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Honey, I want to cut your hair…

Oh really, what has brought this on?

I don’t know, I just would enjoy cutting your hair, thinking about it turns me on.

It does, does it?

Yes, very much so.

Well, a small trim wouldn’t hurt anything, I suppose.

A small trim is not exactly what I had in mind

What exactly do you have in mind?

Now, how can a guy justify telling his wife the truth? Darling, I want to plunge the scissors into that thick beautiful mane of yours. Running wildly amuck, shearing every strand I encounter. Savoring every second as the long locks fall from your head. Feeling them brush across my bare chest as they land in my lap. I want to hold your head tightly against my chest as I push the blades hard against your scalp. Not leaving any chance of repair at the salon. Nothing to be salvaged after this rampage. I want to be a mad man with your hair as my victim. I want to throw caution to the wind as I chop your hair off at the roots.

Passionately removing this moppish bunch of long layers. Searching for your beautiful neck, to nuzzle and caress with my tongue.

It won’t take long just several minutes of feverish, scissors action. When the long parts are mostly gone then, I will catch my breath and carefully cut the rest very close to the scalp… Of course this uneven, unflattering mess will never do on you… It must be straightened out… The only possible solution is the clippers… Snapping them to life I will slowly glide them through the unevenness. There is no bad haircut to a pair of whirling clipper blades. They can fix any problem. Smooth bare skin will emerge with every pass. Pale and innocent like a newly budding blossom, your true beauty will bloom. Tenderly I will remove every remaining stubble. Making love to your newly exposed scalp will be my ultimate pleasure. I will lavish it with the attention it so richly deserves. It will be thrilling and you will be spectacular with no hair… I just know it…

Her eyes got so big, proving my point exactly. She has the perfect features for being hairless. Slowly she moved across the bed toward the door. Are you going to get the scissors? I called out in vain.

Never!!!!, she screamed as she locked herself in the extra bedroom…. The truth will set you free….

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