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Huh? How does it feel to be at my mercy? Does this excite you little girl? Does it frighten you? Hmm? Does it make your heart pound?

Does it make you…wet?

You look so pretty all tied up like that. Do you like being my little bondage-slut? Do you? I know, baby, I know. It’s difficult to talk with that big ballgag filling your mouth isn’t it? I wish you could see what I have in my hand right now, slave. I think you would enjoy it. Here, I’ll brush it across your bare breast. Feel that? Know what that is, slave? No? That’s alright. You’ll find out soon enough, bitch. Little…fucking…bitch.

I think maybe I’ll torture your nipples for awhile, slave. Would you like that? It doesn’t really matter because I’m going to do whatever I like anyway because you deserve to be tortured. It won’t do you any good to squirm, slave, because we’re going to be here awhile. I wish you could see all the fun toys I have laid out for you, slave. Your Master has been doing some shopping. That’s right. All these goodies are for you! These here? They’ll be used to fuck your little asshole. See? Oh, that’s right. My little slave princes can’t see! Is that hood a little snug? It’s brand new, slave. Just for you. Don’t worry, you’ll get plenty of opportunity to break it in nice and soft. Is it hard to breathe under there?

You know you have this coming to you don’t you, bitch? You know you do. Little smart-mouth bitches like you always have it coming and even though you can’t see them, all these people sitting here watching know you have it coming too. Oh! That’s right, I didn’t tell you did I? I’ve invited several of your friends to come and see what I have in store for you, slave. But don’t worry, you won’t know who they are because they’ll be gone before I remove the hood. That way you’ll never know who among your friends knows how much you like being my little barefooted slavegirl. My little fuck-toy. See? You’re already getting soooo wet. It’s a good thing I tied your legs so wide isn’t it slave? Now everyone can see how wet your little pussy is and all…I’m…doing…is…talking…to…you.

All these people came to see you humiliated and tamed, you know that don’t you you fucking little bitch? Know why? Do you? Sure you do. They came to see you tortured because you think you’re better then they are! They want to see you taken down a notch, maybe two notches. They want to see me fuck you in that smart mouth of yours and pretty soon I’m going to remove that ballgag and I’m going to give them exactly what they want. In fact I’m going to give you what YOU want; you want your Master to fuck you in the mouth don’t you, slave? You know you deserve to be punished too don’t you? DON’T YOU! God, you make me sick. I want to slap you right in the face you little fucking whore, but you’d like that wouldn’t you, bitch? Huh? You want Daddy to slap you don’t you? Yeah…I know. You’ve been a bad little girl and you need to be punished for it. That’s why you let me tie you up so nice and tight isn’t, slave? Look how wet you are! Look how wet she is! Look how dripping wet her little pussy is! Hahahaha! Poor little pussy. Poor, poor little pussy just aching for release. Maybe pussy needs this big hard vibrator? Or maybe pussy needs Master’s big juicy cock? Is that it, slave? Is pussy hungry for my big…fat…cock?

Mmm…look at her everybody. Look how helpless she is. She loves it. She LOVES it! You love being helpless don’t you you little bitch-whore? You love being my slave don’t you? Huh? I know it makes you hot knowing all these people are watching you and they’re all looking at how wet you are, slave. Did you know that? They can all see your pussy and before the night is over I’m going to bend you over this chair I so carefully tied you to, then I’m going to make you spread your legs sooooooo, so wide and then I’m going to spread your ass-cheeks and I’m going to show everyone that pretty pink little asshole of yours. Know what I’m going to do then, slave? Do you? That’s right. I’m going to ass-fuck you! Oh, I am going to enjoy it too, slave and I’m going to take my sweet, sweet time doing it. I’m going to grab that beautiful hair of yours and I’m going to rape your ass! I’m going to ride you like the pony-slave bitch you are and I’m going to make sure everyone hears how much you love to be fucked in the ass by your Owner. Oooooh, I can’t WAIT.

It’s just so hard to know where to get started, slave. It really is. Maybe some of your friends here have some suggestions? I’ll bet they have a lot of deliciously evil ideas, don’t you? Mmm…I do love grabbing your mane, my little pony-slut. I do indeed. It’s sad then that I have to cut…all…your…hair…OFF. What’s the matter, slave? You seem upset! Don’t you want your Master to shave your head in front of all your friends? Don’t you want them to leave happy? They came to see a show, slave. They came to see you tamed. They all came to see JJ get what’s finally coming to her, didn’t you know? That’s right, slave struggle against your bondage. I do like a fiery little slavegirl. Mmm…look at her! She’s trying so hard to break free! Poor little slave jj doesn’t want to be shaved bald. What’s the matter, pet. Don’t you want to be your Master’s little bald slavegirl? Are you so vain, slave? Are you too pretty to be shaved bald for your Master? Fucking little bitch! You’ve had it too good for too long haven’t you you spoiled little brat? Boys have always bent over backwards for you haven’t they, slave? Haven’t they?! You love being able to control and manipulate boys don’t you? And it kills you knowing you can’t control me doesn’t it, slave? But you know what I think, bitch? Do you? I think you’ve always wanted to submit to a MAN. You NEED to submit to a man don’t you, slave? You love being the naughty little girl who gets into trouble and gets taken over her Daddy’s knee don’t you, slave? That’s why you misbehave so badly isn’t it? You want Daddy/Master to spank your little bottom red as punishment and then reward you for being a good little girl by letting you take his nice fat cock in your mouth and swallowing his hot sweet cum, don’t you? Such a bitch-slut.

Mmm…Yesssssssss. Look how wet you are, slave. We may need to get a towel for that hot little pussy of yours. But first, I think we should shave it clean, don’t you slave? Who shall we get to shave your little pussy? I think one of our guests should get the privilege, don’t you slave? Wouldn’t you like one of your friends here to shave your pussy bald? Let’s see…who shall it be? Hmm. How about…Jen! That’s perfect don’t you think, slave? To have your own roommate shave your pussy bald? Oh, look how eager she is, slave! Jen just jumped right up! She’s dying to shave your pussy! I’ll just sit back and enjoy the show I think. Make sure you get her nice and soapy Jen, that’s it. Excellent. Oooooh, Listen! JJ thinks Jen’s doing a good job too, everyone. It’s too bad that ballgag is so big, I almost can’t hear JJ’s moans. Oh yeah, she likes having her pussy shaved by another girl. That’s it Jen, make her pussy nice and clean. Now, towel her off and rub some lotion aaaaaaall over. That’s it. Slowly. Slowly. Excellent. What? Yes! Of course you may kiss my slave’s freshly shaved and clean little pussy. You don’t mind do you, slave? We used some very nice strawberry flavored oil and Jen looks hungry, slave. I wish you could see her licking her lips. Can you feel her cool breath slave? Can you feel her blowing kisses on your little pussy. Don’t you like how she’s dragging her nails down the inside of your thighs and how she’s pinching your gumdrop nipples? Oh, she’s so close now, slave. So close. Don’t you wish I hadn’t tied your hips down? I can see how you’re straining against the ropes trying to push your juicy little pussy into Jen’s mouth. Look everyone, look how Jen is teasing my little slave with her tongue. Mmm…this may take awhile. Does anyone else want a taste? You? C’mon up! You want to suckle her? Go right ahead. I think you should first torture her nipples with ice, make ’em nice and HA
RD. How about you, you want to take the other nipple? How does that feel, slave? Look how all your friends want to help tame you. How they all want to taste your sweet skin. Another wants to whip the soles of your barefeet, slave, should we let her? I think we should! She says it’s to teach you a lesson about how you walk all over people, even your own friends! Apparently you’ve been a very bad girl, slave. Such a naughty bitch.

I think we have another volunteer, my little slavegirl. She wants to grind her ass in your face and make you tongue her asshole! I can’t wait to see that. Here, let me remove the ballgag first. There. Oh man, look at that ass! It’s too bad you can’t see this ass, slave. Magnificent! It’s so big and round yet so tight and firm. That’s it, slave. Lick her asshole! Lick her asshole good you filthy little bitch-lesbian. God, that is so sexy. Poor little slavegirl. I know you want to cum soooo bad don’t you? If you’re a good slave I MIGHT let you cum but first we must resume your punishment for being such a little fucking smart-ass bitch! You don’t deserve to tongue-fuck that girl, bitch. That’s too good for you because you enjoyed it too much. Don’t you wish Jen would make you come? You do don’t you, slave? Mmm….she’s very good isn’t she, slave? See how she brings you right to the brink of orgasm then stops to apply ice to your hot little clit? Delicious. I may train her to be your Mistress, slave would you like that? Would that make you hot? To be tortured by Mistress Jen? Mmm…my cock is getting so hard just thinking about it. Here, slave…feel it. Feel how big and hard my cock is. If I hadn’t stuffed that ballgag back in I would let you hold my big fat cock in your pretty, sassy mouth.

Now what should we do, slave? Hmm? I love stroking your long soft curls. Mmm, smells nice too. I love how soft and sexy you keep your mane, bitch. That’s why I hate what I’m about to do. Can’t see what I have in my hand can you, bitch? Blindfold too tight? Hahahaha. Here, feel it. Remember it? Ah, feels dangerous doesn’t it, you fucking little slut? You can’t get away so don’t try to pull away from me, if you do it again I’ll whip your tits! Feel it! Cold, huh? Know what I have now, slave? Do you? The metal is so cold isn’t it, my little bondage-slut? Figured it out yet? No? Sssssscissors. Ooooh, she didn’t like that answer did she? Hahaha! Know what I think, slave? I think you…need…a…haircut! Whoa! Man! Look at her fight! Hahahaha. God, that’s sexy! Look at the sweat just pour off her! Look how taut her muscles are! God! You keep yourself nicely toned, bitch, but I made sure to tie you nice and tight. Now, how short should we make her new ‘do? Here? Here? Shorter? How ’bout here? Hahahaha! Who thinks we should cut it all off?! Who thinks we should shave her BALD?! Hahahaha! Ah, THAT’S the answer everyone wanted, slave! It’s unanimous! I’m going to shave you bald, slave! Don’t you think that’ll make you look pretty? Huh? Huh, you little bitch?! I want to make this last, don’t you? Oh, and don’t worry, slave. You’ll be able to see the procedure all you want because one of your friends here was thoughtful enough to bring his video camera! Now, where…should…I…start? Maybe…HERE! How about HERE! God, your hair is thick! It’s a good thing I got these scissors sharpened for tonight, don’t you think? You need some more taken off back here. And here. And here! What do you think guys? More? Should I keep going? Hahahaha! It seems you’ve been a nasty little bitch to a lot of people, slave! They want you BALD! So, I’ll keep talking while I cut and I would suggest you try to hold still, slave. You wouldn’t want me to accidentally cut off an ear would you? Hahaha.

Wow! Look at this pile of hair! How long did it take you to grow all that out, slave? Two years? Four years? Six? My hand is getting tired so I’ll take a break and see how I’m doing so far…Oh! Very nice. Very sexy, slave. Bald and barefooted. That’s how I want you from now on, bitch. My bald and barefooted little slavegirl! Hahahaha. I can’t wait to take a razor to you, bitch. Don’t worry, Daddy will be careful not to cut you. Oh, and I have a wonderful surprise for you too, baby girl. After I’m done shaving you bald we’re going to go out for drinks to celebrate! Oh….yeah….I knew you’d like that! Just a few more minutes, slave. Just a few more minutes while I have Jen lather you up good. By the way, slave. She told me what you did. She told me how you made some stupid bet with her last week; that you couldn’t be tamed by any boy. What do you think now, bitch, huh? Do you feel tamed now?! See, you keep wasting time with these little boys here when what you really need is an older MAN. Someone to keep you in line. To punish you when you misbehave! Bitches like you think you can get away with anything don’t you? DON’T YOU?! Well, we fooled you didn’t we bitch? Huh? You’re Daddy’s Little Girl now, bitch. You’re Daddy’s Little Fucking Girl now, and I’ll make good and goddamn sure you become an obedient little fuck-slave so I wouldn’t test me if I were you. But you’re lucky, slave. Know why? Because I won’t take ownership of you until a month from now. I need to prepare the dungeon a little more so I’ve asked a volunteer to begin your slave-training duties. She was easy to find, slave, know why? because of the stupid bet you made! That’s right, slave, Jen will begin training you on my behalf so from this moment on you will address her as Mistress Jennifer and she will check in with me every day to report on your progress and if she gives me a bad report, slave, I will make sure you’re properly punished when I get my hands on you, do you understand? DO YOU UNDERSTAND?! Yes? Good! Now, let’s get you shaved nice and clean…aaaaaahhh, very nice. You could hardly feel that could you slave? Yours is a benevolent Master, pet. He will take care of you. He will reward you when you’re good but he will punish you when you’re bad and I KNOW you like being bad, don’t you bitch? That might be alright; a slave with a little fire in her can be more fun for me especially during your torture sessions. There, almost done. What’s this?! Are you crying? Are you crying, slave? Don’t you like being shaved bald? Hahahaha. But you look soooo pretty! Doesn’t she look pretty everyone? Hahaha. Don’t listen to them, my little pet, they really do think you look pretty. We just need to towel you off, rub some warm soft wax into your scalp and you’ll be beautifully bald.

Let’s have a look shall we, slave? Yes. Very nice. Excellent! God, I wish you could see how sexy you look all tied up like this, slave. Very sexy. Very, very sexy. I wish I could just leave you like this for awhile, maybe later I’ll retie you and just sit and look at you, like an erotic sculpture! Right now though I need to untie you so we can get ready for our big night out on the town! I have your clothes all laid out, slave, but first I have little gift for you. You will wear this in my presence at all times, do you understand, slave? This collar signifies my ownership of you and as my property, as my slave, you exist to please me so when you’re away from me you still represent me so I expect you to act accordingly. Failure to do so will result in your being severely punished as I see fit. Your slave-training begins at exactly 9am tomorrow morning under Mistress Jennifer and all these people here will be keeping an eye on you while you serve under her and any misstep on your part will come directly to me where I will keep track of your demerits. A mark AGAINST you means a mark ON you, slave, so you WILL obey your Mistress in my absence. You’ve been allowed to get away with too much for too long now. That ends tonight, bitch, do you understand?! DO YOU?! The days of you getting by on your looks are over. The days of you disrespecting people are OVER! From now on you will behave because I will make fucking goddamn sure you do! Bitches like you never have to answer to anyone but those days are over for you you fucking little bondage-slut. I’m going to teach you discipline if it takes the rest of your fuckin
g life! Learn and obey and I MIGHT let you grow your hair back. Hair, like shoes, and clothes aren’t for bitch-slaves like you so in MY house you will wear your slave-uniform at ALL times; wrist and ankle cuffs, and of course my collar. That’s it. When we entertain you will be allowed to wear stiletto heels as you serve the guests and at all times I expect your head and pussy to be shaved CLEAN. But, we won’t cover everything just yet, slave. There will be plenty of time for that because this will be a lifetime pursuit for you, bitch, and you should feel lucky to serve me. You should feel blessed that with all I have to teach and to share that I’ve chosen you for my slave. My pet. My fuck-toy.

What’s the matter, bitch? Don’t you feel lucky? Maybe a few strokes of my cat-o-nine will help you feel luckier. Or maybe what you need is a good ass-raping, or a few hours suspended by those pretty little ankles of yours out in the garage. Oh, yes…I have a lot of wonderful experiences in store for you, my little bitch-slave. We’re going to have a lot of fun together, you can count on that. Now, I’m going to untie you and remove the gag and blindfold. Mistress Jennifer will take your lead. Follow her and do NOT speak to her, slave, unless she speaks to you first. She will take you into the shower to make sure you’re nice and clean for tonight. You will get dressed in the outfit laid out for you on the bed. You will not be allowed to wear panties or a thong under that very, very, VERY short skirt, slave. I plan to teach you to behave like a lady and nothing is a better aid than the highest of heels and the shortest of skirts. Tonight you will be presented as my slavegirl. My beautiful, bald slavegirl. You have thirty minutes to get ready, slave.


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