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With thanks to Cate for her memorable company and the inspiration for this story. Happy Birthday for 7th September.

You emerge blinking into the light, squinting as your eyes adjust to the bright scene around you in front of the railway station of this Midlands town. You remove your glasses and clean them and then look around focusing on the hotel frontage just down the street to your right. You pick up your bag and start to head towards it, contemplating the series of events that had lead you to this day.

You had always had long hair, mainly because of your parents insistence, but that very restriction had served to heighten your interest in the subject. On arrival at University earlier that year, you had moved outside the circle of influence of your parents and had taken advantage of this to indulge in some piercing’s and to broaden your horizons. It had also given you free access to the Internet and this had resulted in you opening a search engine one day and entering the word ‘haircut’. You looked on in amazement and fascination as the results list revealed a world you had not dreamed of. Soon, your adventures round the net had lead you to some more extreme hair related sites, which you discovered excited you unbelievably. One day you opened up your e-mail to find a message from Big Cropper. It all started off so politely and sensibly and the discussions had mainly been about all things hair. You found that you had many things in common with him regarding your attitudes to hair and the mails soon started to become more personal. The sexual nature of the way things started to develop shocked you initially, as an inexperienced virgin. But you found yourself open to experiment and soon you were wanking to the pictures and messages that passed between you. He had encouraged you to think about cutting your hair short and then had even introduced the idea of shaving your head. You found the juices rising rapidly within your pussy every time you contemplated the idea. And so, after several months of mails flying back and forth, you found yourself heading for the pre-arranged hotel, to meet a 42 year old man and knowing that life was going to change over the next few days.

You arrive in the foyer of the hotel and become aware again of the itching from your crotch where your pubic hair has been growing back for a couple of weeks at his request. You look around for reception when a voice comes from behind you. You swing quickly round as a distinctive voice says, “Cate?”. You survey the person stood before you. He had described himself as ‘short, fat and tolerably ugly’ and you perceive that he is around 5′ 8″ and definitely large, so the first 2 at least were correct. He has been on a diet since you first met him on the net, so this was not surprising. But overall, you are not displeased.

“Come on up to the room”, I say, having decided that I like what I see. I pick up your case and you follow me to the lift. The door closes and I press button 4. There is a short, slightly embarrassed silence at this actual meeting and then we move together and our lips meet for the first time. The retained passion of the last few months surges through us and the kisses become very intense. You feel my hands running through your long blonde hair and a shiver runs down your spine at the thought of what is to come. We arrive at our floor and enter our room. Our lips are immediately locked together and our hands wander over each others bodies. Within moments we are shedding our clothing all around us on the floor, all the while trying not to break contact. Our naked bodies writhe against each other and our hands pleasure parts of each other in ways that have only been described in mail before. You notice that my hands keep returning to your hair and running through its luxurious length in the most sensuous way. I use it to stroke your breast and brush the tips of it against your nipples until they stand out like bullets. My nose is buried in it drinking in the smell of the freshly shampooed locks. My cock is reacting fully to the situation and you jump back initial surprise as it expands rapidly and upwards stabbing you in the thigh. You sink to your knees and slide the tip of it into your mouth. Your tongue laps around the end stretching and maneuvering my foreskin. I drive it slowly into your mouth and you almost choke as the throbbing pole slides over your tongue and brushes against your tonsils. You are taking to the task as though you have been doing this for years, instead of for the first time. You know what I like and you are determined to fulfill my wildest desires. The tension between us and the anticipation means that I cannot last for long and soon I am pulling out of your mouth and your continue to wank me with your hand as I cum in buckets loads all over the top of your lovely blonde head. You know that this was one of my greatest desires and you have fulfilled it perfectly. I had not wanked for 5 days in anticipation of this so that I built up a good head of steam. I massage the creamy load into your hair before placing my fingers in front of your mouth. Your tongue slides out and licks them clean. You look slightly surprised at the salty taste as this is the first time you have tasted cum.

We adjourn to the bathroom where I sit you on the stool there and you look puzzled as I reach into a bag and my hand emerges with a small black object in the palm of my hand. I move it around and it starts to buzz. It is my small battery powered Wahl trimmer clippers. I place them just below your navel, deliberately brushing your right nipple with the vibrating blades as I pass. They start their slow progress and are soon chewing into your blonde fuzz, removing it to close stubble. They continue down and I carefully buzz them around your clit, making sure that the vibrations are used to stimulate it to maximum effect. You gasp as the first contact is made and your eyes open wide as your pussy floods and a surge starts to build deep within you. You start to writhe against them as your feelings build. I run them back over the rest of your triangle cleaning it all and then maneuver back round your clit. I slide my finger gently inside your lips and carefully run the buzzing clippers down the outside of them in turn. My fingers slide in further and stimulate your walls before reaching upwards and forwards for your G spot. A trembling builds from deep within you and develops into an uncontrollable shudder. Your eyes roll up into your head and you start to moan loudly. The orgasm continues to rise unabated. My mouth comes down to your clit and my tongue laps around it before my lips close over its end and I suck it into my mouth in such a way that it vibrates between my lips. Your orgasm goes multiple and your head is thrown back and sweat starts to pour from your body as you peak ever higher. Your juices gush round my fingers flooding the top of the stool. I lap it up from around your lips reveling in the glorious aroma of your pulsating pussy. My tongue replaces my fingers in your pussy and my sodden slippery finger slides under you and slides up your tight little bum, tracing round the puckered entry before locating the route in. You tense and cum again. The clippers click back on again as I remove my finger and they pass over the stretch between your pussy and your ass before circling the hole. I straighten and reach for the shaving foam, which I proceed to apply liberally all over your pussy area. The Mach 3 already has a fresh blade and it soon makes short work of the remaining stubble as I run it carefully around your pussy making sure that I touch and stimulate you whenever I can. I reach for the flannel and wipe your pussy clean. I take your hand and lead you back to the bedroom.

“You have been taking your pills properly for the last fortnight haven’t you”, I check. You nod and I lift your hair and kiss you on the nape before running my tongue around your hairline before nibbling gently on your ear lobe. My tongue continues
around the rim of your right ear, tracking around your piercings as my left hand rises under your hair and my fingers gently brush against the back of your left ear. I bend you gently forward over the dressing table, so you are facing close to the mirror, and my right hand slips down and strokes your pussy before easing your legs further apart. My cock needs no further encouragement and the tip teases you as I run it up and down your entrance. The tip enters your tight virginal pussy and proceeds to slowly penetrate you fully. My right hand slides round your leg and reaches into your clit as I squeeze it gently between my forefinger and thumb before commencing a rolling motion. My left hand is brought to your taught young erect nipple and copies the action of my right hand on your clit. My other fingers gently caress the firm young flesh of your boob. I drive fully home and you gasp as you are properly entered for the first time Our bodies move well together and we soon establish a stimulating rhythm. Your passion starts to build again as the action gyrates and starts to speed up. You watch yourself in the mirror as I pound into you from behind. Your skin is glowing and you can feel my balls bashing against my fingers around your clit. The sight and feel of it all takes you over the top again and your legs buckle as you orgasm. I hold you up and continue to grind my cock deep inside you. My hands both move to your boobs and massage them firmly and I start to pant. It is my turn for my knees to go weak as my scrotum tightens.

“I’m coming”, I pant and my cock starts to pulse inside you and you feel my cum flood into your pussy. We stagger to the bed and collapse on it. My hands run over your body, stroking your nape and ears again before my finger slides down your spine and traces around your bum hole and on to your pussy. My other hand gently massages your wrist, stroking all around it and running up and down and over your Mound of Venus at the base of your thumb. My finger slides into your pussy and collects a thick covering combination of your juices and my cum. I bring it up to your mouth and you proceed to lick it clean. My cock is recovering fast and you squirm as you feel it lengthening rapidly and pushing into your back as it grows. Your hand slides around and starts to stimulate it back to its full capacity. I roll you onto your back and place your legs on my shoulders. I take a pillow and place it under the base of your spine and then lift your bum before sliding back into your pussy as your legs jackknife as my shoulders rise over you. I penetrate you even deeper than from behind and you gasp as I start to move. We make love passionately and deeply before cumming in unison. We lay together for a while, stroking and touching each other, exploring each others bodies more fully.

After about half an hour, I say “OK, it’s time for your first haircut”. You nod eagerly, surprised at your own comfort at the thought now the moment has finally arrived. Your pussy juices up again in anticipation of the event. I climb from the bed and fetch the stool and the bag from the bathroom, setting it down in front of the mirror on the dressing table. I pat it gently and you rise, as though in a trance and sit on it. I delve into the bag and come up with a brush, a comb and a pair of scissors. I proceed to brush out your hair, long strokes running right through its full length from the top of your head to the tips. It shines beautifully as it is converted into a sleek sheet, despite the cum and sweat that it has been subject to. I comb in a careful side parting starting from the swirl on your crown. I run the comb down through the length to about an inch from the bottom and place the scissors level with the comb. “Scnickkk” they go as I close them and a little shower of one inch fragments cascades to the floor, some sticking to your hot body en route. I continue round cutting the ends neatly and leveling your hair off all round. The split ends that you had at the base have now gone. I proceed to twist lengths of hair so that the split ends along their length stand out. I carefully trim the off. When I am satisfied with my work I quickly comb the hair from the front of your side parted hair over your face. The scissors slide under the blonde mass level with your eyebrows and they bight together sending a skein of long blonde hair sliding down over your face and nipples to land in your lap. You blink at your new appearance.

I reach into the bag again and pull out a large pair of black Remington clippers. I produce a selection of guards and attach a #3. I take the comb and proceed to partition your hair along the left hand side of your head about 1½” above your ear. I clip the upper hair to the top of your head and plug the clippers in. They clack on and you jump at the sound. The buzzing gets louder as I bring them to your left temple. You flinch and then start to smile as they are placed against your head. I start to slide them upwards and long blonde strands start to tumble down your naked front as they eat it away. You cannot believe the feel of the clippers as the nibble away at your hair leaving a neat layer of 9mm velvet. I stroke the area left by the first stripe and a shudder of pleasure runs through you. As I run the clippers up to the part for the second time I smile as I notice you pressing your head gently into them. A deep contented smile comes to your face and your eyes close to slits as the enjoyment of the moment washes over you. I move the clippers round behind your left ear and place then for the first time on your nape. I pause for a few seconds waiting to allow the feel of the buzzing clippers to penetrate you fully. Then I slowly start to slide them up to your occipital bone. The clippers move back to the base of your neck, lower than needed just to cut your hair and I let them creep upwards into your hairline, nibbling away at the long strands as they encounter them, showers of long severed blonde tumbling and slithering down your naked spine. I smile as I watch your spine quiver under the sensual flow. Back to the centre of the nape goes the clippers and again they plough remorselessly upwards, chomping through your lovely blonde tresses. Up to the occipital bone and then back and side wards to the first stripe on the right of your nape. A brief pause while I re-part your hair to expose the right side and then the clippers resume their work. Soon the 9mm of stubble covers the whole of the nape of your lovely neck and I move in front of your right ear to complete the shearing of your right temple.

“Go on, feel it!”, I say. Your hand snakes up from your crotch, where it has been busy, severed hair clinging to it like streamers. You reach round and a look of sheer pleasure comes to your face as your fingers first contact the velvet of your nape. The smile increases as you rub your hand, firmly at first, experimenting with the difference between stroking it with the lie of the hair and against it.

“Try just brushing the tips”, I suggest, demonstrating with my own hand over your right temple. You shudder with delight and your own hand follows the lead. I snap the #3 off and select the #2 into its place. The clippers snap back into life and I proceed to redo the entire #3 area with the #2. the shorter guard produces a more sensual cut and you start to moan softly as your fingers work frantically between your legs. As I finish the #2, your hand flies again to your head and starts to rub and stroke. My own hands join yours, covering the areas that you are missing. You gasp and tense and the hand between your legs works harder as you shudder to climax. I lean forward and butterfly kiss around the hairline of your nape, before gently licking the back of your right ear. As you rise on a second wave of the orgasm, my teeth gently nibble on your lobe as my tongue caresses its tip. My left hand barely brushes the back of your head, tickling the stubble and my right hand descends to slide under you and through your legs before pro
bing and sliding its way up your bum. You rise to another peak of your orgasm as my thumb massages the back of your pussy lips. I pull my finger out and inspect it. There is a little trace of poo on it. I place it in front of your mouth and you amaze yourself as your tongue flicks out and pulls it into your mouth, before licking it clean. The taste is not as unpleasant as you might of expected, and you ponder over what you had to eat yesterday.

The #2 is replaced by a #1 guard and the clippers start their ride over the undercut again, cropping the stubble ever tighter and reducing the velvet surface to just 3mm. Your eyes close in contentment as the process continues. As the full circuit of your head is completed again, there is a brief pause as your stroke and rub your nape again and I remove the final guard. I place my hand on the crown of your head and push your chin to your chest. The naked clippers feel different to the guarded ones and they are warm against your neck. The intensity of the blades severing more 2mm shards is much greater this time and you are covered even more deeply down your back and over your boobs with the tiny clippings. The near naked flesh of your white scalp starts to appear, as your fingers work frantically at your pussy and clit.

All too soon the clippering is complete. I reach into the bag again and produce a can of shaving foam and the Mach 3 razor. I leave you stroking your head and pussy as I go to the bathroom and fetch a bowl of hot water and wet a towel in it. I apply this to your nape. The heat of the towel on your naked flesh is unbelievable. I leave the towel in place as I bend and kiss and lick your right boob, circling round gradually closing on the nipple, before clamping my lips around it, nibbling it gently between my teeth and licking its tip with my tongue. You gasp and cum again. After 5 minutes I remove the towel, and there is a sharp intake of breath as the cold air strikes your hot flesh. I have put the tin of shaving foam in the bowl of hot water and now apply a generous coating of the crème to the stubbly area. The Mach 3 starts its work and you sigh deeply at this new sensation. With long confident strokes, I proceed to totally denude the entire area up to 1″ above your ears. The razor is run downwards first and then the foam is reapplied, fresh from the hot water bowl, and the razor runs upwards to remove the last vestiges. I run my fingers all over the area searching for the slightest stubble and then erasing it when found. You are biting your bottom lip in an attempt to prevent you squirming as the razor runs over your head. As the task is completed you can hold it in no longer and burst into yet another orgasm. When things have calmed down, I comb your remaining long hair down. On first inspection, you still appear to have a full luxurious head of long blonde hair. Then I pull it up into a high ponytail, revealing the shaven white flesh below. I plant kisses all over the shaven area and then lick all around it and over your ears.

“OK, lets get washed up and dressed. Were going out to eat, to show off my special beauty!”.

“You wont need those”, I say as I enter the bedroom to find you pulling on your knickers, “and wear a shortish skirt with plenty of room in it please”.

We head out to a nice restaurant with decent food and wine. We order up initial drinks and then sort out what we want from the menu. The waitress is an attractive young woman with a big blonde bun attached tightly to the back of her head. She cannot take her eyes from your haircut and she has to ask several times for us to repeat parts of the order. As we sit there, you are the centre of covert attention. People are constantly glancing at your lovely white undercut and the tight high blonde ponytail. A couple of women and 1 of the men come up and compliment you on it as they pass towards the loos. The starter and a lovely red wine appear and we tuck in. The waitress seems to be constantly loitering and taking more runs to bring out meals than is strictly necessary. Each time she pauses rather more than she needs and manages to speak with us. The main course soon arrives, brought attentively by our waitress. You struggle to hold a sensible conversation with her as you are being distracted by my foot, which I have slipped from my shoe and I am playing with your pussy with my toes under the tablecloth. No sooner has she left the table than I smile as observe the silent shudder of an orgasm run through you.

We eat our main course, which is delicious and I suggest that we need to go to the loo before the sweet. We head off to the loos and you look surprised when I tell you to check that the women’s is empty. You confirm that it is and I follow you in to the cubicle. I pull down my trousers and sit on the pan. You bend down and place your lips around my rapidly rising cock, sucking and licking me to rock hard. You rise and squat over me and I ease you down onto my cock. You start to move, the motion ever increasing and you place your hand over your mouth to stifle your increasing moans and gasps. We hear the door of the area open and someone enters the next cubicle. We continue to increase our motions regardless, in full lust. I reach up behind you a grab your ponytail using it to haul you tighter still onto me. Our joint lust continues to rise and your orgasm starts. As you start to buck as it pulses through you my hand slides down the ponytail and your hair flies loose as I remove its retaining band. I reach down into the pocket of the trousers at my feet and return holding a pair of scissors. I proceed to hack your long hair off all round at eyebrow length. It is not a clean cut as your motion makes it impossible. Your orgasm heightens as I rub the fistful of severed hair all over your bare scalp and face. You are moaning out loud now and the sound of the loo in the next cubicle flushing and a hasty exit from the loos only heightens your experience.

5 minutes later we leave the loos and return to the restaurant. Every eye in the place is on us and particularly your tatty high chilli as we return to our seats. One or 2 look quizzically at the fistful of long blonde locks in my left hand. The waitress comes over, her eyes shining and fixed to your head. We order our sweet, twice as the waitress doesn’t register it the first time. My foot returns to your pussy, your juices soaking through my sock as my toes play against your lips and clit. My attentions continue as we eat our sweets and order coffee. My toes squirm in between your lips and I gradually work my foot into the welcoming warm wet depths of your pussy. The waitress is back again and her curiosity gradually overcomes her.

“That must have been soooo sexy!! What are you going to so with your hair now?”, she asks. You reply that it is intended to shave your head over the next few days. You look amazed as she replies that she would like to have hers cut like that. She looks at me.

“I assume that you are the one doing the cutting?”, she asks. I nod and she continues, looking at you, “Would you mind if I were to come back with you and get mine cut too?”

You look at me and I nod. You know that this means that it is your choice.

“You’ll be welcome”, you reply. We pay for the meal and wait with some more drinks until the restaurant closes and the waitress can join us. It transpires that she too is a student on holiday and is due to return to University the next day. Her name is Susan. We return to the hotel, pausing at a late night off-license to buy some more drink. As soon as we are in the room, Susan says that she wants to take her hair down. We watch in amazement as her bun is undone to reveal a beautiful thick blonde sheet that slowly unravels to reach to her thighs. It is all one length and in wonderful condition. It must take her hours to keep it looking like that. I hand you a brush and you start to brush through the luxuriant tresses from the crown, gradually down and down to the tips nestling under her b
uttocks. I start to remove your clothes and Susan responds by unbuttoning her own, letting them drop to the floor. She and you are looking deep into each others eyes and, hesitantly, your lips meet. The kisses deepen and become more passionate. Susan’s hand reaches for your pussy and she strokes the naked bald area. Her fingers move around your clit and then slides in between your dripping lips. Her thumb caresses your clit as 2 of her fingers drive upward and forwards into your G-spot, feeling for the telltale change of texture that marks its location. You gasp and almost immediately start to orgasm. I start to stroke your erect nipples and lick around your naked nape. You peak again.

Susan puts her face into your pussy and starts to lick, suck and nibble on your clit and your lips. I get the KY jelly and apply a dob to the puckered entrance to your bum and over my fingers before gently inserting my first finger into your virgin back passage. My thumb slides along the bridge to the back of your pussy and slides into it. My finger and thumb set up a rotating motion as my finger slides deeper and angles around. My finger is partly withdrawn and you gasp as you feel it return with a companion. Again I continue the massaging with my fingers and thumb. I start to spread my fingers as wide as possible, stretching the walls. A third finger joins the others, stretching and worming away in your tight young arse. I pull up a chair behind you and sit on it. I withdraw my fingers and present them for you to lick. You hesitate, and then your head bobs forward and your tongue encircles them, stripping them totally clean. I grasp your waist and gently ease you back onto my throbbing erection. I pause as it starts to slide into your hole and apply a little KY to its tip. I ease you gradually down onto my rampant cock and impale your arse fully on its length. You moan loudly as its full length penetrates.

Susan resumes her attention to your pussy, licking, nibbling and sucking, pausing only temporarily to lick my balls from time to time. I take a big bunch of her hair and use it to stroke over your nipples. You are getting increasingly excited and riding hard on my cock, driving it hard into your taught young arse, the flesh yielding more and more easily as time passes. I continue to rub Susan’s hair into you, moving it all over your abdomen and then down, pushing it past Susan’s bobbing face and whipping it round her tongue as she drives it into your dripping pussy. You start to pant and your pussy gushes faster than Susan can lick it up. Your orgasm gradually builds and your movements become wilder and more frantic until you collapse with a deep sigh.

I take Susan’s hair and form it into a ponytail. I pull her face away from your pussy and proceed to shove the end of the ponytail as far up as it will go. My fingers spread your lips apart and slide in, spreading as they go, until my entire right hand is inside you, grasping the thick blonde rope. My fingers work away, feeding more and more of Susan’s hair into you. It is becoming soaked in your juices, even as I feed it between your lips. My fingers start to maneuver the hair around inside your pussy, working it against the walls, driving on inwards until I am able to use it to stroke your cervix. Your pussy convulses as I clasp my fingers round into a fist, filling your pussy tightly together with the fistful of Susan’s now saturated hair. I begin to work my fist up and down and round and round your pussy, taking every opportunity to stimulate every part of your pussy. The hair slithers up and down inside you, still grasped in my fist, dragging and stimulating as the sodden locks drag on your pussy walls.

Susan still has sufficient spare hair to turn her head and lick your clit, while my cock remains tightly wedged up your arse. I drive my cock in even deeper, angling it so that it squeezes the flesh between my fist in your pussy and my cock in your arse. You start to orgasm again and Susan reaches up to stimulate your nipples. I use my left hand to stroke your bare nape and the backs of your ears. You turn your head and we engage in a deep French kiss, tongues entwining and searching the full extent of each other’s lips and mouths. You keep spasming into greater and greater orgasmic peaks, it seems to be going on forever, my groin still grinding my cock into your arse and my fist opening and the fingers stirring the captured sopping blonde locks against your pussy walls to the neck of your womb. You are shrieking and moaning ever louder and I press my lips further into your mouth, stifling the sounds that must be echoing down the corridors outside the room. The orgasms continue to rack you, it seems to be going on for an eternity, peak after peak. Unused to this experience, you start to panic at the intensity and length of response from your body and beg for us to stop. We slowly ease off and you start to come down from your high. You start to droop as the relaxation sets in. I lift you from my still hard cock and sit you on the chair. I place my dirty cock in front of you and you grab it and shovel it into your mouth, licking it clean and then sucking and mauling it until I shudder and tense. You firmly clamp your lips around my cock as the flood of cum fills your mouth. Then you swallow the salty mouthful, greedily licking every last drop from my rapidly deflating member.

As we recover, I look at the tatty remnants of your hair, and pick up the scissors and comb. I comb it out neatly, centre parting it and trim it into a neat cap, level with the top of the shaved part. The clippers click on again, still without a guard, and I invert them, bringing them into the shiny blonde cap level with your fringe, at 1″ above your eyebrows. The severed pieces tumble over your damp shoulders, sticking to them and your boobs as it flows on down into your lap. The clippers reach skin and start to travel downwards, stripping the remaining hair down to the already shaven line, leaving a barely visible stubble. I continue on round raising the entire neat cap to 1″ above your eyebrows, a lovely high chilli bowl. Susan looks on, wide eyed and transfixed, stroking and tugging at her thigh length hair, a sleek saturated sheet, still dripping with your pussy juices from its tips. Her other hand is working away at her hairy pussy lips. The shaving foam comes out again and I spread all over the lower part of your head. The Mach3 soon does its work and strips the entire area to totally smooth. I pick up the clippers again and proceed to undercut the cap for about 1″. The remaining smooth blonde cap now lays much more neatly against your lovely head. You look stunning.

Susan gasps and declares that she wants her hair cut just like this too. I observe that her pussy will need shaving first. She readily agrees and you and she swap places as she presents it for shaving. I look at you and say,

“I’ll do the clipping and you can do the shaving, alright?”

“Great!”, you reply, “I suppose you want to fuck her too?”

“If that’s all right with you. Its your weekend!”

You nod your agreement.

“I would like to cum in that hair too, and we need to wash it and get it clean for cutting. I have an idea about that. Are you feeling really dirty and up for anything, Susan?” She nods enthusiastically.

I take the small battery Wahl clippers and place them above her pubic triangle. Susan shudders and moans as they start their journey down to her clit for the first time. I deliberately leave them buzzing against it as they complete their first run, before moving them back for the start of a sequence that strips the entire area. Soon, I am pushing her thighs wider apart as I clipper slowly around her lips. The juices are flowing freely now and I slide my finger into her pussy to hold the lips against the vibrations of the clippers. Then on under towards her bum. I ask her to stand, turn around and bend over so I can finish off. I run the buzzing blades neatly around her tight puckered hole and a
shiver runs up her spine.

“More virgin territory?”, I enquire. She nods again.

The clippering completed, she sits again and you start to apply the shaving foam, now warmed up again in a fresh bowl of hot water. She moans and starts to finger her nipples as you continue. You reach for the Mach3, as I finish fitting a fresh blade for its new customer. The fresh edge slices cleanly through the remaining stubble under the foam, leaving beautiful porcelain white smooth skin on display. You are fingersing her at every opportunity and, as you turn her round and finish her arse, you slide a finger up her bum. She gasps and you work it in and out while reaching for the back of her pussy with your thumb. The shaving finished, you present your finger for her to lick clean. She has already got over the shock of this idea after having watched you earlier and she responds readily, sliding her lips expertly down the length of your finger, her tongue encircling the tip and stripping it clean.

Your mouth descends to her pussy and works away like an expert, although you have never experienced this aspect of female love before. You start to suck on her clit as your fingers slide into her now dripping pussy, first one, then 2, then 3 before forming into a wedge shape with your four fingers and thumb and gradually worming your whole hand inside her, progressing on up to the wrist and then fully in right up your forearm. You start to work your fingers deep inside her and, as her orgasm builds, you slide a finger from your other hand up her bum. I start to tease her nipples and lick all around her ears and hairline, glorying in the sweet smell of your pussy juices still dripping through her hair. She stiffens and starts to cum. Her orgasms build in waves as, between us, we give her her first multiple orgasm. She is moaning and shrieking like a banshee as she rises to a final climax.

“OK, lets have some drinks and we’ll each take one of these pills, they wont hurt you, just make you pee!”, I say as things quiet down again. We indulge in a couple of rounds of drinks and then I issue a pill each from a box marked ‘Frusemide 40mg’.

“Water Tablets”, I confirm, “should give us about 20 minutes till we need to go! Just time for Susan to give me a decent blowjob….. I want to cum in your hair!”, I smiled at her.

The tablets taken, Susan sinks to her knees in front of me and takes my still limp cock in her hand. It rises rapidly to attention at the stimulation and you both watch its unusual growth pattern with amazement as it goes rapidly from almost nothing to its full length. Her tongue flicks out and strokes the end before tracing down its length. Her mouth encircles my balls before she takes my cock fully into it. You start to caress her neck and hairline and then suck on her nipples as she takes me deep throat.. Her hands are cupping and gently squeezing my balls as her tongue works its way around my erection as she sucks deeply on it. I last as long as I can with this kind of attention and I ask her to wrap me in her hair and then wank me off into the top of it. She takes me from her mouth and proceed to wrap a 2½ foot blonde handful, still soaked with your juices, all round my cock, before starting to work it. After a few minutes, I groan and my knees buckle as she skillfully aims my cum neatly across the top of her head, where it starts to soak in.

“Ready to pee yet?”, I ask. You both nod, surprised at how urgent the idea is becoming.

“OK. Susan you go first and just pee normally, but dont pull the chain. Then kneel down with your head over the pan and we will do the rest. Nothing like a nice warm rinse!!”

Susan sits on the pan and the stream starts. It goes on and on, much more than she’s normally used to, as the effects of the tablet evacuate her bodily water. She looks amazed at the amounts she is producing. She finishes and turns and kneels in front of the porcelain. I push her head over the opening and sweep her hair up and deposit it into it. The lower half of her hair hits the water and soaks into her previously deposited pee, changing darker as the fluids enclose it. I motion to you to stand over her head and commence your contribution. You crouch over Susan’s head and a golden stream starts to flow rapidly, with the initial spurt pouring onto the back of Susan’s head and saturating the locks in that area. The hair resists the wetting initially, but rapidly darkens as it soaks in. I reach up and maneuver your hips so that the stream is directed all over Susan’s head, soaking it all. Soon it is my turn and I aim my cock at the few remaining dry spots and sluicing it all over Susan’s crowning glory. As I finish I pull Susan to her feet, pushing her head further into the pan. I walk round and enter her from the rear. Virtually the whole of her hair is now dipping in the water as my thrusting forces the top of her head to dip into it. She is starting to back and shudder as her orgasm approaches and I reach across and pull the flush as she peaks. The icy water envelops her head and drags her hair around the u-bend as it rushes past. I pull her up for air and the drenched sheet looks fantastic as it is withdrawn with water and pee pouring from it. Susan comes again.

“Right, into the shower for all of us”, I say. You move under the shower and your high chili is immediately plastered as a neat cap to your head. You start to wash Susan down and I grab the shampoo and squirt a massive amount into her hair, working it into a rich lather. I then shampoo your neat locks, stroking at the bald area below it. We all make sure we are thoroughly clean before toweling each other off. You brush Susan’s wet mass out into a lovely glistening sheet, working from the crown to the base of it below her bum, removing the tangles carefully. I give you the room hairdryer and you commence the marathon drying task. Finally it is all dry and is fully brushed through to a beautiful shining blonde curtain. I ask if she is ready and she nods. I take her to the stool, which is still in front of the mirror and sit her down.

I reach for my clippers and ensure that the guard is removed. I take the comb and comb her hair in front down over her eyes.

“Have you ever had a fringe before?” I ask. She shakes her head.

I take my scissors and place them across her forehead just above her eyebrows. At the last moment I move them up by another 1½” before closing them swiftly. Over 3 feet of severed blonde locks slither away looping and dragging across her boobs and falling into her naked lap. Susan looks at her new appearance in some shock, only to jump as the clippers clack on. I bring them inverted to the line of her fringe and round to the left temple side. The whirring blades bight directly into the beautiful fine blonde tresses and press on right to the scalp. The severed section starts to peel away and I reach in to catch and keep it as I move the clippers slowly down stripping the hair away from the scalp and leaving the start of another high chili, similar to yours. The expression on Susan’s face as the the transformation commences it something else, a peculiar mix of fear, excitement and increasing lust! As the clippers start their second run down right above Susan’s ear, you reach forward a stroke the remaining stubble on her temple and a look of bliss comes over her face as you brush lightly over it. I move on round Susan’s head, shearing massive chunks of her beautiful blonde almost knee length mane at each stroke of the clippers. I note that she is starting to press her head against the clippers as I run them over her her, revealing her white scalp under a tiny fuzz. There is a huge mass of hair building up as I place each of the shorn sections in a neat pile in front of her, I want this head of hair for my trophy collection! As I reach the back of her right ear, I pass the clippers to you and indicate that you are to complete the initial high chili. You look nervous and excited and your hand trembles as you place the clippers agains
t her head for the first time. The level of excitement heightens as you start to draw them downwards and grasp at the first section that starts to peel away. A couple more strokes and the basic chili is complete. I take the clippers back and perform a further 1″ undercut so that it now matches yours, lying neatly against her skull. The Mach 3 and the shaving foam follow and I shave half of her bared scalp and you do the other.

I now have 2 beautiful women with almost identical neat blonde high chili cuts sat in front of me. I cannot resist and we all adjourn to the bed. The sex is fantastic, you 2 pleasuring each other while I take you both in turn. There is a constant whirl of mouths, cock, pussies, asses, boobs and heads in various combinations and rapidly changing. After an hour and a half we collapse exhausted and Susan decides that she can stay the night and we will finish the cuts in the morning.

We awake early in the morning as the excitement and anticipation is too great to bear. I was the first to wake and you come around to the sensations of my finger and thumb working on your clit. You reach around Susan and start to stimulate her similarly. Within minutes we are all in a sexual whirl again with tongues, fingers, hands, the ‘toys’ and my dick roving freely all over each others sexual areas and filling all available orifices. After an hour we are totally sated and decide to head for breakfast. I freshly shave your two lower sections of your heads so that your cuts look absolutely stunning. You and Susan are the centre of attention at breakfast with you neat high chili bowls and shaven undersides. On of the waiters is paying you two particular attention and you are reveling in it. You look stunned when I ask him what time he gets off and invite him to join us.

We return to the room after breakfast and you both immediately rip off your clothes and start to caress each other as the attention has made you both totally horny. A knock comes at the door and I cross to admit the waiter. His eyes open wide with the sight of the two of you with you down between Susan’s thighs, lapping at her clit and pussy. Susan’s juices are smeared all over your face. The waiter and I lose no further time as we both strip rapidly. He penetrates you immediately in the doggy position while I haul Susan away from the attentions of your mouth and raise her legs over my shoulders before entering her deeply. You are both gasping rapidly as you approach your first climaxes. Susan manages to slide her head under your heaving chest and turns her attentions to your nipples, licking and sucking, while I reach across under you and massage your clit as the waiters balls bang back and forth against it too. You rapidly go into multiple orgasm, peaking higher and higher. I pull out of Susan and slide a pillow under her back and apply a little KY Jelly before entering her bum. She gasps as I slide fully home and writhes on my full length as I start to work it in her hole. The waiter grabs the slim anal vibrator and greases it before sliding it gently into your arse. You cum as the the vibrations hit your sensitive areas and he penetrates your pussy again, driving you to greater heights. He pulls the toy out and replaces it with his cock and you squeal with pleasure as he drives it fully home. We all drive towards a massive climax. Both myself and the waiter pull out and we cum over the bald parts of your heads before rubbing it in. The waiter thanks us and says that he has to leave. Before he goes he comments on how stunning you both look with your haircuts and looks amazed when I tell him that they are about to go a lot shorter.

We head for the stool in front of the mirror again and I sit Susan in it first. I take the clippers with no guard and invert them and procede to take the chilli higher, removing the undercut so that only an oval of smooth blonde cap remains on the top of her head. You swap places with her and the buzzing clippers are places against your bowl level with the top of your undercut. They push inwards and an inch long strip, the width of their head slides down off the bald sides of your head, stroking the skin as it goes. The clippers move back and the process is repeated, more strokes occur repeating around your head until the remaining shiny blonde oval cap looks the same as Susan’s. You look like a pair of gorgeous twins and I bend you forward over the dressing table and enter you from behind as you stare, close up, at your new cut in the mirror. Susan starts to stroke your bald head and your right boob as your passion mounts. You cannot believe how beautiful you look. A shudder builds from deep inside you and escalates as you build towards a shattering climax that leaves you gasping, collapsed across the dressing table. We ease you to one side and Susan takes your place and I enter her deeply as she too stares in amazement at her latest style. You recover somewhat and start to stroke Susan’s left breast and lick the bald side of her head. She starts to writhe and moan as the intensity of the moment builds deep within her. She shudders and shrieks and collapses in an intense orgasm.

I sit you back on the stool once Susan has recovered enough to move aside. Then I place a #2 guard on the clippers and start to run them over the top of your head reducing the remaining hair to a ¼” stubble. You squirmin pleasure at the sensuous feel of the blades nibbling at your hair. When it is nice and smooth I take the guard from the clippers and etch a narrow parting through the stubble down the left hand side, replacing your own natural parting that has now been removed by the shortness of the remaining hair. You run your hand over your head, an amazed and excited expression on your face as you cannot believe the sexy feelings that are coming from the simple act of touching your own hair. Your hand wanders from the buzzed to the bald and back again, varying the weight of your touch and finally just brushing the tips of your fingers over the sensitive ends of the stubble.

Susan eases you aside as you continue to rub your head, getting ever more aroused. She jumps onto the stool and the clippers snap back on. They run over her head rapidly and her expression changes to one of inner pleasure at the experience. Her head is soon covered in an oval of the same ¼” stubble as yours and the parting is etched on her head too, this time on the right. Her hands fly to her head and the same amazed expression that was so recently on your face lights up on hers. I push her forwards onto the dressing table and smear a little KY Jelly around her puckered arse hole before sliding deeply into her. It does not take much to take her over the top and she starts to gasp and quake immediately before collapsing in a shattering orgasm. You bend over her and grasp her boobs, massaging them as I smear a blob of KY Jelly on your arse too. I slide into you and your tight flesh yields to my pressure willingly. I stroke my hand very lightly over your remaining stubble and you start to squirm. My movements and stroking soon bring you to another high and you too shudder and collapse on top of Susan as the orgasm takes you. I stay in you and reach for the naked clippers. They snap on and I reach up and place them at your forehead. Your bum spasms around my cock as I start to run them back over your head, cleaning the final vestiges of your hair away. After the first run I reach down to Susan’s forehead. I slide out of you and back into her before running them back over her head. Her bum spasms around my cock too and she groans as I make a 2nd run. I switch the attentions of my cock and the clippers back to you and you writhe as they run twice more over your head, your pussy juices pouring over our thighs as your bum tightens again on my thrusting cock. Back to Susan and her balding is completed with 2 more strokes. She gasps, her bum muscles tighten as she orgasms again. Back to you and the final stroke clears your head too. I continue to run the clippers all over your head as their b
uzzing and my thrusting take you into repeated orgasm.

Later, when we have all recovered a little you sit on the stool as I cover your head in foam and finish the task started what seems a lifetime ago, but was only this time yesterday. The razor takes you too completely smooth. At your request, the clippers snap back on and your eyebrows are soon gone. A quick stripe of foam finishes the job. Susan too, receives her turn in the chair and leaves a huge damp patch in her excitement at the actions of the razor. Then we adjourn to the shower and the two of you are amazed again at the feel of the water on your bare scalps. We make love again in the shower, a whirl of bodies, hands, tongues and my cock making use of every orifice. I grab the electric tooth brush and start to stimulate the two of you with it, running it, buzzing and vibrating, around your clits, nipples, pussies and bum holes. You both come repeatedly. Finally, you go down on your knees and take me in your mouth. I rapidly reach the point of no return before pulling out and cumming all over the 2 beautiful clean scalps presented for me.

We clean up and get dressed before heading out to last night’s restaurant. The jaws of the staff nearly hit the floor as we enter, particularly when they realise that the 2nd bald beauty is Susan, who they last saw with her thigh length tresses only the previous night. Everyone in the restaurant cannot take their eyes from my 2 beautiful shaven lovelies. Some mutter disapprovingly to their partners, some keep stroking their own hair, contemplating what their feeling would be about having it all shaved off. Some make the point of passing our table on the pretext of going to the loo, pausing to compliment the two of you. Some say that they would never have the nerve to do that but wish that they had and congratulate on how good it looks. Two ask if they could have theirs done too. I look at you and you nod. But that’s another story…..

c Big Cropper August 2002

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