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Oh he was so talented with his use of the scissors, she thought, as she watched great chunks of hair dropping away from the bowed head and so ruthless as well. Sally owned a successful hair salon in a large village and had been operating it for the past 6 years, employing 6 people. Two weeks ago she had been very concerned when her main stylist had left suddenly due to family problems but with 3 days the talented John had replaced her. He had been working in a leading salon in London for about 6 years but had returned to the village to be close to his recently widowed mother who was not in good health. A neighbour of the parent who was a customer of Sally’s had put them in touch and John had agreed to work for her.

He had an amazing personality and was an outstanding hairdresser and immediately became very popular with everyone. His great love was clearly cutting which Sally fully understood as she too enjoyed every opportunity to cut off hair. In his first week in the salon he had persuaded a number of his customers to have their hair restyled, several of who surprised Sally by allowing him to cut their hair short. He had also given his junior Sonia a stunning short crop and now she was watching him give another of her staff a haircut. Naomi had been at the salon for about 4 years and had always kept her hair at least shoulder length and although Sally had tried several times to cut her hair shorter, she had always refused.

Her hair was very lovely, a riot of tumbling chestnut curls and now these treasured locks were falling like rain as John worked on her hair. He kept up a constant chatter as he cut off masses of her hair but she made no protest or gave any sign of being concerned as her lovely hair was cut close to her head. Sally found that watching a lot of hair being cut off was almost as exciting as doing it herself and she flushed slightly as John saw how closely she was watching and gave a little smile almost as though he knew how much she was enjoying it.

The salon was empty apart from her staff that had all stayed to watch him work on Naomi’s hair. He cut off masses from the back but left a bit more length at the sides and front but took away some of the bulk. He finally was satisfied with the shape and put down his scissors and after damping down her hair he quickly blow dried her hair to its finally shape. She sat beaming at her reflection in the mirror as she realised how sensational her hair looked and there was much excited comments from the other staff members and sally once again was very impressed with his skill. Just as they were leaving he came over to her and said, “When you are at the warehouse tomorrow could you get me these items?” She glanced at the list and her stomach gave a little lurch as she saw one of the items. “You want electric clippers? “ He smiled and said, “Yes please. You only have neck trimmers and I want a large set. I love using them and they give a really dramatic effect on the right head. I feel sure I can attract a lot of new young customers here once they know we are doing ‘street’ styles. Also Paula has decided to have her hair cut tomorrow and I would like to use them on her, a really short crop will suit her beautifully. Goodnight!”

He left the salon and Sally felt absolutely stunned, hardly able to believe what she had heard. Paula was going to have her hair cut! Paula was the receptionist at the salon and was a very beautiful sophisticated girl with absolutely outstanding hair. It was pale blonde in colour, a wonderful silken texture and really long in a breathtaking straight gleaming fall to her waist. Sally had often fantasised about cutting off the lovely hair but Paula had always worn her hair long and had often said she would never have it cut short. Of course Sally had often trimmed the ends of the lovely hair to keep it in perfect shape and condition and greatly enjoyed handling the long hair; now John had calmly stated he would be cutting her hair tomorrow very short, with electric clippers!

She went to the warehouse the next morning and bought the most expensive clippers they had and still couldn’t imagine them running up the back of Paula’s head. She returned to the salon and saw in the appointment book that John was due to be very busy all day, certainly far busier than the girl he had replaced. She then noticed that Paula’s hair looked magnificent. Instead of it being tied back in its usual simple ponytail, it had been woven into an intricate plait that looked superb. “Gosh Paula your hair looks lovely,” she said. “Who did it like that?” “Oh I came in a bit early this morning and John did it for me.” Sally studied her hair again, greatly admiring its appearance and then she said, “He told me last night that he was going to cut your hair today. Are you still going to have it done?”

“Yes, he has talked me into it. I will be terrified I know when I see it coming off, but he does such super cuts I just can’t resist letting him do it.” Sally could feel her excitement rising and marvelled at John’s ability to persuade Paula to part with her beautiful and greatly admired long hair. During the afternoon she watched a number of exquisitively shaped hairstyles leave the salon and she knew that the standard of work had increased tremendously since John had arrived.

At 5.30 the last customer had left and John was drinking a well-earned cup of coffee and Sally approached him and handed over the purchases she had made that morning. He took out the clippers and examined them. “Oh these are great!” he exclaimed. I am sure I will be using them a lot.” “Will Paula be the first?” she asked, feeling almost weak at the thought. He looked at her for a moment, again as though he knew what she felt and then with a smile he replied, “Yes, after I have cut off her long hair I want to crop it really short with them. She has a very well shaped head and really short hair will look great on her and will be a marvellous contrast to all that long hair she has always had. “Does she know what you intend to do?” asked Sally. He smiled again and said, “Well she knows her hair is going to be a lot shorter but I haven’t told her exactly how short!”

Sally looked at him and said admiringly, “You are amazing! I don’t know how you manage to get these girls to let you cut off so much hair.” He suddenly reached out and touched her silken dark gleaming hair and said, “One day I will be cutting this off too.” He smiled and then walked away leaving her feeling breathless. He had done her hair the first day he had been at the salon and then he had tried to persuade her to let him restyle her hair to a shorter length but she loved the feel of her heavy hair around her neck and shoulders in its heavy bob shape so she had resisted him. A little tremor of fear and excitement ran through her at the thought of having him give her a completely new style although she hated the thought of herself with short hair

She followed him over to the chair where Paula was already gowned and waiting with her gleaming plait of blonde hair hanging down over the white cape. The other girls were gathered round eager to see what exactly John would do with the lovely hair. Paula was looking extremely nervous as he approached and she said anxiously, “I am not sure if I am doing the right thing to have my hair cut. It looks so good in this plait and I am really terrified about having it cut, are you sure it is going to look good?” He stood behind her and smiled reassuringly, “Don’t worry. It’s natural to be a bit nervous about having long hair cut off but I promise you it will look superb.”

uo;How short are you going to cut it, John?” she asked. “I don’t think I want it too short.” He put his hand on her shoulder and said, “Look, just relax. I am going to give you a style which will be stunning on you.” Sally smiled to herself, not once had he given her any indication of how short he was going to cut her hair and yet she was still willing to let him carry on. Paula took a last quick look at herself in the mirror before she nervously moistened her lips and meekly bowed her head saying, “Oh I hope I am doing the right thing.” John pushed her head a little lower and took out his scissors. He took a firm grasp on the beautiful intricate plait he had arranged earlier and Sally, who was watching very closely and feeling very excited herself, saw that John had an intense pleased look on his face as he brought his scissors up to the great plait of hair he was grasping.

He gave a quick glance over to the watching Sally and then with a little smile he began forcing the sharp blades through the plait almost at the roots. There were several gasps as the scissors started to bite deeply into the hair; one of them from Paula but several from the watching girls as they saw how much hair was being removed. Paula’s body gave a convulsive jerk as she felt the first bite of the shearing blades at the base of her neck and then a choking sob as they continued to remorselessly cut through her beautiful hair.

Sally felt a little sad as she saw the magnificent plait slowly coming away from the bowed head but this sadness was more than compensated by the waves of excitement which were flooding through her body and she was aware also as she saw John’s now flushed face that he was greatly enjoying the experience as well. One final loud triumphant snip and the lovely plait of hair was severed and he lifted it away from her head. As Paula began to raise her head he casually tossed the heavy plait on to the dressing table in front of her and there was a thud as it landed. She stared at the plait with a tearful and shocked expression on her face and she disbelievingly raised a hand and felt the short ends that were sprouting out angrily at the back of her head. “Oh my god, John! You have cut off far too much.” Her fingers anxiously explored the short hair at the nape of her neck as she stared tearfully at the forlorn looking long plait of blonde hair that was in front of her.

John briskly combed back the longer hair that had slid forward partly covering her face and then began spraying the hair with some water. “ It’s bound to feel a little strange having long hair cut off but I have promised you it is going to look good.” “But John it is so short already and I told you I didn’t want it short,” she groaned. “Just relax,” he said and then picked up the electric clippers. Her eyes widened but amazingly she made no further protest and allowed him to tilt her head forward. He made a section horizontally from ear to ear and then began driving the buzzing clippers into the nape hair. For 5 minutes his fascinated audience watched him use the clippers on her blonde hair and Paula watched at first with alarm and then gradually, as she saw the shape he was creating, she watched with increasing interest. When he finally put down the buzzing clippers and began swiftly blow-drying her hair he had created a fabulous shape that showed off the lovely colour and texture of her hair to perfection. He had cut the nape hair very short, almost skin close, quite high up the back of her head but the rest of her gleaming hair he had kept all one length in a very short bob shape which just reached her ear lobes.

When he finally finished drying her hair and released the cape Paula was sitting staring at herself with a beaming smile on her face as she realised how superb her hair looked. She studied her reflection in the mirror and then brought up both hands and explored her cropped nape and gave a little gasp of surprise as she realised how short her hair had been cut there. “Gosh that’s short!” she exclaimed, “but my head feels wonderful and I just love the style already.” The watching Sally too, thought how superb her hair looked and she had enjoyed immensely watching John working and she still marvelled that he seemed to have no difficulty in getting girls to allow him to crop their hair. The other staff complimented Paula on her dramatic new appearance and soon the salon was empty apart from John and Sally. She looked at the great piles of blonde hair that lay all around the chair and the intricately woven long silken plait that he had so ruthlessly removed and now looked a little forlorn on the dressing table.

Sally smiled at John and said, “That was an amazing haircut. It really looked superb on her and I find it incredible that she let you cut off so much hair.” He gave a little grin and replied, “Well, I didn’t really give her much choice, did I! But I knew it would suit her really short at the nape.” “What’s it like using clippers like that? I found it very exciting. I have only used clippers to tidy up hairlines.” He smiled at her and said, “Oh I love using them, it’s very enjoyable to cut off so much hair so quickly and to be able to take so short as well. The only danger is that you can get carried away sometimes but the strange thing is that most people find it is a very exciting and enjoyable experience although they may be feeling alarmed as well when they see so much hair coming off!”

He paused and looked thoughtfully at her and said, “Would you like me to show you how to do some clipper cuts?” Her stomach lurched with excitement and she said quickly, “Oh yes, I would love to know how to do them.” “I think you enjoy cutting off hair as much as I do,” was his reply and she felt herself redden slightly and he smiled and then said, “Great. Well I have suggested to the junior staff that I hold some training evenings for them where they can work under supervision. They will bring along their friends as models and I am sure at least one of them can be persuaded to have a clipper cut. I have tentatively arranged it for tomorrow evening if that is alright with you, it will be an ideal opportunity for you to see it done and perhaps even do one yourself.” Sally felt so excited at the thought she could hardly speak and he smiled again as he saw how excited she looked and then suddenly reached out and caught hold of a lock of her heavy gleaming silken hair and said intensely, “Your hair fascinates me completely. Let me cut it.”

She felt embarrassed and nervous at his intensity and pulled slightly away from him. “No John.” She said a little sharply, “You know I like my hair this length. He looked very disappointed and released the lock of hair he was holding and turned slightly away from her and she felt sorry that she had spoken so sharply to him. Feeling strangely excited and also nervous she said softly, “Perhaps I will feel like a change soon but not just yet.” He turned back to her, still with an intense look on his face and said, “I hope you will and you don’t leave it too long before you change your mind.” He paused and said, “Will you let me shampoo and then dress your hair for you now?” She laughed with pleasure and said, “That would be wonderful as long as you promise not to bring scissors near it!” Then casually she added, but feeling nervous and excited about his reply, “Perhaps you would like to come back to my house and have dinner afterwards?”

He looked a little surprised but pleased and he said, “That sounds great.
Come on; let’s get on with your hair. I would like to try something a bit different with it.” He gave her hair a marvellous relaxing shampoo and then conditioned it and gave her a fantastic head massage which was very stimulating and which she found very erotic as well. Then he spent a very long time carefully blow-drying her hair and then arranging her luscious gleaming locks. He swooped the sides smoothly back from her face and then gathered the back hair together and using curling tongs arranged it in a rippling cascade of soft curls. She was stunned that her hair could look so beautiful and loved the back view when he showed her it with the hand mirror. He smiled at her delight and said, “I am pleased you like it, but I can promise you that when you let me cut your hair it will look far better than that.” She could feel herself weakening and of course had noticed he had said ‘when’ and not ‘if’ about cutting her hair. He was obviously very confident that she would soon be letting him cut her hair and deep down she realised he was probably right!

He was very entertaining over the next few hours and she thoroughly enjoyed his company during the time he spent at her house. Nicky, her 15-year-old daughter was absolutely entranced by him and when he finally left she realised that despite their age difference she was falling under his spell too. She tried to tell herself not to be silly as she was at least 10 years older than him but he did seem to be quite flirtatious with her all evening.

During the next day she could feel her excitement building as she thought about the forthcoming evening training session that had now been confirmed. In addition she was delighted that John had asked her if she would like to go out with him for a meal at the weekend, which of course, she had eagerly accepted. By 5pm the last customer had left and a few minutes later the first two models arrived. They were two young friends of Julia, one of the juniors, and Sally felt a little disappointed when she saw that they both had fairly short hair as she was looking forward to seeing John remove a lot of hair again. Nevertheless she found watching him working at close quarters quite fascinating and instructive as did of course did the juniors. He used the clippers on both the girls but only at the napes of their necks but he explained carefully what he was doing.

Just as he was supervising the blow-drying of the second model the salon door opened and in came two more girls. To Sally’s surprise she saw that one of the girls was her daughter Nicky who said brightly, “Hello mum.” “ Nicky, what are you doing here?” Nicky smiled and said, “I have come to have my hair cut.” Sally gave a little gasp of surprise and felt her stomach give a little lurch. Her daughter had the most wonderful rich dark auburn hair, which was very long, almost 6 inches below her waist. During the many years she had cared for the lovely long hair, Sally had often looked forward to the day, which she knew would eventually come, when Nicky would want to have her hair cut. Until now Nicky had never shown any interest in parting with her long locks that were greatly admired and Sally then wondered if perhaps her daughter just wanted the ends trimmed, but as she saw how nervous and excited she was looking, she realised that Nicky wanted more than just a trim.

She smiled nervously at her mother and said, “John told me that short hair would look good on me and it was time I had a new image.” Sally felt shocked but a tremor of excitement ran through her as she thought of the pleasure she would have from cutting off the beautiful long hair. “Are you sure, darling? It us a very big step to have it short straight away. Let me cut it to your shoulders first.” Nicky looked straight at her mother and said slowly, “I want it short and I want John to cut it for me.” Sally stared at her open mouthed, feeling deflated, disappointed and very hurt as John gave her a quick smile and led Nicky to a nearby chair and began fastening a cape around her. As he lifted the great mane of hair clear and allowed it to spread out over the cape, he glanced back enquiringly at Sally and said, “Is it alright?”

Sally gave a little shrug and replied, “If that what she wants.” She still felt very shocked and upset but as she watched John starting to brush through the long mane of hair she felt her excitement beginning to build. Although she was being deprived of the pleasure of cutting her daughter’s long hair she would be watching an expert doing it, which was the next best thing. Nicky closed her eyes as her long hair was skilfully brushed for what she knew would be the last time and there was silence in the small salon as John put down the brush and picked up his scissors and comb. The two juniors and Nick’s friend watched intently and Sally’s heart was pounding and her mouth dry with excitement.

John allowed the great mane of hair to spread out right across the cape and then moved alongside Nicky. He made a vertical parting about 2 inches back from her hairline and lifted the great lock of hair away from her head and then said softly, “Ok, Nicky. Here goes!” He brought the scissors up to the lock of hair and slowly and deliberately he began cutting it about an inch from the roots. The blades scrunched their remorseless way through the silken hair and the strands parted almost reluctantly and he was able to lift the yard long tress of hair away from her head.

Nicky had given a little gasp at the first snip and then watched with a look of almost disbelief as she saw the great lock of hair coming away from her head. Sally watched the first cut with mixed emotions; sadness that such beautiful hair was being cut off; disappointment that she was not the one doing it; anger at John for persuading Nicky to have her hair cut, but the overriding feeling was that of excitement of being able to watch a head of beautiful long hair being ruthlessly removed. John gave her an occasional glance as he continued to harvest the remainder of the splendid long hair and Sally tried not to show her emotions, as she didn’t want him to see how much pleasure she was getting from watching him cut off her daughter’s long hair. John handed the first lock of hair to one of the watching juniors and then sectioned off another 2-inch wide tress and repeated the action. After her initial reaction Nicky remained remarkably calm as he worked around her head stripping off all her long hair. In only a few minutes, every trace of her remarkable long hair that had been so much a part of her for most of her life had been removed and was dangling from the young junior’s hand. She was staring down at it as though she couldn’t believe it and it was amazing that a few minutes work with a pair of scissors could have such an effect.

John now combed briskly through the short hair that was now about chin length and Nicky sat gazing at her reflection in the mirror with a calmness that Sally found hard to believe. John now took a spray and slightly dampened the hair and then said to Nicky, “Right. Are you ready for the next stage?” She gave an excited little nod and he reached forward and picked up the electric clippers. He turned to his audience and with a little smile on his face he said, “Nicky has decided to go for a really short haircut and this is where the clippers are ideal.” Sally had felt herself grow cold when she had seen him pick up the clippers, at the thought of what was left of her daughter’s beautiful hair would now be really shorn. However, she had seen the dramatic results he had previously achieved and hoped that Nicky would be pleased with the finished style.

John was attaching a guard to the clippers and said, &ldq
uo;I am going to cut her hair down to about half an inch all over first and then take it shorter in places.” He switched on the clippers and pushed Nicky’s head down and then slowly and deliberately began running them up the back of her bowed head. Great chunks of hair began rolling down the gown as the clippers carved a furrow up the back of her head and there was silence in the salon except for the deep growl of the clippers and the slight sharp intake of breath from someone as they saw so much hair being stripped away. He ran the clippers right up to the crown of her bowed head and then lifted them away and with a smile he handed them to Sally and said, “Would you like to carry on.”

Her stomach lurched sickeningly and then hesitantly she took the buzzing clippers and stepped closer to her daughter. He gave her a little nod and said, “Just run them up the back of her head, keeping them close to the scalp so the cut is even.” Hardly able to believe that she was doing this to what remained of her daughter’s once beautiful long hair, she began moving the clippers up the back of the bowed head. Despite the misgivings about cutting the hair so short she felt waves of excitement roll over her as she watched the hair come away. As she reached the crown he said, “Good. Now the next section.” Eagerly she stripped away more of the hair and now all the back of Nicky’s head was cropped down to a smooth pelt which she could not resist touching and stroking. “Ok. Now for the rest. Do you want to carry on?” She nodded eagerly and he stepped alongside her and put his hand under Nicky’s chin and raised her head.

Nicky smiled at her reflection in the mirror and said excitedly, “Oh, that’s fantastic! It is such a wonderful feeling from the clippers.” John smiled at her and then said to Sally, “Just run them back from her forehead now and join up with the hair you have already cut.” The hair in the front was still quite long and fell down, partly covering Nicky’s face and Sally eagerly now began to do what he said, no longer caring that it was her own daughter’s hair she was cutting so short. All she cared about now was the thrill of stripping off as much hair as she could as quickly as possible, and Nicky seemed to eagerly move her head into the clippers, wanting the same thing. Great clouds of the rich hair tumbled down from the buzzing clippers and the cape was thickly covered by masses of the silken hair.

All too soon Sally realised that she had removed al of the longer hair from her daughters head and all that remained of the glorious waist length hair was a half-inch covering. However, as she stepped back and switched off the clippers she saw that the very short hair made Nicky look extremely attractive, showing off the lovely shape of her head and her fine features that had been swamped by her long hair. John took the clippers from her and said, “Well done! Now I am just going to make a few areas a little shorter to define the cut. She looks great with short hair, doesn’t she.”? Sally could only agree despite her earlier misgivings, and she could see that Nicky was absolutely delighted with her dramatic new appearance. John had changed the head of the clipper now and was cutting the nape hair even closer to the bowed head and Sally watched with total confidence, knowing that the finished result would look superb. She absentmindedly fingered her own rich heavy shoulder-length hair and wondered how she would look and feel if her hair was cropped and then saw that John was looking at her with a smile on his face and knew that she would probably find out very soon!


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