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Chapter 1 – The Arrival

The road towards the camp was a winding country road with some hints of civilization but mostly lush green farmland just starting to sprout this year’s crops. There was corn, plenty of that, and many other kinds of vegetables mixed in with the grazing cows and pastures that they fed off of. As the trip continued, she questioned her sanity in undertaking this. What did she know about these people ? Where were they taking her after all ? How would she fare when this was all over ?

It was HER fantasy they were looking to fulfill. She had placed an ad looking for someone to help her fulfill her fantasy. She wanted to be shaved of all her body hair – yes ALL of it, head to toe. She had yearned for this to happen and now that it was about to, she was unsure of herself. She was scared and anxious and wondered if they would keep her safe as they promised they would.

After a short while, they pulled of the country road and up a dirt path that seemed to lead into the middle of the forest. Her fears were heightened by this yet she remained still. She had come this far and was not about to turn back now.

They had told her a little about what she might expect. The first day would be a free day, allowing her to acclimate to her surroundings and get into role for what was to follow. She wanted to get the other women angry with her, jealous of her youth and beauty so that they would all relish the fact that she would get her due when it finally happened. She was certainly prepared to do her part to get them to feel that way. She was prepared to flirt with every guy there, and some of the girls as well, in hoping that she could extract that jealous rage she wanted to see them in as she was seen to by the team she was allowing to do this to her. She wanted them boiling by the time this happened. It was all part of her plan.

She was young and sexy with the most beautiful long red hair and pert titties. And a natural redhead at that, as they would soon all learn. She intended to flaunt that which she had to get what she wanted and no one could do it better than her when she set her mind to it. They had now gone up this bumpy road and were at a gatehouse. Two uniformed officers, or so they were dressed to appear like, asked for ID from each of them in the car and checked their names against a master list. What was this place she thought? Had she wandered into something that was way over head? With a glance at each person as their Ids were checked and the names ticked off the list, they were cleared and allowed to proceed further into the campgrounds.

Upon entry, they were shown into a huge open field, which had a number of cars already in it. They parked the vehicle and after a few seconds got out of the car. “Welcome to camp” he said to her, an eerie smile on his face. She looked around and tried to take it all in but it was far too large and they were too far away from anything of substance for her to comprehend just what this was all about. They unloaded the car and ferried their stuff to their designated cabin and now she started seeing signs of life all around her.

There were people in leather and people in little clothes at all. There were submissive men and women walking with chains around them and Dominant men and women following them with whips and paddles and sticks. Then there were those who just looked like they were at a summer resort and were there to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and the lovely weather.

At dinner that night, she got to meet some of the others that she had not met in the cabin. There were many more people here than she had imagined. And they were all types of people at that. Different types of dress, various accents depicting where they had come from, different demeanors as well. She was starting to warm up to this place and thought she would do OK. Dinner was a lot of fun. People talked and got on with each other like old friends who hadn’t seen each other in quite some time. In many cases this was true. People came from all over the country to enjoy this time together and many did not see each other the rest of the year. So this was like old school week for most. After dinner, they wandered around and he began to show her what camp was all about.

There was a horse corral but the horses were human not equine. She had heard of this but had never seen it. They looked so beautiful all decked out in their equestrian finery. There were dungeons, several of them, chock full of equipment – some of which she had no idea what they were used for. She sensed that she would no all about them before she left. The feeling of trepidation was slowly turning into one of anticipation and excitement. She felt herself going moist in her pussy, her clit tingling at the thought of being displayed for all to see on any of these pieces of equipment. She was getting that warm feeling inside that she enjoyed so very much.

Sleep came easily that night as she was tired from her journey there. She had traveled many hours, first to NYC then by car to this place in the boonies. She slept the sleep of the dead. She woke rested in the morning ready to explore all that laid before her.

He instructed her what to wear for breakfast and informed her that much of it would be coming off after that. While she was proud of her body, she was not yet sure how comfortable she would be displaying it to all those that were hear, with more yet to come. He left her little choice as his instructions were an imperative much more so than a request. And she knew she had to follow them.

Breakfast was again nice. They all lined up, got their food, ate and went of to explore their own interests. She was taken back to the cabin and stripped by his slave until she was wearing only a pair of black panties, which did little to hide much of her lush assets. He also attached a collar and led around her neck and instructed one of his assistants to take her out for a walk. She was walked around the camp and exhibited for all to see with instructions that she smile and make eye contact will everyone she saw. She was, however, not allowed to speak to any of them and failure on her part would be reported back and the punishment for failure would be swift and severe. In a strange sense she relished this control and enjoyed her slow walk around the camp at the same time exploring areas she had not seen the night before. She came back sweaty and dripping, her red cunt on fire from the show she had just provided. But release would not be allowed for her, at least not yet.

The day went well. It was a mix of doing interesting things and some mundane things. Getting the cabin ready for the weekend and preparing themselves for the adventure that would be bestowed upon her in the days to come. All seemed wonderful and tranquil at this moment in time. She was sure that this would not last much longer. She HOPED that this would not last much longer.

Thursday came and went and Friday began much like Thursday. Breakfast, the walk on her leash, this time another slave taking her around, but now there were considerably more people there. Where there had been perhaps 150 at dinner on Thursday, there now were more like 300 with more arriving every hour. This was starting to look like a lot more fun that she thought. She thrust her tits out proudly and shook her ass in defiance as she was led around the center of camp. He stood of in the distance watching, a sly smile on his face. It would soon start in earnest he thought to himself.

Chapter 2 – The Takedown

She hardly heard them sneak up behind her. He has sent her out to walk the grounds again, her guardian in tow, She was actually starting to enjoy this now. She liked the stares she got from the men who feasted on her youth and beauty and the glares she got from the women who hated her for just the same reasons. She was just passing through the center of camp, right outside the main Headquarters building, when they struck. She was not sure what was happening.
All she knew was that her guide and guardian was whisked aside, or perhaps deserted her on a signal from him or his team, and they were upon her. Had she had the foresight to see this coming, she might have put up some resistance. But she had not and as such fell easy victim to their combined strength and the element of surprise. She got off a few misplaced kicks but that would be about all she could muster. Before she knew it, she was blindfolded and trussed up, naked as the day she came into this world, and was being carried to a place not far away that they had obviously prepared for her. She felt herself being forced to the ground as a leather mask was slid over her face and forced to lay on her back. She felt her legs and arms being spread wide apart, her pussy exposed for all the world to see, and all she could make out was the applause and the cheers from all of those who had been around and were now watching intently as she started to get her due. In the fleeting seconds that she could focus her brain, she thought that although this was exactly what she had wanted, perhaps she was not ready to see it through. She new she could safeword out of this but was determined to see this through to its completion. She feared, as was the case, that it would get much worse before it got any better. She felt her arms being restrained to what felt like stakes in the ground and then her legs followed right after that. She was now on display for everyone in the camp to come and view and she had no say in who could peer upon her charms or lust after her hot little body.

As she lay there, the cool damp grass under her ass, she heard one of them start inviting people over to inspect her. She shuddered at the thought until she felt the first set of hands start to grope and explore her most private parts. There were now hands all over her, being encouraged by the `barker’ who was calling over all those who had NOT seen what happened and telling them all about it. They laughed about it and kidded each other on how easy the takedown had gone and what devious plans they had in store for her over the next day and a half. All the while, they came and poked and prodded her. Pinching her nipples, fingers in her pussy and ass, she even felt one woman biting her titties. She knew it was a woman cause it smelled to sweet to be a man. Then again, perhaps it was one of the drag queens she had seen earlier on her walks. She decided to lay back and get whatever enjoyment she could out of this but that was to be of little help. Her tormentors watched her body language carefully and anytime she gave any indication that she might be close to orgasm, they made everyone stop touching her until the feelings subsided. Then quick as could be, it started all over again. The sexual frustration was growing and growing within her and there was little she could do about it. She didn’t even know who these people were that were doing this to her let alone have the ability to make it stop. This would go on for hours before it was time for them to stop for dinner. She would, however, not be joining them. A group of slaves had been given the task to get her ready for the evening’s activities. And they were all more then ready to help serve this bitch a huge portion of humble pie. She was allowed to eat some meager scraps of food to give her strength to endure the rest of the night then they showered her, and dressed her for the festivities. Once it got dark, things would get might interesting at camp. She was shackled, hand and foot, her long flowing hair carefully brushed to perfection to bring out the beauty in it and a photo taken so she would have the memory of what she looked like before she got what was due her.

Chapter 3 – Paying the Piper

The had dressed her as a slave should be dressed – minimally – with all her charms and beauty ready to be exposed but just not quite there yet. She was dressed, such as it was, in black from head to toe. It was sheer and gave an alluring hint of what lay beneath the sheer material. She was shackled and hobbled so that each tiny step was an effort on her part and she had a guide at either side of her to help her along the way. They started making their way to the auction site where she would be the prize of the evening.

Word had spread throughout camp of her predicament. She had been sassy and mouthed off, trying to show that she knew more than her Masters and she had lost. She had been wrong and the price was going to be paid right here and right now. She had bet that she knew more about something than they did and boy was she wrong. As soon as the first words came out of her mouth, she knew she was in for it. And she had bet BIG. If she lost, they got to shave off every hair on her body. Eyebrows, Head, Cunt, Underarms – wherever they found a tiny little hair it was theirs to take. And they would take it all, every last one of them. She knew that when she made the bet and she really thought she would win. But lose she did and it was now time to pay the price.

All of those she had flirted with came to watch. All of those she had pissed off came to cheer. She came to meet her fate, She was taken through the gathering crowd onto the stage and what she saw there sent a shudder through her. In the center of the stage was a cage into which she was placed and chained to the steel bars. One of her tormentors took the stage and announced to the crowd what was about to happen. He told them of the bet and her losing it. He told them of the stakes and what she had wagered and he told them that she was now going to pay the price right there in front of all of them. He also told them that once she had been shaved, she would be replaced into the cage, naked and chained, and be made to stand there for the balance of the auction. He also said that she would be the last property auctioned off for the night – if anybody still wanted her after they were through with her.

As she stood in the cage listening to the cheers and jeers of the crowd, she noticed two other things up on the stage. One was a medical examination table complete with stirrups to hold the legs wide apart and the other was a suspension bar of sorts that would allow her hands to be hoisted high above her head and leave them plenty of room to move about her body freely. She sensed that these were there for use on her and a shudder ran through her.

Upon His command, she was removed from the cage and stripped bare of the meager clothing she had on. There was no mask or blindfold used. This time, she would face the crowd, head on, and watch as they enjoyed her humiliation and degradation. The women were especially vocal with catcalls filling the night air as they that this bitch would finally get what she deserved. And she was certainly going to get all that and more.

They attached her hands to the suspension bar and raised it just to the point of it being taught but leaving her feet on the ground. A crank or two more and she would be on her toes. Perhaps that would come a bit later. They approached her from several sides with various implements in hand. One of them held a regular barber’s hair cutting machine with a rather shallow clip attached. They would not make this fast and painless. It was going to be slow and arduous. He was the first one to grab her hair and hold it in his fist tightly. He turned the cutter on and as he held the long hair raised in his hand, he shaved a patch off right down the center of her head. The hair came off easily and she appeared to have a crew-cut stripe down the center of her head. The crowd roared out for more and He was prepared to give it to them.

One after another, they took turns removing the hair from her head until all that was left was a very short military style haircut. The crowd was in heat from watching this unfold and seeing her beautiful red tresses fall to the floor bunch after lovely bunch. Now that her head was close to bald, they took a closer shaver and started working on her eyebrows and underarms, which he had instructed her that she grow for the past several w
eeks. They made short order of those and now she was starting to take on that plucked chicken look. Finally, they lather up her head, forehead and underarms and took turns shaving them until there was nothing left – not even the tiniest little hair.

But the best was yet to come. They now removed her from the bar and carried over to the examination table that was set up at the front of the stage, directly at the center so that all in the audience could see what was to come. The placed her flat on her back and pulled her legs apart and tied them into the stirrups. Her arms were restrained behind her to the head to the sides of the table. She was now spread wide, her pretty red cunt gaping for the assembled crowd to see in all its glory. Try, as she might, she was unable to move nor, at this point, did she have the mental capacity to do anything remotely mechanical such as fighting. All she could do was lie still and allow them to complete what they had started and hope that it might be over sooner rather than later. She had never felt quite so exposed in her entire life and the reality of being totally bald had not yet begun to truly sink in. And now here she was, exposed to the world, awaiting their next move. And that would come soon.

They took in the sight and smiled. They had done good work so far as they were concerned. It mattered not that she had been turned from a stunning redhead into something that was bizarrely beautiful yet strangely different. It was her fantasy they were making come real and they were having a damn good time while making that happen. As He watched her lay there now, in total submission, he realized just how well he had planned this. And yet, the job was far from over. So “Back to work” he thought.

On a stool nearby, sat the close clippers that they had used to trim her other hair prior to shaving it. He grabbed them in his hand, turned them on, and made a lovely stripe right down the center of her pubic mound at once making her shudder and the crowd gasp. Her last vestige of privacy, the little bit of her left still covering her cunt, was about to be removed. After the clippers had done their job, he grabbed a shaving brush from the table and started to lather around her gaping wide pussy. The crowd was in a frenzy of passion. One by one, they each came up and grabbed the razor and started shaving her most private parts, There were fingers in her twat, fingers in her ass, fingers holding her labia apart and pinching her clit as they continued to remove each tiny little red hair that remained. It probably only lasted for a few minutes but it seemed like hours as they scraped away taking care not to damage but by no means attempting to be gentle. And eventually they were done. There was not a single hair left on her entire body nor was there a spot that had not been probed, pinched or played with. She was in a state of sexual frenzy as they had taken care not to allow her to orgasm through the entire process and she thought hat she might explode if she didn’t cum soon. But he was not quite ready to allow her that release yet. This ordeal was not yet over. As he announced the completion of the task to the cheers of the assemble audience, she heard Him invite everyone to come up and personally inspect their work. There was no shortage of takers for his request and once again, she found herself being probed and prodded, this time by countless different sets of hands. Finally, he called a halt as they splashed a bucket of cold water on her to cool her off and returned her to the high cage she had come from to await her fate at the hands of the auctioneer.

But THAT is a story for another day………

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