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You board the plane in Seattle for what you know will be an adventure, so you are both nervous and excited. You are met at your plane and driven a considerable distance to a fairly large, slightly shabby Victorian style house. It is an hour later in this time zone than your normal time so you are not really tired, and your excitement contributes to you staying awake. You and I eat a light supper and drink a bottle of Falernian wine, then I plead exhaustion and retire. You spend the rest of the night reading, watching TV, listening to music, and, most importantly, fuming over your disappointment at not jumping immediately into action.

I can’t decide whether to make you into a real bitch, or simply a woman whose delight and expectations are disappointed. I also can’t decide if you are so arrogant that you are stupid, or so bored that you drink enough to make you act that way. I don’t like interacting with really drunk women, so if we decide to play it that way, you’ll have to perform.

In any case, I am very proud to have a beautiful redhead on my arm, so I take you out and introduce you to people, the mayor, the judge, the police chief, some merchants, etc. We take the dogs for a walk in the hills, and all day you grow quieter and quieter and more and more disappointed. So we change and go to the bar for dinner and dancing. You begin carping. The scenery sucks, the town is shabby, the food is over spiced the band is too loud and their music is bad. If you are playing the bitch, this comes naturally to you, if you are getting drunk on cheap liquor, you increase your noise after each drink. Finally, we are asked to leave. I grab your arm and drag you out to the car where you announce that you want to return to Seattle immediately. I take you home, telling you that I’ll take you back in the morning. This isn’t good enough for you and so you attack me. I am a foot taller than you and almost twice your weight, so I simply overwhelm you, but now I am angry.

I tie your wrists behind your back to each elbow, and your ankles to a spreader bar so that your legs are open. I stand you up, lower a rope and knot it into your hair, then raise you by that rope until you are on your toes. I will then bring out a knife and remove all of your clothes, slowly cutting them off and lightly dragging the knife blade across your skin. I demand an apology and you spit at me, so I get the paddle. I hit your rump and you curse me. I paddle you while I run a vibrator over your body and clit, from time to time dripping hot candle wax on your breasts. To your shame and embarrassment, you have an orgasm. Finally, in tears, you agree to do anything if I will let you go. I let you down and demand that you polish my boots with your tongue and hair, leaving the vibrator inside of you and saying I will punish you if you drop it.

When you finish my boots, I take you to the bedroom where I demand that you begin masturbating me with your hair and tongue. At the same time, I begin tonguing you, licking drops of single malt scotch off of your clit, and playing on you with the vibrator. When you have come three more times, we go to sleep.

The next morning, you have calmed down a bit, but you are still ashamed of your responses from the night before. Indeed, you are so ashamed that you begin drinking early. You tell me that I am a pig and that your responses were atypical. I laugh and say that, like all women, you are a whore at heart, and easy to do. You bet me that I can’t repeat the response, $100 against you’re being my slave.

I carry you to the bed, and only tell you that an orgasm is a simple brain stem response after I tie your wrists to your ankles and spread you wide with a rope from your knees to the bed stead. The whole myth about mandrake root comes from the fact that hanged men orgasm onto the ground as they are hanged. I stroke your nipples, run the vibrator over your body, and lap at your clit, and for a bit you have me worried because you are holding off, but then I run my hand over your scalp from front to back and begin pulling your hair while putting the vibrator on your clit. You can’t hold back your orgasm any longer and you lose. I decide that you need to be taught a lesson, so I begin slowly building you up again. I tell you that you need to be truly naked, and, as your arousal increases, I bring a bowl of warm water and my razor and I slowly wash and soften the hair on your pussy. I mix a rich lather with the brush and work in into your bush, then, carefully stretch each square inch of skin and shave you with the straight razor.

I tell you that you must rest for the evening since I am going to insist that we return to the bar and apologize to and be punished by everyone you have offended. We anticipate that you will be asked to strip by someone, so we put together an outfit which you will be comfortable removing erotically. In order to diffuse the worst of the hostile reactions to your presence, we place a collar and lead on your neck so that everyone will know your status right at the beginning. I might ask you to wear a chain around your waist and running to your wrists and leg irons as well.

We get to the bar, and pose in the doorway when we enter. The noise dies down as people notice us. In the silence, I lead you to the stage and announce that you are there to serve us, entertain us, and apologize for your behavior, and that, after saying an apology to the group as a whole, you will serve a round of drinks, then begin your individual apologies.

You stand on the stage with your head bowed and your hair falling over your face and you mutter something unintelligible. There are cat calls and whistles and boos and I walk over and hit you on the back of your calf with a riding crop and say “speak up bitch.” You announce “I am a worthless cunt who has offended you unjustly and I will do anything you ask in order to atone.” I decide that this should be a mantra for you whenever you get to one of the people to serve.

I think we will start with the judge, or Joe, a teamster who moved here from Denver. You go to one of them and kneel and say “I am a worthless cunt who has offended you unjustly and I will do anything you ask in order to atone.” They will ask you to give them a blow job. Leonard, the coal miner will give you a spanking over his knee, then Tom, who owns a copy store will suggest that you do a strip and dance for us. Tom is a shill, he’ll read his lines here. I will expect you to draw this out very erotically. Here we will ask you to serve another round, this time naked so that everyone will be encouraged to touch and stroke you as you move among them.

Now, I think we will ask you to apologize to Lorena. She is a bartender who used to live with Stella, and is less dangerous. She will demand that you eat her pussy and we will move you to the stage. She will sit on a chair with her legs spread, and I will place you, kneeling in front of her. As you eat her, she will be stroking your hair, pulling you toward her pussy. Tom will ask how your hair feels, soft and silky or stiff and stringy. She’ll say that it feels like a wire brush, that she could scrub the toilet with it and remove stains. At this, I expect that you will be listening more to what is going on than lapping at her pussy, so she’ll grab your hair, pull your head tighter into her crotch and demand that you get back to work. I’ll point out that a hundred pound toilet brush is a bit unwieldy. At that point, Tom will notice that your pussy is shaved. I’ll tell him that it was what led to your apology and that you orgasmed when I did it. Tom will laugh and ask if I think that you would orgasm if we cleaned the toilet. We’ll begin talking about it and Lorena will talk about how sassy you are and how proud you are of your hair. I’ll talk about the French in 1944, and how they took the proud and comfortable women who collaborated with the Nazis during the occupation and shaved their heads in public. I’ll say that I have some dog clippers in the car and suggest that she shave you with them while you are ea
ting her. We’ll chain your wrists to the chair legs and begin. I will find the condoms and suggest that everyone take you from behind while this is going on. Here, Tom gets his reward since he is very in to this so he’ll grab a condom and lead off. This will encourage the others and they will form a line and take you, one after another.

After everyone is finished, I will release you and ask you to serve another round while they rest. As you walk through them, I will say that you don’t look naked enough and will bring out a bowl of hot water, a can of shaving cream, and a safety razor. We will shave your head, then demand that you finish your apologies to anyone in the bar you haven’t served yet. Then we’ll put your clothes back on and I will lead you out by the collar around your neck.

If you have performed well, I will bring you home, place you in the tub and wash you from your bald head to your toes. I think that you will service me again, but this time, perhaps a bit more gently.

After a bit of rest, we will dress you for travel, including a turban, and I will return you to the airport for your flight home and to get ready for your next fantasy.

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