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It was unusually quiet and Vicky was sat in the reception area in one of the spare styling chairs. It was very comfy, Vicky laid her head right back into a cushion and thought about the older women she had met at the party the night before. Leslie had seen her watching her and was noticeably jealous. At the moment Leslie was busy working, and had a few appointments that would keep her busy for a couple of hours. Last night had been one big party and Vicky was so tired, she just…

Just then the door of the salon opened and standing in the doorway was Emma, the older woman from last night’s party.

"Hey how’s it going then? You look knackered."

"You’re not wrong, I feel awful," Vicky replied.

"Fancy going and getting a bite to eat with me?"

Vicky looked around and saw that Leslie hadn’t noticed Emma walking in, she quickly grabbed a coat and took off with Emma, telling the young girl on reception not to say anything to Leslie about seeing Emma and that she would be back shortly, an hour or so. The girl smiled and nodded.

Emma, who was about five years older than Vicky, put her arm through Vicky’s and the pair sauntered off down the road heading for the nearest café. They chatted as they walked, mainly about the party the night before. Emma told Vicky that she really fancied her, and as they walked she gently stroked Vicky’s waist-length, thick hair.

"Wow your hair certainly is long. I must admit I have always preferred to keep mine nice and short," she said as she felt the freshly clippered nape of her own neck.

"Mine was short for so long, I just decided to grow it back to the length I had it when I was at school."

"How short did you have it before you grew it?"

"Like yours but shorter," Vicky told her.

"Really, wow! I’d loved to have seen that."

Emma played with Vicky’s hair as the two continued to walk. The conversation carried on in a similar vein until they reached the café. Just opposite was a barbershop, one of those modern ones where the clientele were mainly young lads and the occasional girls who wore their hair closely cropped would go. All the barbers were pretty young girls in their twenties, and were all hard at work. The pair just sat and made idle chit-chat when out came the question Vicky had been expecting.

"Why did you grow it back again? I suppose it was Leslie’s idea?"

Vicky couldn’t lie and blurted it out more in embarrassment than anything. "Yes but I didn’t mind though!"

"She’s like that, always got to have her own way. If you want it long she wants it short and so on. Why don’t you just have it the way you want it?"

"Well, I don’t really care as long as it makes her happy." Vicky put on a brave face.

Emma took hold of Vicky’s hair and gave it a gentle tug. "Come on, really wouldn’t you like to get it cut?"

Vicky started to blush but tried to conceal it.

"Come on, you’re going to get a haircut." She dragged Vicky up from the chair and took her outside into the street.

"Right, let’s see now, where are we going to get it cut?" she said with a grin on her face. "I know, the barber’s perfect, they know how to give a nice short cut."

Emma pulled Vicky across the road and entered the shop. The shop was fairly large with five workstations, the young barberettes all busy with their clients. Four young gents were getting their hair done, just the basic clippered back and sides, but in the fifth chair was a youngish blonde girl. Emma and Vicky sat down in the vacant seats in the waiting area and Emma quickly pointed out the blonde to Vicky.

"Look she having it all off. Wow, that’s fantastic – look at it."

The blonde’s hair was indeed being clippered all over. The sides were especially short. Now the stylist was using the flattop comb, hair cascaded down to the floor.

"I really love flattops don’t you?" Emma fondled Vicky’s locks.

"Well I’ve never really thought about it."

"We’ll ask the stylist to do yours the same. Go on, it’ll be really cool."

Vicky just stared, she hadn’t even considered having her hair cut and here she was sat in the barbers with a girl she fancied like mad, wanting her to have a flattop.

"Well, yes it does look good, but…"

"Great! It’s your turn, go on then." She pushed Vicky towards the empty chair and quickly followed her. Blonde hair still covered the floor, the stylist returned from the till. She brushed the seat to remove some loose blonde locks and motioned Vicky to take a seat. Before Vicky knew what hit her the cape was being thrown around her, it encompassed her like a prison cell. What the hell was she doing here, she didn’t want a haircut, let alone a flattop. The cape was striped so she looked and felt like a prisoner. Her hair was being pulled from beneath the cape.

"My, we have got long hair haven’t we?" the baberette held the pony high. "Right, your friend has told me how you want it so I’ll just get on with it." The girl combed the hair through roughly. "There, that’ll do, it’s coming off anyway so that’s not a problem. Right you want it like the last young girl’s, don’t you? Just a bit shorter though, yeah."

The stylist didn’t wait for an answer she already had the scissors on the pony and made the first cut. Vicky sat as she had done years before when she started in the salon. As the shears did their work hair spilled onto her shoulders as if by magic. One minute her ears were showing the next they were covered over with a swathe of hair. The stylist handed her the pony, she looked down at it on her lap, as she did her head was pushed down towards her lap and Vicky heard the familiar sound of the clippers.

"That’s it, hold it there and I’ll get the bulk removed for you, there you go."

Vicky felt the clippers making the first pass upwards towards the crown, then another followed, then another.

"You want the back and sides shaved don’t you?" she said as she turned towards Emma.

"That’s it, as short as you can get them please," Emma replied.

Now the sides were being sheared, hair flew in all directions. The clippers traveled upwards until their job was complete. Vicky just looked on as if this was happening to somebody else. Emma came over and rubbed her fingers through the sides and back and told the stylist that they would need to be shorter.

"I’ll just sort the top out then I’ll redo them for you, ok?" he smiled in the mirror at Vicky as if talking to her but in fact was talking to Emma.

The clippers made short work running over the flattop comb, and within a couple of minutes the top was sheared down to 1/2 an inch.

"Right, let’s get the back and sides down to the boards shall we?" Once again she smiled at Vicky in the mirror.

The guard was left off the clippers and they did their job. The floor was awash with hair, blonde and chestnut, long and short. Vicky’s hair was now all gone, lying on the barber’s floor. The stylist brushed her off and un-caped her. What would Leslie say?

All the way back to the shop Emma touched Vicky’s hair, running her fingers through the top and caressing the sides. Outside the salon she kissed Vicky on the cheek and told her that they must do this again soon. Vicky stood and for a few seconds froze. God what had she done, Leslie was going to kill her.

The door opened and Leslie came straight up to her. "Vicky! Vicky, come on, your 2.00pm appointment’s here." Leslie shook Vicky into life.


"Your 2.00pm’s here, come on."

"Oh well, back to work."

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