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“I can’t believe I lost!” Tiffany yelled. “Well, you did and now I get to do whatever I want to your body, including that luscious mane of hair you have on your head,” Tim exclaimed. Tiffany was a beautiful girl at 5’4” tall beautiful tan and nice smooth legs and long, long beautiful ankle length brown hair with witch she took excellent care of. Tiffany and Tim hade made a bet on a football game in which the winner had complete control over the loser’s body for a whole month. Tim knew exactly what he wanted to do first he would take care of that beautiful ankle length hair of hers he had many styles he wanted to try out in the next few weeks.

Not to mention some things that he wanted to see done to her body that she refused to have done for him before. “You’ll find out what I have planned starting tomorrow ,” said Tim. “I can only imagine,” responded Tiffany.

The day started out as usual for Tiffany, she awoke to find Tim had already gone to work. She got out of bed and had her breakfast and thought maybe it had all been a dream but, then she found a note on the table from Tim. It had instructions on what he wanted her to do today. It seemed mild he wanted her to go to the salon and have something done with here hair. It also said that the stylist knew what to do and would not tell her so don’t even ask. “Maybe he just wants me to get a trim or even a color,” Tiffany thought. She drove down to the small strip mall where the beauty salon was, parked the car and walked in. The woman said, “Oh, you must be Tiffany, your boyfriend told me what he wants done, come this way.”

She escorted her to a chair and told her to sit down while she prepared the few things in which she would need for the haircut and color. “Well, haircut and color, must be a trim and color, ” Tiffany thought. The stylist was finished with the things she needed to get. “Ok Tiffany ready to go,” the Stylist said. “So, tell me Tiffany why is your boyfriend picking out hair styles for you?” asked the stylist.

“Well,” replied Tiffany “I lost a bet on the football game and the deal was winner has the loser’s body for a whole month, including their hair.”

“Oh one of those deals, well I hope he’ll be pleased and you also with what he has planned.” replied the stylist. With that the stylist went to work on Tiffany’s hair. First, she gathered all of Tiffany’s hair into a ponytail, then, she grabbed a pair of clippers with no guard. Tiffany jumped when she heard this. She had heard so many horror stories of ponytails being chopped right off at the base and then shaved bald then after. “Your not going to shave my head are you?” cried Tiffany

“You’ll just have to wait and see,” the stylist said. She began shaving the nape up and down pass after pass until it was only stubble . Then she began to shave up the left side with the clippers the whole time Tiffany was worried to death that she was going to be shaved bald. Pass after pass until all of the hair was reduced to stubble on the left side, she began on the right side and reduce all of this hair to stubble. Next, Tiffany felt a warm towel being placed around her nape and sides.

As she felt the warmth of the towel soaking in, she heard and unfamiliar sound she looked over to see a dispenser pushing a thick white puffy substance she recognized as shaving cream. The stylist put a handful of it in her hand and walked over to Tiffany and took the towel off and spread it all over her nape and the sides of her head. Next the stylist took out a straight razor and rubbed it back and forth against the leather strop. When she was satisfied she moved over to Tiffany and slowly but carefully shaved the nape of her head until it was nice and smooth. Next she moved to the right side and made that nice and smooth and continued to do the same on the left. To make sure she didn’t miss any spots she repeated the process.

The end result left Tiffany with an undercut shaved up the nape and sides with no length cut off. This was a beautiful sight all that beautiful long hair on top but no hair on either side or nape. “Almost done, just need the color,” said the stylist.

“May I see it?” Tiffany asked. ” No, your boyfriend said you may not see it until you are done as it will spoil the surprise,” said the stylist. Then the stylist let Tiffany’s hair down covering the little secret and applied the hair color. After letting the hair color soak in she took Tiffany to the sink carefully not to let her see herself in the mirror and washed the color out. Next she took her to the dryer dried her hair and put it back up into a ponytail. Next, she took her to the mirror and revealed her new hairstyle. Tiffany was shocked at what she saw, her hair was a deep purple and she was bald on both sides and the back of her head. “This isn’t bad, Tiffany said, I love the color and if I don’t want people to see me bald sides and back I can wear my hair down.” “I’m afraid not said the stylist your boyfriend has instructed me that you must wear your hair up at all times,” said the stylist.”

“Wow, this will take some time getting used to then with all the stares I’ll be getting.” Tiffany said. And with that she left the salon and went home. When she arrived home Tim was waiting for her. “So, what do you think of your new style?” He asked.

“It’s gonna take a little while getting used to but, I think I can manage, I just don’t like the part of wearing it up all the time!” exclaimed Tiffany.

“You haven’t seen nothing yet!” exclaimed Tim “You haven’t seen nothing yet”

A week had passed and so far nothing else had happened, Tiffany began to love her undercut and wore her hair in various updos. Then the hair underneath began to grow into stubble and she awoke one morning to find another note, it read: “You thought your transformation was over well, this is just the beginning of it be prepared to look different really soon.” There was an address that was given for the salon this time: Sue’s Xtreme Styles, ECT. This kind of worried Tiffany as she thought that maybe this was it, this was her time to be completely bald. Then, she thought nah maybe he just wants the sides and back shaved again and the old salon is just not extreme enough for it, she laughed as she said this. Finally she arrived at the salon.

She entered the shop to see a woman with the same hair style as her only shorter. “You must be Tiffany, I’m Sue, welcome to my shop. Your boyfriend explained your bet and gave me the instructions. You can have a seat and we’ll get started.” With that she escorted Tiffany to a chair and prepared the things that she would need for her new transformation. Tiffany could not see what she was doing because her back was turned but she new it was a lot of various things because it took her a little while to get ready. After a little while she came back. “Are you ready to go” asked Sue?

“Ready as I’ll ever be!” Tiffany replied. “Oh and I need you to take off your shirt and bra before we begin, it’s ok no one will see you dear we’re in a private area.” said Sue. Tiffany couldn’t understand this but she complied anyway. Finally Sue began, she lathered up Tiffany’s sides and nape and took the razor to them removing the stubble. “Oh good Tiffany thought, same old style.” After Sue was finished shaving she took the ponytail out of Tiffany’s hair and crabbed the scissors, she began cutting off a few inches at a time. Suddenly Tiffany felt alarmed as her hair was getting lighter, then she figured she was probably just taking a few inches off. Sue continued cutting until Tiffany’s hair was just above her shoulders. Tiffany realized this and said “Why did you take so much off?” “Just wait and see Sue replied, just wait and see”

“Ok, now time for a different color” said Sue. She then took a bleaching kit and bleached her hair a blonde almost white and added highlights of blue green and orange. “While your hair color is soaking in I’m going to do a few other things that your boyfriend wanted me to do,” said Sue. She then took a piercing needle and put a small loop on it. “You’re
going to feel two quick stings but keep your eyes closed ok?” said Sue.

“Ok” replied Tiffany. Sue then took the first needle and pierced Tiffany’s nose. Tiffany flinched a little and then she repeated the process with another one right next to it. “Now, your gonna feel two more a little lower” said Sue. And two more rings were added one in each nipple. Tiffany began to become alarmed. “What is he doing to me?” thought Tiffany.

“Finally, you will feel two more a little lower yet,” said Sue. And with that she put a loop in the top and bottom part of Tiffany’s belly button. After this was all done it was time to take the color out. “Ok Tiffany time to wash your hair,” said Sue. “Keep your eyes closed though we are not through. Sue rinsed her hair out and then escorted her back to the styling chair. Next, she pulled her hair up into long tall spikes and added some kind of liquid to make them stand up. “Ok all done” said Sue

“Can I look now?” Tiffany asked

“Sure can,” replied Sue

Tiffany stepped in front of the mirror and was surprised at what she saw! For one thing she had a Mohawk, with blue green and orange spikes! She continued down and saw that she had two nose rings, a ring in each nipple and two belly button rings!

“What do u think?” asked Sue.

“I hate it! I look like a freak! I am gonna kill Tim when I get home!” yelled Tiffany. With that she drove home with tears in her eyes after all of the stares she got from the people outside.

When she got home she almost killed Tim for doing this to her. “What’s wrong with you doing crazy stuff like this to me?!” yelled Tiffany

“Living up to our little bet” replied Tim.

For the next few days Tiffany did not speak to Tim at all not even a glance in his way. After a couple of days she was over it and apologized to Tim. The next day she found another not instructing her to go to yet another place this time there was just a street address telling here where to go. “In the note it said this is not a hair salon or piercing shop this place is a little more permanent” So, Tiffany got in her car and drove to the address. It was that of a plastic surgeon. “What does he want me to go here for? I like a little freaky to be going to a place like this,” thought Tiffany She went inside and met up with Dr. Henry.

“You must be Tiffany, I’m Doctor Henry and I’ll be doing your plastic surgery.” “What does Tim have planned for me doctor?” asked Tiffany “He told me that so far you have not known what has been done to you and that today would be no different so if you’re ready I would like to get started.” said the doctor. Tiffany was escorted to the operation room and given the gas and soon found herself asleep. Hours had passed and when she woke up she was in the recovery room. Her breasts felt sore and she looked down and saw that her C cup breasts where now a EE cup. Her stomach also seemed a little sore and she looked down to see that her once flat stomach that she worked hard for was now a big pot belly! When she was able to finally get up and walk to go home she noticed that she now had a big ghetto booty! One last thing in Tim’s sick transformation. “Now, I really look like a freak! I have a big Mohawk with a big belly and ass to match!

When she got home she was too mad to be sore and just didn’t speak to Tim. He knew she was mad but didn’t bother to say anything. The next few weeks had passed and the bet was two days from being over and no notes. Tiffany was healed and despite her freakish look she still went out on dates with Tim when he offered to take her out. (Even though she was still secretly mad at him for doing all of this twisted stuff to her.)

Then the final day of the bet came. When Tiffany awoke she found a note on the table it read: “Today is the day of the final transformation, you think you look different now wait until you see what’s next. Go back to Sue’s Xtreme Styles, ECT and the transformation will be complete.

Love, Tim”

Tiffany drove to Sue’s and walked in. Sue was waiting for her and told her to have a seat in the usual spot. Tiffany was even more nervous than before because this was the last and probably most extreme transformation yet. Sue finally arrived. “Same of the things Tim has lined up today might hurt a little more than what you have already had done” said Sue. “He wants you to have a couple tattoos done but as usual you won’t know what is being done until it done, so, lets get started.” “First we’ll do the tattoos”

Sue got out the tattoo needle and told Tiffany to close her eyes. The tattoo gun buzzed to live and Sue began by tattooing red lipstick on Tiffany’s lips, now she had permanent lipstick. “Try not to flinch for this next one Tiffany I don’t want to hurt you or mess up the tattoo” said Sue and with that she began to tattoo black eye liner and light blue eye shadow around her eyes. After this she took a razor and shaved off Tiffany’s eyebrows and rubbed some gel on them to permanently remove them. Then she took the tattoo gun and gave her some beautiful pencil thin eyebrows. When she was finished with the face she went to the belly button and tattooed a huge heart around her twice pierced navel. Next, she tattooed to beautiful birds on her breasts. More tattoos followed, a rose on one cheek and a flower on the other and a tribal band around her big pot belly. Next it was time for the hair. “Ok we’re ready for the hair.” said Sue.

With that Sue picked up the clippers and ran them straight up through the spikes of the Mohawk leaving a huge path of stubble she shaved the rest off leaving Tiffany’s head with nothing but stubble. Next she lathered her up and took the straight razor and shave her completely bald. She then repeated the process to make sure she got it all. Then she rubbed some kind of strange gel in her hair and let it sit for 20 minutes and rinsed it out. After she rinsed the gel off she declared Tiffany finished. Tiffany stood up and looked in the mirror with shock and amazement. She looked at her shiny bald head and then looked at her permanent makeup and the other tattoos on her face she looked further down and saw the beautiful birds on her huge breasts and the one around her navel and the tribal band accentuating her pot belly. “What do you think?” asked Sue.

“I Love it!” exclaimed Tiffany. “At first I hated the piercings but the tattoos really bring them out I love it!” “I must ask though what was that gel on my head?”

“It’s to make the baldness last for 6 months, upon the request of Tim, he wanted to make your baldness last a little, something about a lesson.”

“Oh Well I’ll find out when I get home.” said Tiffany

When she returned home Tim was waiting. “So how do you like the new you?” He said. “I love it” Tiffany replied. “What was with the gel to make me bald for 6 months and on second thought why did you make me go through this whole transformation anyway?”

“Well, at first it was to teach you not to make anymore crazy bets but as your transformation went through more and more I realized you were starting to look like my dream girl!” Tim replied.

“Oh Tim you’re the sweetest and craziest man in the world I love you!” exclaimed Tiffany.

After that they went straight to bed and made sweet love all night long. As for Tiffany she loved her look and kept it all accept for the bald head that just wasn’t for her so she decided to let her hair grow long again she did keep and undercut though. As for Tim and Tiffany as a couple they got married and are still together to this day. Tim still begs her everyone in awhile to shave her head again. Who knows maybe she will.

I hope you all like my story this is my first time writing one of these and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did writing it.

Best Regards, BaldyLuver

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