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She sat there thinking all day about how to get her hair curly. It just would not hold a set let alone a curl. She decided to go to the local beauty salon supplier. The lady there suggested that she get a perm product for hard to curl hair. For coarse hair would be the best to get the desired curl. So she picked up two kits and paid for them.

When she got home she spent the rest of the afternoon trying to put in the perm rods. Her hair was just past her shoulders and the perm rods that she picked were the small blue ones, meant for short hair. After much distress she was able to get her entire head of long blonde hair wrapped around the rods.

She then took the cotton and made a border around her head and contained all the perm rods inside so as to stop any perm solution from getting where it shouldn’t. She mixed up both batches of solution so as to get extra hold for her hard to curl hair. It was now 5 pm and her boyfriend was just getting home. As he walked into the bathroom, she was squirting the strong solution into her hair, saturating all the perm rods. It was then that her boyfriend told her how much he liked the smell of the perming agent, and that he found a women with perm rods in her hair a real turn on.

She didn’t know what to say except “well give me a hand and saturate this bleached head of mine” He asked her if she should be perming over recently bleached hair and she said go for it. He was so turned on by the time he finished that his hard on nearly ripped out of his pants. Well she noticed and suggested that they head for the bedroom. They did, and he got off like he never did before. She was so tired after having sex that she decided to leave the perm rods and solution in overnight, knowing how much waking up to a lady with perm rods in her hair would turn him on.

The next morning after torrid love making, she got up and decided to pour the neutralizing agent into her now dry hair. After 20 minutes her boyfriend came over and helped her take the rods out…There was some breakage and her hair was just a mass of pin curls…What would you like to do about the curls he asked. She started to cry and all he heard her say was CUT IT. So he went into the bathroom and returned with scissors. He passed them to her and without waiting she reached up and grabbed her fuzzy bangs and chopped them off close to her head. She then asked her boyfriend to finish it up….he started cutting and all she could say was well …Bald is beautiful honey….and he cut and cut and cut……

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