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It was still late at night, not the faintest sign of the sun rising. I reached out my arm to cuddle up close to him. Where was he? The bed was still cold, still made on his side. Surely it?s after midnight? I glanced at the clock. It had been 5 hours since I decided to call it a night and climb into bed. He had work the next morning, we both did. Rick was at his grumpiest when he hadn?t slept. I closed my eyes and fell back into a relaxing sleep, praying that he had slept on the sofa.

I had lived with Rick for three years now. Each day I?d say to myself that I?d change him, and his moods swings will stop one day. I knew he loved me and I gave him anything he wanted to keep him happy. I?d lost a lot of weight over the three years for him. I even let him cut my hair short. Rick liked his women skinny and with short hair, so short that people didn?t recognize me for a while when he gave me my first buzz cut. I resented him for this. My hair was once waist length and a glowing autumn red. Now the millimeters of stubble that showed were died weekly, bleach blonde on Ricks wishes.

The bedroom door slammed open, knocking the bed as it hit the frame. My eyes took a while to adjust but it was soon clear that he had been awake all night. I quizzed him, knowing it was the wrong thing to do, I wanted to know why he hadn?t slept, what was his problem. I didn?t receive any answers, just the pain and bruises as objects from the bedroom hit my body with a thump. I left him sulking in the bedroom as I made my way to work. Driving along I prayed of a way I could punish him for all the hurt he had put me through. The pain was becoming unbearable, I struggled to make it through the morning at work, I decided to return home and nurse my wounds from the mornings beating.

I arrived back home to see his car on the driveway, I sneaked in through the back door. If I could make it upstairs without him knowing I could at least hide for a while and relax. As I sneaked in I could hear him tapping away on the computer, I could hear him talking to himself too. He was groaning slightly, sounds of pleasure were filtering through into the next room. I so desperately wanted to see what he was doing but was still feeling vulnerable. Rick had been unfaithful in the past, and I couldn?t cope at the time without him. To keep him I agreed to my first buzz cut, the trust was never fully there though. I had set up a programme on his computer that had been linked to my laptop. I’d done it before, and I could watch exactly what he was typing.

Sneaking past the door to his study I crept upstairs and set my laptop up in the loft, he would never think of looking for me up there. I?d quite often hide away and relax or finish off my days work up there, I?d set it up as my secret office. I glared at my screen as I could see the programmes that Rick was logged into, instant messengers, porn sites and his web cam were all active. It looked as if he was in the middle of a heavy session of cyber sex with a long haired red head called Sandy. He could see her on her web cam, legs spread, fingers inside her. I watched in amazement knowing that this bimbo was turning my man on. Reading over his conversation it looked as if they had been awake all night together having phone sex, cyber sex and swapping photos. I?d never been the type to get angry, yet my fists were clenched, my pulse was rising. Why should I suffer his bad moods just so she can get horny with my man. I wanted revenge; I knew I?d have to think of something good.

I followed their chats for 3 hours, still sat in the loft. My mobile was vibrating from the SMS just in. It was Rick asking what time I was due home from work. He wanted to meet her, he wanted her in my bed, I could tell. As part of my forming plan I decided to reply saying that it would be nearly mid night before I arrived home.

The doorbell rang about an hour later, I?d been waiting patiently, better than he had, I could hear him running around the house, no doubt hiding any traces of his loving girlfriend. The voices were muffled, no doubt they were embracing in a passionate kiss behind the closed doors. I hadn?t thought my plan through, but I knew she was going to get more than she bargained for. I?d found some spare rope in the loft and began to creep down into the bedroom below. Again I sat patiently waiting for them to move into the bedroom. I could hear passionate groans coming from the lounge. I had expected them to head straight for the bedroom but this wasn?t the case. In a rage I grabbed the heavy lamp from the bedroom, crept downstairs and entered the study. They didn?t even flinch as I entered the room, too engrossed in the 69 position across the desk. The rage took over as I felt my arm raise and smack her across the head with the lamp. I repeated this quickly on Rick before he could grab me first.

This was not my plan, two unconscious bodies in the study. She was easy to lift, her waist length hair got in my way as I tied her body to the chair. I struggled more with Rick and had to root around quickly to find more rope. I felt like a head teacher when they were coming round, I had a cane in one hand tapping my other hand as if impatiently waiting for them to wake up. I had gagged them both. This was my time and his dull tones were not going to interrupt.

I proceeded to explain to this helpless little missy who I was. I made sure she knew how hurt I was too, I explained that although I looked like an army cast off with my little blonde buzz cut, I had once had a lovely thick head of hair just like hers, and that now, she needed to be punished. Well as Rick always said, he loved girls with short hair!

Rick kept a small handgun in his sock drawer. I produced it in front of his eyes, pointing it firmly at his temple. I explained to him that I was going to untie him, he had to follow everything I had ordered or else I would shoot. As I untied him I kept one hand on the gun, still pointing at him. He stood next to me looking bewildered and shocked. Had his timid little girlfriend turned on him? Following my orders Rick began to brush her hair, gently smooth strokes as the brush traveled through her long locks. I shoved him out of the way, grabbed her hair back tightly and used an elastic band to pull it tight into a high ponytail. ?Now hurt her? I yelled, I didn?t want this gentle brushing, I wanted her to feel pain with each stroke he took, I wanted to see the pain and tears streaming from her eyes, I wanted her to know what pain I was feeling. He grabbed her ponytail and yanked her head back as he vigorously pulled the brush through her pony. Through the gag we could hear her trying to scream, but this was only the beginning. I was going to make her pay, and him as well. I felt aroused by the proceedings. My plan was to hurt her, make him fuck her hard and feel abused but I wanted more, I needed the satisfaction that I’d got revenge.

I tied him back up while I ran off to the kitchen, many ideas were flying through my head. Different scenarios were being planned but which way I would go I hadn?t quite decided. I appeared in the doorway of the lounge, he was trying to use his teeth to free her from the chair. In my hands I had a tray with many bottles and tins on, and of course the gun. Under my arm I had a box of tricks for later too. I knew he had to be punished too but I was more aroused by her humiliation first. From the tray I took two eggs, after running my fingers along her naked body I cupped both eggs in either hand. I knew I was smiling menacingly as I cracked the eggs down onto her head, yolk splattering all over her amazing hair. I released her hair from the pony tail, rubbing the eggs into the base of her locks. Grabbing the tub of flour I emptied the entire contents again onto her egg filled hair. I untied him, ?now rub it in? I ordered as I waved the gun at him. She was whimpering quietly through the gag.

I poured the entire contents of my tray onto her hair, most of it dripping onto her body. The syrup was cold and sticky, the treacle naturally died her hair a deep brown colour, the cold gloopy custard made every strand stick together and he piled it on top of her head carefully following my orders. I moved in front of her, he naked body was shivering through fear and the cold, I ran my hands along her legs and up to her thighs, she wouldn?t open them so I pushed the gun deep into her thighs, she could feel the cold tip against her pussy. ?Now open your legs bitch? I ordered. With this she flung her legs open revealing a nice shaved pussy, as smooth as a baby. I grabbed her hair and yanked it forward towards her inner thighs, almost bent double I forced her food matted hair inside her. She screamed as I used my fist to shove it deep inside her then yank it out again. It must have felt rough against her soft moist skin. Rick watched in anger as I repeatedly forced myself inside her with her hair, her body bent double, her own face just inches away from touching her inner thighs.

Using another rope I tied her in this position. Her hair all forward over her face and now quite crusty from the drying food. Waving the gun at Rick I untied him and signaled for him to stand in front of her. ?Pee on her? I ordered. Rick looked at me in disbelief, he refused. ?Do it, do it now? I yelled as I thrust the gun into his back. I could see that he was struggling, probably through being forced or was he holding back, but he managed to trickle a small amount onto her hair. I moved him to one side. The 4 hours I had spent in the attic had built up a real urge. I pulled the gusset of my knickers aside and a golden hot fountain poured over her head. It went on and on and matted her hair further as it mixed with the mess in it. Then I poured a large jug of water over her hair, I had to shampoo it 3 times to remove all the traces of food. I was getting bored by now, I wanted more action. I made Rick dry her hair thoroughly, all while she was still tied down.

As her hair was near being totally dried I passed Rick a pair of blunt scissors. ?Chop it? I whispered to him, ?slowly, one strand at a time?. She couldn?t hear but she was trying to tilt her head to see what was going on, her body was wet, cold and still had syrup and flour smeared on it. She was crying, as her body shook the tears streamed off her face and onto her legs. I felt no guilt; I wanted her to know not to mess with my guy. His humiliation would follow, I hadn?t worked out what, but it would be worth it. Rick had taken a few strands of her hair in his fingers, he was mouthing sorry to her as he hacked at the first few strands. She let out a screech as she saw her beautiful hair fall onto her legs.

Rick?s face lit up, it took him back to my first shearing when he had taken me by surprise and cut my long hair one strand at a time. I cried then, just as she was now. He started to hack away quicker at her thick head of hair. In no time he had managed to leave her with odd lengths sticking out at different angles. Rick was feeling aroused, I caressed his body as he cut away, I moved my hands across his chest and knelt down in front of him as he cut away. I gently licked his balls as I ran my fingernails along the length of his penis. As I moved my lips towards it he thrust it deep inside my throat, pulling himself in and out with my movements. He grabbed the clippers that were resting on the bedside table. She froze as he held them at the base of her head, the vibrations surging through her body. I carried on sucking and licking him as he began to move the clippers up to the top of her head leaving the slight stubble that I have become accustomed to. He slapped her as she began to wriggle he continued to mow the clippers back and forth over the centre of her head, then onto the sides. Thousands of short shorn red hairs rained down over her and over me, tickling hugely. He nicked her ear with the clippers as he came in my mouth, her whimpering had made us both feel very horny.

He untied her neck and asked her to sit up straight. Her face was red, wet from her tears and covered in short stubble that had stuck to her in the process. He sent me to the bathroom for his Mach 3 and some water. With me he used shaving cream but with her he just wiped the cum that was left dripping from his cock. I ran my hands over her lovely buzz cut before he positioned the Mach 3 at the nape of her neck. The sensations that ran through my body were wild as I saw her face flinching with each scrape of the razor. He was gentle yet firm as he ran the blade back and forth against the hair. I lay on the bed, now naked and my legs spread wide as I watched him perfect her smooth scalp. As I became engrossed in pleasuring myself he reached over to the bedside table, ?click?, I opened my eyes to be staring down the barrel of his gun.

He tied me to his chair while waving the gun at me in the same manner that I had to him. ?Your punishment will come later my girl? he whispered. He ran and brought her clothes from the hallway, he ordered her to get dressed after untying her. They passionately kissed. ?I told you it would work babe? he said to her. I was confused, what was going on.

He explained to me his plan to drive me wild with jealousy. He found it arousing to watch a forced hair cut and as I always had mine short now he grew tired of my daily buzz cuttings. He had wanted more and set me up to shear his new lover.

He had no use for me anymore, he declared. He was going to leaved me. She interrupted, they were whispering in the corner. He came back over with an evil grin on his face. He lifted the chair with me on it and carried me into the spare bedroom. Still naked, covered in stubble from her hair and tied to the chair. ?You’re ours now? he yelled through the door, ?this will be your new room, you will stayed tied to the chair. You will grow you hair and we will use you when we want you?. The room grew dark as he closed the door, the lock clunked shut.

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