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… …thoughts flashed through Lisa’s mind as Sally pushed her, handcuffed, towards the salon chair. She thought the salon receptionist had been much too accommodating in keeping the shop open extra late just for her trim. She was a little worried when she walked in and only Sally was here. And then when Sally locked the door and pulled the blinds behind her so as “not to be disturbed”. But when Sally pointed to the photo on the wall, the one of the bald woman, and asked her if she’d ever considered that look… well that was it! Sally was much quicker and stronger than she looked, and as Lisa bolted for the door she didn’t even realize that Sally already had the cuffs on her. In the ensuing struggle her new silk blouse was ripped clean open. Now Sally had her in the chair and actually was fastening a few straps around her to hold her in the chair. Sally took a wide toothed comb and got all the tangles out,. Lisa’s hair was so smooth and silky…Sally held the clippers in front of Lisa, there was a loud sharp click…then the buzzing sound she’d never forget. Sally lifted a hank of long hair in the back, put the clips against her neck and smoothly ran them up to the crown. She reached around and dropped the brunette silk in Lisa’s lap. Again and again she repeated this action and Lisa could feel the weight coming off her head. Sally then moved to the right side and cleaned the hair from there. And then the left side too. Lisa’s lap was overflowing with beautiful sheared hair. She turned Lisa to face the mirror and Lisa’s mouth dropped as she viewed her smooth head. Sally used her fingers to fluff the only hair left on Lisa’s head, her bangs. Full and long to her eyelashes, Sally considered for a moment, fluffed the bangs to the left then to the right…paused…then slid the clippers under the bangs and slowly sheared them from Lisa’s pretty face……..

“I told you what would happen if I caught you looking at another woman.” With the big black clippers in Karen’s hand I knew that this time she meant business. I wasn’t looking at another woman I exclaimed! Don’t lie to me Michelle, I saw you in the park today talking to that red head. I was only talking to her! Then why did you kiss her? I knew I was trapped. Karen had caught me red handed, now the only thing for me to do was to beg for mercy. It won’t happen again! ” It’s to late for that now, take off your clothes.” When I hesitated just one second too long Karen picked up the paddle she used for discipline and gave me a good swat on the butt. Ouch! I removed my black silky dress as fast as I could. Have a seat. Please Karen I won’t do it again, I promise! I knew that I had lost when she turned on the massive clippers. I jumped almost as if the electricity was going through me. Strangely a part of me was excited. I had never thought of shaving my head before although Karen had threatened me with it before. I always thought it was just a threat that she would never do it. I sat in the chair and waited for my punishment. I could tell Karen was getting into this. She always had pictures and stuff of bald woman laying around and she always wore her hair cut very short. Karen laid the clippers on the table still running and removed her dress and lace underwear. Now both of us were naked and I was really getting turned on. Karen picked up the clippers in her right hand and with her left grabbed the back of my hair and pulled my head back with a snap. Before I could protest she plunged the clippers into my hair, right down the middle. Again and again she ran the clippers over my skull. The large clumps of long black hair fell to the ground. Pushing my head over to the side, she made three quick passes on the side. The cool air of the room on my bare scalp made me shiver.

By now I was no longer afraid but excited. My breathing came in short quick gasps. In less than two minutes I was completely bald. Karen turned the clippers off and set them on the table. “There that should remind you who you belong to” as she turned around to walk away. It wasn’t over yet! I jumped up from the chair and grabbed the clippers in one hand and Karen’s arm in the other. I spun Karen around and turned the clippers on with my thumb. “Now it’s your turn.” The look in her eyes was pure excitement. I was wondering when you would finally come around to my way of thinking. Karen sat in the chair, she had the biggest smile on her face I have ever seen. Doing the same thing to her as she had done to me I grabbed her hair and jerked her head back and plunged the clippers into her hair. The short blond hair floated onto her breasts and then to the floor. Pass after pass I peeled the hair off.

I didn’t want to stop, the feeling I got was overwhelming. Before I knew it Karen was shaven. I was shaking with excitement. Karen picked up the paddle and swatted me on the butt again. Into the shower she ordered. I stepped into the shower and turned the water on. Karen stepped in holding a can of shaving cream and a new razor. Karen pushed me to my knees and began spreading shaving cream all over my head. With slow long strokes she shaved my head. My turn she said. Repeating the procedure on her, I shaved her head. We got out of the shower and dried each other off. Karen opened the medicine cabinet and took out a bottle of hand lotion. This will help with the stinging she said as she massaged the lotion into my scalp. My god I was in heaven, the feeling I had that night was indescribable. I massaged Karen’s scalp with the lotion. We then retired to the bedroom where we made love the rest of the night. It’s been four years since that night and Karen and I are still bald!

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