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It is Friday night and you and I are supposed to go to a party/gathering at someone’s home. I call you and tell you that I am running a little bit late at work, and that I will meet you, as you have been telling me all week how much you are looking forward to going. I can tell by the end of the phone call that you are not happy. Since it is a semi-formal affair I am even latter getting there then I had hoped as I had to stop on the way from work shower and change.

When I get there I can tell from the look on the hosts face that something is not right, but he hurriedly leaves me standing there by myself. Suddenly the hosts wife comes up to me, and tells me that if I can not control you that we will be asked to leave. The look on my face tells her that I am very unaware of what all is going on. She pulls me off to one side, and begins to tell me her story. it seems that when you arrived and they politely asked where I was, you began to get very belligerent, drawing more attention then they thought appropriate, so they quickly changed the subject to quiet you down. While you were waiting you began to drink heavily, and flirt with the other women’s husbands, meanwhile belittling me to all. The wife’s were getting mad, as the more that you drank the more blatant you were getting with their husbands.

By this time the hostess can see that I am becoming very angry. Since you have been so adamant about belittling me in front of so many, and embarrassing the host and hostess, I ask her for some help in turning the tables on you. By this time we can hear your voice as you have become very loud, and as we look about the room see that you have the undivided attention of several of the husbands, much to their wife’s dislike. I can see that you are very nicely dressed in a very tight formal gown and 4 inch heels. We hear that you have now begun to belittle the host of the party at which point the hostess has had all of you that she is willing to take, however before she can move away from me, I grab her arm and indicate to her that I have an idea. Since it appears that you have had way to much to drink by this time and I am fairly sure that you can be gotten the best of fairly quickly and easily. The bet is to be that if you win you get any man in the room, and but if you lose you have to make amends to everyone in the room. The hostess smiles saying she knows just what to do, but for me to stay out of sight.

I can see her walk up to you but for a couple of seconds can not hear what is going on, but it becomes evident fairly quickly that an argument is getting very heated between the 2 of you. Finally I hear her ask you if you are willing to put your faith on the line with actions instead of words. At this point you say yes, and ask what she has in mind, at which she tells you that if you are right you get your pick of any man in the room for the night. And you ask her if you lose what happens, she smile and tell you that you make amends with everyone in the room. Thinking that you have no chance of losing, and even if you did how bad could it be to apologize to everyone. the bet is agreed upon and witnessed by all in the room, at which time the hostess call my name, when you see me step into clear view, I see the look of disbelieve on your face, but then a smile also. You look at the hostess and tell her that she has one, at which time you turn to face the crowd and begin to apologize to everyone. In the middle of your apology I speak up rather loudly over you and tell you that I think you are mistaken. This gets several wives attention and you look at me like I am nuts. I look at you in the eye and say, the bet was for you to make amends with everyone in the room, not apologize. Suddenly the look on your face begins to change to one of surprise, and just a little bit of fear. looking at you loudly I mention how good you look in your gown, and that your hair and makeup looks like you spent some time getting it just the way you wanted. At which you launch into a triad about how much time you spent today so that you look perfect for me and how little I must care to not be there on time to bring you myself. I pull the hostess aside and whisper in her ear, at which she nods, and walks away, I meanwhile look at you and ask if I may talk to you alone in another room. as you and I walk away from the crowd and the door closes behind us I grab both your hands and pull them behind your back, as you are struggling you don’t see the 3 other ladies come in another door. When I ask them if they will hold you for me the hostess shoves a gag in your mouth and you suddenly realize we are not alone. Stepping back I look at you, and very carefully tell you enough about your evening for you to realize that I have seen much of it. I then tell you that to make amends with me that I am going to do everything I can to humiliate you as you have done me this evening. I continue on that these women are even madder at you then I am as it was their husbands that you came on to the most. To start your punishment these ladies are going to remove all of your clothing, except your heel. Then I tell all of you that I want them to drag you naked out into the front yard, since it is a fairly prominent neighborhood I am sure you will get some attention. I then ask the hostess if she can please provide me with a water hose, a razor and some shaving cream, so that we can see about cleaning you up somewhat. Once outside, it being in the 50’s is somewhat chilly, I take the hose from her and begin to spray you down getting you all wet. Suddenly I walk up to you and say that to start with the hair must go. I see the look of fear in your eyes as you try to move away shaking your head. But the looks on the other ladies faces tell me that they are all for this and they have no intention of letting you go. Once they have you held securely it takes us about 20 minutes and there is not a single hair left on your body from head to toe. At that point the ladies let you go and stand back. I then suggest to them that we all rejoin the party. I tell them that they should bring you along, as we enter thru the front door everyone turns to look. As I step aside they shove you in, in front of us. You see everyone staring at you as you try and hide. As the hostess holds you in front of her, you hear me speak. At first you begin to smile, but as you continue to listen, you realize what I have said. What I have said starts by saying that her she is, and this is how you will remain for the remainder of your punishment, that is over for this evening. however as the bet was agreed upon, you are to make amends with everyone in the room, so in order to do so you will be delivered to each and very one of the wives exactly as you are right now, at 8 am in the morning. you will be dropped off in front of their homes wearing nothing and will be at the wife’s mercy for 24 hours, after which I will come back to pick you up, and you are to be standing on the side walk waiting for me when I get there.

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