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Being a barber in a small southern town I have to do my best to make my patrons happy or I won’t have any. I love cutting hair and always have and by being a reader of of the Haircut Story Archive you can tell I like to cut women’s hair the most.

My story starts early one slow summer morning when a lady of about 25, dressed in a sleeveless short sundress, came in with a small boy that was about 5 years old. They both had hair past their shoulders and I knew that I probably would not have the luck to get a hold of the lady and if I did it would only be for a trim. After talking to her for a moment I found out that her family was new in town because her husband got a job transfer to the new plant just outside of town. She told me that her son was 5 and has always resisted getting his hair cut and that was why it was past his shoulders. She went on to explain that he had only had one haircut in his life and that was when he was almost 2. She said that she had no support from her husband in this matter and would I help her. I said, “Sure, anything I can do.” I told her, “You are the parent by the way.”

After about 10 minutes of begging and deal making he would not budge. The little monster would not come near me or my chair. She finally said, “OK. This is enough.” She grabbed him and put him in my chair and between the two of us we were able to hold him down and give him a classic little boy’s tapered haircut with bangs. He did simmer down toward the end and I was able to do a good job.

We were both worn out and she was very thankful and tried to pay me but I would not accept. I told her the first was on the house. They both left and I never gave it much more thought until about 4’oclock when the two of them came back along with a guy that I assumed was her husband. He looked to be about 30 and was a little scruffy looking and in need of a haircut. I thought that maybe that he came in for a first time free cut that I told her about but was I surprised.

The lady was standing there in almost tears and was pink in the face and he started in on me. He went on to complain that she had brought their son in for a haircut against his wishes and he was very upset. I went on to repeat the conversation I had with his wife that morning and he said, “I know this and you are not to blame but she is. She knew that he did not want a haircut and she forced herself on him in that way and my son feels violated and the both of us want something done about it.”

I asked him what he proposed and he said, “We want you to cut her hair exactly like his.”

I said, “Your wife is an adult woman and she would have to make that choice.” I looked over at her and I could tell she was about to burst out in tears and I said that I did not want to get involved in family quarrels and that I would be glad to render any haircutting services to people by choice unless it was obviously a child.

The lady said to me: “To keep the peace in the family I will admit fault and do like he wants.”

With that I told her to have a seat in my chair and I gave her 2 opportunities to back out of this. I combed her past shoulder length, thick brown hair slowly and I reminded her that this was probably 7 or 8 years growth and she said, I know, and her husband butted in and told me to get on with it and the lady nodded yes. I started with the scissors and cut the bulk off the back and exposed a very beautiful neck with little soft baby hairs just past the neckline. I started to lift the hair with my big comb and took the clippers without any hesitation and exposed her virgin ears. I proceeded to cut her in bangs that were of modest length and the husband said: “I want her hair as short as my son’s and I think you are trying to get out of it.”

I looked at her face and now she was in tears and I asked her, did she indeed want me to give her a tapered cut instead of a girl’s pixie and she said: “Do like he wants.” With that I put down the comb and cut her short one-inch bangs and I tapered her hair up tight like her son’s. The guy told me to cut it even shorter on the top and I cut the top as short as I could with scissors and fingers and I put on the 1.5 cutters and I finished her back and sides. Her tears dried up a bit and I shaved her neckline at her husband’s insistence. When it was finished she looked stunning. The short hair brought out her eyes and brought out her pretty shoulders. I thought I would explode when she asked for my soft brush and brushed some loose hair from her cleavage line. She was still pink and red in the face when she and her family left and I never saw any one of them again for about a year in my shop when she came in and her hair had grown quite a bit. Her hair had covered her ears and it was parted in the middle.

After we talked about possible cuts she decided on a blunt bob. It turned out real well. It was just long enough in the back to shape nicely. She told me that she got used to the short hair and that after a while she began to enjoy it. I asked her “Then why did you just let me cut it into a pixie?” and she said, “I am not brave enough to do it on my own. I think I will bring my son in for another haircut. He is getting shaggy again.”

The end

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