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Even though my wife had kept her hair short while we were married, I never had the nerve to tell her about my fetish. I had purchased videos of women with shaved heads and had pictures of bald women. I thought I had kept them hidden pretty well until my wife did some spring-cleaning. I was out of town for a few days and she decided to clean out the attic. As she was looking through the boxes, she stumbled on some videos with numbers on them. At first she thought I might have some porno movies, but she was in for even a bigger surprise when she watched them that night. At first she did not know what to make of a video of women having their heads shaved and actually enjoying it. After watching them, she put them back where she found them, hoping that I would not find out she had seen them.

A few weeks later I was on the road again never realizing she had seen my little secret. This time she got out the videos and watched them again with a little more interest. She then went to the Internet to look for sites dealing with bald women. She was shocked to find a whole community of men and women who enjoyed the shaved look on females. After a few weeks of chatting with other hair enthusiasts secretly, she decided that she would surprise me for Christmas.

With Christmas just one month away, she mapped out the plan. She would get a bowl cut with a buzzed nape (which she knew I loved) the week before Christmas and then ask me to trim it up for her that night. After visiting our families and exchanging gifts, we would come home that evening for my ultimate fantasy. I had no idea what she had planned until that night it happened.

After making the rounds with the families on Christmas day, we were driving home to have our traditional exchanging of special gifts between ourselves. We had about an hour drive, so Cristi began to confess how she had found my videos. I did not know what to say, but she did not give me a chance to explain. She went on to tell me that it had become sort of a fetish to her too, but was not sure if she could handle being bald. As she went on to explain how she enjoyed having the clippers on her nape and the feel of the stubble, she noticed my arousal. She did not let on about what was to happen that night.

All along she had planned on me shaving her bald. She had been so aroused by the videos and pictures on the Internet that she had become almost obsessed about shaving her head. She later told me that she almost had her stylist do it the day she got her bowl cut, but knew that she wanted this to be a special moment between us.

As we pulled into the driveway of our house, I looked over at her and told her that I would love for her to shave her head, but that I understood that was a big step for a woman. Besides, she was looking pretty hot in her bowl cut. We kissed and went into the house to exchange gifts. I had bought her a pearl necklace with earrings to match, thinking it would go well with her short hair.

I had also bought her some sexy lingerie to spice up our evenings. My wife then handed me my present and I unwrapped it. It was a wristwatch that I had been wanting. As we thanked each other and kissed she told me I had one more gift waiting upstairs in the bedroom. She told me to close my eyes and count to 100 slowly and then come up to the bedroom. After counting to 100 I began walking upstairs. When I got to our bedroom, I noticed the TV was on with a video of my wife in a salon. It was the video footage of my wife getting her bowl cut with buzzed nape! The stylist looked at the camera and told me how to cut it step by step as he was cutting my wife’s hair. I could not believe it! I sat down and watched the entire cut and style and then my wife turned to the camera and told me that she was going to need weekly trims! Man, it was getting better by the minute!

After the video was over I heard Cristi calling me from the spare bedroom. As I walked in, there was my wife sitting in a barber’s chair wearing nothing but a cape asking me for a trim. There sitting beside her was a set of clippers with all sorts of attachments and a comb. She then asked me to trim the back using a #1 guard and then clean up the edges. I told her that a #1 would be quite a bit shorter than what she had it cut to before. She agreed but said she wanted it that way. Still in disbelief, I took the clippers and placed a #1 guard and began to buzz her nape. She seemed to be enjoying every passing stroke up her nape. After I finished she looked in the mirror with another mirror to inspect my work and rubbed her hand up the back of her neck. She told me it looked good but she wanted to go a little higher in the back. I graciously agreed and began to buzz her nape even higher. As I was clipping away she again moved her hand up her nape but then grabbed my hand that was holding the clippers and began to guide my hand and the clippers all the way past her crown on towards the front leaving a huge trail in the middle of her head. I was shocked! Had she done that on purpose?

“Merry Christmas” she said with a smile and then looked at me. “Are you going to finish it?” she asked. Without another word I took the guard off the clippers and shaved the rest of her head. She looked incredible! “Not finished, barber,” she chimed and then pulled out a can of shaving gel and a razor.

That night happened to be one of the most memorable Christmas nights in my life. Every other year now we have a tradition at the house. Each time she tries to make it more memorable than the last shaving and we both have a wonderful time.

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