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This is a true story, although the names have been changed. This story contains BDSM and sexual activities.

I’m a dominant and was looking for a sub to be obedient and eventually be collared and become my property. I was in one of the chat rooms when we met. We chatted and chatted and I was like a mentor to her. She’s from New Jersey and I’m from Texas; I never figured we would ever meet. We talked about the BDSM lifestyle and she was afraid to go out and look for people like her. I talked and we chatted and I mentioned what I was looking for in a sub. I also mentioned that I love short hair on women and would love to find one that would let me live out my ultimate fantasy. That is to be able to shave a woman bald from head to toe and make her my sub/slave.

Over the next several weeks we chatted and I explained different topics about the lifestyle to her. She became fascinated with my hair fetish. I sent her my picture and she returned the favor. I didn’t realize just how beautiful she was. Snuggles had hair past her shoulders and said she had just cut; it had been almost to her waist. I laughed and said I just missed it because I have always wanted to make a human hair flogger. We continued to chat and talk about my hair fetish and how she would like to make my fantasy come true.

We even talked and chatted on the phone many times. It got to the point that after all our chatting online and on the phone we both wanted to meet. Snuggles even mentioned that she wanted to be my sub/slave, I went about figuring how I could get off work and make a trip up there to meet her. In the meantime we continued to chat and make plans. I wanted to test her and see if she were really serious about meeting and submitting to me. If she were really serious she would perform this task without question. I told her to call me after she had gotten her scissors, left a 2-3" section of hair on the back of her neck long and clipped the rest up. In about five minutes Snuggles called me and said she was ready. I then asked her what she was going to do.

She calmly told me that she was going to take the scissors and cut the 2-3" strip of hair from the back of her neck. She was going to package it up and send it to me. Her voice got really soft and quiet and she said to me, "Sir, I’m going to cut my hair for you and hope you accept me." I then heard the crackling as the scissors cut through her hair and her breathing got really quick and deep and excited. When she finished she told me it was a very erotic, sexual feeling to be cutting her own hair for me. She was then told to take pictures and send them all to me. In about five to seven days I received my package from this wonderful and very beautiful submissive woman.

During this time I discovered that I was going to be in her neighborhood in June. We were both overjoyed and looked forward to actually meeting. We discussed the scenario and what I expected. I told her how I expected her to dress and where to meet me. I informed her that I was going to actually shave the back of her neck, where she had cut her hair for me, and then we would go to dinner. When we met in the lobby of the hotel she was dressed just like I told her to be. She was very nervous and she kept her eyes down and I escorted her to the room. Snuggles instantly lifted her hair up to expose her neck for me and said, "Sir, please cut and shave my neck, it’s yours to use and I’m here to please and serve you."

I lifted her face and looked into her eyes and said, "Are you sure?"

Snuggles very calmly replied, "Yes Sir, I am."

I then kissed her slowly and for a nice long time and said, "Then, yes, I will enjoy doing this for you."

I already had everything laid out: clippers, razors and shaving cream. When I approached her from the back and put my arms around her and let her watch me with the clippers and turned them on and off, I felt her tremble and lean back against me and moan and groan. I heard her moan, "Please, Sir, hurry and shave me It making me so wet and hot." I told her to remove her dress and I laid a towel around her shoulders. I then picked up my clippers and turned them on. I felt her trembling and her knees going soft. Here I stood with a beautiful woman who wanted to be my sub/slave trembling and begging me to shave her.

The moment the clippers touched her neck she nearly collapsed in my arms. I stopped and waited a few moments so she could regain her composure. The moaning and trembling continued. Her nipples were hard and her breasts were rising and falling with all the excitement she was feeling and going through. I then picked up the shaving cream, lathered her neck and then ever so slowly shaved her neck.

I had to stop twice during this procedure so she could maintain her balance. Once completed we both got dressed and had dinner. Snuggles stated that was the most erotic feeling she had ever felt. We returned to the room later, where again I stripped her and examined her to see if she had followed all my instructions. I laid her naked on the bed, completely exposed for my pleasure. I proceeded to shave her pussy, making it all smooth and slick. With that completed I began to whip and spank this obedient and subservient woman.

We then begin to discuss the real haircut. She said that she wanted to keep her long hair but everything underneath to be cut down to 1/2-3/4". The next day we met again and the final plans began to fall into place. We made plans to meet the next weekend and we would give her the cut she wanted. She was in the room and was sleeping when I arrived. I woke her up and gave her a nice hug and long, sensuous kiss. She stood in front of the mirror in all her natural beauty and she smiled as my hands squeezed her beautiful breasts and made her nipples hard as rocks. I ran my hands over her smooth shaved lips below and felt her quiver. I picked up the comb and hair clips as I prepared her for the cut. The more I combed the more she trembled and leaned back against me and felt her trembling and moaning and begging me to continue. With her hair pinned up and her pretty ears exposed I picked up the clippers and turned them on.

I kissed her long and deep and asked, "Are you ready, Snuggles?"

All she could do was moan and through dry lips said, "Yes, Sir, please cut it and take it for your own."

I placed the clippers on the back of her neck and slowly moved them up, grasping the long hair as it fell from her sexy neck. Slowly I completed the cut and before me stood the most beautiful submissive woman I have seen. I then proceed to use the crop and cat on her naked breasts and shaved pussy. She begged me to whip and spank her and for me to use her any way I wanted. It was such a wonderful experience to have a woman submit to me and do everything in her power to please me.

I liked MC from the first time we chatted. He was safe because he lived in Texas. I didn’t think I would ever meet him, so I could open up and tell him everything. I wasn’t playing with anyone at that point, I don’t think, although I might have talked to him some about my past relationships. I met D., a dom I began to play with a short time after that, when I answered a personal ad. I would talk to MC and get advice about him.

MC and I had been talking around six months or more, I think, when I went to my first public play party in New York. I was nervous and really afraid I was going too far. But I was lonely and wanted to meet people. I liked D. but I had distanced myself from him emotionally. He had a girlfriend and I only got to see him once in a while. I knew if I became attached it would just hurt. So, I looked elsewhere.

The "spanking social" I attended at a club in NYC was an eye-opener. I NEVER thought I would have the guts to do anything publicly. Prior to this, if I wanted to meet someone, I had to answer a personal ad in the newspaper (or, later, on the internet), talk a few times to feel him out and get an idea whether I was compatible, then finally meet somewhere in public and decide if I felt safe enough to play. With "normal" dating there’s no reason to go to a guy’s house if you don’t feel comfortable. With scene dating you want to find out fairly soon what the person’s like as a top. That requires going somewhere alone with him.

At this party I didn’t have to worry about all that. Everything was in the open so I was safe. Yes, I felt a little exposed at first — but I got used to that pretty quickly. The hostess offered some semi-private areas as well, so it wasn’t all that bad.

I was like a kid in a candy shop. After about one hour of shyness, I played all night. I was quite sore and quite satisfied the next day. And I had a few phone numbers for people to talk to later.

Naturally, I told MC most of this. I usually told him most of what I’d been up to. He was very protective. I didn’t consider him my dom but I took what he said into consideration.

I began to play more in NYC. I was meeting people and having fun but after a while it started to feel like one big game that didn’t mean anything. I hadn’t met the right person. I loved talking to MC. We talked quite often on the phone at this point.

I didn’t quite know what to make of his hair fetish at first. I had never heard of anything so strange. He emailed me with a link to this haircut story Web site. One of the first stories I read was about some guy who abducts a couple of girls, ties them up, shaves their heads and sexually molests them. Instantly I got nervous. "WHAT?" I thought.

I almost didn’t call him again because it made me nervous. Had I completely misjudged him? But when he called me a few days later I asked him about the Web site told him what I’d read.

He assured me he did NOT have such fantasies, that those types of stories were only PART of what people wrote about. He said he liked fantasizing about adult haircuts, mainly. He showed me a couple of stories that HE liked, which described erotic haircuts between consenting adults. There was bondage in some of them, but there was complete consent. I started to feel better. He was still weird, but not THAT weird.

I did something I’m not really proud of. Just before Christmas, I had cut my long hair off. It had been down to my waist and I got it chopped off into a short bob. I saved the hair because I was going to send it to the Locks of Love. I still had it in my drawer because I simply had never gotten around to finding the address and sending the hair. So when MC asked me to send him the hair, I agreed. He said he was going to make a flogger out of it. I thought, this’ll be interesting.

When I cut the two-inch piece off the back of my hair, I ended up shaving it as well, just that one little section. I thought I was losing my mind. It was really hard to do myself, and it looked all choppy and awful. It went from side to side at the back of my head, underneath the bobbed part. I thought for sure someone at work would notice, but I guess the top hair covered it enough. I had to keep stopping myself from pulling my hair into a ponytail, which had become my habit. I couldn’t believe it when MC said he was coming for a training course for about a week in Maryland. That’s about a two, two-and-a-half hour drive for me. But compared to the hassle of getting to Texas, that was nothing. We immediately started making plans to meet.

His schedule was a bitch. I think we could only see each one day the first weekend. He was with his reserve unit at this motel and they were training at a nearby base. I knew from our conversations that he liked me to wear something racy and sexy. I didn’t know if he would like my body. I think my hips are too heavy. But I had this ridiculous orange dress that is just clingy and stretchy and shows off everything. It was hot, since it was late June, and my air conditioner in my car wasn’t working all that well. I brought powder and did the best I could. I also brought a thin blazer to wear over the dress if I had to. And brought regular clothes – shorts and a T-shirt – for later.

When I finally got to the motel I saw a couple of guys – I think they were motel employees – smoking by the front door. I was wearing this skimpy thin dress and heels and I felt very, very awkward. I was hot but I had to put the blazer on. I finally got up my nerve, got my bag out of the car and strode across the parking lot to the motel. I felt the men’s eyes on me but I acted cool like it was the most normal thing in the world. Walked in and asked the man at the front desk – I thought he was looking at me a little funny, too – to call MC.

I sat down on a couch in the lobby and waited. The air conditioner in the lobby helped cool me off. It was the moment of truth – would he like me? I felt so funny. I didn’t know if the dress did me justice or not. I felt like I was playing at being sexy.

When he finally came out I was nicely surprised. He was taller than I thought he would be. And he was MUCH better looking than the picture he sent me. He was CUTE! And seemed strong and confident. I was not disappointed. By the look in his eyes, it seemed he wasn’t, either.

We kissed briefly hello in the lobby. Then he walked me down through another hallway, toward an outer path that led between the pool and the row of rooms. I saw some guys walking around in military outfits. I wondered if he had told them anything. He was in charge so he didn’t have to answer to anyone here. That was nice. Seeing his men kind of made everything legitimate for me too, eliminated any remaining doubt.

We entered the room and we were touching each other immediately. I had asked him ahead of time, "Could we please take things slow and not have sex, at least this first weekend?" Almost immediately I started to wonder if I wanted to rethink that decision. But I wasn’t going to tell him that, yet. Still wanted to TRY to be a good girl.

He kissed me, hard, and his hands were soon pinching and squeezing my nipples. I couldn’t stop thinking about the hair. I was really turned on by the idea of him shaving the back of my head, and besides, for more practical reasons, I wanted him to even out the choppy mess I’d make trying to shave it myself.

So, I soon asked him if he would shave my neck. He was ready. We went over to the sink and he had me stand at the sink and put my hands on the counter. I was so turned on. The whole night was about to unfold. He had spoken periodically on the phone about the BDSM toys he might be bringing with him. We had spoken of the flogger, and the cat, and the riding crop. What would he use on me? I wondered. For now, it was just the haircut.

I was trembling and excited and didn’t know what to expect. I think I was a little lightheaded, too, from not eating too much prior to my arrival. The room was air-conditioned but the heat of the day, I’m sure, also played a part in how I was feeling. As he began the procedure, began to clip my hair up in preparation for the clippers, I started to actually feel dizzy. I don’t recall ever having this feeling before. I don’t think he had even made the first pass with the clippers yet. I said to him, "MC, I think I need some water." We took a little break, he got me some water, and I sat down for a minute or two and started to feel better. I kept the water near me on the sink and said I was ready to proceed. He asked if I was sure I was OK and I said, "Yes, sir."

He showed me the clippers, the different attachments that can get your hair different lengths. My only experience with the clippers has been once or twice at the beauty shop, and sometimes they use the electric razor to trim around your ears and your neck.

Getting my hair cut has always been a sensual experience for me. I love when they lean you back in the chair over the sink and run the hot water over your hair. I love when the hairdresser runs her fingers through the wet, soapy hair, massaging your head as she washes it. I love the hot stream of water spraying you, rinsing you clean afterwards. But the best part is when the hairdresser is nearly done and she runs the electric razor over the back of your neck. This to me is one of the most erotic places on my body. It drives me so crazy to be touched there.

When MC began to run the clippers over my head, that feeling was overwhelming. I hung onto the edge of the sink, trying to be still, just digging the experience. I was naked at this point with just a towel around my shoulders. I looked at the two of us in the mirror and saw a really hot couple. God, I was turned on.

He started up the electric razor and the feeling started up again. Chills from my head to my feet. It was all I could do not to scrunch up my neck and fall at his feet purring like a kitten. The vibration was such a turn-on. But knowing that I’d allowed him to shave the back of my neck was even more of a turn on.

As he worked he touched me in between. I felt like I’d known him for ages. I felt so comfortable.

When he finished I picked up a mirror and turned around, admiring my clean-shaven neck. I ran my hands over it and touched the smooth skin. It felt so good! We kissed and touched for a long time. I was still trying not to rush things, sexually. I finally got dressed because we had to eat dinner. He said I could wear my normal clothes because I felt a little subconscious of that skimpy dress. It had served its purpose anyway.

But he made me wear his collar. He asked me if I could handle that in public and said yes. I wasn’t going to see anyone I knew this far from home. We didn’t go to a fancy place, just the local Chinese buffet. The food was good. But the place seemed to be full of white trash. The crab-leg hogging, rib-gulping couple at the next booth over kept yelling at their kid. At one point the mother leaned over and smacked the kid. It was lovely. And I was sitting there with my head partially shaved and this damn collar around my neck, and I DIDN’T CARE!

I kept wondering what he had in store for me when we got back, though. That happened soon enough.

I think the first thing he did was put me over his knee and spank me. I needed it so bad it was almost a relief. It didn’t hurt too badly. He then made me strip completely naked and said he was going to shave my pussy. I had expected that. He laid some towels on the bed, put warm water in the plastic ice bucket, had me lay down for the operation.

Talk about a trip. The whole time, MC had to keep wetting and re-wetting me, had to keep reapplying shaving cream as he went along. It’s a slow procedure and naturally takes a lot of concentration on his part. On my part, I had to remain very still and just place my trust completely in him – that he would be careful and not hurt me. His focus was entirely on me. Mine, for the other part, was on watching him working on me. I don’t think I had stopped being turned on since first meeting him.

When he finished, got rid of the water, tossed the razor, and removed the towels, now it was time for a different kind of play. He opened up his bag and took out some toys. A flogger. A crop. Nipple clamps. Some wrist and ankle cuffs. He showed me a piece of leather gear he said could be used to "hog tie" me. He seemed to be in a more playful mood, but I liked the fact that if he wanted to, he COULD get serious.

He placed the nipple clamps, which had a chain in between, on me. I had that strange combination of feeling sexy and humiliated at the same time. They hurt, but it was bearable. Then, I think he started using the flogger first. It was a medium weight one. The pain was sharp and left me gasping but not yelling too much. When he used it on my bare pussy, however, I did yell.

He picked up a big wooden spoon that he said he wanted to use on me. He struck my buttocks, my thighs (I yelled) and then my breasts. I gasped in pain and started to plead with him to stop. He said I needed to accept the pain for him, and that he was going to spank my pussy too. "Please, Sir," I said, softly. He asked me to accept the pain for him. I said, "I want to, Sir, but it’s going to be hard." He kissed me once before he began and said it pleased him to do this to me. I wanted to accept it.

But when the wood slapped down on my thighs again I couldn’t help but scream. He said, "scream into my mouth," and he kissed me hard as he struck my inner thighs, my breasts again, and finally swung the spoon a couple times and slapped my pussy. My screams went down his throat. He held me then, comforted me, and said I had pleased him.

I still had to feel the crop, and this hurt pretty bad too. Whenever it got particularly hard he kissed me. It was incredible. I almost wished he would push me a little into changing my mind about having sex. But he didn’t; he was a gentleman.

When it was all over we lay together for a little while. I couldn’t stay because it was Sunday and I had to go to work the next day. I was sad about having to leave. I felt we’d really connected.

We talked about meeting the following weekend. I was debating about taking my hair another step shorter, finally getting rid of the bob. I couldn’t wait.

All week, he was all I could think about. That Saturday, he had to work so I couldn’t even come down on Friday. He said he would leave a key for me at the front desk – said I should just come down Saturday afternoon and wait for him in the room. It was another hot day. I took a shower and then tried to get some sleep. It was hard, though. I kept waking up, checking the time. I thought he would walk through the door any minute, but he didn’t. So I think I finally had fallen asleep a little by the time he got there at 6 p.m.

He said he had some bad news – his unit had to leave the next day. So we wouldn’t have two days together but only the rest of that Saturday night and overnight if I wanted. I was sad.

I didn’t want my hair completely cropped – I wanted the bangs kept in front – and he said we should find a barber to cut it the way he wanted it. It was late, though, and most of the barbers were closing up. We gave up, went to get dinner at a nearby Mexican place. Like a couple of teenagers, we both sat on the same side of the booth in the restaurant. We touched a lot under the table. It was fun. I liked him so much.

We weren’t sure what to do about my hair. He wanted to cut it but I was uncertain about how it would turn out, since I only wanted it short in the back and not so much on top. We decided he could cut it, but if it didn’t look right I could go to my local barber and have him fix it the next day. That seemed like a good plan, it would allow me to not worry while MC cut it.

When we got back to the room he got the hair stuff ready again by the sink. I followed his instructions and got undressed. Once again, I held onto the sink while he did his work. MC ended up clipping the back and sides. It was weird watching my hair fall off. I had been growing my hair for five years so this was the shortest it had been AT LEAST since then, probably longer. I might not have EVER had it this short.

I felt fantastic. The long hair had felt so encumbering for so long. I felt I’d done something I’d really wanted to do for ages but didn’t have the guts. He left some hair on top and he left my bangs, so I wasn’t a total freak. But the part that he’s shaved the week before was now exposed, and from there up was pretty short.

There was now hair all over me so I took a shower to rinse it off. MC joined me and we soaped and washed each other off. He had a NICE cock. Good size. I just wanted to, no one had to ask – after he rinsed off I knelt down in front of him in the shower and took his cock in my mouth. God it felt good. He guided it, grabbed the back of my head and fucked me. It filled my entire mouth. I sucked him and it didn’t take long until he was coming into my mouth. It felt good to help him come. I liked looking at his body, too. He was in good shape. He had a tattoo of an eagle on his chest on the right, a butterfly (!) right above his cock and a rose immediately to its right. It was very cool.

So he was cute, nice and dominant. I liked him a LOT. I didn’t know what would happen next. Would I ever see him again? We stuck to our word and did not have sex, but damn I wanted to jump his bones.

Other than the haircut, we didn’t play as much the second time. Cliff had had a long, hard day training with his unit so I offered to give him a backrub. I rubbed his shoulders, arms and back. I sat behind him on the bed, leaned up against the headboard and had him lie back in my arms while I rubbed some more. He fell asleep in my arms. I wanted to do so much more with him. I was so sorry we did not have more time. But it felt so good holding him and listening to him sleep like a baby.

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