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As a female I should care more about my hair, but I don?t. It?s a part of me and I want to look good, but I don?t obsess about my hair like other girls. I get it cut whenever I feel like it by whoever is convenient at the time. I usually go to the cheapest place that is the closest. My hair is light brown (naturally), fairly thick and currently is just few inches below my shoulders. I will wear it down or back in a pony-tail and never use a blow dryer or styling product. But all of that changed recently when I got the haircut of my life.

I can?t stop thinking of my hair and looking at other peoples hair. This haircut triggered some hidden feelings in me that I never knew I had. How did this happen? Let me tell you.

My obsession is with clothes and shoes. I love to shop for clothes and am always looking for something that is a little unique and ahead of the curve as far as trends go. I can dress up or down with ease. My favorite outfit is to throw on a pair of cropped printed pants with a black t-shirt and a colorful pair of retro running shoes. It was in this outfit that I was shopping with a new friend one Saturday in Pacific Heights when the topic of hair came up. I had only known Mia for a couple of months, but we were getting along famously. We both had similar tastes in clothes and were always looking for the latest to stay ahead of the trend. The big difference between us was her hair. She had this wild chunky haircut that was short and tapered in the back up to the middle of her head, but all the hair on top was in this chunky, uneven angled bob that came to lip length. It was usually side-parted with a couple inches of super short, uneven bangs. She usually wore it this way, but a couple of times she would blow it out real wild. The color was a mix of brown, blonde and light red.

It suited her and her clothes. I looked plain and vanilla next to her, but I didn?t mind. It looked like a lot of work to me and that wasn?t what I wanted. Anyways, we were in this little boutique and I was coming out of a dressing room where I had tried on some tops and my hair was down. Mia was just staring at me and I started to get nervous because she had this distant look on her face and I could tell the gears were moving, but couldn?t tell about what.

Finally I said what. And she looked at me with a sly grin and asked me if I ever wore my hair differently. No, I told her. I usually don?t like to mess with my hair because I am so busy. This meant nothing to her and she walked up to me and ran her fingers through my hair and was silent. You should try something new. You have such a great fashion sense with clothes and shoes, but your hair doesn?t seem to match. Hair is just like clothes. You can choose different styles and colors as the seasons and your moods change. How long have you had this style she asked. Since high school I meekly replied. Her face scrunched up like she bit into something sour.

You should try something new. Complete the package. You don?t have a boyfriend right now and its not like you?re getting a tattoo. It?ll grow back.

I don?t know. I replied. I like the simplicity of my style. She was right of course. I should try something new. God knows the boyfriends weren?t knocking down the door.

She told me she had a great stylist that was phenomenal and she would be happy to set something up for me. I don?t know I countered.

She gave a little sigh and suggested we go get a coffee. It was bright outside as we strolled down to the corner where a coffee shop was located. A cute guy was walking the other way and I looked at him and smiled, but he was looking at Mia and it was if I didn?t exist.

I have not been on a date in a couple of months and was feeling like I was in a funk. This little snub did not help. As we entered the coffee shop it was pretty full. We looked around and Mia said she would get us latte?s and I should get a table. Mia took off for the line and I scoped out the place for a table. Back in the corner I saw a table and took off. As I took a few steps a really cute guy got up from a table and I again put on my best smile and he didn?t even see me. He was looking past me. I actually stopped as he walked by and watched him continue on and caught a glimpse of Mia looking at what happened and she turned away. I turned and made for the table. As I was sitting at the table and brushing away some crumbs I turned to see where Mia was in line and she had just ordered and was talking to the cute guy who blew by me. As she was getting her coffee she was laughing with the guy and the guy handed her a business card.

She was like a peacock as she glided over to our table. I always considered us comparable in the looks department, but this was twice. As she sat down and put her coffee in front of me she winked at me and said slyly, it must be the hair.

I looked down at my coffee and thought, why not. It couldn?t hurt.

Fine, I said. Give me your stylist?s name. That?s two guys? you scooped me on and this can?t go on. I guess I could use an update.

Mia looked very triumphant as she squealed with joy. I?ll do you one better she said as she whipped out her cell phone and hit a quick dial number. I?ll set something up for you right now.

Hi Sara, it?s Mia. Have a friend that?s ready for a change. When?s your next opening? Call me.

As she closed her cell phone I had this uneasy feeling. Mia snapped me out of it when she started to rapidly talk about how good Sara was and that I wouldn?t be unhappy and this was going to change my life and on and on?..I mumbled a few things thanking her and soon Mia changed the conversation to other things and I forgot about the haircut.

We continued to shop and browse and after another hour Mia said she had to get going and that she would call me later. As we said our goodbyes her phone rang and she looked at her caller ID and said it was Sara.

I could only here one end of the conversation as she answered. Hey sweetie was her opening?..Yes she?s a dear friend??Yeah, needs a change?she giggled?.Yes?.Yes?..Today! Really!!!?.Yeah she?ll be there?.Thanks, Ciao!

Your in, she said. Today at 3:00, that?s less than an hour I said. Starting to back pedal a little. Why was I so nervous?

Its too late Mia said. It?s done. You can?t back out she had a cancellation and she is expecting you. If you don?t go she will lose money and you don?t want that bad karma.

Mia was frantically writing down the name and address. Here she said forcing the piece of paper into my hands. It?s in South Park so hurry. You can catch the #4 bus in a few minutes and be there in plenty of time. She kissed me on the cheek and said make me proud. I want to see a new you tonight. We?ll go out for drinks, on me.

She walked off briskly and was left staring at the piece of paper in my hand. I finally came around and forced my self to walk towards the bus stop. This is a good thing I was telling myself.

I hopped on the bus and started to make my way down to South Park. I was in a fog. What was I doing? Did I want to change? After going round and round I came to the conclusion I was just scared. Scared to change. I don?t want to be scared of anything, so right then and there I decided this was the right thing to do.

About that time I realized that I had done past my stop and immediately got off at the next stop. It was 2:45 and I had a ways to walk back, but I should make it there on time. It was a nice sunny afternoon in the Bay Area so I took off at a brisk pace for South Park.

Got to South Park at 2:57 and found the street and was a couple of addresses away when I spotted the address across the street. It was a small shop with a painted window that said ?The Red Lizard?. I double-checked the address and it was right and started across the street. Half way across the street the door opened and out walked a woman with long red hair that was very shiny and sleek and had layers framing her face.

This was a good sign. I was not entering a butcher shop. I opened the door and it was silent and no one was around. It was a small shop with 4 chairs and none were occupied. The inside was a vibrant red with chrome workstations. It was very alive inside.

From the back walked a woman with a pile of towels. She was tall, about 5?10? and was wearing these chunky boots that went up to mid-calf, a dark grey skirt to mid-thigh and a white dress shirt un-tucked and un-buttoned with a black tank top underneath that had a faded ?Death before Disco? print on it. She had on some funky cat eye glasses and her black hair was pulled back into a messy bun and held together by a fork.

Hi, I said. I?m Maddie, Mia?s friend. I have a 3:00 haircut appointment.

She greeted me warmly and started talking about how much she loved Mia and how much fun it was to work on her hair and the creativity she let her have. She grabbed me by my hand and led me to her chair and sat me down and took my purse. She grabbed a comb and started to comb my hair and look in the mirror at my face. Soooooo?.what are we going to do today?

I hesitated a minute and said. I need a change, what do you think. Those 4 words would change my life. ?what do you think??..

How long have you had this style? She asked. I laughed nervously?since high school.

She continued to comb and started to play with my hair. She had long nails that were painted purple and they felt great on my head. She pulled my hair back, up and every which way. She said nothing for what seemed liked an hour.

She finally spoke. What do I think?.I think you should trust me and I will change you. You need a change. Do you trust me? I was able to eek out a mumbled yes. Great. You won?t regret being my latest creation?.

She went over to a cabinet and pulled out a white cape and secured it around my neck. She then proceeded to comb my hair until it was shiny and silky. She parted my hair on the side and then told me to shake my head back and forth.

She then walked over to the wall behind me and said, I hope you don?t like to talk during the haircut because I am more creative when I can play my music.

I could only see out of one eye as hair blocked my view in the other eye as she walked over and turned on her cd player and the White Stripes started up and she turned the music up loud. We definitely wouldn?t be talking during this haircut.

At least I could look forward to a relaxing shampoo before the madness began. She walked back over to the wall in front of me and pulled out a rolling set of drawers and pulled out a pair of regular scissors and two pairs of what I thought were thinning shears. Then she pulled out a pair of clippers and various comb attachments. These were all arranged on top of the drawers and I couldn?t take my eyes off of the clippers. This was not what I wanted.

She came back around behind me and started to comb may hair out from a middle part. Once she was done she created some vertical parts on either side of my head to separate the side from the back and then grabbed a clip from her waist and secured the hair in back out of the way.

Sara picked up the clippers and plugged them into a socket on the floor behind the chair and then picked up a big comb that must have been almost a foot long. Where was the relaxing shampoo? I have always gotten my haircut wet. Never dry.

Sara said something that I couldn?t quite hear and then turned on the clippers, which were barely audible over the music. She combed down the right side a couple of times and then placed the comb towards the back of the side section from underneath so the closed end of the comb was closest to my head and slid it to just below my ears and took the clippers and moved them across the bottom of the comb and hair began to fall onto my shoulder and into my lap. A LOT OF HAIR. The most hair I have ever had cut off was a couple of inches, this had to be at least 7 inches.

She took the comb out and there was a couple inches at my face that she didn?t cut, but she inserted the comb and brought it up even with the cut section and ran the clippers even with the bottom of the comb. More hair fell to the cape to make the pile on the cape larger. Looking in the mirror I now had an ear length bob on one side and below shoulder on the other. My stomach was doing loop d? loops. Who was the stranger staring at me.

She then moved around to the other side and proceeded to cut the same level on the left side as more hair fell victim to the clippers. I couldn?t believe the pile of hair in my lap. Strands were going every which way and the amount in my lap looked like I should be bald.

As I looked up from the pile I was greeted be a stranger with an ear length bob. It was a severe cut, but I kind of liked the way I looked with a bob. A bob wouldn?t be bad, I could live with this change.

Sara combed through both sides and stood behind me a second and looked in the mirror. She turned her head a little to one side and put the comb in same hand as the clippers and then took the clip out of the back of my hair and combed that out straight. She then held the comb the same way and started on the right side and put the comb in about 3 inches below my ear and ran the clippers over the bottom of the comb and all the hair below the comb disappeared. She worked her way over to the left until there was nothing left.

I was now looking at a severe bob on the sides and the back a little longer. Not the cutting edge change I thought I would get. This was starting to look like a long mullet.

Then the music changed to Al Green and Mia looked like she was ready to get down to business.

She combed out the back and set down the big comb and opened a drawer and pulled out a big comb that looked like and oversized pick for curly hair. It must have been 4? by 4?. She and angled my head so my chin was almost touching my chest. The two hanks of hair on either side came forward and obscured my view from the side and front. All I could see was the pile of hair in my lap. She ran the comb into my hair towards the crown and lifted up the hair and ran the clippers across it a couple of times sending more hair floating down onto the cape. She repeated this process and worked her way down the back of my head. I couldn?t tell how short it was, but there was a lot of hair floating down onto the cape. The white cape was turning into a brown cape fast.

As she got down to the nape area she repeated the same process and I could still feel hair on my neck about the same place after her first cut in back.

She then tilted my head up and ran her hand up the back of my head. There was not a lot of hair back there, maybe a couple of inches. She then pushed my head back down and stuck the comb in up towards the crown and ran it over the comb again. How short was she going. This isn?t ?bob length?. I?ve never had short hair. The music stopped and the clipper sound intensified and I could hear the scrape of the blades against the comb and bits of hair floated down on both sides of my head. The music started again with Stevie Wonder and the clippering continued down the back of my head. And the steady rain of hair bits continued.

She did not go back over the longer hair at the nape and lifted my head back up. The two sides of hair went back into place and I had a normal bob and there were pieces of brown hair all over the cape from my shoulders to the pile in my lap. I couldn?t see the final cut in the back, but I could see the nape hair was thinner and was kind of curled and angled forward toward my ear.

Now what was going to happen with the side?s.

She was running her fingers through the back and then moved around to the left side. She had gone back to the big long comb and parted my hair on the side and combed the top over to the other side.

She inserted the comb, teeth towards my head about an inch above the hairline at the sideburn and carefully moved the comb further into my hair so that it was sitting on top of my ear and carefully rolled the comb back over so she captured all of the hair and lifted it straight out, all of it except for a section of sideburn that hung down to just below my ear. She had so deftly performed this maneuver like she had done it a thousand times. As she pulled the comb out from my head she stopped at about and inch and brought the clippers up. This part happened in slow motion. My mind was slowly screaming NO, NO not that short. And the clippers kept moving slowly forward and the 3 inches of hair came off and fell to the mountain of hair. She put the comb back in further back and cut the rest of the bob off and now I had a little layer hair over my ears with a long sideburn that had a soft little curve towards my cheekbone.

I was in shock. I didn?t want to go this short but at the same time I could feel a strange tingle that felt good. Sara inserted the comb back in at the front and pulled the comb up higher toward the part and about the same distance from my head ran the clippers over the comb. This was only about ? an inch or so but the rain continued. She did this again towards the back until all the hair on the side was about 1 inch, except the sideburn.

I now had a bob on one side a short layered cut that just went over the top of my ears with a shorter flip in back. My bangs were parted over to one side, but were slipping down onto my forehead and over one eye. It kind of reminded me of the asymmetrical 80?s cuts. I didn?t know what to think at this point.

The music changed to early REM and Sara ran her fingers through the cut side and played with it a few seconds and then moved over the right side. She then made a part on the right side and combed over all the hair on top to the left side, inserted the comb and started the same process. This time the bangs swept down onto my forehead and covered one eye.

More hair came raining down onto the cape. The tingling continued. I noticed my panties were getting a little wet. What was going on. I was getting butchered and I was turned on.

Soon both sides were identical. Long sideburns with short layered sides and a flip in the back. I was starting to get excited about the new me, but I was also scared. I have never looked like this. What would I think. What would Mia think. What would boys think??

The music changed quickly to Modern English.

Sara ran her fingers through the right side and then ran them through the back and moved to the left side and then looked into the mirror and gave a couple small nods indicating she was happy with the cut so far.

I am not a psychic, but I knew that the long hair on top of my head was not going to be long for much longer. And then Sara came in and combed all the hair on top straight back a couple of times and then moved around in front of me. She made a part an inch back from the hairline and combed the bangs straight down. The end of the bangs tickled my lips and blocked my view. I saw the clippers coming at me and they came through my bangs at the bridge of my nose and 3? of my bangs were sent to my lap. She continued to insert the clippers into my bangs to form a straight line. It had been about 10 years since I had bangs and I barely recognized the person looking back at me in the mirror.

Sara wasted no time and switched out the comb for the big pick and stepped behind me. She inserted the comb from the side where the bangs began and lifted up the hair directly behind that part. She lifted the comb straight up until the comb was just about 3? above my head. About 4-5? of hair was above the comb flopping to one side or the other. Sara then ran the clippers over the comb and all the hair above the comb came off and floated down to the cape. A couple of pieces stuck to my bangs and nose. My stomach was reeling. The tingling was intensifying. My panties were getting wetter. I was enjoying this.

Sara continued to lift up the hair and clip off whatever was above the comb. It was a deluge of hair falling into my lap. It was as if Sara was intentionally sending all of the cut hair into my lap. More long bits were sticking to my bangs, face and ears. My shoulders were covered in hair and the pile in my lap was unbelievable. I didn?t realize I had so much hair.

Finally she had worked way all over the top of my head and had reduced all the hair to about 3-4?. She brushed off the bits that were hanging on to my bangs and face. Who was the person in the mirror? I looked like I was right out of the 60?s. I had a short layered shag. Sara put down the clippers and came back behind me and the music changed again and Dave Matthews started to play. Sara started to run her fingers through my hair and kind of style it. She made a middle part and looked in the mirror and instantly messed it up and made a side part. I actually looked pretty cute in this style. It seemed a little rough, but the shorter length and bangs made me look a little more?.stylish and mature I guess. It was hard to tell, I had so many emotions running through me right now. The little flip in back was a fun detail, but I was not too sure about the long sideburns.

Sara stepped back a couple of steps and started to walk around and look at me from different angles. I moved my head to the side and could see the back was a little longer at the top and got shorter towards my nape and then the hair at the hairline was about 3? where the hair came a little forward with a flip.

After measuring up the cut from all different angles Sara came back over and picked up a smaller comb and a small pair of scissors. She came over to the side and started to snip all the hair off that was hanging over my ear and forming a soft curve over my ear. She then went to the side burn and stuck the scissors in straight up into the sideburn, rather than straight across and started to chip the sideburn down to about mid-ear length. She repeated the process on the other side and then combed down the bangs and started to do the same cutting technique, but taking small angle cuts and shortening the bangs up just to eyebrow level. Making them much softer looking.

She then styled the hair back to a side part and those small cuts were a huge improvement. I looked a little less like a characiture. Sara was still fussing with my hair and pulling it out from my head and combing through my bangs and looking at me in the mirror.

The music stopped and the next song came on and it was Pearl Jam.

Sara then straightened up and I thought we must be close to being done. She grabbed the clippers and placed one of the largest comb attachments on and flipped them on. She came back behind me and angled my head back down to my chest. This was much different than before in that no hair came forward. She combed through the hair on the back of my head and then placed the clippers on my neck and stared to run them up the back of my head. About halfway up she pulled the clippers away and I could see the couple inches of the flip was history as it floated to the pile on my lap.

Wow! The clippers felt good. The sensation was wild. What was even more strange was that I couldn?t hear the clippers through the music.

She continued to run the clippers until the whole back was clipped. This was going to be short. Boy short. She then grabbed another attachment and ran the clippers up the back again but not as far up.

I was getting a little scared again. But at the same time I was excited.

She put the clippers down and picked up a water bottle and started to spray down my hair until it was all wet. She then picked up a normal comb and a pair of scissors that did not come to a point but were in the shape of a rectangle.

She combed my wet hair straight back and then came around to the left side and at ear level started to lift up the hair and placing the strange scissors in about a ?? from my head and closing them. Some hair was cut and some wasn?t. These must be thinning shears. Never had these been used on me before. She continued to place the shears into my hair until it was all cut. She made a part and continued to do this all over the left side of my head taking the hair to 1/2 ? at the bottom to 1? towards the part.

This was getting short. It was as short as most guys on the side and definitely in the back.

She repeated the process on the right side and then started to cut on the back above where she left off with the clippers. I was getting a little dizzy.

She ran her fingers through the top so it was all going forward and stepped back. Both sides were pretty short now. Couldn?t see anything on the back, but I knew that was short from the clippers. The top was still about 3-4? and my bangs were still to my eyebrows. It was like having an out-of-body experience. I had no control. Yet I was excited.

As Sara moved in for the top the music changed to the latest from the Foo Fighters. She was wielding her regular scissors as she combed all the hair on top forward and then sectioned off a 1? x 1? section then twisted it around so it was an extended ?pony tail? and then placed the scissors about 1? up from the scalp and started to cut and move up, cut and move up. The result was a ragged cut from about 1? ? 1 ??. She continued this across and forward. Cutting a little longer as she was moving forward. I couldn?t believe that she could cut more hair off my head. The wet hair was contrasted against the huge pile of dry hair on the pile.

When she was almost to my bangs the length was about 2?. She then combed down the bangs and came around in front of me, blocking my view of the mirror. She put the scissors strait up into the bangs and I could feel the cold metal on my forehead as she slowly started to cut angles into my bangs. I couldn?t see how high the cuts were going, but it felt like it was almost halfway up my forehead. She continued to cut like it was open heart surgery and then finally stepped away.

I looked in the mirror and couldn?t breathe. My bangs were at least at the halfway point on my forehead with a very jagged edge. My face looked so different. I looked happier even though I wasn?t smiling. My neck looked longer and sexier. I looked great in short hair.

Sara was now behind me again and was running her fingers through my hair and smiling. The music stopped and nothing else came on.

We?re getting there, Sara said. You are emerging from your cocoon.

Getting there, I thought. She?s cut enough off to get there and back.

My hair was almost dry when she started to comb through and create some different styles. Parted on one side and combed back, all forward and kind of spiky and sticking up. She then combed it all out flat and started to pick up pieces with her fingers and snip off the ends at an angle. She did this all over my head and the sides and back. She then snipped off a tiny bit more on the sideburns so that they were still about mid-ear.

She then went back in front of me and combed down my bangs, or what was left of them and started to chip away again. Surely she isn?t going any shorter, I thought. But as she stepped away, she had. My bangs were now about ?? from my hairline. At this point I couldn?t help but smile.

You are a master, I said. Almost done she replied. She then opened up a drawer on her cart and pulled out a straight razor and started to scrape my neck line. Oooooh that felt good!!!

Lets get you washed then, she chirped. Do you want to keep you hair? What, I said? Do you want to keep your hair? I know this was a big step for you and some people want to keep their hair. I thought a second and said sure. She then pulled out a big Ziploc bag and brushed all the hair from my shoulders and chest into my lap and had me funnel all the hair into the plastic bag between my legs and then sealed it up. Holding it up I couldn?t believe it, so much hair that used to be on my head.

Let?s wash out all that cut hair. As she took me over to the wash basin I reached up and felt the back of my hair and couldn?t believe haw short it was. There was no way I could grab and it moved back and forth like velvet. It was very erotic. She washed and conditioned my hair. The water and her fingers felt strange with so little hair, especially on the back of my neck.

Back at the chair she pulled out a can of product and squirted something into her hand and ran it through my hair. This is really easy to style, she said and grabbed the hair dryer and proceeded to dry my hair in no time at all. It was all going forward with the sideburns curling forward slightly.

She grabbed another container and opened it up. This is styling wax, she said. This is great for styling and shine and it doesn?t look like it is glued in place. As she rubbed her hands through her hair she started to style it in a couple of ways. This is actually a versatile cut.

You can spike it up like this and be a little wild. This looked so cool. All the hair was going every which way and the bangs were all up and out.

Then she took a comb and did a side part and did a sexy ?business man?s? kind of look with a few spiky bangs hanging down. Very sheik, I thought.

Or you can wear it all down and forward and she used her hands to push it all forward and emphasize the chunky cutting technique with the jagged bangs. Awesome. Now I have different looks and attitude to go with my clothes.

She then messed it back up into the messy spiky look and pronounced it done. I was all smiles. I loved the new me. I felt so refreshed. She took off the cape and handed me my bag of hair and walked to the product wall. As I got up I noticed that my crotch was soaked. This haircut really turned me on and I couldn?t wait to get home.

Sara showed which products would work well and we went to the counter to settle up. I?m only going to charge you for the product on one condition.

What?s that, I replied. I now own your hair. Your style is under my control. You get it cut when I say and how I say in whatever color, no questions asked. For some reason I replied instantly, Yes Sara, I would love for you to be my stylist.

Excellent she purred. Let?s see, she said as she thumbed through her calendar. Come back three weeks from today for a checkup and I will determine what cut and color you will have next.

Three weeks, I thought, I have never had my hair cut that quickly and color. OK came out of my mouth instantly. I knew right then and there that my life would be changing. The words ?What do you think?? were a changing point in my life.

I paid for my products and kept running my hand through my hair and couldn?t believe it was my hair. I have Sara a big hug and walked out onto the street and I felt like skipping. I slipped on my rectangle sunglasses and started for home.

As I rounded the corner a cute guy was approaching and he gave me a huge smile and checked me out up and down. I smiled back and kept walking, running my hand through my hair. I needed to get home and take care of some business before I met Mia tonight.

The End??Maybe

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