buzzing start. The next thing I knew, he was saving my pubic hair away. It tickled and made me really hot and I started to get wet. Matt then put the clipper down and started making love to me with his mouth. He then came up and rode me hard.

The next night, Matt asked if he could cut my hair into a bob. I said sure as I was going to cut it after the wedding anyway. He proceeded to pull my hair into a tight braid and used the clipped to cut through the braid. Hair started falling and he took the braid he had just cut and ran it over my naked body. He then took shaving cream and pulled out his straight razor and shaved my neck. It felt so incredible. Matt admitted that he had spent some time at the barbers asking them about techniques and tools.

The next night was our last night together. Matt finally admitted that he had been fantasying about shaving me bald and wanted to know if I would let him. I started to get wet and hot and begged him to start. First he brought out a scissors and started cutting right above my left ear. Pieces of hair start floating down over my shoulders and neck. He then brought out the clippers and started shaving right down the middle. I could feel the cool air hit my scalp. I begged him to keep going. He teased me and asked me where I wanted him to shave next. I told him my nape and he pushed my chin to my chest and started running the clippers over the back of my head. I now had a lap full of hair and felt freed and wet and hot. Matt then asked me to kneel and fucked me from behind. He then had me continue to kneel and started running the clippers back and forth over my head. Hair continued to rain down until finally it stopped. Matt then took my hands and ran them over my head. I continued running them over my head while he pinched and twisted my nipples.

He then took me into the shower where he fucked me against the shower wall. He then sat me on the closed lid of the toilet and put on the shaving cream. It felt cool and amazing. Matt then took at a straight edged razor and started running it over my scalp. Little bits of foam and stubble started landing on my shoulders and breasts and I was totally turned on. When he was done, he rinsed my head and then once again took my hands and ran them over my head. It was incredible! I had never felt anything so good.

The next day, Matt went back to his ship. I saw him off and he told me that it had been the best three days of his life and that he was looking forward to a lifetime of shaving his beautiful wife. He has been gone for 8 months and is coming back tonight. I have his tools ready to go and can hardly wait. I loved to be shaved!

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