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Getting ready in the morning was always a chore. The thing that always took the longest was my hair. It made me late for work; it made me late everywhere I had to go and had kept many men waiting. First I had to plug in my rollers and wait for them to heat up. Then it took another half-hour to put the rollers in and an additional 15 minutes to set. The result was always worth the time spent though. When I was done my natural brown curls that fell past my shoulders looking tamed and turned heads everywhere I went.

However, this particular morning the time and effort hardly seemed worth it. My hair was being stubborn and several rollers had refused to stay in place. Getting them in between dropping rollers pins and fighting the natural curl was taking a lot longer than usual. Patience never had been one of my strong points growing up and I could feel my frustration growing as the minutes passed. As I glanced at the clock in the bedroom I could see that I was already running more than 20 minutes late for work. Fighting with it for a few more minutes, I finally yanked it into a French twist and headed out the door.

About mid morning my boyfriend called the office to say hello and remind me that we were going to BBQ at his buddy?s house that evening. ?Wear your black dress with the spaghetti straps. It will be hot and it always looks good on you with that gorgeous hair of yours and some red lipstick.? I put my hand up to my hair and realized I was going to have to go home and wash and roll it again. Jason loved my hair down and he constantly commented on how much he wished I would let it grow longer. In fact after returning from several of my previous haircuts he had been upset if I cut more than ? inch off.

Staying later than I had planned at work I gathered up my things. As I headed for the door the phone rang. It was Jason. ?I tried to get you at home, but there was no answer, so I was hoping you were already in the shower. But knowing you and work I decided to check.? There was one thing Jason hated more than anything and that was my constant lateness. It drove him crazy. ?I hope you?re not going to be late Sara.? He gave me directions to his buddy Ron?s house and I raced out the door.

Outside it was hotter than blazes. As I got in the car I rolled all of the windows down. My a/c had been broken and Jason had promised to look at it for weeks without doing so. The traffic had already started to back up and as I set there sweating I began to dread going home to my hot rollers. I noticed that the cars around me weren?t moving at all and looked at the clock. Less than an hour before I was expected at Ron?s house. The time it took my hair to dry and then roll it was ticking away. And it was hot as fuck.

I looked to my right at the stores lining the street. I knew there wasn?t a beauty parlor but glanced wistfully at the barbershop I passed daily on my way home. I wondered if they could handle a wash and cut. I knew Jason would be pissed, but given that he hadn?t fixed my a/c I figured a shoulder length bob would be payback enough. I pointed my car toward the curb parking and parked my car. I grabbed my purse and wiped the sweat off my neck as I started toward the barbershop. I knew I was crazy to even be going somewhere besides my normal hairdresser.

I took a deep breath, glanced at my watch and opened the door. I walked in and a good-looking man in his early 40?s glanced up from one of the chairs above his newspaper. ?Help you?? Suddenly I wasn?t sure what to say. ?Well, I have to be somewhere in an hour and really don?t have time to get home and do my hair. I was hoping you could wash and cut is into a shoulder length bob.? He put the paper down, but did not stand. ?Look lady, this is a barbershop, not a beauty parlor. You got the wrong place for that sorta thing. You got something a lot shorter in mind then I can help you out.? He laughed and winked at me going back to his paper again.

I knew there was no way I was going to find a beauty parlor quickly or get home in time to get ready now. Something about the way this asshole had laughed and mocked me was also pissing me off. Who the hell did he think he was? For some reason I suddenly wanted to find out. After all I was a woman. How short would he possibly cut my hair while I was flirting with him? ?You?re on smartass. Just how much length do you think you can handle leaving?? Instead of looking me in the eye he started at my legs this time. I knew I had his attention now.

He got up and waved me into the chair and picked up a cape. ?Wouldn?t want to get all this hair all over your beautiful suit. He capped me and picked up the bulk of my hair in his hands. ?I can give you a layered business man?s cut, which would be longer than a usual boy?s crew or buzz cut. It will be just above collar length and clipped closer at the back and over the ears.? He leaned in and touched the back of my neck to show me and brushed against my ear. I felt a little shock go through my body. My normal hairdresser had never made getting a haircut feel this sexy. ?Ok.? I found myself saying, unable to focus on trying to get him to see things my way suddenly.

?Well here we go then,? he said picking up a pair of scissors. He touched them to my cheek and smiled again, ?Last chance to change your mind Honey.? I met his green eyes and was at a loss for something to say. ?It?ll grow back.? He assured me as he began raised the scissors to about shoulder length. I figured before he made the next cut up I would stop him and thank him, but tell him I had changed my mind. I smiled to myself, but stopped as soon as I felt the first cut actually happen. I realized he had moved the scissors up higher because I felt the steel touching somewhere in the middle of my neck. Looking in the mirror I saw about 10 inches of hair falling from my head to the floor as he made his way around my head. I wanted to yell for him to stop right there and walk out before I could see my ears, but oddly enough my nipples had hardened. I still hadn?t managed to say a word as he brought the scissors up to the side of my head and snipped to expose my right ear.

The girl in the mirror was changing before my eyes and my heart began to pound. I had never had my hair this short before. I wanted to cry as he set down the scissors. ?Hey brave girl, we?re almost done.? He said as he noticed the look of shock on my face. He picked up a pair of clipper and I jumped. ?No.? I managed to stammer. ?I think this is already a lot shorter than I had bargained for.? He leaned in close and brushed a few stay hairs off my face and then touched my butchered head. ?It?s not even. I used the scissors to take off the length. The clippers are just going to even it up over the ears and up the back. Trust me it will look better than it does right now. And you do look pretty sexy with short hair.? His voice was suddenly not as patronizing.

Pushing my head forward he pushed the clippers up the back. I was surprised at the obvious moisture that was forming between my legs. He ran the clippers over my ears and I watched the sides formed closely to my head. He put the clippers down and picked up the scissors again. I suddenly had very short bangs and the top had also been shortened to blend with the back and sides. When he finished he brushed my ears and neck off. After the cape was removed my hand immediately went up to my head. It felt really short, but I could tell that it was pretty long for a guy?s haircut. Boy was Jason going to be pissed.

As I stood to pay him I looked down and saw my beautiful locks lying all over the floor. It began to dawn on me what my impatience had cost me and I was instantly sorry. Tears welled up in my eyes as I handed him a $20. As he took it he said, ?I hate to admit this, but that was one of the hottest haircuts I have ever given. Would you mind if I told you how great you look?? Suddenly my sense of sassiness returned, ?Oh yeah? How hot on a scale of 1-10?? At first he looked a little stunned but the quickly replied, ?Definitely an 11.?

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