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It was a lovely day in the late spring when I took a day off from work just to have a day or two to myself. I had been working a lot of overtime including weekends and I deserved the time off. I slept late for me and I awoke at 8:30 and decided to pamper myself with a long shower. In the shower I washed my waist length red hair that I had just gotten blunt cut which was my normal style, pulled back from my face with a bow on my crown. I started the blow dryer and brushed my hair over the top of my head to get lift and while I was drying it I remembered reading an article and seeing directions on how to layer your hair at home. It simply involved pulling the hair over the head and securing it at the eyebrows and cutting at the desired length below the clip. The closer to the clip the shorter the layers. I decided to give it a try so with my hair still damp I pulled it all over my head and after securing it I took a pair of scissors and cut across at the shortest hair. This was from the base of my neck so I cut off about 9 inches of thick red hair. I continued drying my hair and decided to set my hair for a change. I have a lot of body in my hair and it curls easily. I took my steam setting rollers out and set my hair into a volume set. When I was done I had what could be called BIG hair, the waves cascaded down my back and I parted my hair on the side and allowed the curls to explode at the ends of the newly cut layers. My hair felt wonderful and I decided to go to the new mall and do some shopping. On the way I spotted a blonde with a short pixie cut and I recalled high school when that was the rage, I sacrificed my long tresses at that time for style and vowed never to do it again. Then I recalled the feelings I had when the stylist took her shears and chopped my hair into that stylish cut, and the hum of the clippers on the back of my neck. I walked into the mall and while shopping I began to notice several more women with short haircuts. I went into a shop that sold mirrors and looked at my hair, was I out of style? I brushed it a bit and noticed my new shampoo really increased the shine and softness of my hair. A salesgirl came over and complimented me on my hair and how she hasn’t seen hair like that in a long time and how everyone is getting their hair cut short. I thanked her and took another look at my head with its mane of red curls cascading to my waist. Did I look like a throw back to a different era? I shrugged off the feeling and continued with my mall walk. I stopped for lunch at a snack bar and after purchasing my lunch I carried it over to a booth and sat down not noticing the gooey substance on the booth seatback. When I finished I became aware that my hair was sticky from my shoulders to my waist. My hair that I worked on for so long today to get it looking perfect, my hair that was so outdated. I started looking for a salon just to have them wash my hair and maybe set it again. I wandered through the mall and went down a short aisle and to my amazement I saw a shop that I couldn’t believe was real the name is “The Hair Affair”. I approached the door and a lovely lady dressed in a white smock held the door for me and said ‘come on in’. I explained to the girl what had happened and she was sympathetic and said that she could take care of it. With that she took my hand and handed me a smock and before I knew it I was sitting in front of the wash sink and tilted back, my waist length hair was spilled in the sink and wetted down and washed several times and conditioned with a wonderful herbal conditioner. My hair squeaky clean again she wrapped it in a towel and marched me to the styling chair. She combed out my hair and told me that the layered cut I had was very good. I was asked where I got it cut and I told her I did it myself and she smiled and had a gleam in her eyes. She asked me if I was in a hurry to which I told her no I have all day. She smiled and asked if I have ever considered more of a makeover. I told her that I thought that my style was a bit outdated and was thinking of maybe getting bangs or something. She asked if I would be willing to let her do a makeover on me. I became nervous, I told her just to give me a set. She agreed and set my hair on large rollers in the back and smaller rollers on the top and sides, she said that this would give my hair more body and bounce. After rolling she redampened the rollers and sat me under one of the dryers. When I was done she unrolled me and used a pick to smooth the curls and indeed this technique did give me more bounce than I ever had. The deep waves at the front met with the waves flowing down my back and ending at my waist. I began to get more confidence in this stylist and I asked her what would she suggest for a cut, I half expected her to say ‘something short maybe a chin length bob’. I was surprised to hear her say ‘no major change just some bangs and clean up in front of your ears so earrings will show’. She asked if she could take some pictures and I said no problem. We began talking and I told her about my high school sacrifice but that I did enjoy getting it sheared and more so watching my friends get theirs cut (a whole story by itself). She became more interested and started playing with my hair almost in a sensual fashion, running her fingers up from my nape to the crown then releasing my red tresses. It felt so soothing to me that when she again asked about a makeover I agreed to bangs at first. She took another set of pictures, front, side and back. Then proceeded to brush out all the curls she had just taken so long to put in, the brush was beginning to feel erotic as she brushed and brushed until my hair was glowing and had a hint of the natural wave. She said she will start with light bangs only about one half inch up into the hairline she quickly parted my hair and combed it forward over my eyes then she explained that she would twist small sections of hair to get a spiky effect. I looked down at the cape and saw long sections of my beautiful hair dropping onto it, I almost started to cry. She calmed me down and said that the bangs looked very nice and when I looked up indeed they did. I mentioned that my ears were still not visible and she said that she thought I was too upset to let her cut off that much hair, I said no it was just a shock at seeing how long my hair really was. I told her to continue and she said that the best way to make it even was with the clippers, just one or two swipes in front of each ear and it would be done clipped to about 1/4 inch at the bottom to 2 inches at the top. I panicked but she said just in front of your ears, silly. I smiled, she had my confidence and she knew it. She parted my hair in front of my ears letting the red locks hang over my shoulders and puddle on my lap. She picked up the clippers and turned them on for effect and asked me ‘am I sure I want this done after all look at how much hair I am going to cut off’. I became excited and I secretly longed to feel the vibrations on my neck and temples, I started to become wet and I told her to start. She placed the clippers at my cheekbone and let them rest there for a second which placed me in orbit. The long red hair falling onto my lap made me even wetter and by the time she did the other ear I was ready to grab the clippers and run them over the top of my head!!! When I looked in the mirror I really liked the way I was starting to look. She reset my hair and curled the bangs back off my forehead the style was very different with my ears exposed and the bangs curled back. I liked the way the front looked and asked her how could the top be cut to get the same effect further back on the top. She explained that she would have to layer my hair on the top of my head at least back to my ears and that there would be a lot of hair cut off. I would be committed to that layered hairstyle for a long time. I thought about it for a while as she was combing out the rollers and I told her to go for it. She asked if I was sure and she took more pictures, front back and side of this next set. I told her yes to cut it but leave it on the
longish side. She said the longest it could be is 4 inches because longer than that the hair tends to lay flat from its own weight. I agreed with her trying to hold back my excitement. She began to cut off 28 inch lengths of my wavy red hair and dropping them on my lap which caused me to get even wetter when she was done there was a huge pile of hair on my lap. She retrieved the curling iron and curled these new layers back, I loved it ! I got up and looked at myself in the mirror, the front was layered to above my ears and clippered in front of my ears, the back was softly layered and curled down to my waist. I wanted a makeover and I was getting it! She took more pictures. I asked her to set it on small hot rollers on the top as I wanted to see something. She did this and fifteen minutes later the rollers were taken out and I picked the curls then brushed them lightly back. The waves were magnificent I held my remaining waist length hair back and took a long look in the mirror. The stylist took more pictures and I think she read my mind when she asked ‘ are you sure?’. I said absolutely and hopped back into the chair and flung my wavy locks over the back and said cut it off ! The stylist asked how I told her to continue the layering from the top and she started to cut and cut and cut. Soon my formerly waist length hair was reduced to a uniform 4 inches. She set it in the hot rollers and when they cooled she removed them and smoothed the curls straight back with some wispy bangs in front. She took more pictures and said it looked wonderful. I looked at it and said shorter, just take the clippers and take it down to a three quarters of an inch and shave the back. She placed the guard on and flipped the switch, placed the clippers on my forehead and asked “ready?”. Yes I said and before she could move the machine I pushed my head forward into the clippers. She finished the job on the top and replaced the guard with a 1/4 inch guard. With this she clippered the sides and back letting the curls fall onto my lap, looking up I saw the results and smiled.

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