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I met this charming lady online. She had read my previous story. We begin to chat and get to know each other. We have chatted and called each other. I have written other stories about female haircutting. She complimented me on the story and said it fascinated her how a woman could submit to a shearing like that. I am now going to write her story.

This submissive wants her hair cut. I will call and have you meet me in a nice hotel room. All the arrangements will be made and all you have to do is show up. I have dictated what you will be wearing: a real sheer white/blue blouse with a matching demi half-cup silky bra. You will have on matching silk thongs. Short skirt with stockings and garter belt. Also your hair will be up and you will have high heel (CFM) shoes on.

You will knock on the door and ask permission to come in. I will allow you to come in and present yourself to me. You will do this by kneeling and asking me to accept you. I will and then you will stand and slowly remove your blouse and show me that you have followed my orders. The skirt will follow and you will be standing in front of me with your head bowed. You will then proceed to the bed and kneel on the bed with your ass sticking in the air. You will then beg me to give you your very first spanking and whipping. I turn your pretty white cheeks and thighs nice and red and have you squirming and crying. This will be a warm up till later.

Then you turn over on your back and then beg me to shave your hairy cunt and ass. I ask, “Do I need to bind you to the bed or will you lie there like the subbie slut you are?” You reply, “I will lie there and you can use me any way you desire.” I slowly clip your cunt and ass and even spank it as I denude your pussy. I tell you that you had better not come at all or suffer the consequences.

Once I have you shaved smooth and slick from the waist down you know what is coming. I tell you to get up and then present yourself to me for the final shearing. We have already agreed on the style you want. It will be a short inverted bob with a clippered/shaved neck and to the middle of the head and cut longer toward the front. You then kneel and crawl to me and beg me to take your hair, it’s the last vanity you have standing in the way of complete submission. I accept your submission and tell you to stand in front of the mirror and strip naked. I walk up behind you and slowly touch you and run my fingers through your hair, as you get naked in front of me. I watch you tremble and shake as you know what is coming: your eager desire to give up your vanity and submission to me.

Your hair is so soft and long as I release it from its bonds. It falls to your waist and I wrap my arms around you and give you a long deep kiss and I hear your soft voice say to me, “Top, I’m ready please take my hair and accept me as your sub.” I hand you the scissors and tell you to make the first cut. Your trembling hands gather your hair and inserts the scissors and slowly you hear the schriccking of the scissors and know there is no turning back. You lay the lock on the counter and then kneel and hand me the scissors and you say, “Top, it’s yours, now take.”

I slowly lift your head and give you a nice kiss. You then rise and we walk to the mirror and I slowly cut your hair with the scissors until all your hair is to the top of your ears. For the first time you can see them. I then proceed to pick up the clippers and slowly run them up the back of your head, removing the bulk so your neck can be shaved. I feel you trembling and quivering as you see your hair fall, tears in your eyes and a satisfying and relaxing look on your face. Your nipples are hard and you’re so wet and excited that you don’t know what to do. You want to come so bad but are afraid to ask. I can smell your sexual excitement. You can hardly stand and you’re about to fall and I slowly grab you and hold you up. I then lather the back of your neck and shave it smooth. As I apply the razor I tell you that you may come for me and I feel you completely relax as your climax takes over. Then as soon as you have recovered I tell you to get dressed the same way you were when you arrived and we go and have dinner and with you wearing a nice collar around your neck.

Hope you like this.


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