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JJ leaned against the rail of the rolling vessel, her red hair blowing in the salty ocean air. The voyage had been long and she by now had many dreams of the muscular crewmembers as she allowed her fingers to explore the wet dark folds between her thighs. Even the old Captain was beginning to look good enough for her. She lamented her position, as she really was a prisoner in her own kingdom. As hard as she tried to flirt with the sex starved men, they all knew her father, the richest merchant/ship owner in the islands, would have them killed if they even dreamed of doing what she wanted them to do to her. It has almost been a mean game on her part. Wearing low cut dresses with her breasts spilling out. The sailors catching themselves at first staring then struggling to look away. The game turned unfortunate for one crewmember caught peeking in her room as she bathed. He received 40 lashes at the end of the first mate’s cat-a-nine tails and was dropped at the next port of call. The captain had it announced that the next one would simply be put overboard after the 40 lashes.

Suddenly she heard a commotion coming from the crew on the foredeck. She ran to see what it was about, just as the boat began to lean into a wild turn. She grabbed the rail to steady herself just as the boat turned far enough for her to see the cause. Coming at the vessel was a pirate ship. The heavily laden merchant vessel was much to slow for the sleek pirate ship. The crew fired several small cannon but soon the pirates returned with several much larger and more accurate rounds. Quickly the merchant ship was heavily damaged and the crew anxious to surrender. The pirate ship pulled alongside and the two hulls were tied together. The scurvy pirate crew stormed aboard the ship. They quickly rounded up the passengers and crew as the pirate captain had the ship’s captain hung from the yardarm and ordered the officers bound and thrown overboard. The rest of the crewmembers were offered the opportunity to join the pirates. The few that did were soon thankful as the rest were sadistically tortured and killed by the pirates as they begged for mercy.

The passengers were told they would be held for ransom and would be redeemed at the nearest port. They were segregated by sex and age. Eventually the men and children were ushered below deck as the pirates began fighting over any female passenger over the age of 12. The more intense fights centered around the prettiest females. The Pirate Captain watched the fighting grow more intense until he intervened at the brawl nearest JJ and announced that she was his. The crewmembers grumbled but quickly dispersed to join the other brawls to reap their personal reward.

Soon JJ was negotiating for her safety. She mentioned to the Pirate Captain who her father was and assured him that a handsome bounty would be paid for her safe and speedy return. The Pirate Captain remained unfazed by her offer. He mentioned the rewards from selling the ship and its cargo was more than enough monetary gain for him. What he did not explain was the old wench had grown to accustom to the Captains depraved sexual habits and he was ready for some “fresh meat.” He ordered her bound and blindfolded and taken at once to his cabin. Once the rest of the females were divided up and the Captain was assured his crew would not self-destruct, he made his way below to his cabin.

Once inside he locked the door and lighted several lamps. She stood five feet five inches tall in her bare feet and her fine set of full, round breasts almost overflowed the bodice of her cotton dress. The pirate chief eyed her lasciviously. He had not satisfied his lusts for several weeks now and his aching loins were eager to get to it with this wench. He was anxious but new he must first prepare her to his liking. He pushed JJ down onto the edge of the bunk and removed the blindfold while her hands remained bound behind her back. The pirate captain turns to his desk and takes a swig from a bottle of rum. He places the bottle down, grabs a pair of shears and turns toward JJ. He grabs hank after hank of her red hair and snips the locks back to the scalp. JJ screams and struggles but with her arms bound she is no match for the pirates strength. Soon the bunk is covered with the red hair.

JJ watches as the pirate grabs a straight razor and strap. He watches the look in JJ’s eyes as he works the razor over the strap sharpening the steel. After several minutes the pirate grabs JJ by the ear and steadies her head. He drags the steel over the stubble scraping the scalp clean. Tears well in JJ’s eyes as the razor scratches the soft skin. The pirate rubs his weathered fingers over the soft smooth skin and smiles with appreciation for his work. He releases the bindings from her wrists.

He stands and removes his flowing white shirt baring his torso in the lamplight. The girl’s eyes widened as she beheld the strong expansive chest and rippling muscles. He was tanned from months in the sun while on deck. “Remove your dress!” he ordered. She hesitated but began to comply when he shouted, “NOW WENCH!” She lowered her head a bit and reached behind to unfasten the dress. Soon the bright cotton material fell from her shoulders and slid down toward her swollen breasts. She looked up and saw the pirate unbuttoning the fly of his trousers as he watched her. His growing erection had put a strain on the tight material and soon his stiff member sprang into full sight as her dress dropped to her waist. He smiled as her naked breasts came into view. He was surprised to see that her nipples were large and brown. The excitement of appearing nude in front of a man had brought her nipples to full hardness. With a few more movements of fabric, both the pirate captain and the wench stood naked in the cabin. The girl attempted to cover her bare breasts and her pubic area with her hands but he forcefully pulled her arms out to her sides so he could have a full look at her. Her body was magnificent; smooth and luscious. As she struggled in his grasp, her breasts swayed on her chest. His eyes tuned to her belly and the space between her thighs. She was staring at his massive erect cock and was terrified as to what would come next. She fought with him and struggled furiously. He decided it was time to take the fire out of this wench. He sat on the bunks edge and pulled the naked wench over his knee. He began spanking her squirming ass as she screamed. She felt his hot hard cock poking her in the side as she squirmed on his knees. The furious slaps on her ass gradually turned the creamy white skin to a deep hot red. She was no match for his strength. Her struggles eventually subsided and the pirate hoisted her and pushed her body against the cabin bulkhead. He pressed his body tight against hers. He kissed her full on the mouth as he ground his crotch into hers. He felt the soft pillows of her breasts against his muscled chest as he rammed his tongue deep into her mouth and his hips rocked against hers. His mouth and tongue tasted of stale rum. Breaking the deep French kiss, he picked her up and threw her down in his bunk. Climbing on top of her he forced her knees apart and aimed his rigid cock at the moist opening between her legs. He lowered himself onto her and forced his cock into her wet pussy as he kneaded her firm breasts with his hands. She screamed as he fucked her and she moaned and breathed heavily with each thrust. Beads of sweat formed on their bodies as he grunted with each ram of his cock inside her swollen pussy. He was a man possessed as he satisfied his lust. The girl was whimpering as the pirate increased the intensity and frequency of his fucking. He felt his hairy balls tighten between his legs as the first spurt of hot creamy semen surged through the shaft of his cock. Suddenly, he let out a loud “AAAAGGGHHHH!” as the cum erupted from the head of his cock and bathed the inside of her hot wet pussy. Spurt after spurt of the warm liquid shot from the cockhead as both their bodies tensed in a mutual orgasm. The girl began crying uncontrollably as
he finished off the fuck. Their bodies and the bed sheets were soaked with sweat and cum as they collapsed together in the bunk. The pirate got up from the bunk and took a long drink out of a bottle of rum he had on his desk. The raw liquor combined with the sight of her naked body laying in his bunk cause his body to regain vitality and soon his limp, wet cock was beginning to stir anew. The girl lay listlessly on the bunk as he smiled and approached her. He easily rolled her over onto her stomach and climbed into the bunk again. Raising her hips and buttocks toward him, he kneeled behind her. He positioned her for maximum penetration. She could feel the head of his cock against the smooth skin of her sore round ass and terror once again came over her. “No, No, please, No!” she begged. He laughed as his newly charged cock stiffened again. Sliding it up under her buttocks, he found her wet sloppy cunt once more and inserted himself with determination. He fucked her hard from behind as she pleaded for him to stop as her head and shoulders moved on the bunk in unison with his pounding hip thrusts. After draining his balls once again into her vagina, the pirate removed his cock from the wench and shot one last spurt onto her hot ass cheeks. Driven into a blind fury, he gripped his cock and furiously jerked himself to hardness. He spread the girl’s butt cheeks apart and spied her tight bunghole. He hacked up a wad of saliva from the back of his throat and spit the rum soaked phlegm square on her waiting asshole. He rolled his hips until the head of his cock found her puckered rosebud. She let out a blood-curdling scream as with one hard thrust he plunged his cock in and slowly slid the entire shaft into her tight butt. He fucked her ass for several minutes before cumming, while she buried her head in the smelly sheets to stifle her sobs. Withdrawing his cock and climbing off of her, he again went to his desk to take a long drink of dark rum. The girl lay moaning in the bunk before finally fainting. When she came to, he had her fill the washbasin with fresh water and she washed herself and the captain. He offered the girl some rum and then took her to bed for the night. He fucked her several times a day for the remainder of the voyage and she settled in as the captain’s wench performing all manners of depraved sexual acts.

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