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Kira walked quicky thought the busy down town streets towards “Jessica Mosilis Academy Of Ballet and Modern Dance” where she had been enrolled in advanced ballet lessons. Tonight was the first class and she was to meet her best friends Nichola and Michelle outside studio 2 where their class was to take place. After the short 15 minute walk she was in front of the studio the opened the door with great confidence and proceeded to the change room. She quickly slipped out of her clothes and into her black leotard, pink tights, black leg warmers, and a black wrap around skirt. Quickly she grabbed her bobby pins, hair net, and elastics and threw her long silky black hair which was just past her elbows into a bun. Kira had the perfect figure to pull off the tight leotard and the sleek hair. She quickly folded her clothes and was off to class.

She turned the corner to see Nichola and Michelle. Nichola was wearing a pale pink leotard with matching tights, leg warmers, and skirt. Her blond hair was swept into a bun which was decorated with a pale pick scrunchie. Michelle was wearing a black leotard, pale pink skirt, white tights, and no leg warmers. This was just like Michelle she was never organised and never tried hard to match. Her reddish gold hair was chin length and she was unable to pull it back into a bun there for had it held back with a black hair band. The girl chatted about how excited they were about studying at this acclaimed dance school. They had all studied the art of ballet since they were 4 at a studio in Chicago. Now after all those years they were all at university on a Ballet scholarship.

Within 5 minutes Mme. Mosilis came up behind them and opened the studio door the three girls followed closely behind her. More girls pooled into the room for the following 10 minutes and sat down to stretch and prepare for the vigorous 2 ½ hour class ahead of them. At exactly 5:30 Mme. Mosilis closed and locked the door. By now there had to be at least 30 girls in the studio. Mme. Mosilis walked to the head of the room and introduced Mlle.Simmons who would be their pianist. Mme. Mosilis asked them to gather round and she started to speak of class rules. “I expect all my girls to come properly dressed in a leotard either black or pale pink in colour, wrap around skirts in black or pale pink and pink or white tights. All girls should come with their hair in a bun with the regulation hair cut which shall be discussed later and for girls with shorter hair we will also discuss how your hair shall be worn. You should all have already bought your shoes but if you have not you are to get pink satin point shoes, and pink canvas ballet slippers.” The girls looked aw struck most of them were dressed appropriately and had all necessary shoes but what type of regulation haircut was she talking about?

Mme. Mosilis continued to discuss the rules in her class room for the next 30 minutes. “Now that you all know the ruled” Mme. Mosilis said, ” we shall discuss you hair. Girls with long hair always have little flyaway’s around the nape of their necks these disrupt the smooth continuos line of your body to your neck to you head their for all girls MUST have their napes shaven before class each day.” Kira, Nichola, and Michelle stared at each other. Kira whispered to the other girls “this was never written in the brochure!”. Mme. Mosilis continued. “For those of you who are unable to put your hair in a bun you must shave your head completely before each class. I will look at each girls nape, hair line and hair length and tell you what must be done and how high you must shave your nape. I realise that most of you are here from the university on a dance scholar ship and this class is mandatory for you to continue to study under this scholarship. So if you could make a line and I will inspect you hair and then write down what must be done and then barber shop to go to. I expect all of you to come on Wednesday with the respectable haircut I suggested.” Michelle looked like someone had just slapped her. She had to come on a dance scholarship and so did Kira and Nichola because none of their families were wealthy enough to send them to university. Kira and Nichola were devastated but not as much as Michelle because she had to shave her head!

The three girls were at the end of the line. Almost every girl in the room was crying especially Michelle. Kira and Nichola tried to comfort her but it was no use. The line grew shorter ad shorter. Kira was the first of the three to be looked at by Mme. Mosilis. First their was some small talk “What is your name?” Mme. Mosilis asked. “Kira, Does this really have to happen?” Kira replied. “Unfortunately it does dear it is policy”. Kira was the only girl who had not started to cry yet. “Please take your bun out.” Mme. Mosilis asked. Kira did as she was told and took out her bun. Her hair cascaded over her shoulder and down her back. Mme. Mosilis lifted it up and looked at her hair line. She jotted down some thing on a piece of paper and then handed it to Kira just before saying “NEXT!”

Kira just stood there as the process was repeated on Nichola and then Michelle. The three girls went to the change room in tears. None of them had looked at their papers. They changed and walked out into the evening air. Slowly Kira took her paper out of her pocket and read what it said. Kira is to have her nape shaved up to the top of her ears. Go to Cindy’s barber shop on the corner of Queen st. and Elm st. Kira could not believe it! She had to have that much hair shaved off! Nichola and Michelle read their papers to. Nichola had to have her all of her hair from the nape of her neck to her crown shaved off and was to go to the same barber shop as Kira. Michelle was bawling her eyes out now she had to get a complete head shave! And was also to go to Cindy’s barber shop. The girls went their separate ways and arranged to meet out side of Cindy’s barber shop the next morning at 10:00.

The following morning at 10:00 the girls were all outside of Cindy’s Barber shop. Kira said “Well if we want to continue to get out education we need to do this.” the girls agreed and slowly they all walked in. The place was empty except for three gorgeous young women. There were three large barber chairs in a row and unlike conventional barber shops there were mirrors. One of the barbers stepped forward and said ” Hi I am Cindy and this is Sara and Melissa the two other barbers who work here!” The three girls introduced them selves and explain why the were there. “We get Mme. Mosilis’s girls here all the time don’t worry we know what we are doing” said Cindy. “You are the only ones here so we can do you all at once” said Cindy and she invited them towards the chairs. The girls walked towards the chairs and slowly they each took a seat.

Kira was in front of Melissa, Nichola in front of Cindy and Michelle in front of Sara. Quietly each girl took out their papers and handed them to their barbers. They each read the sheets and started to work. Melissa pinned up Kira’s hair except for the hair that would soon be gone. Kira watched as she reached in front of her and retrieved the clippers suddenly their was a POP hmmmmmmm…… Melissa slowly brought the clippers towards Kira’s nape. Kira felt the cold steel blades touch her nape. They were vibrating furiously and they tickled. She felt the tickle creep slowly up of neck and they got higher and higher. Melissa removed the clippers from her head and started another pass Kira felt that same tickle run up her nape and Melissa repeated it until no hair was left on the back of her head. Kira was miserable through the whole clippering but never shed a tear. Melissa shut off the clippers and placed them down. Kira assumed she was finished and felt relived. Melissa took a steamy hot towel and wrapped it around Kira’s nape. Kira heard a winding sound ad started to get nervous. Melissa came back and took off the towel and applied white fluffy stuff to her head soon Kira a realised that the winding sound was a shaving cream dispenser. Melissa slowly and carefully
shaved the remaining stubble on Kira neck down to nothing. The feeling of the straight razor was like nothing else but Kira hated it. While this was all happening to Kira the girls were being to submitted to similar things.

Nichola sat quietly as Cindy caped her and started to brush her hair. Cindy started to grab chunks and pin them up soon all that was left hanging was the hair about to be shaved she heard a POP hmmmmmmmmm….. and was relieved that it was Melissa who was starting to clip Kira’s nape. There was a another POP hmmmmmmmm……but this one was closer. She assumed it was Sara staring on Michelle and was not worried what so ever. She felt something vibrate at the nape of her neck and realised it WAS Cindy starting to clip her nape! The clippers tickled and Nichola hated it! Cindy was going slowly up her neck. With each pass Nichola felt a shiver go down her spine. Finally the clippers were turned off and put down and Cindy walked towards the other side of the room. Nichola looked over at Kira who was being shaved and assumed that was what she was in for next. Then she glanced over at Michelle who was sitting in the chair bawling her eyes out as Sara tried to calm her down. And convince her to let her cut her hair. Michelle insisted upon waiting until Kira and Nichola were done. Cindy came back and lathered her up and shaved her smooth. Cindy then un caped Nichola and brushed her off. Nichola stood up thanked Cindy and went to join Kira in the waiting area once they were both sitting down.

Michelle said “I am ready but it has to go as fast as possible.” Sara walked over to talk to Cindy and Melissa who were cleaning up and asked them to help her. The girls all grabbed a set of clippers and then their was three POP hmmmmmmmmmz….. in a row each barber brought their clippers slowly towards Michelle’s head Kira and Nichola watched as they ran their hands over their bald necks. Michelle was crying hard and she felt all three set of old blades touch down on her head on was on the night side another on her nape and the other on top of her head. They all tickled but Melissa’s clipper she felt the most Melissa was doing the top of her head Michelle was very sensitive in that area and felt every single price of hair quickly being severed from her head. Once all the clippering done all three barbers grabbed some shaving cream and lathered her up and began to shave her little stubbles down to nothing. Michelle was crying hard now when she was brushed off and un caped. She shakily stood up and walked towards Nichola and Kira. The three girls paid and left to go home and recuperate from their hair cuts before their next dance classes.

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