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Not long after we first chatted in our room, the two of us plotted to actually meet and get Bobbi cropped like CrewCtGal ! The following Saturday ( February 22nd.) “Bobbi” drove down from Georgia and met CrewCtGal in Jacksonville. The first night was a party, with a shared room and bottle in the Holiday Inn by the Navy Base. The area chosen for the number of Barbers catering to the base. After breakfast the next morning the two of went ‘cruisin’ in Sally’s beat up Mustang, searching for the ‘ideal’ premises. Sally, having the obvious attributes of an existing crop, was delegated to do the talking and a quiet (actually empty) shop was chosen. Later that week the pair of us created the following account on-line and by email.

(Sally) ……. Once I had bullied the old barber into actually cutting all a girl’s hair off, “like a little boy’s with a side part and a quiff”, he very crossly began to shear off all your wet cape of hair. ……….. the two thick planks of wet, therefore dark blonde hair lay either side of the high, straight, white and very severe parting he had made. “Oh Sally !” you gasped,” do you think that will be too high when he clipper-shaves it??” “Mmmmm”, I mused,” it is almost up to your eyebrows!”. We clenched hands excitingly under the sheet as the old Barber, raising his clippers looked at me quizzically…. “Oh!”, he muttered” change yer minds then??” “Oh no!”, I said, “We’d like it even higher please”. He gasped and roughly pushing your head forward , nearly onto your sheeted breasts, causing the wet hair to flop onto your face, he switched on his clipper. You shuddered as the cold steel, nibbling teeth touched your soon to be shaven nape. Purring and buzzing harshly as they bit into your neck hair, the clipper began to peel away your hair from the back of your head. “Ooooooo Sally”, you moaned, as we both felt the hot flush to our loins as the clipper began the rape of your hair. He buzzed the back down to 1/4″ around your hairline, and, still cross and determined to “teach us a lesson” began to turn the up around your ears towards your eyebrows, where the part gleamed white in your dark, wet blonde tresses. Hair was cascading onto your sheeted breasts, spilling into your lap. (I was fondling the long silken tresses inside my blouse, pulling it gently into my bra’.) You gasped with pleasure as well as that delicious feeling of terror as you caught sight of your clippered head in the mirror .. hair peeled away around your ears, a ‘little boy’ quiff of a bang, slicked to one side … and yet, STILL he clippered and shaved …. So, how were YOU feeling when this head shearing was going on ……..

(Bobbi) I felt the wet hair plop onto my cheeks as he pushed (rather TOO firmly) my head down .. so far that my chin was doubled ..and turned on the clipper. Oh God!! The sound of those whirring chattering steel teeth driven by a self satisfied purr of the electric motor. A tool that can SHAVE away hair to a bald nothingness was about to be used on ME!!. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the silken strands and tresses of my mane .. MY HAIR ! .. my heart thumped, I was stricken with fear, a hot flush flooded my loins and I clamped my knees together involuntary as the cold teeth nibbled up my neck. My stomach froze as they climbed up higher and higher … MY HAIR! …I had lost my cape of gold hair that shone around my neck and shoulders, I could see it spilled on the floor and cutting sheet. I could see, almost peripherally, Sally’s hand sneaking into the top of her white blouse, and remembered she had tucked away one of the first and longest tresses to be cropped from my head. She was playing with it !! .. MY HAIR!!.. now the clipper note changed, almost a harsh clatter as it bit into the longer side hair. MY GOD!! he was peeling me bald at the sides, hair cascading down, tickling and itching on my neck, MY HAIR!!!… I was being cropped and clipper shaved like a little boy! The booster seat felt cold and hard on my thighs as they flexed and clenched, I squeezed Sally’s hand for re-assurance, as he sheared away the hair around my ears.

(Sally) I squeezed back, grasping tightly. My face was hot as I watch the shearing of you pretty hair, exposing pink skin and even, back behind the ears, white un-suntanned skin. I LONGED to reach up and feel it, but kept hold of your hand. You seemed to be almost panting .. sex? fear?? or excitement ??? He had almost finished his clippering now .. a bowl of longer hair around your head, the still damp quiff and a harsh, sharp and etched line of bristles abruptly terminating in smooth shaved skin. “Oh Sally!!” you sighed (Ah!! So the pants WERE sex!!) and your hand fluttered to your harshly clippered neck, spilling shafts of gold bristles over your neck. (I’d lick them off later!) He put down the clipper, smirked at our faces ( misunderstanding our expressions and emotions) and stepped to a small white tower-like instrument He pressed the top and a splurge of cream came out into his cupped hand ! My heart leapt .. he was going to FINISH-SHAVE your neck and around your ears, just like the men get! He spread the cream on your neck (You flinch – it’s hot!) and smeared some onto your temples and in front of your ears. Still totally misunderstanding his client, he smiled maliciously as he stropped an open “cutthroat” straight razor to glittering keenness. He arched his fingers on your neck and I heard the RHAASSSP as the razor stroked off even the remaining gold down on your neck, leaving it bright pink and smoothly shining. He stepped to the side ..

“RassPPPPP!” as he shaved around your temple and down in front of your ears!! GOD!!! it was short!! He grinned at your astonished face as you looked in the mirror and smirkingly said .. “Want some hair dressing on that ??” “Yes, we do .. lots!” I snapped. He SMOTHERED you!! Your short quiff was slicked down and shone with the cream, making the contrast to your shaven neck and exposed ears, shining pinkly, even stronger.

He showed the high and tightly clippered back in a mirror .. you were close to tears .. of sexual need!! We paid the barber and hurriedly left, hair still clinging in clumps around your neck .. I had a great HANDFUL of your (once) long tresses and whispered .. “We will lay this on the bed and make love in your cropped off hair!!”

“Bobbi” still has not got over the shock of her stubbly head, nor Sally the aftermath of this first hair affair with another girl and AO on-liner.!

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